Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Art of Harry Anderson, The Art of Darwyn Cooke, 20th Century Alcohol & Tobacco Ads, The Making of Tomb Raider, Barks’ Donald Duck, Hope, Lone Sloane by Druillet and Almost Gone.

New from The Illustrated Press is The Art of Harry Anderson—and we're featuring all the publisher's other titles also. The Art of Darwyn Cooke collects both cool covers and lots and lots of complete stories by this much-missed artist. From Taschen comes a huge book, 20th Century Alcohol & Tobacco Ads—which defines it! The Making of the new Tomb Raider film, the new Barks' Donald Duck; Hope, continuing the popular Shame by John Bolton; a new Lone Sloane by Druillet. And we start a new monthly feature, Almost Gone, highlighting recommended books that have gone out of print and are almost sold out.

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Art Books

Highly Recommended. This beautiful new book explores the life and work of Harry Anderson, one of America's great illustrators. His buttery style in the difficult medium of opaque watercolor has been admired by generations of artists. He reminds us very favorably of Andrew Loomis and, no surprise, he also worked in the famous Haddon Sundblom studio in the 1940s, as did Loomis. His work appeared in Collier's, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Redbook, The Saturday Evening Post and other leading magazines. Over 300 stunning illustrations. Illustrated Press, 2018...More.

Item Code: ARTHAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color

Below you will find all the available Illustrated Press Books. They of course also publish Illustration Magazine. All the in-print issues are on our website and we've just gotten a set of most back issues. A previous set almost completely sold out, so here's a second chance if you are missing any.

Recommended. By Allison Silver, Steven Heller. Edited by Jim Heimann. Vices or virtues: drinking and smoking provided marketers with products to be forged into visual feasts. In this lush compendium of advertisements, we explore how depictions of these commodities spanned from the elegant to the bizarre, revealing how manufacturers seduced their customers throughout the 20th century to imbibe and inhale. Famous artists from George Petty wih his pin-up girls to Leyendecker with his handsome, richly appointed couples made it all look very cool. More than half the book looks at 1900 to 1969, to us the most interesting years. Taschen, 2018...More.

Item Code: 20ALH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 392pg, Full Color

TOMB RAIDER The Art and Making of the Film
Recommended. By Sharon Gosling. A fine behind-the-scenes look at the Tomb Raider reboot. Follow the treacherous journey of a young Lara Croft as she takes her first steps toward becoming a global hero.  Academy Award(TM) winner Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) stars in the lead role, under the direction of Roar Uthaug (The Wave).  Showcasing lavish concept art, behind the scenes photos, insight into the stunts, and fascinating contributions from cast and crew. Titan, 2018...More.

Item Code: TOMBRH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 12x11, 178pg, Full Color
$39.95 $34.95


Graphic Novels & Archives

Continues the superbly drawn Shame saga. Highly Recommended. By Lovern Kindzierski. Art by John Bolton. Shame is dead, her demon father blasted back to Hell. Hope, newly born into the body of a young woman, stumbles from the battle scarred castle still filled with Shame's malevolent servants. The evil witch may have been defeated, but her dark forces are determined to stamp out Hope's return to the world. An amazing full blown horror and fantasy story, good vs evil, innocence vs hatred, with tasteful but abundant nudity. John Bolton's artwork is just superlative. Renegade, 2018. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: HOPON
Soft Cover, 7x10, 64pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. By Lovern Kindzierski. Art by John Bolton. The purest woman on earth allows herself one selfish thought, and conceives the most evil woman the world has ever seen. A classic adult fantasy, with abundant nudity and adult themes, exploring good versus evil. Virtue gets the daughter she wished for, Shame, releasing this powerful woman to a world ill-prepared for her campaign of evil. Also includes the first 10 pages of the first book in the Tales of Hope trilogy, John Bolton's original pencil layouts, an interview with both Lovern and John about the trilogy, and additional background material. Renegade Arts, 2016. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: SHAMH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x11, 224pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

Also by John Bolton, we have Harlequin Valentine.[HARVH $12.99].

DC COMICS The Art of Darwyn Cooke
2015 Introduction by Darwyn Cooke himself. Highly Recommended. A beloved member of the comics community since his breakout hit, Batman: Ego, more than 15 years ago, artist and writer Darwyn Cooke lent his signature retro style to all corners of the DC Universe, from Catwoman to Jonah Hex to Watchmen. This thick softcover brings together more than 400 pages of complete stories of the likes of Jonah Hex, Catwoman, The JSA, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman et al, plus cover art from throughout the career of one of the greatest artists in comics. Lots of great reading. DC, 2018...More.

Item Code: DCART
Soft Cover, 6x10, 408pg, Partial Color
$29.99 $26.99

And here are 13 more books with work by Cooke, including his Batman collection, Batman: Ego and Other Tales [BATEGH. $39.95, your price $34.95]. Darwyn's Before Watchman: Minute Man and Silk Spectre is on sale, with only four copies left [BEFWH. $29.99, your price $14.99].

Book 18 in the series. By Carl Barks.In our title story, Uncle Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews are hot on the trail of a pair of old saddlebags filled with gold nuggets — stashed in an abandoned mine and guarded by ghosts! Next, Huey, Dewey, and Louie hear a news report about a runaway train and apply their Junior Woodchuck engineering knowledge to figure out how to prevent it from crashing — but no one will listen! Sixteen ten-page stories from Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #192-214, 1956-58. Fantagraphics, 2018...More.

Item Code: WDLOSTH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 194pg, Full Color
$29.99 $25.99

This is the 18th book in the Donald Duck series. Nearly all are available either individually or in slipcased sets of two. Some of the earlier volumes are available ONLY in sets, not individually. But then, in sets they are cheaper than buying them individually.

Oversized Hardcover. Highly Recommended. By Philippe Druillet. Following his adventures in Lone Sloane: Delirius, Sloane finds himself captured and sent to a prison planet, where a mysterious dark entity has plans for him. How did he get here, and can he escape? Wandering aimlessly throughout an alien dimension, Sloane is lost with no way of finding his way home. Epic artwork filled with alien civilizations, huge space cruisers, and detail that never stops. Druillet shows influence from Jack Kirby, but then goes far beyond. Includes six cool original French book and magazine covers that we've never seen before. Titan, 2018...More.

Item Code: 6V03H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x13, 64pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Still available: Volume 1 [6V01H. $17.99, your price $15.99]. Volume 2 [6V02H. $18.99, your price $16.99].


Illustrated Press


With The Art of Harry Anderson now in stock, here's a complete list of available books from this fine publisher. Most are limited to 1,000 copies and will not be reprinted. Coby Whitmore is due in June.

COBY WHITMORE Artist and Illustrator
Limited, 1000. Highly Recommended. For over 30 years, Coby Whitmore's elegant and fashionable illustrations graced the pages of almost every major American magazine. Sophisticated, with imaginative compositions, brilliant use of color, superb draftsmanship, and good taste, his pictures represented the "Good Life" in the post-war U.S. They are also most notable for their glamorous women--the ideal of American sophistication and beauty. Of all of the "boy/girl" artists working in those days, none were more admired or imitated than Coby Whitmore. Illustrated Press, 2018. Due June. ...More.

Item Code: COBYWH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color

Limited, 1000. Our Highest Recommendation. By Daniel Zimmer. This spectacular new book explores the life and work of illustrator Edwin Georgi (1896-1964)--the first book ever on his work. Yet he is one of the stand-out artists of his era, creating magazine illustrations beginning in the late 1920s, but blossoming into a leader in the field in the 1940s-50s. "Mid-career, he developed a radical new approach--bold even by today's standards--featuring a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors. At the center of attention were his fashionable women, always fresh and shockingly gorgeous." Illustrated Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: ARTEGH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 192pg, Full Color

REYNOLD BROWN A Life in Pictures
Updated edition, limited to 1000. Our Highest Recommendation. By Daniel Zimmer. This spectacular art book explores the life and work of one of the greatest movie poster artists in Hollywood history. This whopping 304 page new edition adds 80 new pages to the original 2009 edition--which quickly sold out--and is loaded with stunning illustrations reproduced from vintage movie posters, photos, and the original paintings and drawings. This is a fine document of Reynold's work, and features images from every facet of his long career, from men's magazines to top-rated films and images we've all had imprinted on our brains, even if we didn't know they were Brown's work. Illustrated Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: REYBH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 304pg, Full Color

SHANNON STIRNWEIS 80 Years Behind the Brush
Recommended. Born in 1931, Shannon Stirnweis has had a long and varied career as an illustrator and fine artist. This is a retrospective of Shannon's work, and presents pieces from each stage of his extensive career, annotated with revealing commentary from the artist. Following two years as a sketchman at a Madison Avenue ad agency, he started working for men's adventure magazines, then worked extensively doing paperback covers. At the same time he worked for advertising clients in a variety of areas such as medical, stamps, movies, and industrial illustrations. Illustrated Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: SHANSH
Hard Cover, 9X12, 164pg, Full Color

Limited, 1,000! New Edition. Our Highest Recommendation. By Fred Taraba. This sold out immediately in 2011, a massive 432 pages about the working methods of 41 iconic American illustrators. Walter Baumhofer, Rudolph Belarski, W.T. Benda, Franklin Booth, Austin Briggs, Charles Livingston Bull, Matt Clark, Will Crawford, Albert Dorne, Robert Fawcett, James Montgomery Flagg...Along with Edwin Giorgi, John LaGatta, Andrew Loomis, Orson Lowell, Rose O'Neill, Herbert Paus, Edward Penfield, Coles Phillips, Mead Schaeffer, Jon Whitcomb, and Coby Whitmore... Illustrated Press, 2016...More.

Item Code: MASAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 432pg, Full Color

Limited, 1,000! 204 Artists. Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Daniel Zimmer. A-Z: From James Avati and Earle Bergey to N.C. Wyeth and Stanley Zuckerberg. This spectacular new edition continues in the tradition of the previous two Golden Age books. And there is absolutely NO drop in the quality of the material here, which amazes us. It's as superb a gathering of work as the first volume, entirely full page and from the original artwork. Illustrated Press, 2015...More.

Item Code: GOAG03H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color
$44.95 $29.95


The following books are now officially out of print, but we ordered enough to still have copies available:

Almost Gone! Limited, 1000! Recommended. By David Apatoff. Forward by Walt Reed. At the peak of his fame Bernie Fuchs' work was more widely admired—and imitated—than any other contemporary illustrator. At the age of 30 he was named "Artist of the Year" by the Artists Guild of New York. By 1975, he was the youngest illustrator ever elected to the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. Now at last a major retrospective of Bernie's work has been assembled, the first such book published to date, filled with magazine covers, original paintings and a complete look at his career, which was incredibly wide ranging. Illustrated Press, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: LIFBFH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 240pg, Full Color

Almost Gone! Limited, 1000! Second Printing. Our Highest Recommendation. By Daniel Zimmer. Originally released in late-2015 in a limited edition of only 1000 copies, The Art of Dean Cornwell sold out very quickly. If you missed out on the first printing, you may have seen them selling for big bucks in the after-market. After receiving numerous requests for a reprint, this is the result. This spectacular book explores the life and work of the "Dean of Illustrators." FULL COLOR throughout and entirely new. It's filled with beautiful illustrations reproduced almost exclusively from the original paintings and drawings. Illustrated Press, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: ARTDCH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color


Out of Print and Almost Gone


This week we begin a new feature to run roughly once each month, replacing Bargain Books and Rare and Out of Print entries for that week. This is to draw your attention to books that have gone out of print from the publisher and will soon be sold out from us. I've included notes about each one and I'll let you know how many we have left so you can plan accordingly—or act immediately! All are subject to prior sale, since this is only accurate as I write this, in this case on March 21.

BERNIE WRIGHTSON Art and Designs For The Gang of Seven Animation
Highly Recommended. Preface by Wm. Michael Kaluta. Bernie Wrightson‘s extensive design work for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio has never before been documented and if you are like we are, this is going to be entirely new material to you. And what fine, fine work it is. This new in-depth monograph utilizes the archives of the studio and features concept drawings, model sheets, and hundreds of designs for projects including Biker Mice From Mars, The Juice, and Freak Show. All of the artwork in this book has been scanned directly from the original artwork so fans can savor Wrightson’s genius up close and personal. Hermes, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: BWADH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x11, 240pg, Full Color

This sold out almost immediately from Diamond. We were lucky enough to get one reorder when we saw how fast it was selling, and we still have some copies left at the original retail price. Since Berni passed away, interest in his work is at an all-time high, and this is fine material from a phase of his career that even his fans may not have known about. The artwork here has never before been collected.

BRUSH WITH PASSION The Art & Life of Dave Stevens Super Deluxe
Signed & limited, 235, with extra 16 pages, leatherbound. Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Introduction by Jim Steranko. Brush with Passion charts the career of Dave Stevens, one of the most beloved and influential of all comic illustrators. He discusses his beginnings as a comic artist, the struggle to bringThe Rocketeer to the big screen, his work as a storyboard artist for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, and other career highlights. Equally renowned as a pin-up artist, Stevens also recounts his friendship with reclusive model Bettie Page. Along with a wealth of iconic paintings and previously unpublished artwork, the book features commentary by comic book greats Todd Schorr, Richard Hescox, Michael William Kaluta, and William Stout. Underwood Books, 2008. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: BRUPSD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 304pg, Full Color

We were lucky enough to get six copies of this direct from publisher Tim Underwood. We have sold four and have just two left of this extremely rare edition.

BRUSH WITH PASSION The Art & Life of Dave Stevens Deluxe
With an extra 16 page section, in slipcase. Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Introduction by Jim Steranko. Brush with Passion charts the career of Dave Stevens, one of the most beloved and influential of all comic illustrators. He discusses his beginnings as a comic artist, the struggle to bring The Rocketeer to the big screen, his work as a storyboard artist for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, and other career highlights. Equally renowned as a pin-up artist, Stevens also recounts his friendship with reclusive model Bettie Page. Along with a wealth of iconic paintings and previously unpublished artwork, the book features commentary by comic book greats Todd Schorr, Richard Hescox, Michael William Kaluta, and William Stout. Underwood Books, 2008. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: BRUPD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 304pg, Full Color

Bound in black cloth with a full color dust jacket. Includes an extra 16-page "Portfolio" section which is exclusive to this and the Super Deluxe edition. We've sold five copies and have just five left.

Our Highest Recommendation. By Hal Foster. Hal Foster is in five artistic Halls of Fame--more than any other illustrator. Fantagraphics' recent reprints of Prince Valiant have received international acclaim, and now they are printing the Holy Grail of comics art: a 160-page collection scanned from Foster's rare, original pages (drawn in black & white, pen and ink) and printed in full color. But also including several hand-colored pages and color syndicate proofs. Includes a beautiful die-cut cover and a bonus original art-size print of the famous "battle on the bridge" scene, 1938. This is an absolutely magnificent book! Fantagraphics, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: PVSTH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 17x23, 160pg, Full Color

I suspected this would not last long and, indeed, it sold out from the publisher very quickly. We have sold an amazing number of these, and are now down to our last five copies. I hope it's reprinted, but we know of no plans to do so.

Recommended. We're very impressed with both the statue itself, the bonus extras, and the extremely attractive packaging. Square Enix brings the character to life with this new Play Arts KAI figure! Smart, brave, and tough - Batgirl is all three, all expressed in this figure, painstakingly crafted by the artists at Square Enix. Her long hair has been reproduced using flexible materials and ratcheted jointing, while the three-part construction of her cape enables elegant movement and posing. 20 points of articulation, extra hands, gun, batarang. Square Enix, 2016. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: BATAK
10" tall, Full Color

This came in at the beginning of 2016 but has never been listed again in a catalog. It is now out of print and we have just three left.

TAPESTRY The Paintings of Robert McGinnis
Publisher File Copy. Highly Recommended. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Though his work is instantly recognizable to most Americans, his name may not be. Yet Robert McGinnis's paintings have for decades graced many an airport bookrack, and his movie posters (for You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Barbarella, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and The Odd Couple) are classics of the genre. His illustrations have appeared in magazines as diverse as Playboy, Saturday Evening Post, and Guideposts. His long-legged, lanky women sold literally millions of paperback covers for authors like Carter Stevens and John D. MacDonald. Underwood Books, 2000. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: TAPEH
Hard Cover, 10x11, 128pg, Full Color

Another Publisher File Copy item from Underwood Books. This was the first book ever done on McGinnis (two have followed) and was compiled by Spectrum annual editor Arnie Fenner, who always does a superb job. We've sold two and have just three left.

Revised, with 32 additional pages. Highly Recommended. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. After the hardcover edition sold out, the Fenners went back and revised, upgraded, and added more pages to this special softcover. Lavish full-color reproduction on deluxe art paper showcases over 65 major finished oil paintings, 25 drawings, and other pieces. Contains 32 new pages of additional, never-before-published art and photos, not in the hardcover. New material includes paintings of Woody Allen and Peter Sellers; concepts of Clint Eastwood for the movie poster to The Gauntlet; original concepts for the Conan book cover paintings; and character drawings for the Broadway production of Li'l Abner. Underwood Books, 2003. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: FFIC
Soft Cover, 9x12, 208pg, Full Color

As-new file copies. This revised and improved edition is LONG out of print and I don't find them in the after-market. We sold five and have just four left.

Highly Recommended. Set contains 12 comics reprinting both original issues, and combining one or more issues together.  The set consists of Captain America, Black Panther, Tales to Astonish with the first appearance of Groot, Eternals #1, Avengers #4, Devil Dinosaur #1, Strange Tales with Nick Fury, Thor vs. the Hulk, The Mighty Thor, Inhumans, Tales of Suspense with Iron Man, and Tales to Astonish with Ant Man and the Wasp. Marvel, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: TRBP
Comic, 7x10, 32pg ea, Full Color

This is a special set that we put together, because these are such great comics, so different from an Archives collection and so much closer to the original issues. As comics, these of course went out of print upon publication and we've only offered this in one catalog so far. Don't miss out.

Comes with bonus second dust jacket! Highly Recommended. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Art by Frank Frazetta. Frank Frazetta's paintings and illustrations have set the standard for fantasy artists for the past 50 years. His art continues to exert a tremendous influence over collectors of classic comic and sci-fi art, who pay record-setting auction prices for his original works. This lushly produced, large-format retrospective follows Frazetta's career from his apprenticeships at various publishers in the 1940s, to his 1950s breakthrough with the "Buck Rogers" and "Lil' Abner" series, to his powerfully erotic compositions for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the famous "Conan" illustrations for Robert E. Howard. Underwood Books, 1998. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: FFIH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 164pg, Full Color

We have sold 3 and have just two left. Note the different cover than the softcover revised edition, above. Also, order this or ANY Frazetta item we handle, and you can have a free iCON advance promotional brochure, Just add it to your order. Code is [FFIB]. We have ONE rare & Out of Print copy of this same book with minor imperfections for $120 [RB277].

By John Cassaday, Alan Davis, Adam Hughes, Paolo Rivera, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Dale McKeown et al. All of the Hero Initiative’s 100-plus original covers for DC's Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1 are presented here. Plus a special behind-the-scenes section showing developmental art and more! Hero Initiative partnered with major publishers to create “100 Projects,” in which Hero gets 100 top artists to do original drawings right on blank-covered comics, in either black and white or full color. That all-new art is collected here. The originals are auctioned off to benefit Hero. Many covers are wrap-round. DC, 2017. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: WW100
Soft Cover, 7x10, 119pg, Partial Color

We listed this in just one catalog, back in August of 2017. I was afraid it might sell out and we'd disappoint many customers. But at this point we do have ten copies left of this out of print book, so act now if you'd like one.


Warehouse Finds

Warehouse find, 1991. Volumes 3 & 4. By Ernst W. Gerber. What the first Photo-Journal volumes did for the classic comics of the Golden and Silver Ages, these beautiful hardcovers do for Marvel Comics, reproducing over 7,700 covers from the dawn of the Marvel Age to 1986! Here are the classic runs of fan-favorite and forgotten titles — reproducing each cover in full-color, photographed from the best possible copies of each issue available. Gerber, 1991. Note: The following conditions may apply to the jacket: scuffed, slightly worn/torn, wrinkled laminate, an uncut page. Otherwise, book & interior as new....More.

Hard Cover, 10x14, 506pg, Full Color
$65.00 $45.00

We have just three sets at this price. We just checked and the set is—believe it or not—still in print. We will bring more in and offer them again in a few weeks at $65 for as-new copies.

Art, Craft and Design at the Central School 1896-1966. Warehouse find. Recommended. Edited by Sylvia Backemeyer. Handsomely illustrated in both black and white and full color, this traces the history of the Southhampton's Central School of Art, which, like The Art Institute in the U.S., was instrumental in developing educational theories, gathered great teachers and spun out brilliant students who would have far-reaching effects on the development of arts and crafts in Britain. Book illustrators Robert Gibbings and John Farleigh are among the noted artists produced. Illustration, ceramics, jewelry, textile, poster and advertising designers were taught here who would dramatically influence 20th century arts. Herbert Press, 2000...More.

Item Code: MTMACD
Soft Cover, 9x11, 160pg, Text/Partial Color

Warehouse find, 1995. Have you ever seen a calendar by Carl Barks? From Europe, this is an amazing project, enhanced by its extra-large size. Here are collected twelve wonderful Uncle Scrooge one-page strips, from the back pages of the 1950s Dell Scrooge comic books. You get a gag a month, and panels of wonderful Barks art. And a collectible to boot, since these were done in Europe, imported by ourselves and probably very few others at the time. Glossy paper, full color, spiral bound. Brockman, 1996. Note: Some of these copies have one or two slightly bumped corners, best copies will go out first.....More.

Item Code: WDUS96
Wirebound, 13x19, 12pg, Full Color

We're mentioning this on our Facebook page since it's so unique. We only found one copy online, and it was in Europe. It just might sell out quickly, so get one now if it's for you.


Coming in May

Collecting the vintage Marvel magazines that ran from 1974-77. Recommended. By Doug Moench. Art by Rico Rival, Alfredo P. Alcala, Ed Hannigan. Here are the screenplay adaptations from acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Paul Dehn's Escape from the Planet of the Apes and Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.  Both were adapted into comics by renown writer Doug Moench, the visionary co-creator of the Batman villain Bane and Marvel's Moon Knight,  with art by Rico Rival (Ghosts, Weird Mystery Tales) and Alfredo  P. Alcala (Swamp Thing, Savage Sword of Conan). This volume also collects Quest for the Planet of the Apes, bridging the gap between Conquest and Battle. A must-have for any Planet of the Apes fan! BOOM!, 2018. Due May. ...More.

Item Code: PLAA03H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x11, 368pg, Full Color
$59.99 $52.50


Coming in September

Collecting the vintage Marvel magazine that ran from 1974-77. By Doug Moench and Paul Dehn. Art by Vicente Alcazar, Sonny Trinidad, Alfredo P. Alcala et al. Rediscover Battle for the Planet of the Apes with the adaptation of the original screenplay for the film by acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter Paul Dehn (Murder on the Orient Express) from legendary writer Doug Moench (Batman), who was the visionary co-creator of DC Comics' villain Bane and Marvel's Moon Knight. Illustrated by fan-favorite Alfredo P. Alcala. Also includes Moench's wildly inventive and all new Planet of the Apes story "Future History Chronicles" and "Evolution's Nightmare." BOOM!, 2018. Due Sept. ...More.

Item Code: PLAA04H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x11, 336pg, Full Color
$59.99 $52.50

Volume 2 is still available but we have only three left. It went out of print very quickly. Volume 1 was gone before we could even get one reorder in. We’d love to see reprints of these, but no word on that right now. And don't miss Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes [ERBTAR. $19.99, your price $17.99].


Mature Readers

Two new videos this week, both in the Peekarama series. Velvet High and Summertime Blue is a double feature of school girl fantasies, originally released 1979-80, directed by John Christopher. With Misty Regan, John Holmes, and Samantha Fox.

Second up is a Triple Feature: Sinful Pleasures of Reverend Star, Kinky Treats, and China Lust. Originally released 1976-77, directed by Charles Santos. With Linda Wong, Desiree West, and Veronica Taylor. See our website for all the Peekarama Double Features and other adult DVDs.

Advance tip: we had stashed some single copies of Cavewoman variant editions and just put a few of them on the site this week. We have a four-issue set, Snow, and 4 versions of the two comic set Mutation. Look for “Almost Gone” starting the description to find these among the other Cavewoman issues.

We also are just listing Bunny Yeager's Foto File magazines, including a set of five for $250, which includes issues devoted to Bettie Page and Diane Webber, and two issues signed by Bunny. See FOTOSET and FOTO01, 02, etc.

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