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2022 Best Sellers!!

Here's our annual list of our top sellers for all of 2022. A great many wonderful books came out last year as you will see below. I’ve added my personal comments below each one, to put them in perspective for you or add my own personal take. I hope you enjoy this and perhaps find an item or two you might have overlooked.

I have to say that the best works do rise to the top. A great many of these have Our Highest Recommendation or are Highly Recommended. Enjoy! - Bud

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1000-copy print run. Highly Recommended. Edited by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner. Frank Frazetta is remembered by his sisters Carol Frazetta, Jean Frazetta Falice, children Bill Frazetta, Holly Frazetta, Heidi Frazetta, collaborators James Gurney, Steven E. Gordon, William Stout, and granddaughter Sara Frazetta. Includes unpublished art and photos. Painter Dan dos Santos and New York Times bestselling writer Patricia Briggs discuss their 16-year collaboration on the Mercy Thompson series of fantasy book covers. Plus Gregory Manchess on painting book covers, Rich Corben, Steve Hickman, Ron Cobb, and Rowena tributes, and much more. Spectrum/Underwood Books, 2021. Out of print. Note: Slight bumps to corners....More.

Item Code: SPEQ01R
Magazine, 12x12, 88pg, Full Color
Limited to 1000, this is out of print. But we put aside some slightly dented copies so we have a few as I write this.

1000-copy print run. Bookplate illustrated and signed by Ed Binkley, limited to 250 numbered copies. Our Highest Recommendation. Introduction by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. Jeffrey Catherine Jones is the featured artist in an all new 39-page examination. George Pratt, Todd Adams and model Carol Zaloom share their memories and we are treated to page after page of paintings and new details of Jones’ life and work. Also: Fantastic art painter Ed Binkley is interviewed and featured on the cover. His work is stunning. Donato Giancola explains how inspiration shows up for him, with wonderful examples from Lord of the Rings paintings. Gregory Manchess shares insights and pointers. Sara Frazetta shares memories of her grandfather Frank Frazetta. Art Director Irene Gallo offers tips to illustrators in a 20-questions feature. Arnie writes poignant memoriams for James Bama, Neal Adams, Ken Kelly, George Perez, Tim Sale and Marshall Arisman—"six masterful members of our art community who left us in 2022." Spectrum/Underwood Books, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: SPEQ02
Soft Cover, 12x12, 76pg, Partial Color
We sold out the limited-to-300 bookplates. Cover artist Ed Binkley generously offered us artwork for a second bookplate that he signed 250 of!

3. FRAZETTA BOOK COVER ART The Definitive Reference Deluxe
Deluxe Slipcase with wrap-around art and 16 bonus pages. Our Highest Recommendation. By J. David Spurlock. This new book is devoted solely to the artist's single, most beloved venue, Book Cover Art. By focusing on this specific area, the book boasts room enough to feature every single one of Frazetta's famous and highly collectable covers, beautifully and authentically reproduced at a larger size on a page to itself. All, paperbacks from girlie publishers, Ace Burroughs covers, Conans, and far far more, are presented in chronological order, which gives readers a unique ability to follow Frazetta's evolution as an artist. Commentary and rare quotes from the artist himself. Vanguard, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: FRAZBCD
Hard Cover, 8x11, 184pg, Partial Color
This combines the Deluxe and hardcover sales; there has been no softcover edition planned as yet. The first printing of the Deluxe sold out but is going back to press.

Our Highest Recommendation. The latest (and possibly last) issue of the greatest magazine devoted to EC comics ever published. This issue includes unpublished interviews with Gene Colan and Russ Heath, an illustrated critical study of Atlas' Kurtzman-inspired war comics in the pre-code days (with lots of art), a Kurtzman remembrance by R.O. Blechman, an astounding reprint of The Hartford Courant's campaign against "salacious and depraved" comics, a 12 page spread of Jack Davis's Coca-Cola advertising images, and much much more. An essential historical feast for EC fans. Fantagraphics, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: SQ14
Soft Cover, 8x11, 96pg, Text/Partial Color
We did a limited run of signed bookplates with a George Evans illustration, but that's long gone, I'm afraid. Still worth every penny for the book alone!

5. ILLUSTRATORS QUARTERLY SPECIAL #14 The Illustrated History of Warren Magazines
Our Highest Recommendation. This explores and showcases the art of James Warren and his highly successful magazines: Famous Monsters of Filmland, Screen Thrills, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, 1984, The Spirit, Comix International and even more! This is packed with cover art and interior pages by the likes of Richard Corben, Bernie Wrightson, Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, Ken Kelly, Alex Toth, Frank Frazetta, Wallace Wood, John Severin, Reed Crandall, Carmine Infantino, Alex Niño and many, many more. Plus the entire history, the ups and downs, of Warren's empire. Book Palace, 2022. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: IQS15
Soft Cover, 9x11, 144pgs, Partial Color
This is already sold out but a new edition is planned for June or July. The price went up on the new printing. It was one of the fastest sell-throughs of all the Quarterly Specials. Their Edgar Rice Burroughs and Glamour Specials also sold out and went back to press (both are just below). The brand new Arts of Modesty Blaise Special is nearly gone too.

Our Highest Recommendation. While they last, our copies will be the numbered & limited "Famous First Edition" variant. This monograph is the biggest (11 pounds, 12" x 16") and most complete ever produced on the artist, done in collaboration with the Frazetta family and with top collectors. Frank Frazetta has reigned as the undisputed lord of fantasy art for 50 years, his fame only growing in the 10 years since his death. With his paintings now breaking auction records, he's long overdue for this ultimate monograph. Born to a Sicilian immigrant family in Brooklyn, 1928, Frazetta was a minor league athlete, petty criminal and serial seducer with movie star looks and phenomenal talent. Taschen, 2023. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: FANWFH
Hard Cover, 12x16, 472pg, Partial Color

Our shipment just arrived and we are filling backorders right now. It's a big job, will take a few days! Meanwhile, the entire first printing of 6000 is now sold out. A new non-numbered printing will be published but we don't know when yet. The good news: we over-ordered on this--we currently have plenty of copies of the numbered First Edition, if you haven't yet ordered yours.

I'm quite impressed, it's an outstanding book. A lot of material has rarely or never before seen, from original artwork in the family archives and private works (many nudes) that Frank did for his own enjoyment.


7. THE ART OF ENRIC Hardcover
Oversized. Highly Recommended. A long-overdue, career retrospective of Spanish illustrator Enric, long a favorite among comics and illustration fans, most of whom were introduced to Enric by the incredible paintings that he created for Warren Publishing, 52 in all. And specially for his Vampirella magazine covers and the much loved six-foot Vampi poster. This large and comprehensive 9 x 12 inch, 350-page hardcover book takes us on a journey through Enric’s entire career, from his earliest comic book work right up to his sought-after private commissions that continue to be in high demand to this day. His paintings of Conan, Red Sonja, Supergirl, Tarzan, and Wonder Woman are all here. Also included is a detailed interview, photos of him at work and of his models. Many previously unpublished pieces, including fine art paintings and nudes. FPG, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: ARTEH
Hard Cover, 350pg, Partial Color
We're awaiting a reorder of these from England, due any day. This ranking includes the deluxe—while not cheap, it's done well [ARTED. $275] and is limited to only 195 copies.

8. SANJULIAN Master of Fantasy Art
Limited, 1000. Completely Revised New Edition. Our Highest Recommendation. Introduction by Joe Jusko. Legendary Spanish painter and illustrator Sanjulian is renowned the world over for his incredible covers for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Vampirella, Conan, Eerie and Creepy as well as book covers, posters, private commissions and much more. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates the full breadth of Sanjulian's career. Hundreds of beautiful full color paintings and pencil sketches, unpublished illustrations plus rarely seen early work and many nudes, along with exclusive photos and artwork from his personal archives. Very impressive: a massive 300-page oversized art book packed with wonderful artwork. - Bud. Book Palace, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: SANJMH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 312pg, Full Color
You notice a trend here? Spanish artists are all over on our Bestsellers this year.

9. SCRIBBLINGS 8 with Mandy Signed
Signed! Highly Recommended. By Dean Yeagle. After a three year hiatus for Covid, an entirely new collection of wonderful images. Mandy goes to a nude French beach in an amazing 24-page story that is a delight. The second half of the book is the usual mix of finished full color drawings, studies and offbeat subjects, including a nude Dejah Thoris and a nude Poison Ivy, "I Am Not Harley (Quinn)," Mandy in and out of clothes, trolls, and rare animation drawings. Lots of delightful nudity. Caged Beagle, 2022. Mature Readers. ...More.

Item Code: SCR08S
Soft Cover, 8x11, 46pg, Full Color
After a Covid year off, Dean was back with a welcome new issue. Here’s more Mandy collections by Dean Yeagle.

Our Highest Recommendation. This special issue showcases some of the greatest art ever to grace the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, published from around the world in comics, books, magazines, posters and films, with an emphasis on Tarzan. Bill Stout interviews the amazing Joe Jusko with loads of great art; Bill also talks about assisting Russ Manning on the legendary Tarzan Sunday Page run. More with the life and work of legendary Tarzan artist and founder of the New York School of Visual Arts, Burne Hogarth. And Czech master painter Zdenek Burian and Hal Foster. Book Palace, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: IQS14
Soft Cover, 9x11, 128pg, Partial Color
We did a catalog cover devoted to this, which is as much a thorough look at the work of Joe Jusko (interviewed by Bill Stout) and the other ERB artists.

Highly Recommended. Double-sized special. An entirely new look at Glamour and Pin Up art from the 1900s on, but with emphasis on the last several decades. Billy De Vorss, Rolf Armstrong, Alberto Vargas, Enoch Bolles, Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, to "modern day" names: Fritz Willis, Chris Achilleos, Sorayama, Patrick Nagel, Dave Stevens, Milo Manara, Robert McGinnis and many, many more. A gorgeous collection. Lots of nudity. Book Palace, 2021. Adult material. ...More.

Item Code: IQS13
Soft Cover, 9x11, 144pg, Partial Color
These special issues from England have often been very popular.The very first special #1: Spanish Artists [IQS01. $45.99] has been reprinted twice. The John Burns Special #8 (the Modesty Blaise artist) was just off the top 20 list [IQS08. $37.99].

Our Highest Recommendation. This issue features the work of Earle Bergey, one of the most prolific and outstanding cover artists of both pulps and vintage paperbacks, but never with a book devoted to him. This is it — his career and dozens and dozens of wonderful cover creations, many from the original artwork. Including early pin-up art and nudes. Illustrated Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: IL76
Magazine, 9x11, 80pg, Partial Color
Bergey did have a small softcover book devoted to his work but it's long out of print. This guy was prolific AND good—he drew dozens if not hundreds of iconic pulp covers but also became just as important in the paperback cover art field in the 50s. An exceptionally well-deserved tribute.

Our Highest Recommendation. The culmination of twenty years of publishing. The entire Flesk team poured months of research and work into making this all-new, freshly designed, 304-page volume that reprises their first book in 2002. This celebrates the life and work of Franklin Booth, who inspired artists from Berni Wrightson to Michael Kaluta. This is THE book on one of the most successful commercial artists of the early 20th century. 365 black and white and 25 color illustrations plus photos and more. Flesk, 2022....More.

Item Code: FRABSS
Soft Cover, 9x12, 304pg, Partial Color
$49.95 $45.00
The Publisher Exclusive hardcover sold out quite quickly; both publisher John Fleskes and I were surprised and pleased to see that Booth is not forgotten. Interest in his work has always been boosted by acknowledgements from Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Roy Krenkel and others.

14. ALLEY OOP Book One Dinny 1932-33 V.T. Hamlin
1932-33. Highly Recommended. By V.T. Hamlin. Alley Oop and Dinny contains all of the Alley Oop strips from 1933 and earlier. V. T. Hamlin created Alley Oop in 1932, and it was given a very limited distribution by a small outfit who abruptly went out of business. Major syndicate, NEA (Newspaper Enterprise Associates) picked up Alley Oop, and V. T. Hamlin started the story over from the beginning. Acoustic Learning, 2022....More.

Item Code: ALLE01
Soft Cover, 11x8, 104pg, b&w
The new monthly series started off with a bang and has not slowed down since. Each new issue has been very popular, and the parallel series of Dave Graue era Oop stories has done pretty darned well also. And it was wonderful to get the new Alley Oop Sunday Pages Vol 3 right at the end of the year.

10x21. Ideal for rare and valuable books, these clear covers protect from tears, folds, stains, and any general edge wear. Takes less than 60 seconds to put on. Made from chemically stable Super-Clear 1.5-mil polyester film with a specially formulated pH-neutral PVA adhesive—premium protection without losing the brilliance of the jacket graphics! Fully adjustable and fits up to that size; i.e., 10" fits any book up to ten-inches tall. Sold ten per size. Brodart....More.

Item Code: JAF10
10x21, 10 covers
This is generally our top selling collector supply. We won't bore you listing others that fell into the top sellers. Mylar became imposssible to find last year, but mylites were available (and I prefer them myself) and I have been laying in long-term stock of bags and boards because my present supplier is retiring. It's helped us keep our prices down during all this inflation talk. Our next best seller is Paperback Bags!

Second Printing. Our Highest Recommendation. By Daniel Zimmer. Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976) was Coca Cola’s most prolific artist, painting subjects that ranged from pin-up bathing beauties to soda-fountain scenes. They are actively collected today. During his peak period in the 1940s, he produced half of all Coke’s advertising art, including the famous Santa everyone recognizes today. He was head of an entire illustration studio; he painted calendar art, including nudes; and he was a major influence on top artists of the time. Illustrated Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: ARTHSH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color
$44.95 $29.95
This was a second printing but still has done very well. He's an amazing artist who also dabbled in pin-up work. He influenced many other illustrators.

Hogan's Alley features a long examination of the legendary Frank Frazetta's time working for Li'l Abner creator Al Capp, with gorgeous Frazetta artwork (some supplied by his family). Also: a long interview with Golden Age comic book and comic strip artist Bob Fujitani. Alex Raymond's Jungle Jim. The short-lived attempt to produce a live-action sitcom based on Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy. Ralph Bakshi's original art collection. Best and Worst costume redesigns. Bull Moose, 2021....More.

Item Code: HA23
Magazine, 8x11, 144pg, Text/b&w
A feature on Frazetta made this the best-selling issue of this in some time. But it's always got lots of good features.

18. SHAMELESS ART 20th Century Genre and the Artist That Defined It
Bargain priced, still 2010 cover price. Highly Recommended. All from the original art: Rare, completely nude ladies by famous pin-up artists Fritz Willis, Roy Best, Zoe Mozart, Gil Elvgren (who rarely did nudes), Andrew Loomis, Earl Moran, Art Sarnoff, Rolf Armstrong (several), George Petty (one nude, four just-about), Bergey, and of course, Vargas. Suggestive pin-ups by Caldwell Higgins, Bill Randal, Ted Withers, Art Frahm, 11 pieces including one nude and several great Film Fun covers by Enoch Bolles. And much more by lesser-known and unknowns. Underwood Books, 2010. Out of print. Mature Readers. ...More.

Item Code: SHAAH
Hard Cover, 10x12, 112pg, Full Color
Underwood Books got us a final batch of this regular seller. Publshed at a bargain $15 way back when, it's even more a bargain now. Lots of fun pulp art in full color. It's companion volume is Savage Art.

Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Peter Richardson. In August 1914 much of Europe was pitched into a war which would eclipse all others in terms of its industrialized ferocity. With photography and film recording still in their infancy, much of the news was relayed through wartime illustrators. Preeminent among them was Fortunino Matania, The Sphere's artist-on-the-spot for events ranging from coronations to disasters. Sent to a variety of fronts to cover the conflict, his illustrations created a gripping testimony. Over 150 paintings and drawings of the World War I conflict depict all its horrors and special moments. Book Palace, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: THFMH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 160pg, b&w
Very few people used to know this man's work. But thanks to Book Palace, that has changed dramatically. His $90 Art book sells month after month for us. Even though this is addressing only his WWI artwork, the work is truly amazing and indeed, the book has done very well.

Highly Recommended. Featuring the paperback cover art of Raymond Johnson. His fine work is here on the cover. Up until now, little has been known about this prolific but obscure illustrator. The feature tells his story for the first time in print, and presents scores of rare book covers and examples of original art. Next, the legendary Fritz Willis known for his sexy pin up illustrations, and his famous art instruction books for Walter T. Foster publishing company, and a look into his career and showcases reproductions of original paintings as well as rare tear sheets. Nudity. Illustrated Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: IL77
Magazine, 9x11, 80pg, Full Color
A name virtually unknown to us, Raymond Johnson was a prolific paperback cover artist in the 50s and 60s. And Fritz Willis is here, not as well known as Elvgren or Vargas, but a close second in the pin-up world. Issue #75 was a runner up to this issue.

21. TELLING STORIES The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Hardcover Slipcased
Closeout Price! Back in stock. Our Highest Recommendation. Art by Frank Frazetta. This offers the complete Thunda and his best romance works, such as "Untamed Love" and "The Wrong Road." Plus combat tales, funny animals, White Indian, Ghost Rider covers and much, much more. Some of these stories offer some of his finest pen & ink works, with shapely women, nude statues, and lots of implied lust. Fantasy art's most popular painter was also one of the finest comic book illustrators in the pre-code 1950s. This deluxe collection exhibits the skill of a master craftsman but also provides tantalizing glimpses of where the young artist’s career would ultimately take him, into covers for Conan, Warren mags and movie posters. Hardcover in slipcase! This was the ONLY trade edition of this book. Underwood Books, 2008. ...More.

Item Code: TELSH
Hard Cover With Slip Case, 9x12, 192pg, Full Color
$49.95 $29.95
Underwood overprinted this back in the day but at a discounted price, it's reaching a whole new audience. We are practically the only source for it now. A fine collection of Frank's comic book work in a deluxe slipcased hardcover.

22. INFECTED BY ART Volume 9
Our Highest Recommendation. With a cover painting by Justin Gerard, Infected by Art Volume 9 once again contains a most diverse groups of artists, selected by a jury panel of Ed Binkley, Tran Nguyen, John Picacio and Dug Stanat. Newly commissioned work for this book by Dave Seeley, Rob Alexander, Raoul Vitale. Grand Prize winners: Scott Gustafson. Body of Work: Hope Doe. 269 Artists from traditionally painted to digitally painted, illustrations in pencil, pen and ink or gold leaf, to sculpted works. a cover painting by Justin Gerard, Infected by Art Volume 9 once again contains one of our most diverse groups of artists selected by a jury panel of Ed Binkley, Tran Nguyen, John Picacio and Dug Stanat. Newly commissioned work for this book by Dave Seeley, Rob Alexander, Raoul Vitale. Grand Prize winners: Scott Gustafson. Body of Work: Hope Doe. 269 Artists from traditionally painted to digitally painted, illustrations in pencil, pen and ink or gold leaf, to sculpted works. ArtOrder, 2022. Some nudity....More.

Item Code: INA09H
Hard Cover, 9x11, 328pg, Full Color
With no Spectrum annual, this has become our go-to book for contemporary fantasy art. Vol 10 just came in and it'll be on the cover of our upcoming Spring catalog. We didn't know they'd done two variant just jackets until they offered us a limited number of each. So we now have one by Sanjulian, and another by gaming artist Mark Poole. Both are signed and limited to 100 and are $60. The Sanjulian is already going fast since we announced it last week.

23. BLACKHAWK Volume 1
Collects origin story in Military #1, 1941, and the first four issues, 1944-46. Highly Recommended. The first in an 18-volume series entirely in the inexpensive "softee" format. Besides the origin story by Will Eisner, this collects for the first time ever the first four 48-page issues of his own title (issues #1-8 were Uncle Sam). Wonderful artwork by Reed Crandall, Bill Ward (Torchy) who features good-girl artwork on bad girls here!), Al Bryant and others. PS Artbooks, 2022....More.

Item Code: BLAC01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 232pg, Full Color
Surprise! In the back-issue market, vintage issues are slow. One reason is there are a LOT out there. Blackhawk was always extremely popular ever since it started. It joins Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman as the only hero title to make it from the 1940s into the modern era. With art by Reed Crandall and Bill Ward, these are great stories and as a fan myself, I'm not terribly surprised this is by far our best selling PS Artbook series now. Volume 2 was a close runner up to this.

Closeout Price! Highly Recommended. Often referred to as the "artist's artist," Brian Bolland has produced some of the most memorable and inspiring illustrations—primarily cover art—ever. This handsome volume is a retrospective of this astonishing artist's career and a look at the man himself. It begins with his rarely-seen British series, including Judge Dredd and Tank Girl, but quickly moves into iconic U.S. work on 63 covers for Animal Man, the legendary Camelot 3000, Wonder Woman, The Invisibles, Batman: Killing Joke. Every cover he's done is powerful, a knockout, minutely detailed. Image, 2006. Out of print. Condition: Corners have slight bumps....More.

Item Code: ARTBBH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 176 pg., Partial Color
$49.99 $14.99
We scored a bargain buy on on these but I thought I'd overdone it a bit. Turns out I was wrong, and we’re almost sold out now. Great book.

25. LITTLE NEMO Dream Another Dream
Closeout Price! Our Highest Recommendation. By Bill Sienkiewicz, Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, David Mack et al. Contemporary artists pay tribute to this beloved and imaginative Sunday page. They have created 118 entirely new Little Nemo pages, all full Sunday page size! Contributors also include Paul Pope, J.H. Williams III, Carla Speed McNeil, Peter Bagge, Dean Haspiel, Farel Dalrymple, Marc Hempel, Nate Powell, Jeremy Bastian, Jim Rugg, Ron Wimberly, Scott Morse, David Petersen, J.G. Jones, Mike Allred, Dean Motter, Yuko Shimizu, Roger Langridge, Craig Thompson, and Mark Buckingham, among many others. Locust Moon, 2014. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: LNDRH
Hard Cover, 16x21, 144pg, Full Color
$124.99 $50.00
A repeat from last year, this continues to gather new fans. I love offering bargain-priced books like this, well worth everyone's attention.

Our Highest Recommendation. Exclusive full color, double-sided bookplate signed by authors Greg Biga and Jon B. Cooke. A spirited biography of one of the most prolific creators in the history of American comics! From a start in 1947 at the Simon & Kirby shop, John Severin co-created the legendary Western strip American Eagle, and became an EC Comics mainstay, working with Harvey Kurtzman on MAD and Two-Fisted Tales. In addition to a 40 year association with Cracked magazine, his pivotal Marvel Comics work included an extended run on The Hulk, and teaming with sister Marie Severin to create the definitive comics version of King Kull. TwoMorrows, 2021....More.

Item Code: JOHSEH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 160pg, Partial Color
One of my favorite books last year, and my very favorite signed bookplate ever—double sided, full color, all Severin art.

27. THE ART OF OLIVIA Featuring Bettie Page 2023 Calendar
Closeout Price! Our Highest Recommendation. Each page features a large pin-up image plus a full second different image next to the dates! This 12 month wall calendar features three images of Bettie Page, contemporary models and Josephine Baker. Elaborate see-through outfits, tattoos and more of Olivia’s signature style, including several nudes. Amazing work from today’s premier pin-up painter. Each large-size image is like a centerfold, extending to the lower opening. Ozone, 2022. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: OLI23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color
$16.99 $9.99
Our #1 bestselling 2023 calendar! Almost gone. Boris & Julie Bell was #2, Frazetta #3, Hildebrant's American Beauties #4.

28. SAVAGE ART 20th Century Genre and the Artists that Defined It Hardcover
Bargain priced, still 2010 cover price. Highly Recommended! Entirely from the original paintings, with stunning reproduction, full page for each pulp cover. The lurid and violent illustrations which prefigured and helped create the visual language in movie poster art, comic books, and game art. Featuring classic illustration by pulp artists Virgil Finlay, Norman Saunders, H.J. Ward, Harold McCauley, Austin Briggs, Emsh, Harry Parkhurst, Walter Baumhofer, Rafael de Soto, George and Jerome Rozen, Tom Lovell and, of course, Weird Tales legend Margaret Brundage, and others. Underwood Books, 2010. Out of print....More.

Item Code: SAVAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 112pg, Full Color
As noted above with Shameless Art, a bargain priced hardcover back in stock.

Almost Gone! Russ Heath, George Gross, Antonio Caparo, & Del Castillo. Our Highest Recommendation. Featuring the imaginative world of Antonio Caparo, illustrator of some of the most popular children's adventure books of the past decades with gorgeous fantasy work, an example of which is on this issue’s cover. And for comic fans, we get a 31-page close look at the realistic comics of Russ Heath: "Master of Reality" with reproductions entirely from original art! Finally another excellent feature, now on the action-packed pulp and paperback covers and men’s magazines by the legendary George Gross. Book Palace, 2022. Out of print....More.

Item Code: IQ37
Soft Cover, 9x11, 96pg, Partial Color
A feature on Russ Heath put this at the top of all the new issues, plus the superb art of cover artist Antonio Caparo—I'd love to see more of his work.

Limited, 900! Third Printing. Our Highest Recommendation. By Daniel Zimmer. FULL COLOR throughout and entirely new. First released in late 2015 in a limited edition, then reprinted to once again quickly sell out, this is only the second-ever book on this important and influential artist. Filled with beautiful illustrations reproduced almost exclusively from the original paintings and drawings, this spectacular book explores Dean Cornwell (1892-1960), American illustrator and muralist. His oil paintings were frequently featured in popular magazines and books as literary illustrations, advertisements, and posters supporting the war effort. Throughout the first half of the 20th century he was a dominant presence in American illustration. At the peak of his popularity he was nicknamed the "Dean of Illustrators". Illustrated Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: ARTDCH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Full Color
Into it's THIRD printing and it's still selling extremely well! Cornwell was a contemporary of N.C. Wyeth and Franklin Booth, and hugely influential on the next generations of illustrators.

31. ARTHUR ADAMS DRAWINGS 2022 Sketchbook Signed
Full size 8.5x11, thick collection and signed! Highly Recommended. A portraits special — superheroes and supervillains, all fully finished in ink. Some wonderful pin-ups like on the cover. Wolverine, Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, Godzilla, Two-Face, Rocketeer, The Thing, Thanos, Frankenstein, Black Canary, the ladies from Spider-Man, Batman family, and more characters from X-Men, Star Wars, and more. Wonderful detail, which is an Adams specialty. Arthur Adams, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: AA22S
Soft Cover, 8x11, 54pg, Partial Color
Very few new sketchbooks have appeared lately, so we were overjoyed to be able to offer this. Thanks to Dan Brereton, who is buddies with Art and picked up and delivered them to us!

Almost Gone! By Dave Franchini. Special 38-page issue. Grimm Universe heroines and lady villains, soaking up the sun while wearing the season's hottest swimsuit fashions! Top artists contribute gorgeous pin-ups: Mike Krome, Alfredo Reyes (many), Dawn McTeigue, Derlis Santacruz, Michael Dooney, Mike DeBalfo. Includes a never before published Grimm short story by Moy R. Zenescope, 2021. Out of print....More.

Item Code: GRIMS21
Comic, 7x10, 48pg, Full Color
Our best selling of all the Zenescope specials last year.

33. TERRY AND THE PIRATES The Master Collection Volume 1
Collects all dailies and Sundays from the strip's beginning in 1934 through the end of 1935. Highly Recommended. Surprise! While they last, this is packaged with Vol 13 at no extra cost!! Never reproduced better, from Milton Caniff's personal set of color syndicate proofs, unavailable for previous books. The Sundays are presented with unmatched color fidelity and larger than they have ever before been reprinted — an unparalleled upgrade that no Terry fan can afford to pass up. Plus crystal clear dailies from the beginning, three per page. Vol 13 is all historical material and essays: rare photos, rare bonus artwork, hand-colored Sunday and much more bonus material. Clover Press, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: TERP01H
Hard Cover, 11x14, 192pg, Partial Color
Even at $120, this makes the list. Caniff's Terry is very much beloved by fans and no edition yet has done as good a job of collecting them as this new series from IDW. It's up to Volume 3 now.

Oversized hardcover, first published in France. Second volume of two. Our Highest Recommendation. By H.P. Lovecraft. Art by François Baranger. Return to the final days of the Dyer expedition in the remote Antarctic wastes. The letters from expedition leader Professor William Dyer grow increasingly more desperate as the expedition presses on, leaving sanity behind them. What they discover beneath the ice is meant for no living man to see, Cyclopean structures and alien landscapes that defy description. The final act of the Dyer Expedition is a descent into cosmic horror and utter madness. A perfect blend of text and huge, often full page paintings. Design Studio Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: ATMOUN02H
Hard Cover, 10x14, 64pg, Full Color
I love this book. The French artist captures the monolithic, gothic, epic, panoramic quality of the story perfectly. And it's oversized to better reproduced the art, which accompanies the original prose story. The same creators did The Call of Cthulhu, same oversized format [CALLCH. $29.95].

35. IMAGES #13
Closeout Price! . Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. "A handsomely-selected tasteful mix of the best, well mounted, printed. It has my vote for its long life." That's how Alex Toth described the first issue. Here's Jim: "I scour original source material—magazines and books—from before 1923 for the most beautiful and forgotten images by famous and forgotten illustrators. Using the best technology available today on museum quality stock...I try to give century-old art the benefit of modern reproduction technology and display these artists as they have never been seen before." Vadeboncoeur, 2014....More.

Item Code: IMA13
Soft Cover, 9x12, 64pg, Full Color
$30.00 $12.50
Can you believe it? We've handled this since it concluded the series in 2014, and publisher Jim Vadeboncoeur moved to France. He left all his inventory with us, and at half price, they just keep selling. His best issue in my mind! Other issues are runners up but I won't take space to show them all here.

36. PRINCE VALIANT Volume 25
1985-86. Recommended. By John Cullen Murphy et al. Val and Arn are in Lappland, where they get involved with two twin brothers' struggle over succession. Arn consults a mystical hermit about whether his destiny intertwines with Maeve's, the daughter of an arch-enemy. With Mordred in control of Camelot, Val and Aleta seek to raise an army, which forces Val to capture a notorious outlaw, battle a troll, and find a hidden treasure. Arthur's forces come together at High Cross, and he wages an epic battle for the fate of Camelot, during which Arn becomes a knight of the round table. Fantagraphics, 2022....More.

Item Code: PV25H
Hard Cover, 10x14, 112pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99
Even though we've moved beyond Foster's work on this, the stories are still good, the charactes much loved, and these pages have never before been collected. We are eagerly awaiting the Gary Gianni pages, and Thomas Yeates that follow.

Closeout Price! Signed & limited, 700! The Artist's Journey through Popular Culture 1942-62. Our Highest Recommendation. By Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. and Everett Raymond Kinstler. Signed by Everett and Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. on a hand-numbered bound-in print. The book comes in a red cloth-bound numbered slipcase with gold-stamped title. Kinstler's work hangs in museums, boardrooms, banks, private collections, The White House, and in the homes of his clients and friends. Before portraiture became his life's work, he spent the 1940s and 1950s honing his craft in comic books: Hawkman for DC's The Flash, Black Hood and Black Terror for Standard, and dozens upon dozens of covers, inside cover contents pages, and stories for those delightfully lurid Avon titles like Eerie, Cowpuncher, Dalton Brothers, Jesse James, Strange Worlds, etc. And illustrating for pulp magazines like The Shadow, Doc Savage and Detective Tales! JVJ, 2005....More.

Item Code: EVED
Hard Cover, 8x11, 244pg, Partial Color
$95.00 $34.99
Another sale-priced item from my old partner, Jim Vadeboncoeur. Kinstler passed away but here we still have signed copies and bargain priced. We're finally getting low on these, I may up the price so act now.

38. ILLUSTRATORS QUARTERLY SPECIAL #16 The Modesty Blaise Artists
Our Highest Recommendation. First Printing of 1,000. An impressively thick, 160-page look at all the artists who have depicted Modesty Blaise in the comic strips, comic books, hardcover and paperback covers, magazine appearances, even privately commissioned artwork. Jim Holdaway, Enric Romero, John M. Burns, Patrick Wright, Neville Colvin, Gerald Lip to Dick Giordano. Packed with superb examples of all the artists' work, fascinating articles and never before seen script to sketch comparisons, insights and never before seen visuals of Modesty. Nudity. Book Palace, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: IQS16
Soft Cover, 9x11, 160pg, Partial Color
This sold out nearly as it hit the door. Book Palace is doing a LOT of fine books this year, but they are keeping print runs low, so we have to wait for a new printing of this.

Recommended. Art by Mort Künstler, James Bama, Vic Prezio, and Clarence Doore. This issue collects classic stories and artwork from vintage men’s adventure magazines that feature "Jungle Girls" — the savage sirens of men’s adventure fiction — and special features about two real-life Jungle Girls: travel/adventure writer and pinup model "Jungle Jane" Dolinger and actress Marion Michael, who played Liane, Jungle Goddess! Nudity. Robert Deis, 2022. Mature readers. ...More.

Item Code: MENQ04
Soft Cover, 8x10, 148pg, Partial Color
This series is up to #6 now; you get vintage art and the stories it goes with.

New lower-priced edition. Our Highest Recommendation. By Sarahjane Blum and Louis Meisel. Edited by Dian Hanson. Based on the formidably sized $200 Art of Pin-up, this new edition gathers nearly 100 artists alongside in-depth showcases of the top 10 names in the game. Each chapter opens with a reproduction of an original calendar or magazine cover by that artist. The reproduction quality of the paintings, pastels, and preparatory sketches that follow — largely sourced from the original art — invites the viewer to trace the brushstrokes, while the exquisite period calendars, vintage prints, and original model photos document the artists’ creative process. Much of this ephemera was photographed on-site at the historic Brown & Bigelow Company, home to the world’s largest archive of vintage pin-up calendars. Taschen, 2021....More.

Item Code: ARTOPH
Hard Cover, 10x14, 548pg, Full Color
$80.00 $70.00
Taschen's new edition of the book first published as a $200 XXL edition. One of the finest EVER books on all the pin-up artists, famous and obscure.


42. COMIC BOOK CREATOR #27 Bud Plant Interview Pt 1
Highly Recommended. Edited by Jon B. Cooke.The lead-off feature is part one of "a fascinating chat with distributor, publisher, and mail-order bookseller supreme Bud Plant, his early years and first forays as San Jose comic shop proprietor—at 16!" -Profusely illustrated with vintage fanzines, comics and art. Then Paul Gulacy is celebrated in an extensive retrospective by Greg Biga that includes memories from the artist himself and a vast array of peers.Plus an extended Joe Sinnott memorial. TwoMorrows, 2022....More.

Item Code: CBCR27
Magazine, 8x11, 80pg, Partial Color
What can I say? Jon Cooke does a superb job with both good questions and supplementing my early days with all my favorite fanzines, books and underground comics with loads and loads of pictures.

43. BLACK & WHITE IMAGES Fourth Annual Collection
Closeout Price! Limited, 2,000. Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. This fourth b&w annual features over 200 carefully selected works from the Golden Age of pen & ink illustration (1890-1922). Featuring fantastic reproductions of rare, classic art from the likes of Charles Sarka, W.T. Benda, Winsor McCay, Katharine Sturges Dodge, Willy Pogany, Herbert Railton, Rose O'Neill, J.M. Condé, Maynard Dixon, J. Allen St. John (15 pages from his rare pre-ERB fantasy, The Face in the Pool), W.R. Leigh, Gordon Grant and many others. It's a fabulous wealth of the best in pen-and-ink illustration, from fantasy to realism, to drama. Vadeboncoeur, 2008....More.

Item Code: IMAA04
Soft Cover, 9x12, 108pg, b&w
$25.00 $12.50
Jim Vadeboncoeur's other series, which actually used to outsell the regular series. Although in black and white, you get many more pages, a handsome square format, and lots of obscure art superbly reproduced. Only issues #3, 4 and 5 remain available, all on sale.

Highly Recommended. It’s been almost 30 years since Bernie Wrightson let his imagination run wild on his two trading card series. Bernie was given free rein to explore whatever ideas he wanted. Over a two-year period, he created 150 amazing NEW paintings. Vivid images of swamp creatures, vampires, werewolves, and beasties of all types congregate throughout these works. It’s a spellbinding collection of all the things for which Bernie is best known, never assembled in book form and now close to the actual size at which they were produced. FPG, 2022. Due: Jan. ...More.

Item Code: BERNWH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 200pg, Partial Color
This is just shipping to us now, so I haven't seen it yet. Again, lots of advance orders for a rare Wrightson collection.

45. CHERRY SUNDAE The Complete Collection
Recommended. Before Pete Tumlinson drew the early adventures of Marvel’s Kid Colt, Outlaw, he created this wild romp of a newspaper strip that was published in papers throughout the United States as an advertising premium, once each week. Cherry is a comely carrot-top car-hop at the local drive in who finds herself being courted by two young men. They battle for her attention and affection... on the land, in the water, and in the skies above! And her girlfriend also vies for their affection, much like Betty and Veronica. But this was a bit more racy with some wonderful, leggy panels and low-cut outfits. Note: reproduction quality varies. With no source for good proofs, the publisher's source is printed strips. About Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: CHESU
Soft Cover, 9x6, 86pg, b&w
Here's an obscure little surprise from a small publisher and a super-obscure strip. It's fun.

Almost Gone! Limited, 600. Highly Recommended. By Peter Richardson. The art of Fortunino Matania might have slipped from public view, but to connoisseurs of great illustration he remains in a league of his own. Now, for the first time ever, Book Palace presents a collection of some of his most powerful and awe-inspiring depictions of historical characters. Includes an introduction to Matania's art and career, including photographs of him in his studio, with models, and the techniques he employed. Many nudes. Many images scanned directly from the originals. Book Palace, 2021. Out of print....More.

Item Code: FORT01
Soft Cover, 8x11, 80pg, b&w
More great Matania artwork.

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