Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Want Your Comments; Coming Shows; New Books

I apologize that I haven't been posting very often. If you'd like to hear more from me, send me a comment. I need some feedback!! What would you like to hear about? Post it here or send it to me personally at bud@budsartbooks.com.

Book and Comic Shows: Anne and I just exhibited at our first big antiquarian book show of the year in San Francisco. Called the Larsen show, it alternates with the ABAA (Antiquarian Bookseller's of America) show each year. This year the ABAA show is in Los Angeles February 12-14, but we elected to skip it.

Next up I'll be exhibiting old comic books and some sale items at the Sacramento Comic Con on Sunday, March 7, 10-5. This show runs about every two months and I always set up there with a small exhibit. I don't the their specialized anime shows. More info at http://www.sacramentocomics.com/html/index2.html

Next is the the Emerald City Comic Con, a very successful show that is attracting major dealers from around the U.S. This will be my first time there. It's in Seattle March 13th and 14th. More information at http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/

Then I'll be set up at the new spring Sacramento Book Fair, one day only, Saturday March 27 from 10-5. Information at http://www.sacbookfair.com/

Calendar Sale: We just dropped the prices on ALL remaining calendars and several titles have already sold out since the email went out last Friday. Nothing over $5.99. For regular titles, see http://budsartbooks.com/cat.cfm/cid/12/va/1

New Books: We just learned about a new book coming about Mort Meskin, a mainstay Golden Age artist who has never had anything major written about him. It's coming in July from Fantagraphics and of course we will handle it. From Shadow to Light: The Life & Art of Mort Meskin.

With all the publicity about R. Crumb and his Book of Genesis, it has now gone into it's 4th printing! The deluxe signed edition ($500) sold out and we were allocated copies--thus it never made it to the catalog as a new item. At the bookshow I just did last week, copies were there at $950 and $1000. So you lucky folks who bought it from us have something to brag about.

We are just ordering up another Crumb book that has always done well and it is not stocked by Amazon: The Monkey Wrench Gang written by Edward Abbey with color cover and b&w illustrations by RC. It'll be back in stock in a week or two at $25, hardcover. For all our other Crumb items, click here.

Black & White Images Vol 5: the fifth collection is now in stock.
This is publishe d by my long time friend and my former partner in the antiquarin book business. Jim retired from bookselling and now devotes himself exclusively to Images. He's given up call the B&W special an annual, since it was two years from Vol 4 to this new one. But they are always worth the wait. 106 pages of wonderful material, incl uding a lost first book illustrated by Frank Pape; E.A. Abbey; Wizard of Oz artist John R. Neill; Flagg, Dore, Christy, Sullivant, Benda, Lathrop, Shinn, Rackham, Rountree and many others. All rare material from scarce magazine appearances, carefully scanned and optimized to look better here than when first published! The first three issues are sold out. #4 is still only $20, this new one has gone to $25. http://budsartbooks.com/prod.cfm/pc/IMAA05/cid/14

From the Pen of Frank R. Paul: We just became the exclusive source for a deluxe lettered edition of 26 copies of From the Pen of Paul. The publisher kept this deluxe edition under wraps until now. It has 16 extra pages, a full leather binding and slipcase, a plate signed by all the contributors and more special features. There are also three other editions priced from $24.95 (softcover) to $59.95 (deluxe). http://budsartbooks.com/search.cfm