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Free Berni Wrightson!
Plus From the Tomb, Klimt,
Mickey Mouse and
Shaolin Cowboy!

Best of From the Tomb – My favorite new item this week. I'm not a big fan of horror movies. But I love pre-code horror--seeing it in a comic is just more fun to me and not as "real" as in a film. And it's particularly interesting to see how far comic book publishers were pushing the envelope before the Comics Code pulled in the reins in 1955.The authors here absolutely revel in the gore and the ghastly!

From the Tomb is an exceptional magazine from England that's seen almost no circulation in the U.S. Yet for ten years they've been writing about American comics and creators. Every article or interview is also an excuse to feature more cool, bizarre and wild horror comics covers and panels. TwoMorrows has done us all a service in publishing this outstanding "Best of." I can't wait to get home and dig into this.

There articles on Matt Fox, Al Feldstein, Bernard Baily, Johnny Craig, Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko and Rudy Palais. There's articles about publishers Ace, Atlas, EC, Warren, Fiction House, Harvey, Skywald. There's features on A-Bomb Comics, Cannibals, Reform School Girls, even a look at the horror underground comics of the 1960s like Slow Death, Skull and Death Rattle. Full color section with dozens of rare covers. If you love old comics, take this with Our Highest Recommendation.
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Halloween is over but the horror never ends! Click here to check out our fun selection of chilling goodies to tingle your spine, including one of our favorite horror collections, The Horror! the Horror! Complete stories and over 200 covers...plus a DVD featuring a rare 25-minute TV show that first aired in 1955 about the "evils" of comic books and their effect on juvenile delinquency.

Berni Wrightson FREE!

Free with every order, while our supply lasts: Perfect, like-new copies of this 1983 full color comic book, now 30 years old! The Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists #3, featuring Berni Wrightson. Four complete stories from early in Berni's career, published by DC. Introduction by Allan Asherman. Listed in the Overstreet Price Guide at $6.00.

We have exactly 46 copies of this. It will sell out by sometime on Monday. Place your website order or call in Friday or this weekend (Nov 2-4) to be sure to get a copy.

GUSTAV KLIMT: The Complete Paintings - We announced this as a coming item last week and it's already arrived. A few years ago the same publisher, Taschen, did a complete works like this on Leonardo da Vinci. It was an expensive, $200 volume, yet we were quickly surprised to see how many we sold. It taught me a valuable lesson. Even when an artist has been written about for years, people are eager to get an all-inclusive, best-ever, complete book of their work. Most books cover just one aspect or another about an artist, few address their entire career output.

This one does. It's huge, 11" x 16", it's thick, 676 pages, and it's massive: 16 pounds. It features the finest reproduction. Author Tobias G. Natter tackles "The Prince of Decadence" in a whole new light, making this also a ground-breaking monograph. Klimt's complete paintings, all known letter correspondence -- some 300 letters -- and new photographs of the Stoclet Frieze and Klimt at work and at home.

Two large posters are folded and tipped in along with a special fold-out. Klimt blended together Symbolism, Art Nouveau and Modernism. His sensual images of women are timeless, even while highly ornate and surrounded with Symbolist details and backgrounds. I love his early work, including pre-1900 salon works and paintings spanning the Vienna Secession. This even has special laid-finish endpapers, a huge full color jacket, an extra heavy binding, and an illustrated die-cut box with a handle! Save $50 off the $200 price. Highly Recommended.
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The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine - Pulp Fiction, anyone? Artist Geof Darrow is back, profusely illustrating a wonderful tongue-in-check adventure story written by Andrew Vachss. I love the cover by Scott Gustafson. Scott usually sticks to classic fairy tales, illustrated children's story collections and some gorgeous limited edition prints. Here he goes pure pulp, with a cover right out of the 1940s Amazing Stories.

Plus a second story, "Time Factor," a "thrilling tale of Jurassic justice" written by Michael Black and illustrated by Gary Gianni. You can see that this is an obvious labor of love through and through. Lots of fun!
Item Code: SHAC
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Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Volume 4: House of the Seven Haunts" - The publisher has pulled out all the stops on these wonderful collections. First you get more than two years, 1936-38, of Floyd Gottfredson stories: "Oscar the Ostrich," "Mickey Joins the Foreign Legion," "The Seven Ghosts," "Island in the Sky," "In Search of Jungle Treasure," and "The Monarch of Medioka." Next you get "Remembering Floyd Gottfredson" and a new forward by the editors. Then there is the delightful sequel to Seven Ghosts, a full color story done in Denmark in 2005. And more, 40 pages more of special illustrated features, rare Mickey books, etc. Highly Recommended.

Slipcased Set Volume 3/4 : Also just arrived is Volume 4 along with Volumes 3 together in handsome illustrated slipcase. You save more on the entire package: $41.99 for the two books, slipcased. Individually they are $29.99 each, $24.99 our price. Also still available are Volumes 1 and 2 individually, or together in slipcase , for the same discounted prices.
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Climb It, Tarzan - Good Girls Gone Bad in Hollywood. In the Dawn of the sexploitation era, aspiring glamour model Ginger (Jaime Devitt) learns the only available photo assignments are for salacious men's magazines. And the top photographer is the "sick lesbian photographer who instructs, corrupts and abducts" her models. A fresh, titillating tale featuring a vast, all-female cast of more than 50 budding starlets! Adult material. Click here for all our adult DVDs.

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Your price: $19.95

Product Updates

Chris Sanders reports that he's entirely out of all of his sketchbooks. Our stock is sold out, too.

The lovely little Pure Heroine 6 by Laurie B! quickly sold out and we can't get any response from her to our requests for a reorder, even from her website! If you happen to know her, tell her we want to keep handling her book!

If there's a sketchbook you're thinking about, these are usually limited printings and they can sell out any time. 

Mark Schultz's Xenozoic is out of print but we have a handful of copies left. This is a complete collection all of his Xenozoic stories. 

Brian Froud's Trolls, which comes with a signed color bookplate, has done very well. We sold out our first stock but now have more copies on hand in case you missed out or want a second look. It's a large, fun book.

New Clearance
Prices Slashed!

If you are looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts, or just bargain books, see below. In the last few years we handled a great many general interest books, offbeat subjects, and books dealing with television and film. The books I want to handle no longer include these areas, so I'm cutting prices even further to move these out this holiday season. There's some deep, deep discounts here. You can click on each book for full details and pictures. Clearance Books are browsed by catagory like Illustration, Pop Culture, Graphic Novels, Pulps, How-to, Gifts and Calendars.

AS SEEN ON TV – 50 Amazing Products and the Commercials that made them Famous. ASSE Was $16.95, Now $4.95

THE BRIDGE OF SPIRIT OVER THE RIVER OF LIFE: Sculpture Signed - Igor's work has been featured in the Spectrum Annual and he made the long trip from Ukraine to Kansas City for Spectrum Live! That's where we met him, found this fine exhibit catalog, and had him sign our copies. This full color exhibit catalog is based on a show of his bronze fantasy sculptures at Georgetown in Washington DC. His work makes me think of Polish sculptor Stanislav Szukalski. IGS
Was $15.00, Now $9.95

CAMELOT AT DAWN: Jacqueline and John Kennedy in Georgetown – CAMDH Was $26.00, Now $4.95

CAN ROCK & ROLL SAVE THE WORLD? – An Illustrated History of Music in Comics. CANR Was $24.95, Now $4.95

CHE GUEVARA: Revolutionary & Icon – When photographer Alberto Korda photographed Che Guevarra in 1960, he had no way of knowing the image would take on a life of it's own. This book tells the fascinating and relevant story of how that single image of Che became synonymous with revolution in the worlds of art, politics, culture and fashion. CHEG
Was $22.50, Now $4.95

THE CHRISTMAS TREE AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER – The history of this wonderful tradition from the first 20ft balsam fir used in 1931 to the magnificent 90ft spruce in 1996.CISTH Was $27.50, Now $5.95

THE CIGAR IN ART – Fine art and literary quotes paying homage to the cigar. Work from Picasso, John Singer Sargent, David Hockney, Manet, LeRoy Neiman, and many others are here alongside quips, laments, and pearls of wisdom. CIARH Was $35.00, Now $5.95

CSI: AN INTERACTIVE MYSTERY – Open the sealed evidence packets, study the photographs and check your hypothesis against the hidden solution. A must for fans of true crime and the award-winning TV show. CSIH
Was $19.95, Now $4.95

THE ENCHANTED APPLES OF OZ W/ Signed Bookplate – A delightful graphic novel by Eric Shanower, staring the original Oz characters. Perfect stocking stuffer, all ages story. From 1986, we even include a signed bookplate! ENA Was $7.95, Now $4.95

THE WIZARD OF OZ WADDLE BOOK Signed Bookplate – A complete hardcover Oz novel. All ages. WOZWADHC Was $24.95, Now $7.50

EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY ROCK PHOTOGRAPHY PETER ELLENBY – Beside lesser-known scenesters, there's vibrant onstage shots of Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes and the Foo Fighters, as well as shots of indie icons like Sonic Youth and John Doe (who also provides the insightful foreword.) Includes a CD with music by 21 bands featured in the book. EVDA
Was $24.95, Now $4.95

Was $21.99, Now $4.95

HOLLYWOOD FOTO-RHETORIC: The Lost Manuscript – Text by Bob Dylan, photographs by Barry Feinstein.
Written in the 60's but released in just 2008. The fascinating combination of Feinstein's voyeuristic b&w photo-documentation of a bygone Hollywood which inspired Dylan's provocative prose poems. HLLH Was $30.00, Now $4.95

 ICONS & IDOLS A Photographer's Chronicle of the Arts, 1960-1995 – The famous faces captured here are a crash course in late 20th century art, including luminaries like Lauren Bacall, Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. ICIDH
Was $40.00, Now $4.95


MANDELA: The Authorized Portrait – This incredible historic narrative of Nelson Mandela's (b. 1918) epic journey to freedom is accompanied by the most complete collection of images ever assembled and by more than sixty specially commissioned interviews. Includes President Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Bono, President Thabo Mbeki, Kofi Annan, Muhammad Ali. MANDH
Was $50.00, Now $4.95

MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: The Complete Series Vol 1 – By Paul S. Newman, Russ Manning, Dan Spiegle, et al.
The original Gold Key comics inspired by the hit TV show! Featuring top-notch artwork by Manning and others, these stories capture the humor of the original show. MY01H Was $49.99, Now $24.99

OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Set: Science Fiction Film Series – FIRS
Was $16.95, Now $9.95

PAINTING AMERICANA - How to draw book on this specialty area. PAINA
Was $24.99, Now $4.95

PETS AND THEIR STARS – Kate Hudson, Virginia Madsen, Rachel Hunter, John O'Hurley, William H. Macy, and Ben Stiller are but a few of the celebrities that pose with their animal companions to benefit the Linda Blair World Heart Foundation for animals. Foreword by Pamela Anderson.PETT
Was $24.95, Now $4.95

THE PERFECT LIFE OF LOVERS - Great moments from theater and film, as well as photos of both famous lovers and ordinary people in love. PERFH
Was $24.95, Now $4.95


QUEENS OF HAVANA – The Amazing Adventures of Anacaona, Cuba's Legendary All-Girl Dance band.
In this evocative memoir, saxophonist Castro looks back on the dazzling history of Anacaona. This daring group of sisters played with Dizzy Gillespie, Cab Calloway and an international A-list of jazz stars as they toured the world. From the atmosphere in '30s Cuba to survival during the Communist Revolution. QUEEH Was $24.00, Now $4.95

STEALTH WARPLANES – Latest developments in stealth aircraft, the high-tech world of the leading designers in the field, and gives a look ahead to the future of fighters and bombers. 12 top planes, such as the U-2, Blackbird, Nighthawk, Spirit, Golden Eagle, and Sikorsky Comanche. STEAH
Was $24.95, Now $6.95

 SZUKALSKI – Rare little booklet on this amazing artist of the fantastic. SZUKR Was $12.00, Now $3.95

THEY MADE AMERICA: From the Steam Engine to the Search Engine – Two Centuries of Innovators.
The inventor of the steam engine, the creator of the bra--iconic characters populate this brilliant, rollicking book about the men and women who made America what it is. THM Was $18.95, Now $4.95

THE VISIONARY STATE: A Journey through California's Spiritual Landscape – VISISH Was $40.00, Now $9.95

THE WORLDS OF MATT BUSCH – Matt's painted everything from sci-fi villains to good-girl heroines. His Star Wars pieces are particularly stunning with a nod toward poster master Drew Struzan. Also features great, colorful portraits of everyone from the cast of TV's Lost to the original Battlestar Galactica and even Alice Cooper! WRLD Was $29.99, Now $4.95

YOUR ACTION WORLD: Winners Are Losers with a New Attitude – Conceptual artist and former Talking Heads singer Byrne works his quirky magic. Video stills from eleven different art installations, Byrne has reinvented the self-help book as visual non-Sequitor. YOAH Was $29.95, Now $4.95

TRIPWIRE ANNUAL 2007 – This great British magazine takes you behind the scenes with the biggest and best names in the comics field. Alan Moore talks about Hollywood while Matt Groening marvels at the longevity of the Simpsons. Elsewhere, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale ruminate on the Heroes TV series and Mike Mignola talks about the future of Hellboy. TR07
Was $14.95, Now $4.95

ZORRO UNMASKED: The Official History – From the Douglas Fairbanks/Mary Pickford film that launched United Artists Pictures, to the successful film sequels, wildly popular 1950s' Disney television show, animated cartoons, memorabilia, comic books, and stage production. 75 photos & illustrations. ZRRO
Was $14.95, Now $3.95

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