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Famous Monsters, Amano, Eerie,
Shadow and Nick Carter!

Emerald City Comic-Con 2011 -- You could call this a warehouse find. The folks at the Seattle-based Emerald City Comic-Con produce a wonderful hardcover book for each year's show, collecting entirely new, full color illustrations from their attending artists. Each must illuminate the theme of Monsters and Dames...and it's wild to see how each artist approaches it. Here we have a superlative cover by Adam Hughes and art inside by Bruce Timm, Frank Cho and many, many others.

And we're lucky enough to have a virtual exclusive on this, as with the 2009 (Frank Cho cover) and 2012 (Adi Granov cover). These are sold only at full price and at the show...but since they found some extra copies, our customers have the opportunity to score these Highly Recommended art books.

Item Code: MNST11H
Your price: $30.00

Deva Zan -- Yoshitaka Amano returns in a major fantasy work that he has both written and illustrated with over 2000 full color works. This is based on an Asian legend and is a feast for any fan of fine fantasy art.

Item Code: DEVAH
Published at $49.99
On Sale! Save $10!
Your price: $39.99

Nick Carter -- The publisher of Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, Phantom Detective and The Whisperer adds a new pulp reprint title to their mix. In 1933 Street & Smith, publisher of The Shadow and Doc Savage, decided to bring back a legendary fictional detective that actually pre-dated Sherlock Homes -- star of hundreds of early Dime Novels. But they brought him right up to date, with top pulp writers and artists making this title as fast-paced and exciting as their lead titles.

Supplementing this kick-off issue are three additional essays about Nick Carter, including a look at his radio appearances and the full script to his first radio show. Plus a complete comic book story by Bob Powell that appeared in a 1946 Shadow Comics.


Item Code: NC01
Your price: $14.95 

The Shadow #69 -- A new release in our most popular reprint series. Two more great pulp novels, plus extra features and all the original artwork. Highly Recommended. We have back issues available from #1-5 and #45 to #68 ($12.95 to $14.95 each), as well as the special Shadow 80th Anniversary Edition ($39.95, collects issues #1-4 and an extra pulp reprint) and the new graphic novel, The Shadow Volume 1: The Fire of Creation, written by Garth Ennis ($19.99, your price $16.99).

Item Code: SHT69
Published at $49.99
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Your price: $39.99

Famous Monsters Gallery: Dark Arts Volume 1 and 2 -- We're quite impressed with these two art books. They collect a fine list of famous and should-be-famous fantasy illustrators who have been "inspired" by Famous Monsters. But the work here is from all over each one's career, from film scenery and creature creation, to a proposed Oz theme park from William Stout and classic, little-seen pieces by Richard Corben. Excellent reproduction.


Item Code: FMG01                                 Item Code: FMG02
Your price: $16.99                                    Your price: $16.99 

PS Art Books -- We have three new titles this week from this British publisher who is collecting many of the long-neglected horror comics of the 1950s. Independent of Dark Horse, PS is also doing their own versions of Adventures Into the Unknown and Forbidden Worlds. Each costs a bit more than our discounted price on Dark Horse's titles ($39.95 vs. $48), but they offer FIVE issues rather than FOUR in the DHC releases. Plus other special features. So I thought we should let you make the choice which one you prefer.

     ADU01H - $48.00     ADU02H - $48.00       FOR01H - $48.00

I have the feeling PS's publishing schedule may be a little quicker than Dark Horse, based on the other titles they've already released: Roy Thomas Presents The Heap, Planet Comics, and their Harvey Horror series: Black Cat Mystery, Tomb of Terror and Witches Tales. Plus the upcoming one I'm most excited about, the complete Phantom Lady in three volumes. 

Warren's Eerie Archives Volume 12 -- - Although by this time the all-star ex-EC Comics talent was gone from Creepy and Eerie, we now have a whole new energy in the five issues collected here. Now we have a full color Corben story in every issue. Berni Wrightson in every issue. Continuing characters including "Hunter" who stalks through the jungles of a post apocalyptic future, "Spook" in the bayous of the Antebellum South, and Dr. Archaeus. Plus exceptional artwork by Maroto, Sanjulian and Frazetta-alumnus Ken Kelly. Nice work! Recommended.

Eerie Archives 1-11 and Creepy Archives 1-14 are all in stock at discounted prices. Also available are Creepy Presents Berni Wrightson ($19.99, your price $16.99) and Creepy Presents Richard Corben in full color ($29.99, your price $23.99).

Item Code: EER12H
Published at $49.99
On Sale! Save $10!
Your price: $39.95

Dr. Seuss: The Cat Behind the Hat Collector's Edition -- Our copies arrived of this amazing book, which we announced a few weeks ago. It's even better than we though it would be. This exquisitely produced collector’s edition includes four exclusive lithographs along with a cloth-covered edition of The Cat Behind the Hat. Quite oversized, this limited edition (number is undetermined as yet but only 400 copies remain available) weighs in at just under TEN POUNDS! This comprehensive look at the breadth of art that Theodor Geisel created over his lifetime is an eye-opening peek behind the public persona into the real story of the man who was Dr. Seuss.

Item Code: DRSCD
Published at $300.00
On Sale! Save $61!
Your price: $239.00 

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Nancy -- By Ernie Bushmiller - Warehouse Find from 1992! None other than Denis Kitchen has brought Nancy back to popularity with his collections of this quintessential strip. It's comic strip humor and art stripped down to the basics. Here these have been carefully collected to offer you some of the funniest and most iconic strips from Bushmiller's 40 years on the strip. All of Denis' books are long out of print, but you can have this little collection for the original 20-year-old cover price. Limited supply.

Item Code: EERY
Your price: $6.95 

News and Notes 

Dean Yeagle's Mélange -- This has been out of print since June 2012. We have at last a new supply and each copy we send out is accompanied by a bookplate signed by Dean (these are produced in France and ship direct to us, so Dean can't sign them as he does all his self-published books). This collects Dean's favorite illustrations, now augmented with 32 additional pages of images. Appreciation written by comic historian Craig Yoe. Text in French and English. Hardcover.

Highly Recommended.

Item Code: MELAH
Your price: $40.00

The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage -- We announced this a few weeks ago, we are getting some advance publicity. Here's a link to a nice illustrated article. We expect this in April.

Highly Recommended.

                             Item Code: ALLMB (Softcover
                                   Published at $24.95 
                                    On Sale! Save $3!
                                                                                           Your price: $21.95

Item Code: RK02H,3,5             Item Code: CL05H,6,7,8                                                              
Published at $49.99                                                                            
Item Code: HBOK                                    
On Sale! Save $10!                                                                            
Published at $150.00
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                                                           On Sale! Save $60!                           
                                                                                    Your price: $89.95

Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby - We now have copies of Volume 2, which was unavailable for almost a year. We also have Volume 3 and 5. Others are out of print and we don't know when to expect or if we can expect new printings.

Harold Grey's Little Orphan Annie - We now have Volumes 5-8 in stock. These have been difficult to get copies of in recent months and some may be gone shortly.

Hannes Bok: A Life in Illustration - The finest book ever done on the entire career of fantasy illustrator Bok, boasting 450 pages and 600 illustrations. The publisher just informed us he was down to just 50 copies left, so this will be out of print very shortly. We brought in extra copies, because this is one of my favorite art books, but they won't last. And we are still discounting this at a full 40% off the publication price of $150. Your price is $89.95 and really, really worth it!

Sanctum Press has announced they will be adding The Spider to their outstanding lineup of pulp reprints. The first issue will be $14.95 and is due at the end of February, titled "Of Hell & The Spider and the Sons of Satan." While The Shadow and Doc Savage will keep appearing roughly monthly, secondary titles like this will appear regularly but less often. 

We have just a few copies left of each of The Spider Pulp Doubles #22-25, the last issues from the previous publisher. Act now if you'd like any of these, our supply is low and we will not be restocking these. $14.95 each. 
Your Price: Each 14.95


Item Code: DCHQ          Item Code: DCCA         Item Code: DCPI          
Your price: $125.00          Your price: $99.95         Your price: $99.95        

We just found out we're getting DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn--just three more copies of this out of print statue. Act now if you'd like one. $125.
We still have very small quantities on Catwoman--just three and this is now out of print--and Poison Ivy -$99.95 each.
The Mandy and Scoots statue by Dean Yeagle is already selling briskly with advance orders. This is scheduled for late February, $199.00 but your price $169.00

Item Code: MANSK
Your price: $169.00

Item Code: DRMA           Item Code: SDW           Item Code: MIMA           
Your price: $249.99          Published at $149.99      Published at $149.99        
                                          On Sale! Save $20!        On Sale! Save $50!         
                                          Your price: 129.99          Your price: $99.99          

The Dragon Maiden Statue by Boris Vallejo, $249, is still on schedule for late February.
The Shadow Statue is very low in stock from the publisher but remains available.
$149.99, your price $129.00
The Milo Manara Statue is on close-out at $99.99 (it was $149.99) and will be gone very soon.
Spy vs. Spy Vinyl Statue is also on close-out, it was $49.99 and is now $34.95 until our supply (only 1 copy as of this writing) is gone.

Item Code: SPY2
Published at $49.99
On Sale! Save $15!
Your price: $34.95

Item Code: LNA               Item Code: FFSPL          Item Code: ALOHB        
Published at $119.99         Published at $45.00          Your price: $30.00           
On Sale! Save $40!           On Sale! Save $5!                                                   
Your price: $79.95             Your price: $39.99                                                  

Dorian Cleavenger's Luna is also on close-out, $119.99 reduced to $79.95.Steampunk Lexi at $45 is still available at $39.99.
Chris Sanders Aloha Maile Blue at $30, in a sealed special display case. One of our favorites. Only 3 left as of this writing.
Dave Stevens' Girl of Our Dreams Bettie Page is also still in stock, from Dark Horse,
$59.99 your price $44.95 


Item Code: BETEP
Published at $59.99
On Sale! Save $15!
Your price: $44.95

Eros Gone Wild -- From the French publisher Humanoids comes a major collection of erotic comic stories by top contemporary artists. The French always have way of presenting sex in more open and often funny fashion, and this has all that wonderful sensibility. The artist list is a who's who of fine creators, including Beltran, Bilal, Altuna, Forest (Barbarella), Caza and many, many others. Large handsome hardcover with over 300 full color pages.


Item Code: ERGH
Published at $90.00
On Sale! Save $11!
Your price: $79.00

Pink Pussy 4 -- The title says it are shaven young ladies from all European backgrounds (this is published in Germany). They are all offering you full access to their most private parts. Whether they have big smiles or are looking sultry, still sporting a semblance of underwear or entirely nude, standing or sitting or bending over, they are each young and lovely. Includes several close-ups on the par with our popular Femilia (FEMA - $14.50).

Item Code: PNK04H
Your price: $59.95 

Fast Sex-- The thrill of spontaneous sex in this saucy little book. Attractive couples exhibit the rules, roles and positions of the celebrated quickie. Everything from workplace sex to short trysts in hotels, taxi cabs and even outdoors is fully pictured here with practical tips and great photos. Lunch hour peccadilloes, sex in public and the infamous "Mile High Club" are just a few of the scenarios outlined in this adventurous book. Published in Great Britain in 2009. Our supply is limited.

Item Code: FASTH
Published at $14.99
On Sale! Save $7!
Your price: $7.50

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