Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dave Sheridan, Craig Yoe's Reefer Madness, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Animation Backgrounds, Kay Nielsen, Shin Hanga, Greg Spalenka, Heroes on the Home Front, Calendar Sale

The new book on underground artist Dave Sheridan is a real delight and I can't wait to sit down with it. And just in is bargain-priced Reefer Madness, the latest collection from Yoe. Plus art books on Greg “Craola” Simkins, animation backgrounds, a mini-size Kay Nielsen and Shin Hanga, Greg Spalenka's and Gambino's art books go on sale. Heroes on the Home Front update. Last chance on 2018 Calendars, nine titles now $4.99 ea.

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Underground Comix & Reefer Madness

Life With Dealer McDope, The Leather Nun And The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Highly Recommended. A wonderful and very personal look at the legendary underground cartoonist's tripped-out comic strip hilarity--and short life. He died at just 39. It includes Sheridan's solo comics like Mother's Oats, Dealer McDope, Meef and the infamous Leather Nun, many reprinted for the very first time, and his collaborations with Fred Schrier and Gilbert Shelton (who writes the foreword). He also did record covers, beer labels, and advertisements for more...cough, products. And lots of really spaced out, cosmic comic book adventures! Fantagraphics, 2018. Adult Material...More.

Item Code: DAVSH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 262pg, Partial Color

See the website for more underground comics: The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus, 50 Freakin' Years of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog, The Best of Comix Book (on sale), Snatch Comics Treasury, the three S. Clay Wilson collections, Cheech Wizard Book of Me, Mr. Natural, Someday Funnies and much more.

Bargain-priced!! Highly Recommended. Art by Joe Shuster, Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Jack Cole, Kinstler et al. Edited by Craig Yoe. Degradation! Crime! Madness! Hysteria surrounded marijuana as a perceived gateway drug from the 1930's to the 1950's and beyond. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster revealed it in their scarce early Federal Men; Kirby revealed it in early romance comics; Dollman, Yankee Boy, Kerry Drake, even Abbie and Slats preached the evils of a few tokes. Like the anti-drug propaganda film, these stories range from comically misinformed to soberly concerned about the influence of Mary Jane on the youth of America. Eisner and Harvey Award winner Craig Yoe brings us his newest collection of wacky, wild, and culturally relevant comics. Dark Horse, 2018...More.

Item Code: REEFM
Soft Cover, 9x11, 200pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99


DOPE MENACE The Sensational World of Drug Paperbacks 1900-1975
Highly Recommended. By Stephen J. Gertz. While we now enjoy this exploitative genre for its campy kitsch, gloriously bad writing, and outlandish misinformation, drug paperback books were once a transgressive medium with a perversely seductive quality. Dope Menace collects together hundreds of fabulously lurid and collectible covers in color, from xenophobic turn-of-the century tomes about the opium trade to the beatnik glories of reefer smoking and William S. Burroughs' Junkie to the spaced-out psychedelic '60s. Occasional nudity. Feral House, 2008. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: DPE
Soft Cover, 7x10, 220pg, Full Color

SAX ROHMER'S DOPE By Trina Robbins
Highly Recommended. Foreword by C. Spike Trotman. Afterword by Colleen Doran. A talented young actress becomes fatally ensnared in London's mysterious and glittery drug culture of the early 20th century. A classic and obscure story by the famous creator of Fu Manchu, adapted into a short graphic novel in Eclipse Magazine back in 1981, and out of print ever since. Includes a fascinating, highly illustrated Afterword by Doran and a long background essay by Jon Cooke, "Sex, Drugs and The Yellow Peril,"  that puts this all in context, including a look at the "Devil Doctor in the Comics." Nudity and adult themes. IDW, 2017. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: DOPT
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 80pg, b&w

The signed limited edition of this is out of print and we have just eight copies left [DOPTS. $60]. Signed by 3 contributors. This was a Kickstarter project and limited to only what they had orders for, so it's a small limitation.


Art Books

Recommended. This new monograph traces the development of the artist, from a kid playing with crayons to the present day. From his early addiction to comic books and cartoons, to his obsession with animals and discovery of fine art through the works of Dali, John James Audubon, Caravaggio and more. In some cases, preliminary sketches can be found alongside finished works providing a glimpse into the artistic process and evolution of a piece. Other creations stand alone, masterpieces of artwork as narrative. Zero, 2017...More.

Item Code: GREGH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x11, 156pg, Full Color
$59.95 $52.50

Background Illustrations and Scenes from Anime and Manga Works. Recommended. This unusual series is the first collection that turns the spotlight on the scenes and background illustrations exclusively. With only a few characters in ordinary clothes, attention is focused on the beauty of the illustrated backgrounds. This first book in a two-volume series is a collection of background artworks featuring familiar scenes from daily life: nostalgic townscapes, detailed architecture, fantastic forests and landscapes, and rooms too perfect to be real. PIE, 2017...More.

Item Code: EVESC
Soft Cover, 10x10, 160pg, Full Color

SHIN HANGA The New Print Movement of Japan
Second printing. Highly Recommended. By Barry Till. The shin hanga (“new print”) movement flourished in Japan for almost fifty years after being set in motion and nurtured by publisher Watanabe Shozaburo (1885–1962). Employing the traditional “ukiyo-e quartet”—a production system consisting of artists, carvers, printers, and publishers—shin hanga attracted Western as well as native artists. The studio teams created woodblock prints that updated traditional ukiyo-e, including Kabuki actor portraits, “beauties,” landscapes and other nature themes, birds and flowers, ornate temples, buildings and bridges over exquisite ponds. Pomegranate, 2007...More.

Item Code: SHINH
Hard Cover, 9x9, 112pg, Full Color

More on Japanese artwork and woodblock printing is on the website.

KAY NIELSEN East of the Sun and West of the Moon (New Mini Edition)
New Mini-Edition. Highly Recommended. Illustrated by Kay Nielsen. Edited by Noel Daniel. Star-crossed lovers, magical winds, mischievous giants and trolls--in some of the most exquisite illustrations in publishing history. In this gorgeous new edition, Taschen pulls out all the stops to present an entirely new version of the best-loved book by Danish (and Disney) artist Kay Nielsen--one of the most famous children's book illustrators of all time. First published in 1914, fifteen fairy tales, gathered by legendary Norwegian folklorists Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Engebretsen Moe on their journeys across Norway in the mid-nineteenth century. Taschen, 2018...More.

Item Code: KNEAH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 172pg, Partial Color

KAY NIELSEN East of the Sun and West of the Moon
Old Tales from the North. Slipcased. Our Highest Recommendation. Illustrated by Kay Nielsen. Edited by Noel Daniel. Nielsen's illustrated edition of these tales is considered a jewel of the early 20th-century Golden Age of Illustration. It's highly sought-after by collectors--an unsigned, first trade edition in nice condition goes for $3000+! The deluxe signed edition, sold at auction in 2008, commanded the highest price ever paid for an illustrated children's book. Taschen, 2015...More.

Item Code: KNEH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 168pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $35.00

KAY NIELSEN A Thousand and One Nights
Highly Recommended. Edited by Noel Daniel. Published for the first time ever in five colors including gold, this unique presentation of fine art prints revives all 21 strikingly beautiful illustrations reproduced directly from Nielsen's original watercolors– the only complete set of his beloved illustrations to have survived. Each illustration is presented individually in an extra-large format and on fine art paper, allowing Nielsen's graphic mastery and rich array of influences, from Art Nouveau to Japanese woodcuts to Indian painting, to dazzle. Taschen, 2018. Due Apr. ...More.

Item Code: KNTH
Hard Cover, 16x16, 144pg, Full Color


Now on Sale

ART OF GREG SPALENKA Visions From the Mind's Eye Signed
Closeout Price! Signed bookplate! Recommended. By Greg Spalenka. Greg Spalenka has been producing commercial and fine art for over 30 years; he's appeared frequently in Spectrum, including as a judge. At times he reminds us of  Dave McKean with his powerful and often experimental artwork, mixing medias and even working with manipulating photography. Here he works with nudes of men and women to create avante garde portraits, but also offers us concept work for numerous films, designs for book and magazine covers, and personal works. Titan, 2014...More.

Item Code: ARTGSHS
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 170pg, Full Color
$34.95 $17.50

Closeout Price! By Fred Gambino. Fred Gambino has worked as a diverse illustrator and artist, providing high-profile sci-fi concept art for a wide array of television, films and video games, as well as his own creator-owned multimedia projects like "Dark Shepherd". Men and women in battle gear, deep space warships, dragons and creatures, alien landscapes and cities, and much more. Introduction by John A. Davis, director of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, for which Gambino created concept art. Introduction by Gambino himself. Titan, 2014...More.

Item Code: DARSH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 160pg, Full Color
$34.95 $17.50


Archives & Comic Related

Collects #13-21. (Legacy issues #322-330). By Romano Scarpa, Andrea Castellan, Jonathan Gray et al. Modern Mouse master Andrea "Casty" Castellan takes center stage for this edition of IDW's Mickey Mouse! The Phantom Blot takes over a robot army in "Darkenblot," an awesome science fiction epic; then Eurasia Toft brings Mickey and Goofy one step closer to Atlantis in "Dark Mines of the Phantom Metal"! Danger lurks around every turn! A satisfyingly thick book with lots of adventure in the Scrooge and the Ducks tradition. Includes all the original covers. IDW, 2018...More.

Item Code: MMTT03H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 352pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99

See our website for more Timeless Tales: Mickey Mouse Volumes 1 and 2, and for Donald Duck 1-3 and Uncle Scrooge 1-3. All are the same discounted price. We also have just two left of Uncle Scrooge 1 Hurt at half price, $14.95.

Highly Recommended. Edited by Roy Thomas. Nearly the entire issue presents Larry Ivie—maybe the most important Silver Age comic book artist/writer you never heard of, unless you are my age and remember his magazine Monsters and Heroes! He conceived (and named!) the Justice League of America—he helped develop the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents—he brought EC art greats to the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs—and he created Monsters and Heroes, one of the first magazines ever to bridge the gap between fan and pro! Artist/friend Sandy Plunkett chronicles this unsung star's career, with art by Wood, Frazetta, Crandall, Krenkel, Doolin, and others. Twomorrows, 2018...More.

Item Code: AE152
Magazine, 8x11, 96pg, Text/Partial Color

Issues #150 and 151 are also available.


Graphic Novels

JAMES BOND Casino Royale
By Ian Fleming. Art by Van Jensen and Dennis Calero. Ian Fleming's literary debut of British Secret Service agent 007 is stylishly adapted to the sequential art medium by Van Jensen and Matt Southworth in the official James Bond: Casino Royale graphic novel. Sent to a French casino in Royale-les-Eaux, Bond aims to eliminate the threat of the deadly Le Chiffre by bankrupting the ruthless SMERSH operative at the baccarat table. But the tables are turned and he's poisoned, while his beautiful assistant becomes a pawn whose life hangs in the balance. Dynamite, 2018...More.

Item Code: JBCASH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 160pg, Full Color
$24.99 $21.99

See more books in this series as well as the Bond newspaper strip collection, on our website.

Set of four variant covers--interior is the same--by Michael Kaluta, Pete Woods, B. Dalfonso, D. Sanapo. By Mike Carey. Art by Kenan Yarar. Barbarella's quest to repair her ship's regulator and be on her way takes a detour to Falladim, where there's a rush on for R.U.S.T. - Radically Unstable Space-Time! The rarest and most valuable stuff in the universe--even Barbarella can't resist its mighty call. But competition brings out the worst in humans and aliens alike, and the Siren of Space is about to see what the worst really is! Dynamite, 2018. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: BAR05P
Soft Cover, 7x10, 32pg ea, Full Color

Sets 1-4 remain available at the same price.


Pulp Reprints

Shadowed Millions and No Safety in Numbers, from 1933 and 1946. Recommended. By Walter B. Gibson. Art by Tom Lovell and Bob Powell. A huge investment in a South American country attracts international criminals and corrupt politicians, leading the Dark Avenger to hunt for the “Shadowed Millions.” Then, gang violence and gambling madness corrupt a city until The Shadow demonstrates to vicious mobsters that there is “No Safety in Numbers.” Plus,  “The Chateau of Shadows”, a Golden Age of Comics classic from a 1948 issue of Ghost Breakers by Walter Gibson and Bob Powell. Sanctum, 2018...More.

Item Code: SHT128
Soft Cover, 7X10, 128pg, Text/b&w

We keep all issues back to #100 in stock, as well as annuals, superpacks and graphic novels.See our website.


Coming in July

IT MUST BE ART Big O Poster Artists of The 1960s and 70s
By Michael Fishel and Nigel Suckling. Foreword by Roger Dean. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, London-based Big O Posters helped define the new and democratic art medium of the psychedelic poster, a vehicle for rebellion against the old order that went hand in hand with the music, literature, and film of the time. This is a comprehensive collection of works published by Big O artists, astonishingly creative folks whose artistry developed almost completely outside the influence of the art establishment. Included in more than 300 images are works by 19 artists, including Martin Sharp, Roger Dean, H.R. Giger, Robert Venosa, and Vali Myers whose signature styles include sci-fi, fantasy, visionary, botanical, and surrealism. Schiffer, 2018. Due July. ...More.

Item Code: ITMUH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x11, 304pg, Partial Color
$50.00 $42.50

HEROES OF THE HOME FRONT Bell Features Artists of WWII Deluxe Signed
Limited to 110 signed copies in slipcase. Highly Recommended. By John Farr. By Ivan Kocmarek, design by John Farr. Forewords by Gerald Lazare and John Bell.rald Lazare and John Bell. Signed by Gerald Lazare and author Ivan Kocmarek and comes in a special foil-stamped slipcase. Canada banned American comics during the Second World War and then issued their own homegrown comics from young publishers and creators in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. One of these was Bell Features, and it put out comics touting the exploits of heroes like Nelvana of the Northern Lights, the first Canadian super-heroine who preceeded even Wonder Woman. And Johnny Canuck, Speed Savage, The Brain, Nitro, The Dreamer, Doc Stearne (yes, of Mr. Monster fame), and Super Commando. Here we are treated to a massive 300-page book including 150 full-page reproductions of original art pages, plus backstories and very special interviews with the artists. 2018. Due July. ...More.

Item Code: HERHFD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 330pg, Partial Color

HEROES OF THE HOME FRONT Bell Features Artists of WWII
Limited to just 340 copies, slipcased. Highly Recommended. By Ivan Kocmarek, design by John Farr. Forewords by Gerald Lazare and John Bell. 2018. Due July. ...More.

Item Code: HERHFH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 330pg, Partial Color


We previously announced this but now have updated information. This was a successful Kickstarter program but it is very limited. It will ship from us to you in June or July. The entire edition is just 450 copies; 110 of these will be the slipcased & signed edition—and those are virtually sold out from the publisher. We ordered 20 copies and still have it available, as well as the regular edition. The page count is now 330 pages.

This will NOT be in comic shops or book stores. Only a handful of shops may have a few copies, probably just Canadian stories. Diamond will not have it. Click here for our other Canadian Whites collections.

Coming next from Ivan is the Canadian Whites Price Guide. Since it's going to be just $14.95 I don't want to take orders for it yet, but here's a teaser, the cover by Ken Steacy. I just saw some sample pages and it is packed with information, whether you need the actual prices or not! And lots of cover pictures. Here is the lowdown:

"Our WECA Comic Price Guide is also finished and will be printed by Alfonso Espinos' Studio Comix Press with a planned run of 200-250 copies that will have a cover price of $14.95. Right now, it sits at about 80 pages checklisting and valuing approximately 780 comic books printed in Canada between 1941 and 1946. This information has never really been compiled anywhere before and that's what makes this book valuable."


More Disney Masters Coming Soon

We announced the first two volumes of this last week; volume 1 is expected in May. The Set of 1 and 2 will be ready in October, and this new set of 3 and 4 is also slated for October time for Christmas. Meanwhile, it looks like we'll have a new individual volume each month May through August.
DISNEY MASTERS Volumes 3 & 4 Boxed Set
By Paul Murry, Daan Jippes, and Freddy Milton. Volume 3: Classic Disney artist Paul Murry, who often teamed with writer Carl Fallberg, created a series of Mickey and Goofy serials for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories-- Mickey on the trail of cops-and-robbers capers — from shady doings at “The Last Resort” to Black Pete's raucous wrangles with a Rajah in “The Lost Legion!” Murry's first seven Mickey serials are all here. Volume 4: In the early 1970s, the Dutch and Danish team of Daan Jippes and Freddy Milton picked up right where Barks left off, first to continue Barks's art and storytelling style in new stories. Fantgraphics, 2018. Due Oct. ...More.

Item Code: DM02HP
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$59.99 $49.99

DISNEY MASTERS Volume 3 Mickey Mouse The Case of The Vanishing Bandit
By Paul Murry. Hop onto the circus train — Fantagraphics new Disney Masters collections continue here! Join Mickey on the trail of cops-and-robbers capers — from shady doings at “The Last Resort” to Black Pete's raucous wrangles with a Rajah in “The Lost Legion!” Murry's first seven Mickey serials are all here — all newly recolored in the warm colors from the original. Detective Mickey and “akerbatty” Goofy are up to their elbows in lions, tigers, and scares! Fantagraphics, 2018. Due July. ...More.

Item Code: DM03H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

DISNEY MASTERS Volume 4 Donald Duck The Great Survival Test
By Daan Jippes and Freddy Milton. Now, by popular demand, Fantagraphics collects Jippes and Milton's classic teamups — and “The Great Survival Test” is just the start of the mayhem! From Donald's war with lucky Gladstone in “The Briefcase Case” to Daisy's race against time in “Coat of Harms,” an amazing collection of Duck Family adventures is here! When Disney Legend Carl Barks stopped creating new Disney Duck tales in the early 1970s, the Dutch and Danish team of Daan Jippes and Freddy Milton picked up right where Barks left off, the first to continue Barks's art and storytelling style in new stories. Fantagraphics, 2018. Due Aug. ...More.

Item Code: DM04H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 192pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99


Last Chance Calendar Sale

We only have one to three copies of ten titles--these are at half price and going fast. We have nine more titles that we have with four or more copies, so I've just reduced the price on these to $4.99 each--regardless of their original price. Many were $18.95, one even $19.95. The four titles pictured below are all $4.99 now, as well as the adult titles Derrieres and Lingerie. See our website for all 2018 calendars on sale.


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Bargain Books and Rare & Out of Print will be ba
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Mature Readers

Two new Cavewoman this week, both with the same content inside but two different “nude” covers by Budd Root. Anka's Brood 2. See all our other Cavewoman.
And coming in July, we have a new edition of the notorious Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie. Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy in the Land of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan's Neverland have grown up and are ready to journey into sexual awakening and fulfillment.

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