Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some excellent comic book and fantasy related items this time, going into our next monthly catalog.

The Alex Toth book--Genius Isolated--this is the first actual biography every done on him, unlike previous collections of just art or comic stories. It's filled with original art, complete stories, the inside scoop on the eccentric genius of comics story-telling.

The Archie Archives Vol 1 features the very first Archie stories from the early 1940s, from Pep Comics, Top Notch and Archie #1 and 2. The first Archie comic book is one of those "key" comics that has shot up in price in the past year or two. All this material is ultra-rare and has rarely if ever been reprinted before. Wild to see the earliest versions the Riverdale crew, they're quite different than what was to come.

Mickey Mouse "Race to Death Valley" has the first MM strips from 1930-32 by Floyd Gottfredson, considered the finest of all the MM artists and much collected. Several complete episodes and a wonderful 68-page section devoted to essays, early Mickey artwork and special features. I'm eager to sit down and digest it all myself.

Karen Haber's Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
is an outstanding collection. Not just another Spectrum or Ballistic Press boo,k it looks in depth at 28 artists, with interviews, drawing techniques, and lots of samples over several pages devoted to each. She is a well known columnist/reviewer for Locus Magazine and married to SF writer Bob Silverberg.