Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dave Stevens, Comic-Con, John Carter of Mars, Calla Does Illustrated Classics

BRUSH WITH PASSION: The Art and Life of Dave Stevens -Edited by Arnie Fenner and Cathy Fenner. The regular edition is now out-of-print. But to my blog-readers, here's your last chance to pick this up since we still have a few copies left as I write this. The special Diamond edition is long gone and the Deluxe Edition was over-subscribed before it was published. Publisher Tim Underwood says he doesn't plan to reprint but will do a softcover edition in 2010.

San Diego International Comic-Con
The good news is that we'll have our usual huge display of books for your perusal at this year's show. Also, my partner Anne Hutchison will have out of print books in her separate booth, #5015, opposite Stuart Ng's booth. Anne will have my comics-related books, old comics, Big Little Books, children's and old illustrated books, fantasy art books, etc. Bud's Art Books is in the same spot, the 1600 aisle. Come by and check out the latest releases, many that are not yet in a catalog, plus lots and lots of sale-priced art books and graphic novels and lots more. The bad news? If you don't have a ticket, they are sold out. Yow! Another big year at the show.

Frank Schoonover Raisonne
George McWhorter edits The Gridley Wave and the excellent Burroughs Bulletin, which is a nicely illustrated magazine devoted Edgar Rice Burroughs. George recently did an excellent review of the new Schoonover two-book set and gave me permission to reprint it it. Click on the title above to see his review below our description. You can contact George about BB: george.mcwhorter@louisville.edu.

And a reminder: we'd love to have you review any items that we handle. Just click on "review this product" below any item on our site, log in and go to town.

John Carter Omnibus

George also writes about a new John Carter book, illustrated by artist Thomas Yeates. It's being published by Barnes and Noble and, sadly, they do not wholesale their books to other stores and dealers, such as ourselves. We might get some if it is remaindered, but in the meantime you might keep a lookout for it if you freqent a B&N store or you might find it online if they have a site, and I'm sure they do. It's due out in September 2009.

Calla Editions

I'm very pleased with a new publisher to us, Calla Editions. For decades many publishers have reprinted some of the classic illustrated books from the Golden Age of Illustration, circa 1900-1925. However, they usually make over the books in new modern formats and often feature bad reproductions of what were once magnificent color plates.

Calla is doing real facsimile editions, that look really, really like the original books. The reproduction inside and out is first rate. We're now handling three of these--by Kay Nielsen, Maxfield Parrish and Edmund Dulac. The books are even the original size, be it a smaller "quarto" (7x10) for East of the Sun, West of the Moon or a large, like The Knave of Hearts, "folio" size (11x13.5). Cover titles are in gilt on East of the Sun and on Dulac's Stories from Hans Christian Anderson, just like on the original editions, or in the case of Knave, it's an incredible color plate embossed and then tipped onto black cloth. These are really great, thus the unabashed plug here.

If you want to learn more about these illustrations, here are links to my old partner Jim Vadeboncoeur's website, with excellent and illustrated biographies. You can also go on our website and search any artist by names for all books in which he/she appears. We have several excellent art books right now on the Golden Age.

Edmund Dulac

Kay Nielsen

Maxfield Parrish