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Kubert's Weird Horrors,
Bettie Page #6, Flash Gordon 2,
George Barbier, Boris & Julie

Joe Kubert Archives: Weird Horrors and Other Daring Adventures --Currently we're in our own Golden Age for reprints of pre-code horror comics. A few years ago it was the Archives from DC Comics and Masterworks from Marvel. A cornucopia of wonderful 1940s superhero comics were suddenly available. That boom has slowed way down now.

Now it's time for the early 1950s comics, and it's a heck of a lot of fun. Comics companies exploded with new genres as the super hero boom was ending, around 1948. Horror and Crime were hot. Today we have great collections coming out, among them wonderful horror and crime Archives from Dark Horse, and the over-the-top Harvey titles from the new English publisher PS.

Still in print are the essential collections The Horror! The Horror! and Bob Powell's Terror, and the recent book about the horror comics period, The Best of From the Tomb. The Marvel's Atlas Era Archives are also steadily collecting the Atlas horror and Jungle comics of the 1950s with Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, Jungle Adventure and Venus collections.

This is one of the best we've seen. Not only do we get cool horror comics that were well written (many from St. John, home of Matt Baker and writer Dana Dutch), but from Ziff-Davis, a veteran magazine publisher who began doing comics with a big budget and quickly captured the very best talent. And then there is the hallowed Avon (Strange Worlds, Eerie), masters of using sci-fi, sex and violence to sell, but with pretty good taste and great artists. And publisher Lev Gleason, renowned for their wonderfully complex stories in Crime Does Not Pay and writer/artist Charles Biro.

Here we have stories from these four excellent companies, all drawn by the legendary Joe Kubert. Joe was quickly maturing into a talent to rival the boys over at EC Comics--Joe even drew a story or two there for Harvey Kurtzman. This compiles some of his most innovative, wild and well-drawn work, a young talent to rival Wally Wood, Alex Toth and other contemporaries who were setting a new course for the comics world.

'Nuff said--this is a wonderful collection, well written and superbly drawn, and most stories never before reprinted. Compiled by Bill Schelly, author of two previous books on Joe Kubert's career.

Highly Recommended.

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Free This Week: The Crow

With every copy of Weird Horrors, we'll include a free copy of James O'Barr's The Crow: Flesh & Blood. A handsome softcover collecting stories by James Vance and Alexander Malleev, published in 1998 by Kitchen Sink at $10.95. Free with any order for the new Joe Kubert collection.

We also have a few copies left of The Crow: City of Angels, a handsome $15.95 softcover that looks closely at the second Crow film. Kitchen Sink, 1996. Save $10, It's just $5.95 until they are gone.

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This item is FREE with every copy sold of Weird Horrors while supply lasts. The Crow: City of Angels

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Bettie Page in Danger! #6 --"I may be cheap, but I'm not easy!" - Poor Bettie is back in trouble again. A new issue of her fumetti (picture-stories in a comic book format) adventures, using period Irving Klaw bondage photos and pin-up photos to create a new story. Plus "Sex Slaves Sold at Auction," "Erotic Call Girl Confessions" and more, all in wild 3D. Glasses included.

All back issues are still available. Also, our new set of Bettie Page Playing Cards is the #1 best-selling new Bettie item this season. We've also broken up our other 2-Set package, from Dark Horse. You can buy just one.

Here's all our Bettie items.

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Flash Gordon Vol 2: The Tyrant of Mongo by Alex Raymond -- From April 1937 to January 1941, almost three years of Sunday Pages from what aficionados consider Raymond's "artistic peak!" Here are the famous Ice Kingdom and Power Men episodes, as well as "The Beast Men," "The Outlaws of Mongo," and "The Tyrant of Mongo." Five long, fast-paced adventures with the capable Flash, Dr. Zarkov and the beautiful Dale Arden. Plus well-written supporting characters, including Ming's estranged son-in-law, Prince Barin and the beautiful but deadly Ice Queen. Excellent reproduction, restored from original tear sheets to present this exactly as intended.

 Highly Recommended.

Click the next link for the alternative collections from publisher IDW, The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim. These offer less Sunday pages per volume, but in a much larger size and includes the Jungle Jim toppers, never before collected in such a format so true to the original Sunday pages. Vol 1 & 2 are now in stock, published at $75 each. Your price is $55.95 each.

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Fantasy+ Volume 4 -- I really like this series. Produced in England, it offers contemporary fantasy illustrators not only from the U.S. but from the world over–wonderful European and Asian artists doing superb work. Instead of a juried Spectrum-style showcase, where you see just one or two pieces by an artist, here you get several pages of artwork by each carefully selected, top talent. This offers you more opportunity to see just how good each artist is. This includes a section on 3D sculpture and personal, unpublished works. All at a low price in a deluxe, specially bound softcover.

Highly Recommended.

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George Barbier: Master of Art Deco -- He debuted in 1911 and would quickly become the most in-demand artist for the magnificent Art Deco, limited edition books in France. He illustrated stories of eroticism, usually limited to 250 or 350 copies and colored using the now-lost Pochoir method, actually hand-applied color done with stencils on every book. His appealing nudes and partial nudes of women in exotic costumes remain stylish and exciting today.

He joined the ranks of fashion illustrators in the highly popular periodical Gazette de Bon Ton, which brought together "couture and art" and allowed artists to create their own fashions and settings. Also limited to just 2000 each issue, today these issues are as highly collected as any rare illustrated book.

Barbier has been long neglected, but this superb book, based on a huge exhibit that originated in Japan, presents the finest collection of his work ever printed. Hundreds of reproductions, superbly presented, with text in Japanese, French and English. Special deluxe binding with tissue endpapers and book flaps.

Highly Recommended.

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Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection -- This presents this team's finest work, beginning in the 1970s and continuing up to today. It also includes their latest sculptures and a excellent, fully illustrated record of every Boris book collection ever done.

From the masters of fantasy we are offered the most beautiful women, from witches and warriors, to erotically-charged full nudes, coupled with demons, dragons and fantastic settings in other worlds and other times.

Highly Recommended.

Boris and Julie also appear in the Spectrum Annual, Art of the Dragon, and are doing the upcoming Dragon Maiden Statue, due in early 2013. Their 2013 Fantasy Art Calendar is completely sold out.

Item Code: BVJBULS
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Poison Ivy Statue - DC Comics Cover Girls -- A former Batman villain and now one of the new "Birds of Prey" team. Is she good or bad? Sculpted by Sam Greenwell, this is a handsome full size statue in the same series as the Harley Quinn we announced last week. These are limited editions and orders have been allocated (meaning we only got part of the total number we ordered).

We have just 3 Harley Quinn left, and just four Poison Ivy, and we don't expect to get any more.

Item Code: DCPI
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Doc Savage #63 -- Three complete adventures carry the Man of Bronze to Egypt in search of a lost pyramid and to India to solve a deadly mystery. Plus here is a lone adventure of Monk Mayfair in "The Swooning Lady" with new artwork by Joe Staton.

Click here for all back numbers and other Doc Savage collections.

Item Code: DC63
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The Shadow #67 -- The Man of Mystery is also off on a world tour, this time from New Orleans to Mexico City tracking down a murderous Aztec cult. Plus a serial killer is loose and must be stopped. Also a complete radio episode written by sci-fi author Alfred Bester, "The Face of Death" from 1945.

Look here for all Shadow back issues and the soon to be sold out Shadow Statue (just four left at $30 off, $129.95).

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Candieland #1 & 2 Set -- Take a wild trip to Candie Land with this delectable collection of photos, cartoons and a special photo-comic in 3D! Pin-up model Candie stars in numerous strip-tease photo shoots and is the star of some cute and randy photo-comic stories. Best of all, this includes Zombie Hunter, a photo-comic where our intrepid explorer loses her clothes to a mean mummy, shot in 3D! Includes 3D glasses and loads of fun pin-ups.

Item Code: CAN01P
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That's it for the new items that came in our doors this week. I hope you find something of interest. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday. My best wishes to you and thank you for your continued support. We'll have a new color flyer ready in February and plan to make this a regular mailing, a more economical way to put new items in front of you than our catalogs. If you don't yet have a copy of our first 4-page flyer, mailed out in early December, be sure to ask for one with your order.


We're also still offering a FREE Spanish Girl print with an order for ANY other print that we handle (one per order). It's a real deal, this Earl Moran print which features Marilyn Monroe! Its on heavy quality print stock, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and was originally published at $139.95!

It is limited to 7500 and published in 1994.

We bought the remaining supply from the publisher. We're not going to extend this offer much longer, so click here and take a look at all our prints, from Elvgren's stunning nude in "Still Life" ($25) to the special signed H.P. Lovecraft's Lands of Dream ($30). I highly recommend both of these and many of the other prints.

EMSGPRX FREE .with Print ELVS - $25.00  3.HPLDP - $30.00

New Clearance Items and Reduced Prices

Quantities on some of these are extremely low, as few as 2 or 3 copies. Act now to avoid disappointment, most of these will not be restocked once they sell out. Click on any book and you'll go to our website, with longer descriptions and up to four images from each book.

1. VANGUARD FRAZETTA CLASSICS: Johnny Comet by Frank FrazettaRecommended. Fearless midget car racer Johnny Comet roars to life with this incredible reprint of early strips drawn and written by fantasy art master Frazetta! Started in 1952, these superbly illustrated stories trace the fearless Johnny Comet as he battles danger both on the oval track and off. And the beautiful Frazetta gals are always here, too. Reproduced from the artist's own original proofs, these strips are accompanied by full color Sunday strips and an appreciation by award-winning illustrator William Stout. - VFC01 Was $2495, .Now $17.50

2. VANGUARD FRAZETTA CLASSICS Volume 2: White Indian by Frank FrazettaRecommended. This collects the entire 16 issue run of White Indian from the pages of pre-code Durango Kid comics, c.1952-54. Full-color stories, these feature Dan Brand, as well as more tales starring Trail Colt and Leif the Lucky Viking Adventurer as well as tales of war and battle, and everyday heroes, from Heroic Comics. - VFC02 Was $24.95, Now $17.50

3. DROWNING CITY DELUXE by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden– Limited 1000, slipcase edition! Deluxe limited-edition features multiple illustrations, an exclusive Signature Plate signed by the creators, and a handsome slipcase. This edition is also the only one to include the additional story, "Joe Golem and the Copper Girl."

After a séance gone horribly wrong, strange men wearing gas masks and rubber suits abduct the aging psychic Orlov the Conjuror, sending his young assistant Molly McHugh racing through the canals of a submerged Manhattan. As Molly flees her captors through a sunken city full of scavengers, her one hope comes in the form of two strange men: Simon Church, a Victorian-era detective kept alive by clockwork gears and magic, and his assistant, Joe Golem, whose mysterious past is hinted at in dreams of stone and witches .– JGD Was $99.99, Now $59.00

4. 75 YEARS OF DC COMICS by Paul LevitzHighly Recommended. The Art of Modern Mythmaking. This could be the largest, most impressive coffee-table art book you'll ever own. The former president of DC Comics, long time editor and writer, and once a fanzine publisher back in the 1960s, Paul is one of us. And he also knows all the history, all the anecdotes, all the inside story of DC Comics–home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and a stable of classic characters. 1,500 images, massive fold-out timelines, index, appendices, film stills and collectables. No true DC fan will want to be without this huge, oversized retrospective. – 75H Was $200.00, Now $135.00

5. BIZARRE THRILLS: The Paragon Publications Story by Bill Black–Between 1968 and 1982, Paragon released more than 40 publications, fueled not only by Bill’s love of good-girl art of the 1940s, but also a healthy dose of something woefully rare in the mainstream comics of the day, and that is strong female characters. 21 full vintage stories in all, starring the likes of Synn (when she was still referred to as The Girl From LSD), The Shade (the original story of his origin), Tara, Stormy Tempest, Nightveil (at a point that she was being referred to as "Phantom Lady") and others. – BTPPU Was $29.95, Now $19.95

Pin-Up and Erotic Art Close-Outs 

6. GREAT AMERICAN PIN-UP by Charles Martignette. Highly Recommended. Mature Readers. This is THE BOOK on pin-up art, covering every major and minor cheesecake artist, from Vargas and Elvgren to Sundblom, Armstrong, Petty, Moran, Fritz Willis, Mac Pherson, Bolles, Ballantyne, Mozert, Bradshaw, and Crandall, 68 in all. From the 1930s to the 1960s, pin-up mascots graced the fuselages of American fighter planes, magazine covers, vending machine cards and playing cards, and were an essential feature of the male world of garages and barracks. Compiled by two of the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic pin-up collectors today. We can't say enough about is the best pin-up collection ever compiled, and the price is incredible for 384 pages and 900 illustrations! New format and price, previously published at $39.99.
- AMPIH. Now $16.99

7. MILO MANARA Statue - Limited to 950! The first of a new planned program with Manara, one of the most celebrated and respected graphic-story talents in the world. Here we have one of his renderings of a mysterious lady. Standing 13" tall, she is wearing little more than a pink and red blouse and little red panties which she is in the midst of removing. MIMA Was $149.99, Now $99.99

8. FEMMES FATALES OF THE 1950s by Bunny Yeager. Mature Readers. The World's Prettiest Photographer," Yeager shot thousands of glamour gals including Bettie Page and Diane Webber as well as being a model herself. Lisa Winters, Maria Stinger, Bibi Grante, Sue James, Peggy Jackson...from models to the girl-next-door, Bunny could bring out the best in her subjects. Here, sixty gorgeous girls--and women--flirt and flounce for Yeager's lens.
– FEFA Was $19.99, Now $14.99

9. 1950s GLAMOUR - Mature Readers. Discover the roots of pin-up with this amazing collection from the golden years of cheesecake photography! Gorgeous ladies strut their stuff in this collection that proves the '50s weren't all about repressed sexuality. These vintage beauties will turn your head with their buxom curves and classy, timeless glamour. –1950G Was $19.95, Now $14.95

10. 1970s GLAMOUR - Mature Readers. The changing social trends of the 1970s heralded a more revealing form of glamour photography, along with the crumbling of many old taboos. Loaded with 300 images, this highlights the soft-focus, eclectic yet classical style of this pivotal decade with photos from the archives of Fiesta and Knave magazines. Very revealing poses and scenarios are on display here as gorgeous young women dress as everything from baseball players to boudoir maidens. –1970G Was $19.95, Now $14.95

6. TOPLESS SUMMER LOVE GIRLS by Leslie Cabarga. Mature Readers. Gentleman's Guide to Women, Relationships and Breasts. This incorrigible book is loaded with candid photos taken on the topless beaches of France plus dozens of illustrations by Alex Nino, Charles Addams, Shane Glines, Mitch O'Connell and many more. This also features an exhaustive and opinionated study of boobs. –TPL Was $32.99, Now $22.99

7. THE ART OF JAMES HOTTINGER -by James Hottinger. Mature Readers. An Affection for Detail! "I like to think the extra attention to detail adds to the overall feel..." And so it does. From sexy witches that remind us of Dave Stevens, to a lovely green wood nymph--naked, mostly--to warrior women, pirate girls, tomb raiders, a cute leather-bound vampire, mermaids, space girls. This is fun and sexy, too, not over-the-top but delightfully naughty. Everyone is having a good time, with all that delightful detail that makes each picture more realistic...and appealing.
–ARTJHO Was $14.95, Now $8.50

8. FANTASY ART OF CALANDRA by Michael Calandra. Mature Readers. He has made his reputation putting real girls in unreal situations. His blend of reality and fantasy creates works of intricate precision and bold imagination. Calandra's been featured in many magazines and DVD tutorials, as well as being showcased in Heavy Metal. This is his first collection, so he selected the best for this presentation.– FANCAL Was $14.95, Now $8.50

9. THE PIN-UP ART OF ARCHIE DICKENS Volume 1 - Recommended. Mature Readers. Angelic faces with devilish designs have always been the hallmark of this renowned illustrator, whose fondness for lovely innocents in not-so-innocent situations has delighted pin-up enthusiasts throughout the world for several generations. A contemporary of Elvgren and Vargas, Dickens has been able to do what they could not--successfully span two centuries, painting his unique brand of pretty girls well into his nineties. Contains more than 40 lovely pin-ups, all full- or two-page.
–PINUPA Was $14.95, Now $8.50

10. THE PIN-UP ART OF ARCHIE DICKENS Volume 2- Recommended. Mature Readers.
The devilishly creative pin-up elder-statesman Dickens is back with a new compendium of cuties. These adorable gals with their sly smiles and innocent demeanor--in various states of undress--are pure eye candy. Contains more than 40 lovely pin-ups, all full- or two-page. "Fun, alluring, and yet with an innocence reserved for early pin-ups that's mostly gone today." -Bud.
– PI02 Was $14.95, Now $8.50

Excerpt from Flash Gordon Vol 2: The Tyrant of Mongo

Item Code: FLG02H

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