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Woodwork! Alex Toth's Zorro,
Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Matt Dixon, new Shadow and Doc!

Wally Wood's Woodwork --I first saw this massive exhibit catalog in 2010. One of the major contributors brought it over from Spain for me. It was the most exciting look at Wood's career that I'd ever seen, based on a massive exhibit, with original artwork borrowed from major collections around the world. Publisher IDW saw some flaws in the translations and perhaps some other things they wanted to improve, so instead of just importing the original book, they arranged to revise it and print their own edition here in the U.S. And here we are. 

This is quite similar to the Big John Buscema: massively thick, packed with not just Woody's best but also unpublished pieces, rare photographs and much, much more. 2012 was a big year for collections of Wood's work--the kind of coverage once reserved for Frank Frazetta is finally being accorded to Wood. This is icing on the cake.

Our Highest Recommendation.

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Note: part of our initial shipment was damaged due to poor packing...our initial stock will be sold out by the end of Friday or Saturday after this email goes out. More are on the way and will be here in about 10 days.

Your understanding is also appreciated in regards to The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley Vol 1 and 2, featured in the email last week. We brought in what I thought was plenty of copies...but whoa, it was not enough. Your orders blew us away. You also made last weekend our busiest in many months--a wonderful way to close out the old year. More Kley books will be in our hands shortly. Thanks!

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Alex Toth's Zorro -- has finally been collected in the best possible Archives format. Many consider these stories for Dell Comics the high point of Toth's work and I would not disagree. Now in full color, with a nice selection of essays and extras by editor Daniel Herman.

Highly Recommended.

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Complete Dick Tracy Volume 14 -- Chester Gould gets darker and more violent in these startling stories. Tracy becomes a family man but has his hands full with a litany of crazy bad guys, and the zany supporting characters who make this strip so much fun.

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Complete Daily Buck Rogers Volume 7 -- This series is moving along very well, with three more classic adventures from 1938-40. Two of the stories here are so good, they were also adapted into Big Little Books, which today are among the most desirable BLB titles. I'm also pleased to report we received a long-awaited restock of ALL the back volumes, so if you missed any, now is your chance to catch up on Volumes 1-6.

Also in stock is the Complete Sunday Buck Rogers Volume 1 & 2, which I highly recommend. Here is pioneering comics science fiction, several years before Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon would begin. With all the clunky, fun spaceships and Buck and Wilma jetting from one planet to another.

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The Lost Art of Frederick Richardson -- from the same publisher as last week's feature, The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley. I was first introduced to Richardson with his oft-reprinted children's books, such as the legendary Volland edition of Mother Goose, which has rarely been out of print since it was first published in 1915. His Adventures of Pinocchio has also stayed in print for decades. His drawings for The Queen's Museum by Frank Stockton is one of his best works and his wonderful illustrations for L.Frank Baum's Queen Xixi of Ix, has also remained in print for years. Sadly, some of these and some of his lesser works suffered from poor reproduction as reprint after reprint appeared, so you must be careful not to judge him by this commonly found work. The original editions of all these are truly exceptional.

But these only give a hint of the creative genius of this very special illustrator. This collection looks at his work from the 1890s, when he was doing everything from children's tales to one-page gags to editorial cartoons, as a newspaper illustrator, and with a detail and imagination that has only been found in masters like Winsor McCay, Thomas Nast and A.B. Frost--yes, he is THAT good.

This work is so highly thought of, it was actually collected into a massive oversized volume just after 1900. This was a time when very few illustrators were being collected: just the likes of Howard Chandler Christy and Charles Dana Gibson. I was lucky enough to find a copy of this now-rare book many years ago. That is why I'm so jazzed to see this new collection.

Highly Recommended.

By the way, our sister business, Bud Plant & Hutchison Books, has a copy of this original book, signed by Richardson, for around $550. Call Anne at 530-273-9762 about this or other out-of-print books. We also have a selection of Big Little Books, including Buck Rogers titles, at very affordable prices.

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The Shadow #68 and Doc Savage #64 -- Two new releases in this fine series. Especially interesting this month, The Shadow collects the very first story that introduces Margo Lane, who would become the
Shadow's long time assistant and sometime love interest.

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Click the next links for all back numbers of Doc Savage and The Shadow. Also available are The Whisperer, The Avenger and The Phantom Detective pulp reprints from the same publisher, Sanctum. Their next series will be Nick Carter Detective --it's not yet on our website, but you can reserve a copy by phone or written order if you want to get a jump on this.

DC Cover Girls: Catwoman -- we like this series of full sized, full body statues at an attractive low price. These are all limited and in fact we have just one left of Harley Quinn. And this new release, Catwoman, is already listed as out of print by Diamond (we have 5 copies in stock). Poison Ivy is also still available.

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Matt Dixon's Girls on Top Volumes 1 and 2 -- We like Dixon's work, it has a polish and an edge that makes it stand apart from typical "good girl art" artists. He has a detailed finish that reminds me of Bruce Timm, but his girls are anything but cuddly and cute... When Volume 2 was announced, we decided to bring back Volume 1, first released in January of 2010. Both are Recommended.

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Close-Outs and Specials

I'm out of town as I write this, and we've also had a holiday this week. So in the interest of getting this email out on time, I'm not running new specials. BUT--we have copies of nearly all the close-outs that I have offered in the past several weeks of emails. The free CROW book is still yours if you mention it and also the free Spanish Girl print with any other print order. See last week.

You can review our Clearance specials at the end of each of our last few emails. You can also click here to go to our blog, where we post each email.

Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks again for your support this past year. Reception to our color flyer was great, so we are already planning to make these a regular event. Next will be mailed out in late February or early March. -Bud
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Exerpt from Complete Daily Buck Rogers Volume 7
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