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Matt Baker, Corben,
Mars Attacks, Sorolla, Terpning,
Bunny Yeager and More!

Good week everyone -- I am off in Boston at a book fair and so Joe and LaDonna are putting together the bulk of this email. I wrote something for the new Matt Baker below because I was so excited to see it come in. I'll be back to get my personal spin on the other books' descriptions when I get home next week. Lots of new items here so enjoy perusing. --Bud 

MATT BAKER: The Art of Glamour -- I think Matt Baker is a big deal. He was an important artist on all good-girl art in comics from mid-1940s to late 1950s. His work today is hugely collectible (including by me). He did Sheena, Sky Girl, Tiger Girl for Wings, Jumbo and Jungle Comics, Jungle Girls for Fox like Rulah, Voodah and Tegra, and the legendary Phantom Lady. All kinds of great covers and stories for St. John romance titles, Authentic Police Cases, Canteen Kate, Teenage-Romances. Also Amazing Ghost Stories and Northwest Mounties, and some gems for Stan Lee at Atlas. The Grand Comics Database lists his artwork on 1388 stories and yet he died young at just 38 years old!

This is a hugely long-awaited book, the very first on Baker. Comparing him to Dave Stevens is entirely accurate...Or even Milo Manara without the sex...Baker girls and women are THAT gorgeous. 
Highly Recommended.

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TERPNING: Tribute to the Plains People -- Howard Terpning is one of the most lauded painters of Western art and considered by many to be a national treasure. He is known as the "storyteller of the Native American" because of his devotion to and respect for his subject matter, almost exclusively the Plains Indian.

Passion, compassion, extraordinary talent
in palette and brushstroke, and an exceptional ability to evoke emotion and narrative in his paintings have made his work rise to the top as he strives to keep alive the heritage and culture of Native Americans through the power of art. Includes a signed bookplate by Terpning. 

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DANGEROUS CURVES: Comics' Sexiest Bad Girls -- These are the sultry sirens, seductive vixens, and menacing misses to watch out for. The gorgeous gals brought glamour - and menace - to oh-so-graphic tales of rousing (or should that be arousing?) adventure.

Each page is dedicated to one sexy comic book bad girl with several illustrations and text describing who she is and where she came from. From Lady Death to Mystique, Elektra to Poison Ivy these girls know how to turn heads. Sometimes resulting in a broken neck!

For more good-girl art click here.
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MODESTY BLAISE Vol 22: Lady in the Dark -- The dark underworld of espionage and crime is lit up by the fatal charms of the gorgeous Modesty Blaise -- high priestess of pulp crime and goddess of cult thrillers!

Science fiction clashes with reality in The Girl from the Future, when Modesty meets a time-traveling stranger; the Roundheads and Cavaliers return to a small English village in The Big Mole, leading to a surprising hostage crisis; and in Lady in the Dark, a blind woman with remarkable powers admits knowing the whereabouts of a long-lost treasure -- and naturally, our heroes sense trouble ahead.

This volume also contains story introductions by Modesty Blaise expert Lawrence Blackmore. 

Modesty Blasie Vol 21 is still available.
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THE COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES Set -- Four book set. This includes all Calvin and Hobbes daily and Sunday strips that have ever appeared in syndication--3,160 total strips!

Ten years of one of the most loved daily
and Sunday strips to ever appear. In addition, you'll find color cover and spot art from Watterson's classic book collections.

The three-volume hardcover set sold more than 600,000 copies!
The heaviest and most expensive book ever to hit the New York Times bestseller list. Now in a new affordable format in four volumes instead of three, and in a slightly smaller size (still 11" x 13"), more accessible for smaller readers! 1456 pages with each and every Calvin strip ever done. Brilliant stories and delight for all ages. The imaginative world of a boy and his playful come-to-life stuffed tiger was first syndicated in 1985 and eventually appeared in more than 2,400 newspapers. Slipcase.

Our Highest Recommendation.
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SOROLLA: The Masterworks -- Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923) was a master draftsman and painter of landscapes, formal portraits, and monumental, historically themed canvases.

This beautifully designed and produced volume brings together one hundred of Sorolla’s major paintings, selected by his great-granddaughter Blanca Pons-Sorolla, the foremost authority on the artist. Benefiting from close proximity to the artist and his personal archives, she presents an in-depth essay that explores Sorolla’s life, work, and remarkable international legacy.

With virtually all of the artist’s previous publications now out of print, this much-anticipated volume is an important addition to the literature on this great Spanish master. 
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RUSSIAN LEGENDS: Folk Tales and Fairy Tales -- Nineteenth-century artists blended imagery from fairy tales and legends with references to what was happening politically, economically and socially in Russia and the rest of the world--creating a unique picture of the Russian psyche.

An engaging survey of an under-explored phenomenon, Russian Legends, Folk Tales and Fairy Tales includes more than 80 works by artists like Vasnetsov, Nicholas Roerich, Ivan Bilibin, Vasili Kandinsky, Elena Polenova and Michail Vroebel alongside summaries of the depicted fairytales. Some of the works included are book illustrations, others large paintings on canvas.

A great resource
for understanding how and why Russian artists utilized fairy tale imagery, this book also serves as an introduction to the repeating themes and humor in the stories.

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DECADENCE: In Morbid Colours -- Over 540 stunning images, most in full color. This reveals, for the first time, the incredible cornucopia of fantastical, proto-Surrealist art produced between 1880 and 1914. Full of superb color illustrations, it details the work of artists such as Gustav Klimt, Frantisek Bilek, Paul Gauguin, Karel Hlavácek, Frantisek Kavan, Benes Knüpfer, Gabriel Max, Alfons Mucha, Max Pirner, Jan Preisler, Jakub Schikaneder, Hanus Schwaiger, Max Svabinsky and Josef Váchal, as well as artists with ties to Czech art such as Alfred Kubin, August Brömse and Richard Teschner. Each is embellished here with superbly-researched commentary and excerpts from the literature of the time.

Pictures and prose are combined beautifully to present a truly dark and morbid experience.

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RAGEMOOR -- Written by Jan Strnad and illustrated by the one and only Richard Corben. Ragemoor! A living castle, nurtured on pagan blood, harborer to deadly monsters! A fortress possessed of its own will and ability to change itself, with the power to add and destroy rooms and to grow without the help of any human hand. Its servants aren’t human, its origins are Lovecraftian, and it must fend off the castle walls from the terrible race of worm men! Collects the four-issue miniseries.

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GHOSTHUNTER: A Journey through Haunted France -- Marsden's pursuit of ghosts and his passion for haunted places, coupled with his keen interest in history, are showcased in this captivating collection. He has photographed and researched 56 châteaux, cemeteries and abandoned ruins in the French countryside. His photographs convey the mysterious spirit of these historical places.

This unique photographic reportage is accompanied by disturbing stories of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena that still haunt these locations, as well as his own sometimes terrifying encounters with the supernatural.

"Wonderfully macabre photos, reminiscent of the long-gone bestseller, Beautiful Death." - Bud.

We also have some of his calendars from previous years in stock and on sale.

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MARS ATTACKS: 50th Anniversary Collection --
Includes 4 bonus trading cards!

What a fun book! Contained within we find every single card, both front and back side, from the classic Mars Attacks 55 card set from 1962, the 11 extra cards that came out in 1994, the 32 card subset titled Visions: New and Original, many development sketches and package designs.

Wally Wood, Bob Powell, Simon Bisley, John Bolton, Norm Saunders, Mark Schultz and William Stout are just a few of the amazing artists that have contributed to this project.

Giant insects, deadly robots, death-rays, burning cities and payback!
It's all here! Introduction and commentary by Len Brown. Afterword by Zina Saunders.

Highly Recommended.
Item Code: MAAH
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BLAST OFF! Rockets, Robots, Ray Guns and Rarities from the Golden Age of Space Toys -- Chronicles the golden era of space toys, featuring hundreds of color photos of these beautiful and sometimes bizarre playthings, plus prototypes, original packaging and instructions, catalogs, advertisements, vintage comic-strip and pulp-magazine art, and more from every corner of the globe. An essential resource for the collector or anyone with an eye for pop culture and the love of fun! The definitive examination of vintage space toys.

Introduction by Harlan Ellison.
Item Code: BLASO
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BERKELEY BREATHED'S OPUS: The Complete Library -- Sunday Comics: 2003- 2008

Pulitzer Prize-winner
Berkeley Breathed's classic comic strip trilogy comes to a close. Opus--a Sunday-only, full-color comic strip featuring the quirky and endearing denizens of Bloom County--was the cartoonist's final foray into this classic American art form… and more's the pity.

Full of Breathed's trademark naïve cynicism, this splendid collection presents the entire five-year run of Opus, including the very last strip, never before published in book form.

Other Bloom County books are available here.
Item Code: BBSH
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THE POSTCARD AGE: Selections From the Leonard A. Lauder Collection -- In the decades around 1900, postcards were Twitter, email, Flickr and Facebook, all wrapped into one. A postcard craze swept the world, and billions of cards were bought, mailed and pasted into albums. Many famous artists turned to the new medium, but one of the great pleasures and enigmas of postcards is how some of the most beautiful and interesting examples were made by artists whose names we barely know. Drawing on the riches of the Leonard A. Lauder Postcard Collection (probably the finest and most comprehensive collection of its type), this gorgeous book traces the historical and cultural themes--enthralling, exciting, and sometimes disturbing--of the modern age.

Organized thematically, with chapters devoted to urban life
, the changing role of women, sports, celebrity, new technologies, the stylish collectors’ cards of Art Nouveau and World War I. The result is at once a vivid picture of the concerns and pastimes of the turn of the century and a sampler from the Lauder’s vast archives.
Item Code: POSAH
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BREATHLESS HOMICIDAL SLIME MUTANTS: The Art of the Paperback -- The art and impact of the paperback is celebrated in this engrossing overview of the format. Featuring covers and excerpts from mystery, romance, western, how-to, diet and repackaged literature, this focuses on the history, design and the influence of the paperback book on Western literary tastes. Visually dynamic and loaded with arresting facts, this is a revealing look at this once-maligned format.

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New Adult Titles 

BUNNY YEAGER'S DARKROOM: Pinup Photography's Golden Era -- This includes a bookplate that Bunny did for us back in 2007 for her book "How I Photograph Nudes." Signed by Bunny Yeager, we will include one of these in each copy of this title while our supply lasts.

This glamorous volume gathers
more than a hundred lens-fogging photographs embodying the naughty girl-next-door eroticism of pin-up culture. Culled from Yeager’s extensive archive, the collection includes her most iconic shots of the legendary Bettie Page as well as many previously unpublished images. Yeager’s pioneering self-portraits and excerpts from her charming 1960s how-to manuals are featured alongside dozens of wholesome beauties shot in the studio and on location.

A fun and sexy book, it is sure to tap into the current burlesque trend and the popularity of glamour photography and vintage American culture. 

Item Code: BUNDH
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THE PORN STARS PROJECT -- This exceptional volume of photographs presents 30 of the world's most sought-after porn stars in locations specially selected by film producers. The photos show the female participants in the last two hours before shooting, and thus reveal them at their most sensual and voluptuous. The reader doesn't just get a sensual experience, but also insider knowledge of a sector that is normally restricted to the selected few. A must for all lovers of high class erotic photography. English-German text.

Item Code: POSPH
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ADULT MOVIE SUPERSTARS Vol 2 -- Eurozone Photos.

An overview of the Golden Age
of European sex movies from 1972-1980 and the advent of video technology.

Focusing on four legendary actresses/models
from that era, here are photo profiles of each, with 130+ rarely-seen images, including 8 in full-color. As well as performing in adult films, porn actresses also posed for photos for the men's magazines of the period. Here are the very best, and most erotic, images from this wealth of classic material.

Adult Movie Superstars Vol 1 is still available.

Item Code: ADMS02
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ERROTICA by Erro. -- For Erro, life is full of beauty, youth, innocence, energy and a desire to reveal the less well-known elements of femininity. He spends a great deal of time with his models to understand better how they see themselves. He prefers natural women in real situations that he enhances with his artistic vision and imagination. He contributes artistic form to enable the viewer to appreciate their imagination and desire, to experience the beauty and eroticism of their femininity.

Enjoy this selection of pictures of self-confident women, the candid insights and revealing perspectives.

Item Code: ERROH
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PUSSY LOUNGE -- Photographer Dirk Krauzig, transports you into a new erotic universe. With heavily upholstered armchairs, discreet lighting, antique furniture, lacquered and painted walls, the stage is set in the lounge bar to display the passions of his adult models. Adults only!

Once again the qualified professional
succeeds in capturing revealing performances and candid images of timeless elegance. His photographs are stimulating yet sophisticated; classy, and with a style of lighting that has become his trademark. He also takes exceptional care of image design and development. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the girls and women in this volume, and see what happens.

Item Code: PUSLH
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Your price: $29.95

New Clearance

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 ART MODELS Vol 2 Book with CD-Rom - ARM02H
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Click here for the excellent american art archives site devoted to Matt Baker - it has a wonderful selection of large sized Baker art.


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