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New Bettie Page, Bruce Timm,
Wally Wood, Kurtzman and
Definitive Flash Gordon 2

Came the Dawn and Other Stories by Wallace Wood – Fantagraphics kicks off their new series of artist-by-artist EC story collections with 26 Woody horror and crime stories. In the 1950s America was a hotbed of social upheaval -- sexual, social, racial, cultural. Bill Gaines' EC Comics was a vital part of it. With writer Al Feldstein, they combined a deliciously disreputable, envelope-pushing sensibility with moments of genuine, outraged social consciousness, shining a hard light on hot-button issues like racism, anti-Semitism, mob justice, and sexism.

Now add Wood's hypnotically detailed, lushly expressive brushwork on menacing thugs, ominous cityscapes, small-town America--and some of the most heart-stoppingly beautiful women ever to sashay across a comic book page. All stories in b&w from the original EC proofs. Eight-page introduction by Bill Mason.

Highly Recommended.
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Corpse on the Imjin! and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman – While most famous for creating Mad Magazine and Little Annie Fannie, Kurtzman's first mind-blowing comics work is here--his EC war stories. This daring and radically honest work addresses war's devastating cost and horror. Every story he wrote is here, including 11 he also drew himself. The others were done under some of the closest direction any comics editor ever exercised. Kurtzman provided full layouts to wring every bit of drama and impact out of each artist: John Severin, Joe Kubert, Gene Colan, Johnny Craig, Russ Heath and even Alex Toth! 25 complete stories in b&w, from the original EC proofs. Plus all 23 covers drawn by Kurtzman for Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat: full size, full color. These stories are among the most readable today of anything from EC.
Our Highest Recommendation.
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Bettie Page
Bettie Page Cards & Puzzle - Just in time for Christmas, two new Bettie items. First up is a 1000-piece puzzle of Bettie in daring lingerie and black stockings, 20" x 27" when completed. And a new poker playing card set with 52 different images of Bettie. Just $6.95. We still have the Dark Horse Bettie poker cards at $5.95. Both are Recommended, with lots of fun and titillating photos. Click here for all our Bettie Page, including the just-in 2013 Olivia Bettie Calendar.
Bettie Page Puzzle      
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Bettie Page Cards       
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The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Volume 2: 1936-1939. It's been just short of a year since volume 1 appeared, but it has been worth the wait. Presented as it's never been before, here are Alex Raymond's full Sunday Pages, each of which includes Jungle Jim, which ran right above Flash and features the same superb artwork on this handsome jungle adventurer. In this large size 12" x 16" size, you can see every lush detail from Raymond's facile pen, from the lovely Dale, Aura and Queen Undina, to the Hawkmen and the forests and deserts of Mongo.

From the beginning to the end of this volume, you can see Raymond's style change and blossom. Here appear many of the iconic images of gorgeous dancing girls, sleek rockets, lush forests and underground rivers that make Flash the best-drawn comic strip adventure ever created -- or, at least, right up there with Hal Foster's Prince Valiant. Illustrated eight-page introduction looks at Flash movies, rare Raymond art for 1940s magazines, Big Little Books and more. Save $19 on this and Volume 1, still available. Check out our other Flash Gordon and Alex Raymond collections.

This gets Our Highest Recommendation.
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Bruce Timm: Modern Masters 3 - From TwoMorrows comes a new printing of this excellent examination of one of the most popular artists today, first done in 2004. You don't have to be a comics fan to know Timm's work. As producer, director and designer of the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, as well as The Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Justice League, he's making an enormous impact in the field of animation. His comics for DC, including Batman Adventures: Mad Love and Harley and Ivy are still highly praised. This features everything about Timm: interview, inspirations, even a full color gallery of gals. Recommended.
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Naughty and Nice - Timm's wonderful collection of art from Flesk Publications, has been one of our very best sellers this year, racing through two printings and now out-of-print. We have just three copies left, still at the original retail price of $50.00.

Flesk has announced a new smaller sized, more affordable edition of Naughty and Nice that will include all the same 300 images, 125 of them never before published, with an introduction by Jim Steranko. You can pre-order it now at $29.95. It ships in November.

Sgt. Rock Archives Volume 4 - The longest running and most popular hero ever to appear in war comics. Earlier archives show the origins of Rock and evolving depth of character, also including the other members of Easy Company. In this new volume, writer Robert Kanigher and signature Rock artist Joe Kubert put all the elements together for more than 200 pages of the finest war comics ever printed. Collects Our Army at War #127-137, all from 1963, in full color.
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Now Signed! Animals Real and Imagined by Terryl Whitlatch - Her Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide and The Katurran Odyssey are both classics of creature creation. Whitlach is an accomplished, scientific and academically-trained illustrator who has extensively studied vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy. She has worked for zoos and museums and served as Senior Consultant for the World Wildlife Fund. From Star Wars Episode 1 to Jumanji, Men in Black to Dragonheart, The Polar Express to Beowulf, she's a 25-year veteran of creating accurate and yet incredibly imaginative alien creatures and monsters -- from killing machines to the strangely cute. This is packed with model sheets, studies and finished paintings, both serious and humorous. We've added a specially illustrated and signed bookplate to this, and you still save $10 off the publication price.
Highly Recommended.

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McKean signed copies back in stock!
Persistence of Vision: Dave McKean at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery Los Angeles - Dave signed these for us during the San Diego Comic-Con but we quickly sold out all copies. In fact, they sold faster than his two "Postcards" books that he also signed for us (and are now gone). But luckily Dave's publisher arranged for us to get another small stock and we offer them here, again while supply lasts. Dave lives overseas, so we usually can only get signed books once each year at the comic-con. Click here for everything else we offer with McKean art.
Item Code: POVDMS
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Coming Items
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Softcover Slipcased Set – The three-volume hardcover set sold more than 600,000 copies! The heaviest and most expensive book ever to hit the New York Times bestseller list. Now in a new affordable set, almost 1200 pages with each and every Calvin strip ever done, ten years of brilliant stories and delight for all ages.
Our Highest Recommendation.

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Gustav Klimt: The Complete Paintings – From bargain-publisher Taschen. "The Prince of Decadence" in a whole new light and a ground-breaking monograph. His complete paintings, all known letter correspondence, new photographs of the Stoclet Frieze. Two posters and fold-out. Oversized 11" x 16", 676 pages. Save $50.  Now available.

Item Code: GKCH
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New Clearance
Art Books and Convention Sketchbooks, all signed!

Was $25.00, Now $12.50

CRE8TIVEMARKS SKETCHBOOK 1 Signed Mark McDonnell is currently instructing at The Walt Disney Studios. He has worked for Pixar, Mattel, Sony, Fox and The Jim Henson Company. CRSK01
Was $25.00, Now $12.50

CREATIVE ENGINE: The Artwork of Jonathan Chan Signed – CEJCS
Was $8.00, Now $4.00

DRIVE: Vehicle Sketches and Renderings – Futuristic racing cars, huge military tanks and vehicles, sleek sexy touring cars out of Syd Mead's playbook, and far more. Signed by Scott Robertson. DRIS
Was $27.50, Now $19.95


Was $24.99, Now $19.99

ON THE WAY TO THE IMAGINARIUM - Signed full-on hardcover art book, with fine finished work by these two talented painters, Daniela & Vladimir Ovtcharov. They are in Spectrum 14-16 and Metamorphosis 2.– ONTHS Was $30.00 Now $15.00

START YOUR ENGINESSigned by Scott Robertson. Stunning concept design and sketches. Futuristic and retro cars, bikes, snow craft, and "mechanimals," and work for video games such as Field Commander and Spy Hunter 2, and for the film Minority Report. STAE
Was $29.95, Now $19.95

New Mature Books

The New Erotic Art Photography 2 by Dian Hanson - Hanson's previous Taschen collections have always proved very popular, including The History of Girlie Magazines, The Private Collection, Big Book of Breasts (and Butts and Pussy and Legs), America Swings, Urban Girls and Vanessa Del Rio.

Here she has collected multiple images by all the finest new photographers. Fifty of the most daring and Avant-garde are featured, with overviews of their careers and wonderful new images. Includes Bob Coulter, Liz Earls, Ed Fox, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Eric Kroll and dozens more. If you are looking for something different and refreshing in nude photography, this is your book. Oversized, 424 pages. Click here for all of Dian's books that we offering, including the first volume of New Erotic Photography.
Item Code: NW02H
Published at $59.99
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Elmer Batters: From the Tip of the Toes to the Top of the Hose – A new bargain-priced edition of Batter's erotic photography. Legs, stockings and naked feet are Elmer's stock in trade. He loves them. Along the way, he does show you some very gorgeous ladies stripping, enticing the viewer, and doing kinky things to each other involving legs, feet and toes!
Item Code: ELMH
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New Clearance
Mature books and Comics

AMERICA SWINGS: The Secret Life of America's Bible Belt – AMSWH Was $39.99, Now $24.95

BIG BOOK OF LEGS – BBOLH Was $59.99, Now $44.95

IMAGES OF OMAHA THE CAT DANCER #2 – Dave Sim, Al Williamson, Olivia, Frank Miller, Larry (Cherry Poptart) Welz, Scott McCloud, Roy Krenkel, Dan Clowes. The thinking-person's adult graphic novel. OCDIA02
Was $3.95, Now $2.50

STARLET: First Stage at the Hollywood Dream Factory – Kim Basinger, Sharon Stone, Molly Ringwald, Angelica Huston, Jennifer Beals, Jessica Lange, Heather Locklear, Lesley Ann Warren, Brigitte Nielsen. STARLH
Was $35.00, Now $9.95

URBAN GIRLS – Voluptuous singers, models and actresses in fantasies inspired by his love of comic books and anime. Fans of extreme curves and buoyant booties, look here! URBAH Was $39.99, Now $24.95

WET: Erotic Adventures In Water – WETE Was $19.99, Now $4.95

Adult DVDs

APHRODESIAC! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana DVD – APHRO
Was $24.95, Now $12.95

FANTASM DVD – Incest, group sex, religion, role reversal, lesbianism! FANTASM is a sexy, sin-sational comedy spoof of classroom sex educational film!. FNT Was $24.95, Now $14.95

CECILIA: Diary of a Desperate Housewife DVD – CEC
Was $29.95, Now $14.95

MON AMOUR DVD - Italian erotic master Tinto Brass. A scorching tale of lust and infidelity. A desperate housewife (Anna Jimskaia), stunningly beautiful, who finds liberation in the arms of a handsome stranger. – MONAM
Was $29.95, Now $14.95

THE VOYEUR DVD - From 1994: a shut-in lovesick professor seeks out satisfaction through watching his students having sexual fun, his fathers half dressed nurse, public orgies on the beach, and more dangerously thrilling situations. VOYS Was $29.95, Now $14.95

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