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Fall Clearance Sale! Deeply Discounted! Act Now! Three copies or less.

Fall Clearance Sale!

Deeply Discounted! Act Now! Three copies or less.

We’re doing something different this time. The items listed or linked to below, with only a handful of exceptions, have just THREE copies or less in stock. We recommend you act immediately if you see books you’d like, since some are going to be gone within hours of this email going out. Click on any item to see if a copy or copies are still available.


Free Book Bonus: We’re extending the Flesk free books offer to this sale: James Bama Sketchbook and James Bama Personal Works. Flesk has given us these two art books to give away, and we are still running a buy-one, get one free sale for any Flesk book ordered. Here, if you spend at least $25 on sale books, you can also pick out one free book. Spend $50 and take both books (limit of one of each to any customer).


At the end of the list, you will find eight of our hottest new sale items which we DO have plenty of copies of...our new titles from Underwood Books. So there should be something for everyone.

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75 Years Archives

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA A Celebration of 75 Years
Recommended. Comic book history was made in 1940 with the introduction of the Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics. Hour-Man, Doctor Fate, The Spectre, The Sandman, The Atom, The Flash, The Green Lantern and Hawkman all became acquainted with one another and the world met its first super-hero team! Starting with three Golden Age adventures, this jumps on to the the JSA return in 1963 and beyond. DC, 2015...More.

Item Code: JSA75H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$39.99 $24.99

SUPERMAN A Celebration of 75 Years
Highly Recommended. By Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, Alex Ross et al. When Superman debuted seventy-five years ago, it was not merely the beginning for one character, but for an entire genre. The phrase "super hero" had yet to be coined when Action Comics #1 hit news stands in 1938, but once Superman entered the scene, effortlessly lifting a car above his head on that first iconic cover, he paved the way for each of the hundreds (if not 1000s) of super-powered heroes written since. DC, 2013...More.

Item Code: SUP75H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 384pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99

SHAZAM A Celebration of 75 Years
Highly Recommended. By Bill Parker, Otto Binder, Denny O'Neill, Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway et al. Art by Mac Raboy, Marc Swayze, C.C. Beck, Jeff Smith, Rich Buckler, Kurt Schaffenberger, Don Newton et al. 75 years of Capt. Marvel, Capt. Marvel Jr, and Mary Marvel collected in one handsome volume. This begins with the first story from Whiz 1941, the Mary Marvel intro from CM #18, a fine Mac Raboy CMJr story from #12, the first team-up in Marvel Family #1, and more from 1946, '52, '53, then 1973, '74, '77, '82, '91, '95, '97, etc. DC, 2015...More.

Item Code: SHA75H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$39.99 $24.99

LOIS LANE A Celebration of 75 Years
Highly Recommended. By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, John Byrne, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison et al. For seventy-five years, Lois Lane has been one of the most iconic characters in comics. Here is a new hardcover anthology, part of a cool "75 Years" series, collecting some of Lois Lane's greatest stories, like her first meeting with the Man of Steel back in 1938, plus several early adventures. Great work from her own comic series with art by the superb Kurt Schaffenberger, a fun adventure by Jeph Loeb and McGuinness & Cam Smith, two wonderful 1986 stories by John Byrne and lots more. DC, 2013...More.

Item Code: LOL75H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 384pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99

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Comic Book Archives

1998-99. Recommended. By Kurt Busiek, Mark Waid et al. Art by George Pérez, Sean Chen, Andy Kubert, Carlos Pacheco et al. Fan-favorite creators Kurt Busiek and George Pérez craft a new era for Earth's Mightiest Heroes! As the Avengers reform in the wake of a life-changing event, they must face an array of foes like no other: Morgan Le Fay, the Squadron Supreme, the Kree, the Legion of the Unliving, the Thunderbolts, the Wrecking Crew...as well as Kang and Immortus in the Destiny War! Marvel, 2015...More.

Item Code: AVOM01H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1184pg, Full Color
$125.00 $75.00

BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY The Western Publishing Years Volume 1
Recommended. By Frank S Bolle, Ray S Bailey. Adapted by Paul Newman, art by various. This collects the television tie-in comic books to the cult sci-fi television series with Gil Gerrard and Erin Gray! Relive these classic adventure tales with Buck, Wilma, Dr. Huer, and Princess Ardala. Brilliant artwork by McWilliams, best known to fans today for his long-running Twin Earths newspaper strip. Here he is like a combination of the best in Al Williamson, Gray Morrow and Murphy Anderson! Really! Hermes, 2013...More.

Item Code: BUCW01H
Hard Cover, 8x10, 192pg, Full Color
$49.99 $24.99

DC COMICS Hardcover & DVD/Blu-Ray Set
The World's Greatest Superheroes are here with this deluxe slipcased set of SIX Blu-Ray/Graphic Novel combo packs Justice League War, Batman: Year One, Superman: Doomsday, Batman: Gotham Knight, Wonder Woman: Gods & Mortals and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. DC, 2015...More.

Item Code: DCCBHD
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, DVD/Blu-Ray, na, 1080pg, Full Color
$144.99 $39.99

Collects #19-34, 1989-90. By Grant Morrison. Art by Richard Case and John Nyberg et al. "Morrison and Richard Case took over that fourth-tier superhero series at the beginning of 1989 and spent the next four years driving it through zones of surreal madness that comics had scarcely visited before...." -Los Angles Times. The groundbreaking series from Grant Morrison that led American comics in a wholly unexpected direction. Though they are super-powered beings, convention ends there. Shunned as freaks and outcasts, tempered by loss and insanity--reality itself threatens to fall apart around them. Vertigo, 2016...More.

Item Code: DOP01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 424pg, Full Color
$29.99 $14.99

By Yves Chaland with Yann Lepennetier. A classic French character, in the tradition of TinTin. Impetuous Freddy Lombard and his frustrated, but faithful, friends, Dina and Sweep, go on six different adventures, from exploring Belgian castles and African jungles, to being swept up in revolutionary Budapest or caught up in the secrets surrounding a futuristic jet! Humanoids, 2015...More.

Item Code: FRLH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x10, 230pg, Full Color
$34.95 $19.95

MARVEL MASTERWORKS Golden Age All-Winners Volume 1
Collects #1-4, 1941-42. Highly Recommended. By Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee et al. From out of the Golden Age of Comics, this brings together all of Timely's biggest heroes (and several forgotten ones) under one roof: Capt. America and Bucky, Sub-Mariner, and the Human Torch and Toro are joined by the Whizzer, the Destroyer, the Angel and the Black Marvel in four giant, 64-page issues. Marvel, 2014...More.

Item Code: MMAW01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 278pg, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99

Collects #13-18. By Len Wein. Art by Alberto Giolitti. Boldly going... where it all started! Presenting the comic book adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew! Fully re-mastered with new colors, including stories such as Dark Traveler, The Enterprise Mutiny, The Hijacked Planet, and more. Fine work by artist Gioletti, one of Gold Key's best. His biography is included. Fun stories. IDW, 2015...More.

Item Code: STG03H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 160pg, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99

Click here for volumes 2, 4 and 5.
Our Highest Recommendation. By Carl Barks. A double dose of Donald Duck, companion to last year's Christmas set! Lost in the Andes andTrail of the Unicorn make up this special boxed set. Lost in the Andes features the Ducks' memorable quest to South America in search of rare "square eggs" and Trail of the Unicorn's title tale is a trek to the Himalayas to find that fabled mythical creature. And many more adventures and stories are here too. Fantagraphics, 2014...More.

Item Code: WDDHP
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 444pg, Full Color
$49.99 $29.99

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Graphic Novels

Collects #1-4. Recommended. By Gail Simone and Jim Zub. Art by Dan Panosian, Randy Green, Rick Ketcham and Dave Stewart. The indomitable characters meet again! Spanning 3 eras in the lives of these classic characters, Conan and Red Sonja must become comrades to take down a twisted sorcerer-priest hell-bent on creating a new age in Hyborian warfare! With the entire world in danger, can they stop the deadly Bloodroot--a toxic plant capable of wiping out entire worlds--from falling into the wrong hands!? Dark Horse, 2015...More.

Item Code: CONRH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 95pg, Full Color
$19.99 $11.99

By Martin Powell. Art by Diana Leto, Pablo Marcos, Will Meugniot, Nik Poliwko et al. Sequential Pulp brings you twelve stories from twelve dynamic, diverse artists in a brand new Tarzan anthology based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic pulp novel. Each vine-swinging tale takes place within chapter eleven of Tarzan of the Apes, between Tarzan's avenging of his ape foster mother's death and his ascent to leader of his ape tribe. Dark Horse, 2015...More.

Item Code: ERBJH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 144pg, Full Color
$19.99 $11.99

VAMPIRELLA Volume 1 Our Lady of Shadows
Vampirella #1-6 & Prelude to Shadows. Recommended. By Nancy A. Collins. Art by Patrick Berkenkotter and Cristhian Zamora. Vampirella returns to her roots, courtesy of Bram Stoker Award-winning author Nancy A. Collins (Sunglasses After Dark)! Vampi is sent by the Vatican (and poses as a nun!) to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by Ethan Shroud and the Chaos Cult, only to become the centerpiece of a ritual invoking Lady Umbra, the sister-bride of Chaos. Plus an amazing 34 pages of variant covers by Arthur Adams & Mike Mignola, Terry Dodson, Anacleto, Stephanie Buscema, Jenny Frison, Joe Jusko and others! Dynamite, 2015...More.

Item Code: VAMI01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 192, Full Color
$24.99 $14.99

FLASH GORDON OMNIBUS Volume 1 The Man From Earth
By Jeff Parker et al. Art by Evan Shaner et al. The full-throttle, complete new Flash Gordon saga is collected here, featuring epic space action from the talented team of Parker (Batman '66, Aquaman) and Shaner (Adventures of Superman). Also: bonus stories and a comprehensive cover gallery! Collects the complete eight-issue comic book series, plus the 2014 Holiday Special and 2014 Annual. Dynamite, 2015...More.

Item Code: FGOM01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 294g, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK Volume 1 Hardcover
Our Highest Recommendation. By Neil Gaiman. Adapted by P. Craig Russell. Art by P. Craig Russell, Tony Harris, Scott Hampton et al. The first volume of a glorious two-volume, four-color graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman's #1 New York Times bestselling young adult novel. Illustrated by an extraordinary team of renowned artists. Inventive, chilling, and filled with wonder, it's the story of a young boy who is chased into a graveyard by his parents' murderer then befriended and protected by the spirits of the dead who live there. Harper, 2014...More.

Item Code: GB01H
Hard Cover, 6x9, 188pg, Full Color
$19.99 $12.99

Signed & limited, 3,000! By Neil Gaiman. Art by Eddie Campbell. Signed by both Gaiman & Campbell. Handsomely bound in black cloth with a matching clamshell case, a first class production. This is a haunting story of otherworld, and a search for hidden treasure, in a new illustrated stand-alone edition. It's a tale of dark revenge and a long journey into rural Scotland in elder times, when clans fought and stole from one another. William Morrow, 2014...More.

Item Code: TRUCAD
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x8, 74pg, Full Color
$75.00 $55.00

By Denis Mina. Art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. The graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larsson's first book in the trilogy, now collecting the two hardcover volumes into one softcover. On a summer day in 1966, the beautiful daughter of one of Sweden's wealthiest corporate families vanished without a trace. Forty years later, her uncle remains tormented by the unsolved mystery. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist, to investigate. Aided by the pierced and tattooed punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander, they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniquity and corruption! Vertigo, 2014. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: GIT
Soft Cover, 7x10, 312pg, Full Color
$24.99 $9.99

Back in Print, a Marvel Graphic Novel. Recommended. By Carl Potts and Dennis O'Neil. Art by Terry Austin and Marie Severin. In 1982-83, a team of comic book legends created a gloriously illustrated tale set in nineteenth-century Japan, a land of noble and serene dragons. But when a sect of deranged monks begins training them to kill, only an aging samurai and a half-American ninja stand in their way. Dover, 2015. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: LASDR
Soft Cover, 8x11, 80pg, Full Color
$14.95 $10.95

IRON EMPIRES Faith Conquers Signed
Signed! By Christopher Moeller. Faith Conquers is the critically acclaimed science fiction epic brought to life by master painter and storyteller Christopher Moeller (JLA: A League of One, Lucifer). This volume collects the four part series originally titled Shadow Empires, published in 1994, and features the three-part story "The Passage," originally published in Dark Horse Presents, now in hardcover format for the first time! Created, written, and painted by Christopher Moeller, this book, along with its sequel, Sheva's War, is the inspiration for the Burning Empires RPG. Forged Lord Comics, 2016...More.

Item Code: IROFHS
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 152pg, Full Color
$20.00 $15.00

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KITARO The Birth of Kitaro
1967-68. By Shigeru Mizuki. His parents were the undead, and he was born in a graveyard! Seven of Mizuki's early, and beloved, Kitaro stories, available for the first time in English, in an all-new, kid-friendly format. These stories are from the golden era of the late 1960s, when this hit its stride as an all-ages supernatural series. Here's the origin and adventures of a funny little kid, with a giant eye, who hangs out with ghosts, spirits and monsters. From the creator of Showa: A History of Japan and Shigeru Muzuki's Hitler. Drawn & Quarterly, 2016...More.

Item Code: KITB
Soft Cover, 5x7, 200pg, b&w
$12.95 $9.95

Three Hardcovers in Slipcase. By Alan Moore. Art by Kevin O'Neill. With a two-fisted spirit of adventure, Moore & O'Neill explore new horizons of their League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe with the bestselling Nemo trilogy, first published in 2013, 2014 and 2015! These spinoff graphic novels follow the terrifying pirate queen Janni Nemo in her confrontations with unearthly Antarctic horrors (Heart of Ice), mechanical metropolitan monstrosities (The Roses of Berlin), and depraved tropical tyrants (River of Ghosts). IDW, 2015...More.

Item Code: LOEGH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 168pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99

Our Highest Recommendation. By Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima. Cover by Frank Miller. The roads of feudal Japan are rife with brigands ready to separate travelers from their purses. For Ogami Itto and his infant son, the road is even more treacherous, as agents of the shogun and the assassins of Yagyu Retsudo dog their every step. But each step on the bloody road brings the Lone Wolf and his Cub ever closer to Yagyu... and to vengeance! Dark Horse, 2013. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: LOWC03
Soft Cover, 5x7, 720pg, b&w
$19.99 $9.99

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Introduction by Craig Yoe. A "lost" graphic novel from one of the first and most brilliant graphic novelists: Milt Gross! In a mind-blowing, laugh-filled, freewheeling tour of New York, Gross' character Pop and his sidekick son blast through the East Side, The West Side, China Town and Harlem. The demented duo roar through Yankee Stadium, The New York Public Library and Coney Island! IDW, 2015...More.

Item Code: MGNYH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 104pg, Partial Color
$24.99 $14.99

Recommended. By Kazuo Koike and Hideki Mori. In Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf and Cub sequel, Daigoro, son of the slain "Lone Wolf," accompanies warrior Togo Shigekata on the road to Satsuma. And he's growing up, now a very young kid but capable of helping his adoptive new father in dire battles, while learning the secrets of survival in a brutal world. A secret message Togo carries is a fraud, and enemies have aligned to ensure the message's delivery...and the death of Daigoro! Dark Horse, 2014...More.

Item Code: NLOWC02
Soft Cover, 5x7, 208pg, b&w
$13.99 $6.99

Click here to see volume 1 & 3 at the same discounted price.
SWORDS OF SORROW The Complete Saga
By Gail Simone, Leah Moore, G. Willow Wilson, Mairghread Scott et al. Art by Noah Salonga, Sergio Davila, Mirka Andolfo et al. Dynamite's fiercest females appear in a massive genre-spanning crossover event featuring an all-star line-up of female authors, headlined by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey)! Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, Purgatori, Lady Demon, Chastity, Jungle Girl, Jennifer Blood, Kato, Lady Zorro, Irene Adler... Dynamic Forces, 2016...More.

Item Code: SWOS
Soft Cover, 7x10, 504pg, Full Color
$49.99 $29.99

Signed by both! Written by Ron Bassilian. Art by Jim Wheelock. Over 700 years ago, the poet Dante Allighieri found his way to the Underworld from the dark wood outside his native Florence, and the adventure he recorded in The Inferno still haunts us to this day. Now a new traveler finds his gateway to Hell beneath the urban jungle of the "City of Angels," weaving new characters and contemporary scenarios with the timelessly familiar scenes Dante described. Fraught with obstacles, monsters, horrific visions and prophecies--all visualized in an epic graphic woodcut-like style. Neoclassics, 2013. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: INFHS
Hard Cover, 8x12, 136pg, Full Color
$29.95 $10.00

870 pages! By Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco and Raven Gregory. Travel down the rabbit hole with Zenescope, the company that brought you Grimm Fairy Tales! In this deluxe, over-sized omnibus, experience the beginning of their most popular comic book series: Wonderland! Years have passed since little Alice's trip down the rabbit hole into Wonderland; she is now a grown woman with a husband and two teenage children. However, all is not right with Alice as her fractured mind has turned her into a woman on the edge of insanity. And when her only daughter, Calie, is led into the nightmarish realm of Wonderland, a whole new world of horrors will open up for Alice's family. Zenescope, 2014...More.

Item Code: WOOMH
Soft Cover, 7x10, 870pg, Full Color
$69.99 $39.99

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Comic Reference & How-To

COMIC BOOK CREATOR #2 Joe Kubert Creator & Mentor
Recommended. Edited by Jon Cooke. This double-size issue is a first-rate tribute to the life and career of the beloved Joe Kubert. Here we have 25 separate features, including: The Anti-War War Artist, Timothy Truman: Joe Kubert's Heart & Fire, The Wizard Remembers Joe--An interview with Frank Thorne, Arlen Schumer: Joe Kubert's Five Comic Stars, Keepers of the Flame: Adam & Andy Kubert on Facing the Future, Working With Joe Kubert--An interview with Peter Carlsson, George Pratt on Teaching the Teacher, Rick Veitch's Journey with Joe, Giving Back: Teaching at the Kubert School, Paul Levitz on Kubert Take Care of Business, Joe's Return to Jewish Roots. TwoMorrows, 2013...More.

Item Code: CBCR02
Soft Cover, 9x11, 160pg, Full Color
$17.95 $9.95

Highly Recommended. By Paul Levitz. The second of three volumes featuring a fully revised and greatly expanded look at DC's first 50 years, based on Paul's wonderful 75 Years of DC Comics. Includes an exclusive new interview with Neal Adams, one of the most important new generation artists of the period, creator of Deadman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow classics, and Batman. Taschen, 2013...More.

Item Code: SADC01H
Hard Cover, 10x13, 398pg, Full Color
$59.99 $39.99

WILL EISNER Champion of The Graphic Novel
Highly Recommended. By Paul Levitz. Comics writer, editor and president of DC Comics, now turned historian, Paul Levitz celebrates Eisner by showcasing his most famous work alongside unpublished and rare materials from the family archives. Also included are original interviews with creators such as Jules Feiffer, Art Spiegelman, Scott McCloud, Jeff Smith, Denis Kitchen, and Neil Gaiman--all of whom knew Eisner and were inspired by his work to create their own graphic novels for a new generation of readers. Abrams, 2015...More.

Item Code: WECH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x11, 216pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $24.95

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Comic Strip Collections

Dailies & Sundays, 1943-45. By Harold Gray. In the depths of the Second World War, Harold Gray paints a dark vision of stateside America when Annie's most loyal friends turn out to be a boarding house full of thieves, forgers, and mind readers. The red-garbed orphan sees how petty politicians and their underworld companions can deprive a small town of freedom just as easily as foreign spies, and that a big city can be home to a larger and even more dangerous threat to national security. IDW, 2015. . Note: These copies have bumped corners....More.

Item Code: CL11HR
Hard Cover, 11x8, 288pg, Partial Color
$49.99 $19.99

Limited, 600! Recommended. Art by Jim Holdaway, Romero, John M Burns, Patrick Wright and Neville Colvin. Modesty Blaise, the tough and enigmatic character created by Peter O'Donnell, made her debut in 1963 in a newspaper strip story illustrated by Jim Holdaway. Her adventures continued until the last story in 2001 and included three films and 13 novels. Each individual scan of the original art was carefully taken to optimize its reproduction on the printed page and to retain the look and feel of the artist's detailed pen and ink artwork, from daily strips to book covers and special presentation pieces. Book Palace, 2014...More.

Item Code: ARMB
Soft Cover, 8x11, 88pg, b&w
$35.00 $25.00

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Color Sunday Pages, 1956-60. Highly Recommended. By Charles M. Schulz. Since their original publication, Peanuts Sundays have almost always been collected and reprinted in black and white. In full striking color they become a surprisingly different reading experience. These late-1950s strips comprise the first golden age of Peanuts Sundays, FIVE YEARS in one gorgeous, full-color coffee table book. Fantagraphics, 2014...More.

Item Code: PES02H
Hard Cover, 13x10, 272pg, Full Color
$49.99 $24.99

Click here for volume 1, also on sale.
BARNABY Volume 2
Daily Strips, 1944-45. Recommended. By Crockett Johnson. The long-lost comic strip masterpiece by Crockett Johnson, legendary children's book author (Harold and the Purple Crayon), collected in full and designed by Daniel Clowes (Ghost World). Like Calvin 40 years later, here is 5-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his invisible Fairy Godfather J.J. O'Malley...and their misadventures. The bumbling con-artist and fast-talker O'Malley takes Barnaby on a trip to D.C. to serve his term in Congress. Also, Gus the Ghost and O'Malley follow the Baxters to their seaside cottage, enlisting Barnaby to join them on a treasure hunt. Fantagraphics, 2014...More.

Item Code: BAR02H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x7, 376pg, b&w
$39.99 $19.99

STEVE CANYON Volume 6 1957-58 Hurt
1957-58. By Milton Caniff. Things take a decidedly domestic turn in our sixth volume. Can Summer and Steve rekindle their love amidst the action? Can Poteet find happiness on the polo field? Since this is Steve Canyon, not all the action takes place at home, and old friends unexpectedly pop up in new places. IDW, 2015. . Note: These copies have bumped corners and slightly torn dust jackets....More.

Item Code: SC06HR
Hard Cover, 11x9, 336pg, Partial Color
$49.99 $19.99

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Art Books

In 2013, two Pixar art directors decided to take a leave of absence to pursue their dream--to create an animated film about duty, friendship and alienation starring a pig and a fox. Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo's journey culminated in an 18-minute masterpiece called The Dam Keeper, an Oscar nomination, and the creation of an independent animation studio, Tonko House. Flesk, 2015...More.

Item Code: ARDKH
Hard Cover, 9x8, 168pg, Full Color
$40.00 $20.00

Signed & limited, 300! Recommended. By Ian Miller and Tom Whyte. Foreword by Brain Sibley. Extra print signed by Miller, exclusive slipcase, and special variant jacket. Over 300 works make this the definitive art book of one of Britain's finest fantasy artists. From Lovecraft novel covers to Tolkien bestiaries to Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer concept art, film and tv work: gothic humor, fantasy battles, dragons, beasts and a world of nightmarish visions. Titan, 2014...More.

Item Code: ARIMD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 160pg, Full Color
$75.00 $45.00

Warehouse find, 1998. Recommended. 180 pages detail the work of 30 artists--some graphics, but greater emphasis is on furniture, ceramics, glass, silver, textiles, and jewelry. In Germany the Art Nouveau movement was termed "Jugenstil" and in fact spawned the famous magazine of the same name, which featured the work of Heinrich Key. Includes a number of nicely detailed biographies, including Rossbach, Scharvogel, Schmithals, Schmuz-Baudis, Strathmann, Franz Von Stuck, Taschner, von Wersin et al. Prestel, 1998...More.

Item Code: ARNIM
Hard Cover, 9x11, 180pg, Partial Color
$25.00 $15.00

ART OF ROGUE ONE A Star Wars Story
Recommended. By Josh Kushins. This book is a visual chronicle of the Lucasfilm art department's creation of new worlds, unforgettable characters, and newly imagined droids, vehicles, and weapons for the first movie in the Star Wars Story series—Rogue One. In the same format and style as Abrams' The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the book gives readers unprecedented access to hundreds of concept paintings, sketches, storyboards, matte paintings, and character, costume, and vehicle designs. Abrams, 2016...More.

Item Code: ARTROH
Hard Cover, 12x11, 256pg, Full Color
$40.00 $25.00

ART OF ZENESCOPE Volume 2 Franchesco Cover Deluxe
Limited, 250! Includes lithograph. 200 pages of exclusively cover artists. Nothing but the best: J. Scott Campbell, Elias Chatzoudis, Guiseppe Cafaro, Mike DeBalfo, Jaime Tyndall, Anthony Spay, Franchesco, Eric Basaldua, Manuel Carrasco, Billy Tucci, Jen Broomall, Iago Maya, Michael Dooney, Richard Ortiz, Mike Krome, Dean Yeagle, Ale Garza, Nei Ruffino, David Nestler, Martin Abel, Greg Horn, Al Rio, Alfredo Reyes, Talent Caldwell, Terry Moore!, RB White, Pasquale Qualano and Emilio Laiso....just to name a few!! Zenescope, 2014...More.

Item Code: ARZ02D
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 200pg, Full Color
$125.00 $89.00

ATRIUM SECRETION 13 Years of Hidden Truths Signed
Signed bookplate! By Gris Grimly . Take an intimate tour of Grimly's dark side with this epic collection of his most demented drawings! Known for his sinister sense of humor, Grimly releases his most daring work here, with illustrations culled directly from the pages of his personal sketchbooks. Laced with morbid wit and executed with an inimitable style, this features his most extreme ideas, from disembodied heads on plates to creepy, axe-wielding monsters. Includes signed bookplate. Baby Tattoo, 2011...More.

Item Code: ATRHS
Hard Cover, 8x11, 180pg, Full Color
$44.00 $29.00

AVANT-GARDE GRAPHICS IN RUSSIA Posters, Book Design, Children's Books, Typography and More
Russsian Graphic Art, 1905-22. By Hiroshi Unno. The influential Russian avant-garde style is revealed as it rarely has been before, with 300 movie posters, propaganda posters, package design, book design, typography, and much more. Produced & imported from Japan, only the introduction is in English but this is mostly about the art, and it's as wild as it is abundant here. From Buster Keaton films to industrial wonder, planes, trains, cars, bicycles...amazing work. PIE, 2015...More.

Item Code: AVGG
Soft Cover, 7x10, 320pg, Full Color
$39.95 $24.95

By Mike Davis. Surrealist painter Mike Davis captures mysterious Peter Brueughel-like scenes in the style of the Dutch Masters. Davis uses oil paint to create an alternate world where anything is possible, combining arcane personal symbols with social commentary. His vivid, narrative work pulls viewers into dreamscapes where they are soon lost among burning birdhouses, cannon-toting eggs, anthropomorphous insects, and skeletons holding what may be the keys to it all. Last Gasp, 2014...More.

Item Code: BLMH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x10, 127pg, Full Color
$39.95 $19.95

BIOMECH ART Surrealism, Cyborgs and Alien Universes
Almost Gone! Highly Recommended. Edited by Martin de Diego Sadaba. H. R. Giger created the world of the 1980 Alien movie without the benefit of a Mac and is still a major inspiration for today's obsessive digital artists. Now artists working in surrealist biomechanical graphics in art, computer games, and movies with far more powerful tools are pushing the boundaries of the visuals of "alien art."--the new Gigers. Graffito, 2013...More.

Item Code: CYBH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 256pg, Full Color
$44.95 $29.95

FEMALE OF THE SPECIES 1 The Art of Viktor Kalvachev
By Viktor Kalvachev. The better half of humanity in all shapes, sizes, styles and mediums--cartoony, abstract, surreal, even experimental. This is woman as imagined by an artist who is exploring the outer reaches of impressionistic art. He reminds us of Bill Sienkiewicz at times, of Bruce Timm occasionally--it's wild stuff! "This book is the beginning of a series I would like to publish that will collect only drawings of women using various styles and techniques." Trinquette, 2012. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: FEMA01
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 8x12, 48pg, Full Color
$25.00 $14.95

INKS DRINKS AND CATFINKS The Custom Cartoon Art of Shawn Dickinson
Shawn Dickinson's first deluxe art book! Influenced by old comic strips, 1930's Max Fleischer cartoons, 1960's "kustom culture" art, pin-up art, and MAD magazine, this is a wild collection of cartoons, paintings, comics, and illustrations from the past decade. IDW, 2016...More.

Item Code: INDRH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x11, 224pg, Full Color
$39.99 $23.99

Highly Recommended. Much like the similarly-named Illustration Magazine, this new quarterly offers excellent illustrated articles on top artists and illustrators. But in this case, they are from England and the Continent--often little known here in the U.S. although you may certainly recognize some of the most iconic art. Book Palace, 2013...More.

Item Code: IQ02
Magazine, 9x11, 96pg, Full Color
$24.00 $12.00

LOOKING EAST Western Artists and the Allure of Japan
Recommended. By Helen Burnham, Sarah E. Thompson, Jane E. Braun. A craze for all things Japanese in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries brought a correspondingly radical shift in Western art, dubbed Japonisme. Leading artists, including van Gogh and Monet, were inspired by Japanese art and culture to create works of singular beauty. This lavishly illustrated book explores an extraordinary moment of cross-cultural exchange by presenting a selection of major paintings, prints, drawings and decorative arts from the renowned collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. MFA, 2014...More.

Item Code: LOEH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x10, 128pg, Full Color
$29.95 $14.95

MIRROR BLACK MIRROR Art of Camille Rose Garcia
New work chronicling the prolific and life-changing time period of 2007-2011, when Garcia fled LA and moved to a cabin in the Northern California woods. The natural world inspires her primitivist, surreal paintings--a bit like the work of Mark Ryden. Themes include disenchantment with modernity and the problems of becoming too removed from the natural world. Garcia's layered, broken narrative paintings of wasteland fairy tales are influenced by William Burroughs' cut-up writings and surrealist film, as well as vintage Disney and Fleischer cartoons! Last Gasp, 2015...More.

Item Code: MIRBH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x11, 176pg, Full Color
$49.95 $24.95

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MYTHOS The Fantasy Art Realms of Frank Brunner
Recommended. By Frank Brunner. Enter the fantasy worlds of Brunner with this career-spanning collection. The man who gave Howard the Duck life brings us Conan, Man-Thing, Dr. Strange, Red Sonja, Elric, a nude Alice in Wonderland, Mucha-style tarot, and much more. Also featured are many never-before-published works, including commissioned artwork. Frank Brunner is an illustrator who can combine heroics, eroticism, and whimsy. Vanguard, 2007. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: MYO
Soft Cover, 8x11, 128pg, Full Color
$24.95 $16.95

THE PAINTINGS OF J. ALLEN ST. JOHN Grand Master of Fantasy
Highly Recommended. By Stephen D. Korshak and J. David Spurlock. The long career and the iconic fantasy adventure art of St. John (1875-1957). His work brought to life the novels and pulp magazine adventures, most notably by Edgar Rice Burroughs but also of Robert E. Howard and others in the legendary pages of Weird Tales, Amazing, Fantastic, as well as book covers. Vanguard, 2009...More.

Item Code: PANTI
Soft Cover, 8x11, 160pg, Full Color
$24.95 $16.95

PULP MACABRE The Art of Lee Brown Coye's Final and Darkest Era
Edited by Mike Hunchback and Caleb Braaten. No other artist working in mid-century pulp fiction created work as twisted as Lee Brown Coye. By the 1970s, after surviving a life-threatening illness, Coye would outdo himself, creating lurid illustrations exclusive to rare privately published books and fanzines. With nearly one hundred images, this showcases Coye's final and darkest era, containing some of his most passionately ghoulish artwork. Feral House, 2015...More.

Item Code: PULMH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 196pg, b&w
$39.95 $24.95

A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin. Winner of the Art Book Prize. Revolutionary and political posters, photographs, paintings, magazine covers, advertisements, and ephemera to illustrate the dramatic birth and eventual decline of the Soviet Union. The book plunges the reader into the shattering events that brought hope, chaos, heroism, and horror, as well as advances in art, photography, and graphic design in the early 20th century. More than 550 influential images are reproduced here, accompanied by David King's accessible text. Tate, 2016...More.

Item Code: REDST
Soft Cover, 10x11, 352pg, Partial Color
$45.00 $37.50

YOSHITAKA AMANO The World Beyond Your Imagination
Our Highest Recommendation. This oversized, full color art book (based on a Japanese exhibit) displays more than 250 of Amano's works spanning the beginning of his career through his very recent works, including the character designs of Gatchaman, Time Bokan, Vampire Hunter D, Deva Zan and the Final Fantasy series and POP-paintings of the Deva Loka (Candy Girl) series and much more. PIE, 2014...More.

Item Code: YOWB
Soft Cover, 9x12, 206pg, Full Color
$49.95 $35.00

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Illustrated Books & Sketchbooks

Recommended. By Mary Shelley. Art by Nino Carbé. Newly designed and reset, this handsome hardbound edition reprints all of Nino Carbé's starkly beautiful pen-and-ink drawings and decorative endpieces from one of the earliest illustrated editions of Frankenstein, from 1932. Bonus images include five full-color paintings, two double-page, created by Carbé in the 1980s after he became a noted Walt Disney artist. The artist's daughter, Elizabeth Carbé, provides a new foreword. Calla, 2016...More.

Item Code: FRASH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 226pg, Text/Partial Color
$40.00 $24.95

Highly Recommended. Assembled from the original text by Mary Shelley. Art by Gris Grimly. A twisted, fresh, and utterly original full-length, full-color graphic-novel adaptation of Mary Shelley's original text, brought to life by the acclaimed illustrator of macabre humor. Gris has cut and stitched Shelley's text to his own artwork, creating something entirely new: a stunningly original remix, both classic and contemporary, sinister and seductive, heart-stopping and heartbreaking. Harper Collins, 2013...More.

Item Code: GRFHS
Hard Cover, 7x10, 196pg, Full Color
$24.99 $14.99

Signed! By Gaston Leroux. Art by Anne Bachelier. Hard bound in handsome black cloth with a pictorial dust jacket. "The Phantom of the Opera" is the quintessential Gothic tale. Once again, Anne Bachelier's beautifully vivid artwork illuminates bring the story to life along with portions of the text. The complete novel is NOT collected here. CFM, 2009...More.

Item Code: PHOPH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 158pg, Text/Full Color
$145.00 $40.00

Our Highest Recommendation. By William Shakespeare. Art by Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Frank Pape, Edmund Dulac et al The popular retellings of Shakespeare's best-loved plays by the Charles and Mary Lamb became a staple of book publishing in the early 20th century. The Lambs modernized the language and shortened the stories, making these a perfect introduction to these classic works, especially for anyone intimidated by Shakespeare's arcane language. Dover, 2013...More.

Item Code: TALSH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 376pg, Text/Partial Color
$40.00 $14.95

Signed! Highly Recommended. By Allen Williams. "Entire worlds flow from Allen Williams' pencil and brush. Creatures and characters more twisted and more full of humanity than our imaginations dare to conjure. He is an incredible draughtsman and a true original mind."--Guillermo del Toro. 2013...More.

Item Code: AWPDS
Soft Cover, 6x9, 36pg, Partial Color
$20.00 $15.00

DAREN BADER One Hundred Drawings Signed
Our Highest Recommendation. By Daren Bader. Fantasy artist Daren Bader has unleashed a truly wonderful new art book. This beautiful hardcover is designed to be read cover to cover and then flipped over and read again from side two. Side One is like an old "best of" album filled with girls, creatures and action drawings. It is your classic "fantasy art" fare, with several nods to Frazetta, including the Death Dealer and Conan. Brandstudio, 2012...More.

Item Code: DBS
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x8, 104pg, Full Color
$23.00 $14.95

GLENN FABRY Sketchbook 3 Color Remarqued Edition
Limited, 50! Includes an original, full page, color drawing. The very first sketchbook by Fabry we've handled, very sharp--and also already out of print. Supply is very limited. This comes from the U.K., with 100 illustrations--half in full color and fully finished. Many unseen Preacher, Hellblazer, and Batman paintings straight out of Glenn's personal collection. Berserker, 2015. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: GFS03C
Soft Cover, 7x10, 64pg, Full Color
$100.00 $49.00

Revised with 40 pages of new content. Signed! Highly Recommended. By David Colman. Foreword by Joe Weatherly. Many artists draw and design animal characters but few do it well--it's time to narrow that margin! This book explains how to design vivid animal characters utilizing observations, basic design mechanics and the power of your own imagination. Discover how to create successful animal character designs while also developing strong drawing fundamentals--from a top professional animator. Or just revel in his superb artwork and creative, fun, fully-realized animal characters! David's Doodles, 2014...More.

Item Code: AOHS
Hard Cover, 11x9, 214pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $25.00

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Doc Savage & The Shadow Pulp Reprints

All Shadow volumes still in stock  from #1-99 are also now $7.95. #100 and up remain full price, since this is still an ongoing series. Quantities on these sale issues are very, very limited.
The Boss of Terror and The Magic Forest. Recommended. By William G. Bogart and Lester Dent. Eerie bolts of blue lightning electrocute a series of wealthy men whose only connection is their last name, Smith! Doc Savage seeks to uncover the strange secret of "The Boss of Terror" in a restored novel, expanded with lost text from Lester Dent's original manuscript! Then, the Man of Bronze and his Iron Men journey to "The Magic Forest" after Renny's plane disappears in the Alaskan wilderness. Sanctum, 2015...More.

Item Code: DC82
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112pg, Text/b&w
$14.95 $7.95

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DOC SAVAGE #86 (James Bama Cover)
The Sea Angel & The Devil is Jones. Recommended. By Lester Dent. Art by Paul Orban. First, just as evidence of their evil deeds materializes, unscrupulous Wall Street financiers disappear, victims of a vengeful monster called "The Sea Angel," in an expanded novel with never-before-published prose from Lester Dent's original manuscript. Then, an urgent plea from a powerful politician lures Doc Savage to Kansas City to unmask the diabolical Mr. Jones. Sanctum, 2015...More.

Item Code: DC86B
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112pg, Text/b&w
$14.95 $7.95

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The Golden Master & Death's Bright Finger & Reign of Terror. Recommended. By Walter Gibson, Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliott writing as Maxwell Grant. The Knight of Darkness battles diabolical super villains in classic pulp thrillers by all three "Maxwell Grants." First, The Shadow confronts his greatest superfoe, Shiwan Khan, "The Golden Master," in Walter Gibson's landmark novel that inspired the blockbuster 1994 movie. Sanctum, 2013...More.

Item Code: SHT75
Soft Cover, 7x10, 144pg, Text/b&w
$14.95 $7.95

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Limited, 5,200! Recommended. Designed by Ant Lucia. Sculpted by Tim Miller. Gotham City's female Dark Knight stars in the newest addition to the line of gorgeous statues inspired by the pinup girls of the 1940s and 1950s. This isn't your 1940s or 1960s character, but an all-new conception by Lucia, whose retro artwork has sparked an entire line of statues, playing cards, tapestry/blankets, and even a new DC comic series! Very nice. DC, 2015...More.

Item Code: DCBBW
10" tall, Full Color
$124.95 $75.00

Limited, 5,200! Recommended. Designed by Ant Lucia. Sculpted by Tim Miller. The line of striking stylized statues of the most popular female heroes and villains of the DC Universe modeled after the pin-ups of the 1940's continues with teenage super heroine Stargirl! This is another fun, retro-style design, displaying Stargirl in a body-hugging short-shorts outfit, with blue and red goggles. DC, 2014...More.

Item Code: DCBST
10" tall, Full Color
$124.95 $75.00

Limited, 5,200! Designed by Ant Lucia. Sculpted by Tim Miller. Harley's back! Fresh off her best-selling Bombshell makeover, everyone's favorite deranged darling rings in the holiday season with a batty bag of gifts in this all-new variant. Harley is dressed in a festive red and green outfit to ring in the holidays! In Harley's gift bag of goodies is the top half of Batman's costume...what's going on here?? DC, 2014...More.

Item Code: DCHHQ
10" tall, Full Color
$124.95 $59.00

Limited, 5,200! Designed by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. Sculpted by Jack Mathews. Aquaman's lovely wife--The Queen of the Sea, Mera. But she is far more, in reality an alien and the subject of many powerful storylines over the years since she first appeared in Aquaman #11 (1963), created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy. Here she is captured beautifully as she rises from the ocean in the latest Cover Girls statue from DC Collectibles. Mera was ranked 81st in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. DC, 2014...More.

Item Code: DCME
10" tall, Full Color
$99.95 $49.95

1/6 scale. Limited, loaded with extras. Recommended. This may just be our favorite one yet in this series. As beautiful as she is dangerous, Sheena was conceived to be a counterpart to Burroughs' Tarzan. She leapt off the pages of Fiction House's Jumbo #1 in 1937 to become the very first female character to have her own title, four years before Wonder Woman, and since featured in hundreds of comics, graphic novels, TV shows, and a feature film. Phicen, 2015...More.

Item Code: SHEQJ
12" tall, Full Color
$149.99 $99.00

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Pin-up & Erotic Art

Highly Recommended. Introduction by Jim Silke. The first curated reference survey of the state of pinup art among contemporary graphic artists, tattooists, and cartoonists. With more than 100 artists taking part from the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan, and China, this collection offers an unrivaled look at every different design direction pin-up art has taken since the heady days of Bettie Page. Grafitto, 2015. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: PINPH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 176pg, Full Color
$39.95 $24.95

WARBIRD PINUP GIRLS A Tribute to the 1940's Nose Art Pinup Girls
Photographs by Christian Kieffer. This portfolio collection features beautiful contemporary women dressed in the sexy pin-up fashions of WWII and photographed with the fighter planes from that era (all still flightworthy). A fun, nostalgic visit to the past with each airplane and model getting two pages (one full-page image) and several outtake photos, along with both the plane's and the model's history. Lots of skin, nylons, high heels, shorts and low-cut dresses, but no nudity. Binary, 2013...More.

Item Code: WARBP
Soft Cover, 9x11, 108pg, Full Color
$34.99 $19.99

SYLVIA Grindhouse Director Series DVD
Originally released in 1977. Writer/Director Armand Peters. A religiously repressed woman finds erotic relief through a series of hot-blooded alter egos--in essence, a hardcore take on Flora Schreiber's schizophrenia potboiler Sybil. Peters was a driving force in NYC's golden era of adult films, as well as actor in Taxi Driver, co-star with Chesty Morgan in Double Agent 73. and ghost-writer on Martin Scorcese's Raging BullAdult Material. After Hours, 2008...More.

Item Code: SYLV
DVD, 1 disc, 120min, Full Color
$29.95 $14.95

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Underwood File Copies

As part of our Underwood File Copy offerings, we also are offering exclusive sale prices on these eight titles. Already a bestseller, just from our weekly email, is Telling Stories: The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta. All these are bargain-priced and in perfect as-new condition. See our website for many more Underwood File Copies, including rare signed and deluxe editions.

SAVAGE ART 20th Century Genre & The Artists That Defined It
Pulp Cover Art. Recommended. Introduction by Frank M. Robinson. Savage Art showcases the art of the pulps: the lurid and violent illustration which prefigured and helped create the visual language in movie poster art, comic books, and multi-million copy video games. Featuring classic illustration by pulp artists Walter Baumhofer, Rafael de Soto, Jerome Rozen, and others, this beautifully produced full-color collection documents Depression-era fantasy, from crime and hero pulps, to science fiction and "spicy" titles. Underwood Books, 2010...More.

Item Code: SAVAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 112pg, Full Color
$15.00 $9.95

STRANGE DAYS Aliens, Adventurers, Devils and Dames
Oversized 11x15. Recommended. Edited by Arnie and Cathy Fenner. 32 full-color, framable examples of this best of the fabled pulp covers. Included are works by some of its most renowned artists, including Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, Edd Cartier, Margaret Brundage, Jerome Rozen, Enoch Bolles and Walter Baumhoffer. Presented in an oversized 11" x 15" format and printed on heavy stock, Strange Days is a must-have collection for any pulp or period art fan. Underwood Books, 2009...More.

Item Code: STRDH
Soft Cover, 11x15, 32pg, Full Color
$17.95 $9.95

SWORD'S EDGE Paintings Inspired by Robert E. Howard
Highly Recommended. Edited by Arnie Fenner, Cathy Fenner and Manuel Auad. Countless artists have painted Robert E. Howard's characters through the years, but few more brilliantly than legendary Spanish painter Sanjulián. With the impact of a battle axe, Sword's Edge collects an action-filled group of paintings that brings Howard's classic stories to vivid life. Best known in the United States for his cover paintings for the comic magazine Vampirella, Sanjulián has been rightly called an artist's artist for his masterful compositions and vibrant use of color. Underwood Books, 2010...More.

Item Code: SWOEH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 48pg, Partial Color
$19.95 $10.95

TELLING STORIES The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Hardcover Slipcased
Now bargain-priced. Highly Recommended. Art by Frank Frazetta. Fantasy art's most popular painter was also one of the most popular comic book illustrators during the industry’s golden age. Telling Stories: The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta celebrates the rare and largely forgotten stories created five decades ago by this iconic artist. These jungle adventures, true-life tales of heroism, and dreamy love stories not only exhibit the skill of a master craftsman but also provide tantalizing glimpses of where the young artist’s career would ultimately take him. Hardcover in slipcase! This was the ONLY trade edition of this book. Underwood Books, 2008...More.

Item Code: TELSH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 192pg, Partial Color
$49.95 $24.95

Art by Ralph Steadman, Wendy Popp, Burt Silverman et al. Edited by Steve Brodner. Based on the 2008 Society of Illustrators' exhibit, "Artists Against the War", Artists Against the War draws from the history of graphic protest and demonstrates the many ways that illustrators — in comics, editorial cartoons, illustrations for magazine articles, and so on — have reflected on the representations and misrepresentations of war, specifically the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Underwood Books, 2011...More.

Item Code: ARTAGH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 110pg, Partial Color
$19.95 $9.95

MIDDLE EARTH Visions of a Modern Myth
By Donato Giancola. From the brush of Donato Giancola, one of the world's most recognized and lauded fantasy artists, comes a book filled with new illustrations that apply his legendary Renaissance craftsmanship to J. R. R. Tolkien's fantastic Middle-Earth. Dramatic lighting and deft draftsmanship reminiscent of master painters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Vermeer explain Donato's popularity with millions of fans, as well as the numerous Hugo and Chesley Awards he has received. This long-awaited, moving, and beautiful voyage through Middle-Earth — a must-have for eager genre readers everywhere — offers a refreshingly new exploration of literature's most beloved fantasy realm. Underwood Books, 2010...More.

Item Code: MIDEH
Hard Cover, 9x13, 78pg, Full Color
$25.00 $12.50

WOMEN OF WONDER Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art
Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Cathy Fenner. Introduction by Lauren Panepinto. From the co-editor of Spectrum, a spotlight on women creators of fantastic art (traditionally seen as a largely male domain, though women have always been active participants) from Kewpie creator Rose O'Neill and pulp illustrator Margaret Brundage to Spectrum Grand Masters Diane Dillon and Kinuko Y. Craft. Underwood Books, 2015...More.

Item Code: WOMOW
Soft Cover, 9x12, 128pg, Full Color
$24.95 $12.50

SHAMELESS ART 20th Century Genre and the Artists that Defined It
Recommended. Edited by Tim Underwood. Unrepentant, unapologetic, unbridled and under-appreciated, genre art from the first half of the 20th century reflected the subconscious urges of an economically deprived and sexually depressed generation. This collects work by masters like Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran, Rolf Armstrong, George Petty, Enoch Bolles and many others as they let their untamed imaginations and tortured libidos run wild. Underwood Books, 2010...More.

Item Code: SHAAH
Hard Cover, 10x12, 112pg, Full Color
$15.00 $9.95