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New Alex Toth, Krigstein, Arthur Szyk, Manara, B&W Horror, Out of the Night, Marvel Firsts

Alex Toth: Genius Illustrated -- In the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, Alex Toth was a leader in comics storytelling. Frazetta and Al Williamson were brilliant illustrators; Russ Manning and Murphy Anderson were smooth and stylish. But no one could tell a story with the power and impact of Alex Toth. His earliest work at DC became practically a house style and influenced artists from Carmine Infantino to Dan Barry, Jesse Marsh and many others.

The story of the first years of his career is well-told and illustrated in the companion book in this series, Genius Isolated (still available). This new volume examines his career as he strode into the 1960s, further refining his work. Now he was working for Warren Publishing in the b&w magazines; for his own special projects, such as Bravo for Adventure; and moving into film animation work, where he would influence a generation of kids with his work on Space Ghost, Super Friends, The Fantastic Four and Thundarr.

A massive, oversized volume with over 300 pages of iconic, rare and often unpublished artwork.

Highly Recommended.

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Hermes Press just recently collected the entire Toth Zorro series in one complete volume. Zorro: The Complete Dell Comics Adventures. $49.99, your price $39.99. We also just announced a sale price on Setting the Standard: Comics by Alex Toth. $39.95, your price $17.95. Click here for all our books with Alex Toth.

Messages in a Bottle: Comic Book Stories by Bernie Krigstein -- Although Krigstein had a relatively short career in comics, like Alex Toth, he was a brilliant innovator. What's so interesting is that he actively tried out different styles and experiments in panel arrangement, pushing the envelope of how to tell a comic book story. This leads to his unforgettable "Master Race" in the pages of Impact, the EC title. While Bill Gaines hated it, today it is heralded as one of the finest examples of storytelling in any 1950s comic. But Bernie did a whole lot more, beginning with seminal work in 1943 (and it's here) and continuing, after EC, to innovate for Stan Lee's Atlas horror and sci-fi titles.

Here is a full offering of his best stories, entirely in color, carefully selected and annotated by the Eisner and Harvey award winning writer Greg Sadowski.

Highly Recommended.

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You'll also find Bernie's original stories in the on-sale Marvel Masterworks Strange Tales Volume 1 $54.99, your price $34.99 and in Volume 2, $59.99, your price $39.99.

Manara Library Volume 4 -- It's interesting that Dark Horse has chosen to release two different series collecting Milo Manara's work. Manara Erotica Volumes 1 and 2 are certainly no-holds-barred adult. But the stories in this other series certainly have enough beautiful Manara ladies and steamy sex to compete with any adult graphic novels, American or European. This new collection features Giuseppe Bergman in two long, satisfying, world-spanning stories. "...one of the key works that helped to define a new adult sensibility in European comics at the end of the 1970s."

Highly Recommended.

Volumes 1-3 are all still available, as well as Erotica Volumes 1 and 2, all at the same price and discount. And from Heavy Metal publishing, the adult graphic novels Borgia Volumes 1: Blood for the Pope and Volume 2: Power and Incest, $14.95 each.

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Creepy Volume 15 -- By 1975 Creepy had lost the 1950s and early 1960s powerhouse talent like Frazetta, Severin, Orlando, Crandall, Toth, Neal Adams, Gil Kane and Steve Ditko, who thrilled readers in the first years. BUT...a new generation of comics artists found this was the perfect place to start honing their skills, some from the pages of fanzines, such as Bernie Wrightson. Some from the fanzines and underground comics, like Rich Corben. Some recruited from Spain, such as Sanjulian and Esteban Maroto, and in this collection, Jose Gual and the phenomenal Luis Bermejo. And new cover artist Ken Kelly, a relative and a protégé of Frazetta himself.

New writers were also creating some wild horror and fantasy, still circumventing the comics code that continued to have regular color comics hamstrung. In Creepy, you could get away with nudity, sex, violence, demons, and all manner of fiends that would have never made the light in a Marvel or DC title.


All back volumes of Creepy and Eerie remain available at the same discounted price. Warren's third title, Vampirella, has become a publishing phenom of her own. Her two last collections are still in stock, and you can click here to find her featured in a plethora of places, including a great many sketchbooks.

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Horror Comics in Black and White: 1964-2004 -- This is a thorough, issue-by-issue look at the non-code horror magazines that began with EC's Picto-Fiction titles in the mid-1950s, but really got off the ground when Warren came along with Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie. Next to jump on board were Skywald (Nightmare, Psycho) and a dozen titles from Marvel, plus much more from other companies. A new horror era was born. With a special forward by Taboo editor and horror artist, Steve Bissette.

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Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comic Books -- Often collected in their own right, here is the complete story behind how our popular culture portrayed foreigners...and why. Beginning with the "Yellow Peril" in the pages of Dime Novels of the turn of the century, the pulp magazines of World War I soon embraced racist ideas about Asians, Germans, even Blacks. This intensified between the wars, mostly in the pages of pulp magazines, but soon moved into comics. When Italy, Germany and Japan attacked the U.S. in World War II, the stage had already been set for portraying racist and often horrifying imagery of U.S. enemies as devils incarnate.

Here the contributor to the excellent Blood and Thunder, an excellent fan magazine about pulps, looks very carefully at this interesting subject. He carries the story right into the Cold War, when Russians became the dreaded bad guys.

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Out of the Night Volume 1 -- This begins a new series from PS Art Books in England. And this was the third horror title created by ACG, the American Comics Group, who previously began the horror comics frenzy with Adventures Into the Unknown. Then they added Forbidden Worlds in 1950, and this short-lived title in 1952. But here you'll find the young Al Williamson in three complete stories, one with inks by Frazetta, just before they'd create their most memorable stories for EC in Weird Science and Weird Fantasy.

Here too is the talented Harry Lazarus, who as far as I know worked solely in ACG and then was gone from the comics world. And nearly all the stories here are by Richard Hughes. Like Archie Goodwin was to the early Warren Magazines, Hughes wrote and edited some of the most complex and memorable horror and sci-fi stories in comics during his long career at ACG. Here is pre-code horror, maybe not quite up to EC standards but still a lot of fun and nicely different. Recommended.

We are offering all the PS Art Books titles: The Heap, Adventures into the Unknown, Forbidden Worlds, Witches Tales, Black Cat Mystery, Tomb of Terror, Phantom Lady, and Planet Comics (May).
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Marvel Firsts WWII Super Heroes -- Remember the fabled Origins of Marvel and Son of Origins? These super cool books appeared in the 1970s and collected the origin stories of all the Silver Age characters. Well, here's an amazing companion--but stuffed with origins and first appearances from the Golden Age! You're probably aware of just how wildly collectible these old Timely titles are. Comics like Mystic and USA and, especially, Captain America, sell for hundreds or more often, thousands of dollars. But here are 40 complete stories, beginning with the oft-reprinted Marvel Comics #1 and the origins of The Sub-Mariner, The Angel, and the Human Torch. But then there are dozens of really obscure heroes from those other rare titles: The Destroyer by Stan Lee. Rockman by Basil Wolverton. Red Raven by Jack Kirby. Capt. Terror. Miss America by Otto Binder. The entire, book-length story from Young Allies #1, with Simon & Kirby.

Highly Recommended.

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And the list goes on. Fun, obscure, strange one-shot or short-lived heroes as well as regular back-up features from Timely titles.

Click here for all Marvel Masterworks, including our recent list of sale-priced volumes collecting Golden Age, Atlas Era and Silver Age.

Heroes of Ancient Israel by Arthur Szyk

We've handled several fine Szyk collections over the past few years. Szyk was a regular contributor to top U.S. magazines and other publications before, during and after World War II, creating scathing and brilliant cartoons. His compilation of these was published in 1941: The New Order remains as powerful today as it was then, portraying hard-edged caricatures of Third Reich leaders and their destruction and oppression.

But this was just one side of this renaissance artist. In the 1930s Szyk created twelve fine miniature, jewel-like paintings of famous queens, kings and leaders from Jewish history intended as a set of playing cards. But until now, these have been unpublished. Szyk's design showcases not only the rich aesthetic potential of playing cards but also his commitment to celebrating the history and virtues of Jewish history.

We are offering this artwork in several ways, from a low-priced playing card deck to a super deluxe, limited Gift Set.


Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Cards of Arthur Syzk / Queen Esther -- This "Player's Deck" features Queen Esther on the illustrated box and normal double image, reversed images of the Jacks, Queens and Kings. Complete deck of cards with exquisite, minutely detailed artwork by Arthur Szyk.

Highly Recommended.

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Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Cards of Arthur Syzk / King David -- This deluxe deck differs in that twelve Kings and Queens are single, larger images (not doubled and reversed as on the other deck) and all edges are finished in gold. King David is featured on the full color illustrated box.

Here he's created four Kings, four Queens (though not all were actually queens) and four Jacks. In his inimitable style, the portraits extol great leaders in Jewish history. Spades are King Saul, Queen Esther and Judah Maccabee; clubs are King David, Judith and Bar-Kochba; hearts are King Solomon, Ruth and John of Giscala (a Zealot leader in the Roman war); diamonds, King Hezekiah, Deborah and Simon bar Giora.

All are handsome, somber and bejeweled, wearing crowns or headdresses. But there are differences: Judah Maccabee is holding a spear and shield; Ruth, a convert is the only figure who is blonde.The playing card gift set makes a gorgeous gift or a very special addition to any collection of work by Arthur Szyk. One of his finest contributions to the applied arts, these showcase not only the rich aesthetic potential of playing cards but also Szyk's commitment to celebrating the history and virtues of Jewish history in his art.

Highly Recommended.

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Heroes of Ancient Israel Playing Card Art by Allison Claire Chang -- The history of this art and also of Szyk's interest in this aspect of art is a fascinating one. Here it is told, accompanied by unpublished studies that he used to design the images, other art he created of these famous Jewish leaders, a short history chronicling the tradition of illustrated playing cards and much more.


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Heroes of Ancient Israel Gift Set -- This includes both the Player's Set and Collector's set of playing cards, the companion softcover volume and a special limited edition fine art print of Queen Esther (measuring 8" x 6"), all beautifully packed in an illustrated slipcase.


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Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Card Art of Arthur Syzk Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set -- LIMITED EDITION.
This is a very special super-deluxe set which consists of:

Suite of twelve (12) numbered and embossed Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, printed on imported German Hahnemühle paper using an ultra-high resolution, eight-color ink jet process--exclusive to this set;

Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Cards of Arthur Szyk [Collector’s Deck], gilt-edged playing cards with full-length courts on cream background, with matching tuck box;

Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Cards of Arthur Szyk [Player’s Deck], playing cards with double-ended courts on white background, with matching tuck box; and

Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Card Art of Arthur Szyk by Allison Claire Chang [Companion Volume]. Issued as a regular softcover edition, with this special set is included a numbered limited edition hardbound book with dust jacket.

Housed in custom hand-crafted box in Japanese blue silk-rayon and fine leather measuring approximately 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches.

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Thanks for reading. This weekend, March 1-3, I'll be up at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle. I'm told they are expecting an amazing 77,000 people! In about two weeks we should have an excellent new selection of signed convention sketchbooks and art books.

This show is very artist-oriented with a huge lists of guests and lots of Artist Alley tables. Here will be Frank Cho and Terry Dodson, Bruce Timm, Terry Moore, Brom, and many others. Plus publishers like IDW, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Baby Tattoo and John Flesk. As the first show of the comics season, we expect to find an exciting selection of new publications worth your attention. -Bud

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