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Avengers Assemble! New Items and Special Price Reductions!

If you missed one of these weekly emails, or if you are a new subscriber...we are now posting these to my blog. As the next few weeks go by, we'll be adding both the latest and previously sent email "blasts." We'll also be adding extra pictures. You can always click on Bud's Blog on the topmost NAV bar on to check out the latest postings.

I'm excited about the new Avengers movie (which releases, incidentally, on May 4th, which is my birthday!). I'm featuring two new Avengers collections from Marvel, and I also want to mention the excellent Marvel Firsts: The 1960s which reprints Avengers #1 along with other seminal first issues. Robert Downey Jr. nailed it in the first two Iron Man movies. And I thought the Capt. America movie was very, very well done. With the same stars all together, it looks like a great time for us comic fans.

Back in stock is 1950s Glamour, which went out of print in February. It's one of our most popular collections of vintage nude photography--it's fun and inexpensive. Other books in the same series are 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Check out the nice low price on the new Michael Kaluta Sketchbook. $9.99! It's a nice 8x11 full color book, with Michael's own comments about each drawing. Includes preliminaries for important projects and covers.

A couple Archives didn't make it to the featured list below so I want to mention them. Batman stories are featured in a new collection by Jim Aparo, an interesting artist who did lots of work for both Charlton and DC in the Silver Age and Bronze age. Also Flash Archives 5 rolled (raced?) in, with more fine work by Carmine Infantino from the Silver Age. The Spider-Man Omnibus 2 collects Spidey stories beginning directly after Steve Ditko's run in #1-38. Seminal issues as John Romita took over the art and changed up many things in the Spidey universe. Stan Lee and John introduced Mary Jane Watson, for one! All these Archives are discounted, for $10 off up to $25 on Spider-Man Omnibus 2.

Sincerest Form of Parody edited by John Benson. Available now is an exceptional collection that just might have missed your attention. I have particularly enjoyed this. It also sold well at the shows where I exhibited it, where people could pick it up and flip through it. This collects the 30 best stories from all the wild comics that came out to compete with EC's original Mad Comics, in 1953-55. An amazing array of talent put these titles together, from Stan Lee to artists Jack Davis, Will Elder, Norman Maurer, Carl Hubbell, William Overgard, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Bill Everett, Al Hartley, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Jay Disbrow, Howard Nostrand, and Bob Powell. Plus I enjoy every project editor John Benson writes about. He offers fascinating insights into each of these disparate titles, interesting facts about the artists and even what they were spoofing.

Wally Wood Artist's Edition was a smash success and we could not fill all the orders we piled up for this. We begged and borrowed to get more copies so that we could fill all our initial orders from customers. A new edition has been announced and we are now taking reservations for it, to be printed in late June.

Also, we're just announcing the Will Eisner Artist's Edition, same format. Instead of classic EC sci-fi stories, you'll find the finest late 1940's Spirit stories by Will Eisner and his superlative staff, who included Jules Feiffer, Jerry Grandenetti, and even Wally Wood for a while!

Doc Savage and The Shadow. These two reprint series are two of the finest projects to appear in the past few years. Every issue includes all the original cover and interior art from the original 1930s and 1940s pulp novels. Plus new essays by Doug Murray and Anthony Tollin, with insights into both character's history and development, as well as the writers and artists. We're keeping plenty of back numbers available. Several early Doc Savages, #9 and 12-15, are in fact on sale at just $7.95--while supply lasts. The publisher and his previous printer had a falling out, and just these few particular issues turned up on the "remainder" market. But you should be aware the other early issues remain at the original cover price of $12.95, while new releases are now $14.95--still very reasonable--two complete novels in each.

Borgias: with the series running on television, I thought I'd mention the two excellent Milo Manara-illustrated graphic novels, published by Heavy Metal. We have books 1 and 2 in stock. #3 is currently out of print but I expect it will be reprinted before long. #4 is coming later this year.

I've dropped the price on several more recent releases. Many of these I recommend personally:

Blondie Complete Daily Comic Strips, Vol 1 1930-33, Vol 2 1933-36. $49.99, now $34.95
Complete Little Orphan Annie Vol 5 1933-35, Vol 6 1935-36, Vol 7 1936-38 $49.99, now $34.95
Drawing A Complete Guide by Giovanni Civardi $19.95, now $16.95
Freak Babylon $17.95, now $15.95

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus $49.99, now $39.95
Luna Statue by Dorian Cleavenger $119.95, now $99.95
N.C. Wyeth Great Illustrations $19.95, now $17.95
Showcase Presents Young Love $19.99, now $15.95
Tahitian Beauties, published at $60, now reduced to just $19.95. I like this vintage nude photography.

The following Special Prices are for a very limited time. Act now!! Some of these that are being discontinued--once gone, they're gone. Some others, such as Prince Valiant and Norman Saunders, we are just overstocked a bit on--prices on these will go back to normal as soon as that excess is gone!

Prince Valiant Vol 1-4 $29.99 each, now just $23.99 each.
Government Issue: Comics For the People 1940-2000 $29.95, now $17.95
Norman Saunders $39.95, now $23.95. This has my highest recommendation.
Stan Drake's Hearth of Juliet Jones Vols 1-3, $24.95, now $17.50. These are going away, so only while supply lasts.

House of Pomegranates by Oscar Wilde, illustrated by Jessie M. King $35, now $27.50 but only for a limited time.
Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe, illustrated by Harry Clarke $40, now $31.95
Young Romance: The Best of Simon & Kirby's Romance Comics 1940-50 $29.99, now $17.99

Just a reminder of our new lower shipping rates, starting at only $3.95. And if you're ready to fill that wish list, shipping is FREE on orders over $300. Overseas customers also have new lower shipping rates.

That's enough for this week. Enjoy! -Bud

Some of my favorite new books:

Highly Recommended.
Michael Wm. Kaluta has been creating beautiful imagery for more than 40 years. Highlights of his wonderfully varied career include The Shadow, Starstruck, illustrations and covers for projects from Conan to Fables, Sandman to Wonder Woman. You name it, he may have worked on it. And for a long while now, he's created a myriad of stunningly executed covers for DC Comics. He was also a charter member of the legendary art collective known simply as the Studio, which included Berni Wrightson, Jeffrey Jones and Barry Winsor-Smith. This sketchbook is the first in a series that will supply a glimpse into the inner working of this great artist -- from the very earliest creative spark to more finished concepts.
Item Code: MKSS01
Your price: $9.99

BLACK ORCHID The Deluxe Edition
Highly Recommended
"I'd personally had not read this until now--I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit. It is a graphic novel like no other--and that's typical of Gaiman's work, who's best known in the comics world for his ground-breaking Sandman series. I loved it! Although it brings in characters like Batman, The Swamp Thing, Arkham Asylum, Poison Ivy and Lex Luthor, it does so simply as supporting characters to the far larger story, firmly placing this in the DC Universe and yet forever changing who Black Orchid actually is, once a far more typical DC heroine. It is a joy to see Gaiman's take on each guest star. And McKean's work here is totally different than much of his other work--inspired, I'd say, by Bill Sienkiewicz. Fully painted in a haunting style, with abundant nudity but very ethereal and natural. This is now perhaps my favorite work by McKean." -Bud
Item Code: BLORCD
Published at $24.99
On Sale! Save $4!
Your price: $20.99

THE SHADOW #60: Prince of Evil / Messenger of Death / Room 1313
Highly Recommended
3 classic pulp thrillers!
The Knight of Darkness battles super-villains in three thrillers from the Golden Age of pulp fiction. First, The Master Avenger investigates the murderous machinations of the Prince of Evil, a sadistic fiend who delights in torture and human misery in a violent thriller by Theodore Tisley. Then, In a pulp epic by Walter Gibson, The Shadow enter a series of diabolical death traps disguised as a Messenger of Death to retrieve a secret formula. Lastly, Lamont Cranston tracks down a hidden serial killer in Bruce Elliott's Room 1313. New historical essays by Will Murray and Rick Lai. Original pulp covers from 1940, '43 and '47 by Glaves Gladney and Modest Stein, interior art by Edd Cartier and Paul Orban.
Item Code: SHT60
Your price: $14.95

DOC SAVAGE #58: The Derrick Devil / The Spotted Men
An unearthly menace springs up from the center of the earth! Doc races to an Oklahoma oil field to stop the rampage of The Derrick Devil. Then, a mysterious malady turns Lake Erie steel workers into The Spotted Men. Complete reprints of 1937 and 1940 pulp novels. Original interior art by Paul Orban, original pulp covers by Robert Harris and W. H. Scott. New historical essay by Will Murray. "Doc was the Hercules of the '30s, the natural father of both Superman and James Bond." --Time Magazine. A daring experiment transmuted Clark Savage into the Herculean Man of Bronze. Welding five courageous soldiers of fortune into a Band of Iron, this invincible superman travels the world battling threats to humanity. Not since the days of King Arthur and Robin Hood has mankind known greater crusaders for justice.
Item Code: DC58
Your price: $14.95
Highly Recommended. Holy Smoke! An especially massive 616-pages devoted to what is one of my favorite DC heroes. The Spectre began as an alien being inhabiting the body of a murdered detective, and got very, very weird as Superman creator Jerry Siegel wrote his adventures. He had no problem with vigilante justice, melting bad guys into blobs, sending them off to far planets, whatever. DC Comics brought the hero back in 1966, which is where this new collection begins. Here are his three appearances in Showcase, followed by 1967 appearances in The Brave and the Bold (all by Carmine Infantino and/or Murphy Anderson), then with Spectre #1 (1967, by Gardner Fox and Anderson) to #9 (by Jack Sparling), then on to a highly acclaimed (and particularly violent) run in Adventure #431-440. These issues resurrected the all-mighty, all avenging Spectre of the Golden Age. And there's more, with further appearances by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, Michael Adams and Ross Andru! What a collection. It's only b&w, but it's some massive number of hours of cool comics reading!
Item Code: SPSP01
Published at $19.99
On Sale! Save $2!
Your price: $17.99

CARTOON MONARCH: Otto Soglow & The Little King
Highly Recommended
This very first modern compendium includes more that 400 cartoons: The Little King from each of it's five decades, plus the complete run of The Ambassador and a wide array of book illustrations, advertisements, and early works. Soglow's life and career are examined in a thoroughly original and enlightening introduction by Jared Gardner. B&W and full color strips present hours of amazing humor that made The Little King one of the most popular strips of it's time, and Soglow a celebrity in the cartooning world. This is everything you could want in a book like this--lots and lots of strips, a long illustrated overview of Soglow and the strip, cool reproductions of rare Little King merchandise and collections from the 1930s and 1940s, and all in a handsome, satisfyingly thick hardcover.
Item Code: CARMONH
Published at $49.99
On Sale! Save $10!
Your price: $39.99

POPEYE Vol 6: Me Li'l Swee'Pea
This is the final volume in this handsome, oversized series with die-cut covers and full color Sunday pages. It starts off in grand style with Mystery Melody, featuring the terrifying return of the shape-shifting Sea Hag. Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Poop- deck Pappy, the Jeep, the newly domesticated Goon, and Toar all appear in this four-month epic, as does Bolo, the latest in Segar’s cast of massive Popeye opponents. Other stories include the melodramatic A Sock for Susan’s Sake (Popeye becomes the protector of a girl who lives on the streets), Popeye’s boxing duel with King Smacko, the return of Thimble Theatre’s original star Castor Oyl as a detective who solves the case of Plastic Pan, the Poopdeck Pappy yarn Wild Oats (culminating in a six-month prison sentence for the rambunctious oldster), The Valley of the Goons (in which Popeye is shocked to discover who the new leader of the Goons is), and the self-explanatory King Swee’Pea. Editor Rick Marshall offers photos and original script pages in his article "The Continuity of E.C. Segar."
Item Code: POP06H
Published at $29.99
On Sale! Save $5!
Your price: $24.99

Limited, 750.
The first in this new limited series is Mutation #1: Hunting Party. This is a fun change from the Cavewoman sketchbooks we carry, since it's a complete story. Starring in her own graphic novel, we get to see her running from panel to panel outwitting dinosaurs and humans alike--both trying to get a piece of our voluptuous jungle girl. With a special variant cover, and limited to 750 copies. Includes a separate certificate of authenticity.
Item Code: CAVM01S
Your price: $10.95

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