Thursday, October 11, 2018

More new calendars, a new Hanna Barbera exhibit book, Mike Grell’s art book, Comic Book Creator, Barbarella Book 1, Cursed Comics Cavalcade and more!

Big week for new calendars, including our favorite Virgil Finlay, Frazetta, Royo, Dragons, Wonder Woman, etc. We have a new Hanna Barbera exhibit book, a Mike Grell art book, a graphic novel about the battle of Little Big Horn, a new Comic Book Creator, Barbarella Book 1, and the strangely named Cursed Comics Cavalcade. And the first four Druuna Serpieri books are finally available again. And two fine new pulp reference books from Blood 'N' Thunder.

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Art Books

HANNA BARBERA The Architects of Saturday Morning
Recommended. Foreword by Jayne Barbera. Exclusive catalog to the exhibition Hanna-Barbera: The Architects of Saturday Morning by Norman Rockwell Museum Curator of Exhibitions Jesse Kowalski, with foreword by Jayne Barbera and essays by animation historians Jerry Beck and Michael Mallory. This records the first museum exhibition on the world's most successful animation partnership, providing a glimpse of the extraordinary story of how two astute businessmen reacted to a dying film animation industry and revolutionized television animation. Norman Rockwell Museum, 2016...More.

Item Code: HANNB
Soft Cover, 9x9, 124pg, Text/Partial Color

MIKE GRELL Life Is Drawing without an Eraser
Highly Recommended. By Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer. This career-spanning tribute to the master storyteller is told in Grell's own words, full of candor, optimism, and humor. Lending insights are colleagues Paul Levitz, Dan Jurgens, Denny O'Neil, Mike Gold, and Mark Ryan. Full of illustrations from every facet of his long career, a checklist of his work and an examination of “the Mike Grell method.” It is a fitting tribute to the artist, writer, and storyteller who has made the most of every opportunity set before him. TwoMorrows, 2018...More.

Item Code: MGLIFE
Soft Cover, 8x11, 158pg, Partial Color
$27.95 $24.95

This will also be available in hardcover but copies have not arrived, and will be available to order shortly. [MGLIFEH. $37.95].


Comics & Graphic Novels

BARBARELLA Volume 1 Red Hot Gospel
Collects #1-4. By Mike Carey. Art by Kenan Yarar and Jorge Fornes. Earth's star-crossed daughter is back! When Barbarella wanders into a war zone, the theocratic rulers of Parosia arrest and imprison her. A prison break is brewing, but now that she knows what the Parosians do to their own citizens Barbarella decides to make this fight her own... This collects the first issues of her new title, which we still offer variant cover sets of, along with some of the variant covers themselves. An interesting modern take on the famous French adult comic. Dynamite, 2018. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: BAR01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Full Color
$17.99 $16.50

Still available are the comics themselves—we made up sets of four variant covers per issue, at $15.99 each, of issues #1-8 [BAR01P, BAR02P, etc]. This is continuing to appear but we stopped after #8.

This is from the same publisher as the Bettie in Hollywood series, now collected into two softcover books. See our website for the remaining variant cover sets and the two new books.

BARBARELLA And The Wrath of The Minute-Eater
By Jean-Claude Forest. Adapted by Kelly Sue Deconnick. The erotic classic of the outer-space adventures of the beautiful Barbarella, now in a brand new English-language adaptation. In Book 1 (first collected in 1964), Barbarella's spaceship breaks down and she finds herself trapped on the planet Lythion. There, she has a series of adventurous, bawdy encounters with a variety of strange beings, from robots to angels. In Book 2, "Wrath of the Minute-Eater" (first published in 1974), Barbarella's traveling Circus Delirium enters another dimension, led by the mysterious and alluring aquaman, Narval, whose machinations catapult Barbarella & Co. into a complex battle for the planet Spectra. Humanoids, 2015. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: BARWH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x11, 152pg, b&w

In our Rare Books department, we have one copy of the ORIGINAL 1966 U.S. edition with Jane Fonda on the cover [RB473. $48].

OF DUST & BLOOD The Battle at Little Big Horn
Recommended. Written by Jim Berry. Art by Val Mayerik. This thrilling tale details the day of The Battle at The Little Big Horn through the eyes of Greenhaw, a 7th Cavalry scout on one side of the battlefield, and Slowhawk, a young Lakota warrior on the other side. Featuring appearances by Sitting Bull, Custer, and Crazy Horse, as well as generous portions of meticulously researched history on every page, the book's art is already highly praised. NBM, 2018...More.

Item Code: OFDUSH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 48pg, Full Color
$17.99 $15.99

Highly Recommended. By Nate Olson and Mark Lee Gardner. Art by Nate Olson and Nic Chapuis. Discover the incredible true story behind this famous bank robbery in this outstanding graphic novel adaptation of Mark Lee Gardner's award-winning book Shot All to Hell: Jesse James, The Northfield Raid, and the Wild West's Greatest Escape. With minutiae and detail from every part of the story, right down to who was doing the shooting, where they were wounded, and what happened to all involved after the incident, we follow Jesse & Frank James and The Younger Brothers as they plan, carry out—and bungle—the job. Insight Comics, 2018...More.

Item Code: SHOTH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 136pg, Full Color

We don't have westerns in their own category, but on our website you can see most of them if you scroll through. These include Red Range by Sam Glanzman, Law of the Desert Born by Thomas Yeates, Cisco Kid by Jose Salinas, Mavericks: Longriders of the West (pulp stories), and The True Death of Billy the Kid.

By James Tynion IV et al. Artby Mark Buckingham et al. Horror! Death! Uh...Face-punching! Witness ten all-new stories that promise to be the most terrifying, most shocking and most horrific comic that DC Comics has ever published! (Hyperbole, anyone?) Batman, Wonder Woman, Guy Gardner, Swamp Thing, Zatanna and more of your favorite heroes face unspeakable horrors from the streets of Gotham City to the darkest sectors of the universe. But this looks like a blast, so we thought you'd like to see it! DC, 2018...More.

Item Code: CUR01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 78pg, Full Color


Comics Reference & Coloring Book

A Day in the Life of the Dude. Highly Recommended. Edited by Jon B. Cooke. Featuring a career-spanning and downright philosophical discussion with Steve "The Dude" Rude, the Eisner Award-winning artist who got his start back in 1981 as co-creator of intergalactic executioner Nexus. The "eternal art student" (heavily influenced by Jack Kirby, Alex Toth, Russ Manning, and legendary art instructor Andrew Loomis) shares his real-life struggles, challenges of freelance subsistence, and creative aspirations.  TwoMorrows, 2018. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: CBCR18
Soft Cover, 8x11, 96pg, Full Color

You can find more work by Steve Rude on our website, in the Nocturnals Anniversary Art Book, Jack Kirby 100, Kirby 100, Spectrum 23, and Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka.

GRIMM FAIRY TALES Adult Coloring Book Volume 2
Sequel to our best-selling coloring book, ever. By J. Scott Campbell, Paul Green et al. Bring your own unique artistic vision to life with this collection of over 40 illustrated pages that includes cover art from Zenescope's most popular comic books. Enter into modern good-girl art takes on favorite fairy tales and fables, including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Jasmine, and Robyn Hood. Featuring artwork from tZenescope's top artists, Paul Green, J Scott Campbell, Mike Krome, Jamie Tyndall, and others. Thick softcover. Zenescope, 2018...More.

Item Code: GRFT02
Soft Cover, 8x11, 96pg, b&w

The first Grimm coloring book is gone, but we have the Grimm Fairy Tales Different Seasons Coloring Book on sale [GFTDS. $12.99, your price $8.99]. We have eight copies left. See our website for more Zenescope Grimm's comics and books.


Pulp History & Pulp Art

Revised and Expanded Edition. Highly Recommended. By Ed Hulse. Acclaimed as one of the foremost (the foremost, in the opinion of some) reference books covering the subject. Illustrated with 750 magazine covers and original paintings, a complete and lively history of this unique literary form, covering genres individually (hero pulps--two chapters--spicy, western & adventure, sci-fi, crime, aviation, horror & fantasy) and identifying key titles, authors, and stories.n Murania Press, 2018...More.

Item Code: BLOGPF
Soft Cover, 7x10, 426, Text/b&w

BLOOD 'N' THUNDER PRESENTS #3 Fighting Crime One Dime at a Time
Recommended. By Ed Hulse, Will Murray, Mark Trost et al. 15 of the best feature articles from Blood 'n' Thunder about the pulps. Explore pulps turned into comics, influences on The Shadow, Street & Smith's single-character pulps, The Hero-Pulp Revolution, Launching Doc Savage (by Will Murray), Forgotten Crimebusters, history of The Phantom Detective and The Lone Ranger pulps, Twilight of the Hero Pulps, Zarnak: The Pulp Hero Everybody Hated, and more. Profusely illustrated with cool pulp covers. Murania Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: BLOT03
Soft Cover, 8.5x11, 220pg, Text/b&w

ART OF THE PULPS An Illustrated History
Our Highest Recommendation. Experts in each of the ten major pulp genres, such as Detective, Hero, Spicy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Aviation, chart for the first time the complete history of pulp magazines–the stories and their writers, the graphics and their artists, and, of course, the publishers and their readers. Illustrated with more than 400 examples of the best pulp covers and graphics. Plus two special chapters: David Saunders on artists Norman Saunders and Walter Baumhofer and Ed Hulse looks at H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. IDW, 2017...More.

Item Code: ARTPIH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x11, 240pg, Full Color
$49.99 $39.99

STRANGE DAYS Aliens, Adventurers, Devils and Dames
Closeout Price! Oversized 11x15. Highly Recommended. Edited by Arnie and Cathy Fenner. 32 full-color, framable examples of this best of the fabled pulp covers. Included are works by some of its most renowned artists, including Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, Edd Cartier, Margaret Brundage, Jerome Rozen, Belarski, Enoch Bolles and Walter Baumhoffer...and all taken entirely from the original artwork!  Presented in an oversized 11 x 15 inch format and printed on heavy stock, Strange Days is a must-have collection for any pulp or period art fan. Includes The Shadow, Doc Savage, Wu Fang, Tarzan, Weird Tales, Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Amazing Stories, Spicy Mystery, Orbit, Dynamic Science Fiction, Film Fun, Princess of Mars, H.P. Lovecraft, Unknown, Super Science et al. Underwood Books, 2009...More.

Item Code: STRDH
Soft Cover, 11x15, 32pg, Full Color
$17.95 $9.95

My Life in Fantasy/A Dream of Mars/Collecting Fantasy Art. Recommended. A volume in tribute to the late Bob Weinberg -- a legendary writer, collector and dealer. You've got to have affected a lot of lives to get a 260-page book about you when you weren't a renowned author or artist, but Weinberg was a cornerstone of fantasy, pulp, and sci-fi collecting and here we find out just why. Contains “A Dream of Mars”, “My Life in Fantasy” and the 13-part “Collecting Fantasy Art” by Bob Weinberg, as well as tributes by friends and family and lots of wonderful art in black & white, culled from one of the finest collections in existence. American Fantasy Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: WEINT
Soft Cover, 7x10, 270pg, Text/b&w


More New 2019 Calendars

Highly Recommended. By Virgil Finlay. All new images on this second collection. Last year this was among our most popular titles. Each image is identified from the original publication. We find two A. Merrit classics, Face in the Abyss and The Ship of Ishtar. From gorgeous naked ladies to classic starships and space-suited travelers, this is the best of Virgil Finlay. He was a master of stipple and black and white line illustration, and with no books currently in print, here's a great way to get a new fix of Finlay. Flame Tree, 2018...More.

Item Code: SVF19
12x12, 24pg, b&w

We still have a number of excellent art books by Finlay in our Rare & Out of Print section.
Recommended. Already in short supply. Iconic best-known images, from Conan the Buccaneer and Bran Mak Morn, to early more obscure paperback covers from fantasy and sci-fi novels. And one of his earliest and best, the cover to the EC reprint paperback from Ballantine Books, Tales from the Crypt, 1964. Acknowledged as the “Master of Fantasy Art,” Frank Frazetta is one of the most influential fantasy and science fiction artists of the 20th century. His paintings of primitive heroes, full-figured heroines, and wicked beasts have shaped generations of artists. Sellers, 2018. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: FRAZ19
10x14, 24pg, Full Color

Click here to see many more items featuring Frazetta. This includes many great gift ideas of playing cards, refrigerator magnets, drink coasters and pint glasses.
Recommended. By Luis Royo. Spanish artist Luis Royo is one of the most popular and prolific illustrators in the world today. With a career spanning four decades, his sensual paintings of women in apocalyptic landscapes and fantasy worlds have captivated fans of science fiction and erotica worldwide. This calendar features a selection from the Malefic Times series of bold beautiful, and mysterious women drawn by Luis and his son, Romulo Royo. Bold, beautiful and mysterious women of fantasy. Sellers, 2018...More.

Item Code: LR19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

WONDER WOMAN (MOVIE) 2019 Calendar
16-Month calendar. Highly Recommended. Watch out, this is already out of print! Twelve wonderful scenes from the amazing film starring Gal Gadot. I count myself as one of the fans, I think she's outstanding and so was the film. From her full outfit  to contemporary wartime clothes, seen with Steve Trevor and in group shots with the band of brothers. This is the fllm that put Wonder Woman back in the public eye, 70 years after she first appeared in DC comics. Power, grace, wisdom—Wonder Woman is the complete package. Trends International, 2018. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: WW19
12x12, 26pg, Full Color

JUSTICE LEAGUE 2019 Calendar
16-Month calendar. Recommended. Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, Aquaman et al in both group and, more often, individual pieces. Includes work by J. Scott Campbell. It is all stylish, contemporary artwork most likely taken from top-drawer DC Comics covers. Sans text. Sixteen-month wall calendar includes each month in 2019 as well as the last four months of 2018, printed on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Trends International, 2018...More.

Item Code: JL19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. By Ciruelo Cabral. Ciruelo Cabral reigns supreme in the world of fantasy art. Known simply as Ciruelo, his consummate skills have brought the dragon back into the limelight. Each year he puts in an appearance at Comic-Con, where we were first introduced to him and his work, including now nine books and two films. This offers the largest variety of dragon images we've ever seen, it's very handsome and different. Sellers, 2018...More.

Item Code: DRA19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

RETRO PIN-UPS 2019 Calendar
Recommended. Classic pin-up art but by the players you don't often see. Instead of Elvgren, you'll find Peter Driben on the front cover, and we recognize Zoe Mozart among many other secondary pin-up masters. Girls with their dresses hiked up, caught in embarrassing poses, exercising in cute outfits, caught in a nearly see-through negligee, and with a towel scarcely covering appealing assets. Fun work from the 1940s and 1950s. Wonderful offbeat selection of many images not before collected in a calendar. Gifted, 2018. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: RPU19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

SURREALSCAPES The Fantasy Art of Jacek Yerka 2019 Calendar
Highly Recommended. Blending his imagination with traditional Flemish painting techniques, Polish born artist Jacek Yerka has created a style completely his own. His mind-bending, dreamlike landscapes seem both realistic and surreal. All but one of these seem to be new material, at least to my eye, though they are touted as his 13 most popular paintings. These truly will fascinate and enchant you throughout the year. Wildly imaginative, combining fun illusions with beautifully drawn creatures and scenes of fantasy. Sellers, 2018. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: SF19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. The height of swimwear fashions on the HOTTEST MODELS in the most beautiful locales around the world? Yes, please! This never fails to set the bar high. Amazing young women with amazing bodies, as exposed as could be in tiny bikinis and the latest fashions. All photographed on the world's most glamorous beaches. Bonus: a second picture of the same model, in an entirely different outfit and scene, appears alongside the grid below, while above the regular image spreads across both pages, much like a Playboy centerfold. Trends International, 2018...More.

Item Code: SIS19
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. You can enjoy a different swimsuit model six days of every week, only a day away from a new image. Flip it over for fun, conversation-creating scratch paper. Amazing young ladies as barely dressed as humanly possible, photographed on exotic beaches of the world. Mounted in a black plastic holder that will lie flat or stand up. Nice sharp glossy paper with crystal clear reproduction. Smiling, outgoing models, this is the epitome of swimsuit photography. Trends International, 2019. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: SISP19
6x5, 365pg, Full Color

See all 2019 calendars here, and all mature and pin-up 2019 calendars here.



Recommended. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean. A Diamond Select Toys release! Harley Quinn is the woman of the hour, the year and the decade, and this all-new PVC diorama captures her latest comic book appearance, with her corset, trademark hammer and red-and-blue pigtails! Sitting atop a crate of dynamite, Harley measures approximately 8 inches tall, and is made of high-quality PVC plastic with collectible-quality painted details. Packaged in a full-color window box and at what we consider a pretty good price. Diamond Select Toys, 2018...More.

Item Code: DCGSHQ
8" tall, Full Color

See our website for more statues and dioramas. Several are on sale in very, very limited quantities.


Bargain Books

These books are generally very low in stock, as few as two or three copies--too few to list in our regular clearance sale. This may be your last chance at this special price. Don't miss out, act now.

BERNIE WRIGHTSON Art and Designs For The Gang of Seven Animation [BWADH. $60.00 $45.00].

BATMAN The Golden Age Volume 1 [BATG01. $24.99 $14.99].

BATMAN The Golden Age Volume 2 [BATG02. $29.99 $19.99].

ANT-MAN Scott Lang [ANTM. $24.99 $12.50].

ART OF BEATRIX POTTER Sketches, Paintings and Illustrations [ARTBPH. $40.00 $24.95].

ART RECORD COVERS [ARRCH. $70.00 $45.00].


THE HARVEY COMICS COMPANION Hardcover [HARVCH. $49.00 $35.00].

THE CALL OF THE WILD [CALWH. $35.00 $19.95].
We still have many other Calla titles in stock from our White Sale. Click here to see them all.

You can see all of our discounted items on the website, under Closeouts at the end of each category (such as Artists and Illustration, Comics Related, etc). To get on our email list for Sales & Specials, click here.


Mature Readers

We have three new items this week. Voyeur Sabina, Elle and Victoria offers two short films, almost webcams, about intimate lives of sexy ladies. The other release in this series is Voyeur: Jessica and Heidi.

And we have two new Cavewoman variant covers by Budd Root, wrapped around pin up drawings by the series illustrator, Devon Massey. See more Cavewoman, including a couple one-of-a-kind set specials, on our website.


The BIG news this week is the first four Druuna Serpieri books are all back in stock. These are classics among erotic graphic novels, first appearing in the 1990s. They were all re-released in early 2017, but in a few short months they'd all sold out. Now we have them finally back in stock, and a further fifth volume will be coming along soon.

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Rare Books & Bargain Books

We had a double whammy this week, one of our folks here is on vacation, and then another injured his shoulder and is out for the week. And the latest catalog is bringing in more than usual orders, Thank you!

We decided to skip including Rare Books and Bargain Books last week, and Rare Books again this week. Last week we were busy training a new person which is why they didn’t make it then, either. But we hope to have both sections back for you next week. In the meantime, you can see both categories by clicking the links above, beginning with the most recent listings. Or you can sort by lowest price.


Our new catalog,

with the angelic cover by Kinuko Craft (below) should be in your hands soon, or perhaps now, if you are a customer. This is our Holiday Edition, so think about ordering any gift items early to avoid the last minute rush. And to avoid shipping delays from the post office and UPS as we get close to Christmas. In addition, we do sometimes run out of stock near Christmas if more orders come in than we anticipated, so ordering early is a good way to guarantee you get that perfect item in time for gift-giving (or for yourself).

You can download that catalog right here, right now. Every single item listed is now linked back to our website. Click on any item to to read the the longer description and see multiple interior shots, as well as related items all a click away. We just got this up and running.


New Home Page/New Arrivals

We finally added more New Arrivals to our home page. You now can scroll down and see the last 25 items to come in, rather than just the five items we used to display. For more, click on new arrivals in each category, Artists and Illustration, Comics Related, etc from the tool bar at the top of the home page.

We are now working on adding two more sections on that same home page toolbar, one for ALL NEW ARRIVALS, and a second for ALL COMING ITEMS. That way you can catch up with the whole banana at one click. Watch for this soon.

But right now, you can click here to see EVERY NEW ITEM that arrived in the last 30 days, right up to the minute! This will be a regular feature in this email from now on.


Seattle and Sacramento Shows

As I announced earlier, this weekend (October 13-14) we will be exhibiting at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair. And the next week end, I will be exhibiting at the Sac-Con, Sunday October 21, our twice-a-year local comics show in Sacramento.

In February 2019, we'll be at the Pasadena Antiquarian Book Fair in Southern California, and the ABAA International Antiquarian Book Fair in Oakland, California.

And I have confirmed that I will be a guest at Comic Fest in San Diego, March 7-10. I don’t plan to exhibit, but will be at the show to do panels and hang out. And look for old comics, of course. And talk to artists. And do everything I never have enough time to do when I set up at a show. Sounds like fun. This is a more mellow alternative to the Comic-Con in July. I’m in their tweets!



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