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Bud's August Clearance Sale!

August Sale!

There’s never enough room (or money) around here to keep every single title in stock. So once again I’ve gone through our inventory and lowered prices on select titles to hurry them on their way, making room for the new items constantly coming in.

We don’t have the space here to picture every one of these. Click here to see all the new listings on our website, and here to see a teaser list and a calendar giveaway.

Our latest catalog, pictured here, is now downloadable. Print copies will be in your hands in early September.

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Artists & Illustration


ART OF GARY GIANNI George R. R. Martin's Seven Kingdoms Deluxe Signed
Signed & limited, 500. Afterword by George R. R. Martin. The deluxe edition comes signed by George R. R. Martin and Gary Gianni on a unique signature page that is highlighted with the reproduction of a new pen-and-ink drawing by Gianni. It features a bonus 22-page section with gatefold highlighting bonus artwork that is reserved specially for this edition. This premium hardcover book and slipcase are wrapped in an exquisite custom ordered cloth. The front side of the book is treated to a color plate that reproduces a new oil painting by Gianni. This special edition is receiving the full Flesk treatment to serve as a treasured book for the sophisticated collector. Flesk, 2019....More.

Item Code: ARTGGD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 326pg, Partial Color
$200.00 $125.00
Click for more work by Gianni.

Highly Recommended. Numbered from 10,000 copies. By Paul Duncan. Made in close collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm, this second volume covers the making of the prequel trilogy: Episode I, The Phantom Menace; Episode II; Attack of the Clones; and Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. This XXL tome matches the companion volume on Episodes 4-6. It continues a visual trip through the Star Wars galaxy with an exclusive interview with Lucas, script pages, abundant concept art and on-set photography, and much more.Taschen, 2020. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: STARWEH
Hard Cover, 16x12, 600pg, Full Color
$200.00 $125.00
Archive IV-VI is $200,$180 and a much smaller 40th Anniversary edition is just $30.

Warehouse find, 1979. Signed, numbered & limited, 1000. Recommended. Voltar was a comic book character created, written, and illustrated by Filipino illustrator Alfredo Alcala in 1963. Voltar was first published in the United States in 1977 in Magic Carpet #1 [published by my retail stores, Comics & Comix]. Alcala was probably best known for his work on Marvel Comics' black & white magazine Savage Sword of Conan. This was done during the explosion of signed/limited portfolios during this time, and is quite nice, with six plates loose in a handsome slipcover, the first plate signed. Schanes & Schanes, 1979....More.

Item Code: AVOLT
na, 11x16, 6 prints, b&w
$90.00 $60.00

Recommended. By J. M. Barrie. Art by Brecht Evens. A deluxe new edition in Beehive's ongoing line of Illuminated Editions. Today’s greatest graphic artists illustrate literary classics with original illustration and design. A slipcased hardcover edition of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, lavishly illustrated by Brecht Evens and designed by Maëlle Doliveux. Each slipcase is die-cut, foil blocked, and embossed and debossed to create a three dimensional impression of Brecht’s beautiful artwork. Color plates. Beehive, 2020....More.

Item Code: PETPANH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 156pg, Full Color
$100.00 $59.00
Here are matching slipcased illustrated edition from Beehive.

AUTUMNKIND A Phantasmagoric Art Portfolio
Signed & numbered, from 350. Highly Recommended. Full color 11.5 x 14.5 inch portfolio with 10 full color plates in a full color illustrated envelope. Dan Brereton's latest monograph is a reaping of new paintings and ink sketches, with a decidedly autumnal cast of decidedly female ghosts, vampires, scarecrows, witches, devils, as well as creeping creatures and pulpy protagonists. Perfect for those times when you're feeling the tug of Halloweentide, no matter what time of year. 2021....More.

Item Code: AUTUPT
na, 11x14, 10 prints, Full Color
$50.00 $35.00
Also available in signed hardcover [AUTUHS. $39.95] and with a drawing [AUTUD. $100]. Click for more signed Dan Brereton collections.

By Andrew Lambirth. This is the first book to present a comprehensive overview of the entire career of British artist Richard Eurich (1903-1992). Eurich was a draughtsman, landscape painter, teacher, war artist, autobiographer, marine painter extraordinaire, portrait painter, figure painter, satirist, genre painter, visual poet of the beach, and occasional sculptor. And on occasion he'd paint "the mysterious and unseen." He settled on the coast of England and marine paintings became a specialty. During World War II he was a war artist. Lund Hunphries, 2020....More.

Item Code: ARTREH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 192pg, Partial Color
$79.99 $29.99

Illustrated Lyrics. Cover by Johnny Ace. Releasing over 100 records all over the world since 1992, Electric Frankenstein is where AC/DC meets The Dead Boys! EF asked 100 artists to create illustrations and short comics, some 2-3 pages long, based on the lyrics of their songs. What was born was sometimes beautiful and poetic, sometimes disturbing and raw! All lie between the covers of this book. Clover Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: ELFRA
Soft Cover, 9x11, 352pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $24.99
Also availble in hardcover, on sale $75, $44.99

New Printing. Highly Recommended. By Stan Lee. Art by Jack Kirby. Including Fantastic Four Annual #6, the 48-page groundbreaking story that featured the birth of Franklin Richards! Also presenting issues #71, 82, 83, and 84, featuring the Inhumans, Doctor Doom, and others, plus a beautiful gallery section of some of Kirby's most incredible pages, all scanned from the original art. This sold out in a heartbeat in 2020 — we're pleased to offer this new printing. IDW, 2021....More.

Item Code: JKFFAE
Soft Cover, 8x12, 176pg, b&w
$39.99 $24.99

Highly Recommended. John Cassaday's dynamic compositions are well known, but this is the very first time they've been collected — and in an oversized, handsome hardcover. Here you will find all of his work for Dynamite in a single book: covers, sketches, inks, some seen before, others appearing in print for the first time. Here are his amazing interpretations of James Bond, The Spider, Dracula, Buck Rogers, Red Sonja, The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, Zorro, The Lone Ranger and many, many others! Dynamite, 2020....More.

Item Code: DYNJCH
Hard Cover, 9x10, 352pg, Full Color
$39.99 $24.99
Also available in a signed hardcover edition [$75.00, $50.00 DYNJCHS].

Highly Recommended. Pete Von Sholly's History of Monsters is a glorious look at the phenomenon of monsters. This unprecedented illustrated pageant, presented as an accordion folded hardcover book, shows the actual history of monsters from man's earliest fears of the darkness beyond the fire to today's nightmares to see how these terrors found expression in myth, legend, and entertainment. 1,1000 characters, a guided tour through myth and modern pop culture...With a separate pamphlet guide to every scene and character!! Display it on a BIG table, or mount it on the way. A wild panorama to be examined over and over. Clover Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: PETHMH
Hard Cover, 11x7, 58pg, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99

Highly Recommended. By Juan Ortiz. Following on from Juan Ortiz’s fabulous Original Series movie-poster collection, this latest treat for art-loving Trek fans features 178 posters that capture the essence of The Next Generation. Inspired by indie-film and black-light posters, comics and rock/punk culture and showcasing Ortiz’s unique creative vision, this new installment of original Trek art is sure to delight fans, offering poster art for one very special episode after another. Oversized, pretty impressive! Titan, 2017. Condition: Slight bumps and scuffs. Out of print. ...More.

Item Code: STARTH
Hard Cover, 11x15, 208pg, Full Color
$49.95 $19.95
Here is more Star Trek.

Signed! With 5x8 postcard promoting the book. Recommended. By Rick Berry. Foreword Neil Gaiman. Without preliminary sketching or planning, each painting evolves from random, expressive marks into figures—mostly women—simultaneously evoking movement and emotion. 49 original works in Berry’s unique generative style, painted in mixed media. "Rick Berry is, to my mind, the most interesting and versatile artist currently working, conjuring faces and bodies and worlds out of formless chaos—Nothing’s abstract, nothing’s realistic. Patterns and shapes become flesh and people, clouds and fox-tails." -Neil Gaiman, Some nudity. Quality squarebound softcover with cover flaps. Donald M.Grant, 2019. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: INVPS
Soft Cover, 9x12, 48 pg., Full Color
$24.95 $14.95
Rick Berry also drew Repent Harlequin! Said the Tick Tock Man by Harlan Ellison, from 1997: REPHA. $50 and REPHAD. Signed by both Ellison & Berry from 1000, $100. Only 2 and 3 copies remain.

THE DISNEY BROS The Fabulous Story of Walt and Roy
Recommended. By Alex Nikolavitch. Art by Felix Ruix. "If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney. After the bankruptcy of his first two companies, the young Walt Disney decides to call on his older brother Roy to start a new business: the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. The combination of their opposing talents, one artistic, the other managerial, will give birth to an entertainment giant despite Walt's difficult nature. Little by little, Walt will push his brother into the shadows and sink into chronic depression and excessive consumption of alcohol... but all this will not prevent him from producing the greatest masterpieces of animation. The authors have chosen a cartoon style, worthy of Mickey Mouse comics, to tell a very serious story of creation, money and politics, and of family. NBM, 2020....More.

Item Code: DISBRO
Hard Cover, 7x11, 112pg, Full Color
$19.99 $12.99

SHE MADE A MONSTER How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein
All Ages Children's Picture Book. By Lynn Fulton. Art by Felicita Sala. On a stormy night two hundred years ago, a young woman sat in a dark house and dreamed of her life as a writer. She longed to follow the path her own mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, had started down, but young Mary Shelley had yet to be inspired. As the night wore on, Mary grew more anxious. The next day was the deadline that her friend, the poet Lord Byron, had set for writing the best ghost story. As she drifted off to sleep, she dreamed of a man that was not a man. He was a monster. One of NY Times 10 Best Illustrated Books for 2018. Knopf, 2018. Out of print.  ...More.

Item Code: SHEMH
Hard Cover, 10x11, 40pg, Full Color
$17.99 $9.99

DC CHRISTMAS CAROLS We Wish You a Harley Christmas
Recommended. By Daniel Kibblesmith. Classic Christmas carols with a DC twist. A very handsome diminutive hardcover, a perfect stocking stuffer. Dozens of transformed carols, with vintage and contemporary artwork of fan favorite DC characters by Alex Ross, George Perez, Elsa Charretier, Tim Sale, John Byrne, Dustin Nguyen, Sean Galloway, Dave Johnson, Sergio Aragonés, J.Bone, Ro Stein and Ted Brandt. Characters are seen decorating Christmas trees, making snowmen, hanging out with Santa, and exchanging presents. Chronicle Books, 2020....More.

Item Code: WEWIH
Hard Cover, 5x7, 80pg, Full Color
$14.95 $8.95



LOKI Omnibus Volume 1
Stories from Journey into Mystery, Thor & much more, 1963-70. Highly Recommended. The classic villainy of the God of Mischief — every Loki appearance from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary era of Thor and more, including work by Joe Sinnott, Neal Adams, Ditko, Marie Severin and John Buscema. It’s a volume full of brotherly rivalry, deadly plots and wicked magic. Loki’s tricks on Thor are a treat to read, as he wreaks havoc in Asgard and Midgard, banishing Jane Foster to Limbo, trading spells with Doctor Strange, masterminding a Thor/Silver Surfer battle...and of course, causing the Avengers to first assemble! Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: LOKI01H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1008pg, Full Color
$125.00 $95.00
Click here for more Omnibus editions many on sale and/or hurt and on sale!

Collects #1-28 and FCBD issue from 2019, Animosity Tales. Recommended. By Marguerite Bennett. Art by Rafael de Latorre and Elton Thomasi. From Marguerite Bennett, the writer of InSeXts and DC Comics Bombshells, and artist Rafael de Latorre (Superzero), the Animosity series is a road trip working as a coming-of-age story with black humor and a sci-fi twist. One day, animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge. Now, a dog and his girl, 11-year old Jesse, are on a journey from New York City to San Francisco, to the only person who might be able to protect and save her. The complete series in one massive mammal-friendly 600 page hardcover! Aftershock Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: ANIMOH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 664pg, Full Color
$125.00 $62.50

Collects #1-34, 1981-84. By Bruce Jones et al. Art by Brent Anderson et al. Ka-zar explores the ancient paradise of Pangea! From shining citadels to the lofty heights of the Aerie, caught between bird-people and pterodons, will Kevin Plunder meet his end or find new love? Things get complicated between Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. Also here: Spider-Man! A twisted version of Dante's Inferno! The Minotaur, Cerberus...and the demonic Belasco, Alien nightmares, a jungle wedding and more. Marvel, 2021. Condition: Bumped corners. ...More.

Item Code: KAZAHR
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1048pg, Full Color
$125.00 $62.50

Comic Book Archives


Collects Ms Marvel #1-23 and LOTS more, 1977-92. By Chris Claremont et al. Art by Jim Mooney et al. When NASA Security Chief Carol Danvers' genetic structure was melded with alien Kree DNA, Danvers was imbued with amazing powers — and an all-new Marvel hero was born! But before she became Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was Ms. Marvel — with X-Men writer Chris Claremont weaving together complex plots and compelling characterization to craft her highly original adventures! Witness her first meeting with the Avengers, debuts of Mystique and Rogue, and battles with Ronan the Accuser, Sabretooth and the Guardians of the Galaxy! Marvel, 2019....More.

Item Code: CAPMH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x11, 720pg, Full Color
$100.00 $49.99

BLACK PANTHER Epic Collection Volume 3 Panther's Prey
Recommended. By Don McGregor, Walter Simonson, Roy Thomas et al. Art by Gene Colan, Ron Lim, Denys Cowan, et al. Marvel delves deep into the mind of the Black Panther, tales handpicked to showcase pivotal story lines written and drawn by some of Marvel's most acclaimed creators. Outsiders are once more assembling to invade Wakanda and plunder its riches — led by Klaw, the deadly assassin who murdered T'Challa's father. Even with Wakanda's might and his own superhuman skills, can the Black Panther prevail against Klaw's massive invasion force? Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: BPE03
Soft Cover, 7x10, 504pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99
Here's more Black Panther including other sale books.

Highly Recommended. Art by Arturo Del Castillo. Arturo Del Castillo was able to craft images of enormous depth and beauty through cross-hatched pen lines, creating subtle patterns and textures, juxtaposed with bold chiaroscuro lighting, which was utterly unique in comics. Widely regarded as one of the greatest artists to have worked in the comic medium, we are privileged to see him at his very best on this gritty, realistic western in the class of Clint Eastwood and The Man With No Name. Great gunfights starring our lightning-draw vigilante. Book Palace, 2019....More.

Item Code: FLLAR
Soft Cover, 7x9, 272 pg, b&w
$36.99 $19.99
Clck here for more Fleetway Picture Library, and more Westerns.

From 2002. By Stan Lee. A new collection of the 2001 event in which Stan Lee reinvented DC's greatest heroes, back in print following the comic book legend's passing in 2018. With John Byrne creating Robin #1, Gary Frank creating Shazam! #1, Scott McDaniel creating Aquaman #1, Chris Bachalo creating Catwoman #1, Walter Simonson creating the Sandman #1, and John Cassaday creating Crisis #1. An all-new, all different take on heroes of the DC universe. Plus 2002 commentary by each artist on how it was to collaborate with Stan. Plus The Man writes a special Afterword! DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: JUST02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 376pg, Full Color
$34.99 $19.99

Collects #1-14. By Mark Evanier. Art by Paris Cullins. Created by Jack Kirby in 1971, The New Gods combined Kirby’s love for science fiction with myth and legend. More than a decade later, writer Mark Evanier and artist Paris Cullins revisited the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, bringing back fan-favorite characters such as Orion, Lightray, Metron, Kalibak, and the nefarious Darkseid. DC Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: NEWG01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 368pg, Full Color
$34.99 $19.99
Click here for more of Jack Kirby's work.

By Otto Binder, Al Feldstein et al. Highly Recommended. The stories "Ghastly" Graham Ingels drew while he was at the pinnacle of his powers at EC. In "Marriage Vow," a woman returns from the grave to fulfill her wifely duty to her murderous husband, until death does them ... together; and in "The Sliceman Cometh," an executioner during the French Revolution can’t escape the severed head of an innocent man. Fantagraphics, 2020....More.

Item Code: ACCIDH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 232pg, b&w
$35.00 $18.99

THE MARVELS PROJECT Birth of the Super Heroes
Collects #1-8, 2009. Highly Recommended. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting offer us the defining story of the rise of the superhumans, beginning in 1939 — revealing the hidden connections that unite the earliest costumed champions. In a world on the brink of war, the race is on to create the world’s first super-soldier! Witness the first days of the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, the Angel, Captain America and other Timely heroes — their origins, how they shaped the world to come, and how the future they would create in turn shaped them! A must-read saga for any Marvel fan, from the award-winning creators who redefined Captain America! Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: MARVPB
Soft Cover, 7x10, 224pg, Full Color
$29.99 $18.99

THE COLLECTED TOPPI Volume 4 The Cradle of Life
Our Highest Recommendation. By Sergio Toppi. This fourth volume contains five tales set in Africa, India, and Australia, presented in English for the first time: The Kokombo Dossier, Bwuma, My Son, Warramunga 1856, M'Felewzi, and Pacific Island, first published in 1976, “˜85, “˜91, “˜97 and 2011. The stories are intriguing and poignant, looking at indigenous tribes and peoples, and yet offering us tales of adventure, violence, greed and retribution from more primitive times. Most of these adventures are either somewhat timeless, or take place in the 19th or very early 20th century, with unique characters in abundance. Minor nudity. Magnetic Press Inc, 2020....More.

Item Code: COLT04H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 156pg, b&w
$24.99 $14.99
Here is more Toppi in this outstanding series; Vol 3 and 5 are also on sale at $14.99. Vol 6/Japan/hurt is $24.99, $19.99.

Recommended. Yoshiharu Tsuge is one of the most influential and acclaimed practitioners of literary comics in Japan. The Swamp collects work from his early years, showing a major talent coming into his own. Bucking the tradition of mystery and adventure stories, Tsuge's fiction focuses on quirky and poignant tales: of an errant master samurai with a secret, or two; a female ninja assassin with a LONG game plan, forced to marry her enemy; a funny nod to Lone Wolf & Cub, about a thieving, starving Ronin and his baby, with a surprise twist; a mystery scroll that brings good fortune to the undeserving under-achiever who finds it; a highly desired, rare book that brings out the best in those who covet it, and others who are paying attention; a crematorium worker who strips valuables off the cadavers, but gets his just deserts from a surprised fellow workman who finds him in the wrong place at the wrong time— Drawn & Quarterly, 2020....More.

Item Code: YOSHSH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 256pg, b&w
$24.95 $14.95



SUPERMAN / BATMAN Omnibus Volume 2
Collects Superman/Batman #44-87; Superman/Batman Annual #3-5, 2008-2010. Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson (Supergirl) and artist Rags Morales (Identity Crisis) bring you one of the darkest struggles Superman and Batman have ever faced. First they attempt to rid the world of all traces of Kryptonite. Then they encounter li'l versions of themselves from an alternate universe, confront an extraterrestrial warrior who aims to wipe out all Kryptonians, and much more. Massive collection! DC Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: SUPBAT02H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1232pg, Full Color
$125.00 $75.00

BATMAN 80 Years of the Bat Family
Recommended. This collects the mostly new stories celebrating the 80th anniversaries of Batman and his co-horts. Here are the entire contents, most newly created, for the celebration issues of Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition #1, and the 80th Anniversary 100-page Giants celebrating Detective #1000, Robin 80th, Catwoman 80th, The Joker 80th and more. DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: BATBF
Soft Cover, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99
Here are more "80 Years of" books on Batman: The Bat and the Cat, The Joker, Robin, Marvel Archie, Wonder Woman, and Captain America.

FUTURE STATE The Next Batman
Collects Future State: The Next Batman #1-4; Future State: Dark Detective #1 & 3; Future State: Nightwing #1-2, & more, 2020. Batman is dead. The DC timeline has been shattered. Explore a dark possible Future State — a giant, sprawling Gotham City under martial law, protected and regulated by a private security force led by the infamous Peacekeepers. Their mandate is to maintain the safety of the citizens of Gotham, regardless of any Constitutional rights, and to hunt down, incarcerate, or kill all masked vigilantes, villains, and criminals in the city limits. Also includes all the backup stories starring Batgirl, Grifter, the Outsiders, the Gotham City Sirens, and the Arkham Knights. DC Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: FUTNB
Soft Cover, 7x10, 368pg, Full Color
$34.99 $19.99

Featuring the early, pre-Robin pointy-eared Batman...and before even that! Collects Batman #21-27, 29-33. Highly Recommended. New York Times bestselling author Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo delve into Bruce Wayne's past and reveal his journey to becoming "The Bat" — and eventually Batman. Secret moments from Bruce's training abroad, run-ins with aspiring district attorney Harvey Dent, and how Bruce learned to work with his new ally, young Lieutenant Jim Gordon. Then we spin into total darkness as the Riddler stirs up chaos in Gotham City in the "Secret City," "Dark City," and "Savage City" events. What corners of Batman's past will be revealed? And how will they impact his very near future? Unravel the mysteries set forth by the Riddler and join the madness as Batman gets closer to the endgame. DC Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: BATZY
Soft Cover, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99
Click here to see more Batman.

PS Artbooks


Collects #5-8, 1953. Highly Recommended. By Basil Wolverton, Bernard Baily, Ross Andru et al. Bug-eyed monsters, two-timing homicidal husbands and wives, rampaging corpses and even one or two cases of severe halitosis or crossed eyes. This title has the lot... including a better-than-healthy dose of the one and only Basil Wolverton! His intricately detailed grotesques of bizarre or misshapen people earned him the title of "Producer of Preposterous Pictures of Peculiar People who Prowl this Perplexing Planet." One of the absolute strangest horror titles (and that's a big universe) filled with really wild work. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: WTF02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$24.99 $17.99

Collects Dell's Space Man #1-4 & Drift Marlo #1, 1962-63. Recommended. By Joe Gill, Ken Fitch et al. Art by Jack Sparling and Tom Cooke. Space Man is rocket ace Ian Stannard who, accompanied by his sidekick, Space Academy student Johnny Mack, blasted off from Cape Canaveral. Their mission, to find and destroy what had prevented Moon exploration for the last decade. After succeeding, they continue to explore the depths of space, along with Ian's girlfriend, pilot Mary Lansing! Drift Marlo ran security at the 1st Strategic Aerospace Division, where he fought sabotage in America's space program from foreign powers. Outstanding painted covers. PS Artbooks, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: SASPM01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$46.99 $34.99
Also available in softcover, on sale $24.99, $17.99

Collects #65-71, 1955-56. Highly Recommended. By Ogden Whitney, Harry Lazarus, Kurt Schaffenberger, John Rosenberger The Comics Code in general tamped down creativity and variety in comics. Stan Lee's Atlas line was a good example of this, at least until Kirby and Ditko came back on board. But for editor and writer Richard Hughes, this brought out his absolute best. Stories explored totally new avenues, with more time travel, sci-fi and excellent charactization and complex plots, He even takes 10 or 12 pages to develop a good story, rather than the industry standard of just 6 or 8. This is outstanding comics writing and one of the series I most enjoy reading now, 50 years later. PS Artbooks, 2017....More.

Item Code: ADU12H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 272pg, Full Color
$59.99 $24.99
Volumes 1, 4 and 11 HC are also on sale at $24.99 while supply lasts. Other hardcovers are available by special order at regular price. Starting with Vol 13, PS is doing these ONLY in softcover. Volumes 13-19 are $24.99 to $26.99. See them all here.

PLANET COMICS Volume 7 Hardcover
Collects #25-29, 1943-44. Highly Recommended. By Graham Ingels, Lily Renee, Lee Elias, Joe Doolin, Alex Blum, Al Walker et al. More groundbreaking, awe-filled stories from the premier science fiction comic book of the 1940s. Over 13 years, from 1940 to 1953, Planet was THE place for space fiction, two-fisted adventurers and beautiful ladies, both heroines and damsels in distress. They're all here...Flint Baker, Reef Ryan, The Space Rangers (beginning in #26), Gale Allen, Star Pirate, Mysta of the Moon, Norge Benson and the long-running Lost World, which began in the previous collection. PS Artbooks, 2015....More.

Item Code: PLC07H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 320pg, Full Color
$48.00 $24.99

Here's more Planet hardcovers at full price, and Vols 1, 3 and 14 still on sale, but nearly gone. Fifteen softcover collections are available so far, collecting issues #1-50: $24.99-$26.99 ea. Contents of softcovers are NOT the same as similarly numbered.

Click here for more PS Artbooks on sale.  


Comic Book Reference


THE STORY OF MARVEL STUDIOS The Making of Marvel Cinematic Universe
Two-volume slipcased edition. By Tara Bennett and Paul Terry. The Story of Marvel Studios is the first-ever, fully authorized, all-access history of Marvel Studios’ creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as told by the producers, writers, directors, concept artists, VFX artists, cast, and crew who brought it to life. Year-by-year, project-by-project, the studio’s founding and meteoric growth are described through detailed personal stories, anecdotes, and remembrances of noteworthy challenges, breakthrough milestones, and history-making successes. Marvel, 2021. Rush Service and International shipping will require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: STOMH
Hard Cover, 12x10, 512pg, Full Color
$150.00 $100.00

A first-ever look behind the scenes at Marvel's unique graphic design. An expansive visual encyclopedia, highlighting examples of Marvel’s exceptional approach to logos, layout, lettering, cover design, and color. With insights from Marvel’s most renowned, such as Klaus Janson and Todd Klein. Essays from famous graphic designers including Mike Essl and Paul Sahre, as well as from well-known Marvel contributors including letterer Chris Eliopolous and designer/editor Carl Potts. Gestalten, 2021....More.

Item Code: MARVDEH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 320pg, Full Color
$69.00 $39.00

THE LIFE AND COMICS OF HOWARD CRUSE Taking Risks in the Service of Truth
Recommended. By Andrew J. Kunka. The remarkable story of how a self-described “preacher’s kid” from Birmingham, Alabama, became the so-called “Godfather of Gay Comics.” A remarkable fifty-year career that included working in the 1970s underground comics scene, becoming founding editor of the groundbreaking anthology series Gay Comix, and publishing the graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby, partially based on his own experience of coming of age in the Civil Rights era. Rutgers University Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: LIFCOM
Soft Cover, 6x9, 196pg, Text/b&w
$29.95 $17.95

Highly Recommended. By Bill Schelly. An attractive collection commemorating Star Studded Comics, the classic fanzine that was published from 1963 to 1972. Fandom's premiere showcase for "amateur" comic stories, it featured the talents of numerous gifted writers and artists, many before they became professionals. Hampster, 2005. Out of Print....More.

Item Code: BESST
Soft Cover, 8x11, 256pg, b&w
$25.00 $15.00
Here are more of Bill Schelly's fandom history books, on sale.

Recommended. By Steve Carper and Peter Enfantino. Edited by Richard Krauss. Interviews with Janice Law (Madame Selina series Alfred Hitchcock's MM), Paul D. Marks (Bunker Hill series Ellery Queen's MM), and Jeff Vorzimmer (The Best of Manhunt). Peter Enfantino summarizes 1954's final issues of Manhunt. Vince Nowell, Jr. grapples with Beyond Infinity. Richard Krauss spotlights Leo Margulies: Giant of the Digests. Ward Smith quantifies Astounding's formats. New fiction by John Kuharik, Vince Nowell, Sr., and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Larque Press, 2020....More.

Item Code: DIGE11
Soft Cover, 5x8, 160pg, Text/b&w
$18.99 $10.99
Click here for more Digest Enthusast.

HEY, AMATEUR! Go from Novice to Nailing it in 9 Panels
By Shelly Bond. Art by Michael Allred, Kelly Sue DeConnick et al. What do you want to learn about? Take your pick in this anthology combining the unprecedented approach of a "how to" book with the diverse subject matter from over 100 contributors sharing their hidden talents via one-page, nine-panel comics! Includes entries from a variety of comics talent including Michael Allred, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Becky Cloonan, Sanford Greene, Paul Pope, Gail Simone, Gene Ha, Box Brown, Gilbert Hernandez, Leah Moore, Chynna Clugston Flores, and more. Each story is part personal "how to," part "how-so." Learn new skills or hone the ones you've got. One-pagers will illuminate aspects of the comic book storytelling process like drawing likenesses, lettering, and cropping art panels. Black Crown, 2020....More.

Item Code: HEYAM
Soft Cover, 7x11, 152pg, Full Color
$19.99 $11.99
Here's more How-to-draw collections.

Comics & Graphic Novels


By Andrew Lloyd Webber. Adapted by Cavan Scott. Art by Jose Maria Beroy. Based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-famous, multi-award-winning musical that has been playing continuously around the world for over 33 years comes this fully authorized graphic novel adaptation. In 1881 the cast and crew of a new production, Hannibal, are terrorized by the Phantom of the Opera, a mysterious, hideously disfigured man who lives beneath the Paris Opera House. Hopelessly in love and obsessed with one of the chorus singers, the Phantom will stop at nothing to make her the star of the show, even if that means murder. Titan, 2021....More.

Item Code: PHANOPH
Hard Cover, 8x12, 112pg, Full Color
$29.99 $17.99

Edited by Russ Kick. The latest volume in the New York Times best-selling series of classic crime fiction in full-color visual comics. Here is Teddy Goldenberg's dense, murky treatment of Dashiell Hammett's "The Road Home," often considered the first hardboiled detective story ever published. Shawn Cheng renders the first serial-killer story, the gruesome, so-called fairy tale "Bluebeard" by Charles Perrault. Landis Blair reimagines Kafka's The Trial as a choose-your-own-adventure story that you cannot win. Seven Stories Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: GRC02
Soft Cover, 9x11, 320pg, Full Color
$29.95 $17.95

NOIR A Collection of Crime Comics
Recommended. By Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, et al. Murder, passion, and criminal enterprise are presented here at their darkest, directly from the most talented writers and artists in crime comics! In these thirteen pitch-black noir stories, you'll find deadly con men and embittered detectives converging on femme fatales and accidental murderers, all presented in sharp black and white by masters of the craft. Art by Joelle Jones, Eduardo Barreto, Sean Phillips and Fabio Moon, as well as by the writer/artists Rick Geary, Lemire, Motter, Perker and Paul Grist. Dark Horse, 2020. ...More.

Item Code: NOIRCH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 104pg, b&w
$24.99 $14.99

TEDDY By Laurence Luckinbill
By Laurence Luckinbill. Art by Eryck Tait. Despite rising fear for his youngest son, missing in action in WWI, Theodore Roosevelt takes the stage to speak. It is, he says, "my simple duty." But the speech evolves from politics and the war, into an examination of his life, the choices he's made, and the costs of his "Warrior Philosophy." Revealing his love of nature, adventure, and justice, Teddy dramatically illustrates the life of one of America's greatest presidents. Dead Reckoning, 2021....More.

Item Code: TEDLL
Soft Cover, 7x10, 176pg, Full Color
$24.95 $12.50

Collects Firefly Blue Sun Rising #0, and Firefly #21-22, 2020. By Greg Pak. Art by Dan McDaid.Officially continuing Joss Whedon’s acclaimed series. Mal must reunite the crew of the Serenity for one last impossible job to save the 'Verse from the Blue Sun Corporation. Sheriff Mal has a new partner — a law enforcing robot from the Blue Sun corporation, who doesn't care about motives, about mercy, about anything other than enforcing the law — no matter the cost. Boom!, 2021....More.

Item Code: FIRBS01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Full Color
$19.99 $11.99
Volume 2 is also on sale at $11.99 Here's more Firefly.

Highly Recommended. By Alexander Utkin. I really like this new cool new graphic novel! A fresh and modern adaptation of familiar Russian folktales, teamed with bold and beautiful illustrations that take inspiration from classical mid-century Disney animation. Magical quests and talking animals, golden chests that turn into palaces and encounters with terrifying (but sometimes benevolent) Water Spirits with beautiful, form-changing daughters...there's no end to the adventure here! "...mesmerizing and haunting both visually and narratively." -Publishers Weekly. All Ages. Nobrow, 2020....More.

Item Code: GAMT01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 184pg, Full Color
$19.95 $11.95
Vol 2 is also on sale at $11.95.

By Mike MacLean and Brian Pulido. Art by Joel Gomez. Maria Diaz is a US soldier returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan to be reunited with her family. Her brother has fallen in with The Zavalas, a death-worshipping crime cartel led by the nefarious Mama Z. When they see the family celebrating, they believe the Diazes have ripped the cartel off. Maria's family is murdered in cold blood. She wakes out of a coma to find her family dead and gone. She seeks justice from the police, but she finds none. Daring the impossible, Maria chooses to avenge her family and send the Zavalas to hell, even at the cost of her own humanity. Coffin Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: LAM01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 160pg, Full Color
$19.95 $11.95
Volume 2 is also on sale at $11.95.

Recommended. By Salva Rubio. Art by Pedro J. Colombo. This is the grimm and incredible life of Francisco Boix, a Spanish press photographer with communist leanings, who fled the Spanish revolution to France at the beginning of World War II. There, he is handed over to the Nazis, who send him to the notorious Mauthausen concentration camp, where he will spend the war among thousands of Spaniards and other prisoners, simply trying to beat the system and stay alive. More than half would lose their lives. Boix finds himself the confidant of an SS officer who is documenting prisoner deaths at the camp... Dead Reckoning, 2020....More.

Item Code: PHOTM
Soft Cover, 8x10, 112pg, Full Color
$19.95 $11.95

By Mark Sable. Art by Kristian Donaldson and Lee Loughridge. A worldwide cyberwar with Russia ends our hyper-connected technological world as we know it. We follow Carver, a former special forces super-soldier who after losing his eyes, gets caught up on a mission hunting down Camille, a NSA analyst turned whistle blower. But with a potential war with China on the horizon, Carver and Camille are thrown together to get the world back on track while a shadowy force that is manipulating events is hot on their heels. Dark Horse, 2021....More.

Item Code: TDARK
Soft Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Full Color
$19.99 $10.99

By Mobius, Simon Bisley et al. Cover by Phil Hale. Four classic stories that expand the Halo universe told by some of the finest creators in comic-book history. Artist Simon Bisley and writer Lee Hammock give us the central tale titled "The Last Voyage of the Infinite Succor." Award-winning mangaka Tsutomu Nihei writes and draws a tale of Sgt. Johnson's epic escape in "Breaking Quarantine." Ed Lee, Andrew Robinson, and Jay Faerber team up on a story of technology in the 26th century with "Armor Testing." Finally, Brett Lewis and the world-renowned artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud create "Second Sunrise Over New Mombasa." Dark Horse, 2021....More.

Item Code: HALG
Soft Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Full Color
$19.99 $9.99

FRANKENSTEIN The Lynd Ward Illustrated Edition
Highly Recommended. By Mary Shelley. Art by Lynd Ward. This magnificently illustrated edition features the complete wood engravings by graphic artist Lynd Ward. A master of woodcut technique, Ward combined elements of Art Deco and German Expressionism in his images. His unusual perspectives and dramatic light-and-dark contrasts offer the perfect complement to Shelley's moody masterpiece. Reprint of the Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, New York, 1934 edition. Dover, 2009....More.

Item Code: FRANLW
Soft Cover, 6x8, 304pg, b&w
$14.95 $9.95

Set of four variant covers-interior is the same—by Marcos Martin, Paul Pope & Vincent Nappi, Stephen Segovia & Elmer Santos, Fay Dalton, and Kenan Yarar & Mohan. By Mike Carey. Art by Kenan Yarar. Our spacefaring heroine may have been enlisted by Earth's underground, but that doesn't mean she trusts her new allies. On the run in an alien city, hunting for a doomsday device that might end a war, Barbarella has to choose a side and stick to it. But it might not be the one you expect... Dynamite, 2018. Out of Print. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: BAR02P
Comic, 7x10, 32pg ea, Full Color
$15.99 $7.99
Click here for more sets: #3-6 all $15.99 ea.

Comic Strip Collections


THE COMPLETE PEANUTS Volume 11 & 12 Slipcased Set 1971-1974
New printing. Highly Recommended. TTwo hardcovers containing complete strips from the years 1971-1972 and 1973-1974, packed in a sturdy custom box designed especially for this set. 1971-1972: Sally Brown elbows her way to center stage, at least among the humans, and is thus the logical choice for cover girl... and in her honor, the introduction is provided by none other than Broadway, television and film star Kristin (Wicked) Chenoweth, who first rose to Tony-winning fame with her scene-stealing performance as Sally in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Fantagraphics, 2021....More.

Item Code: COM06HP
Hard Cover, 9x7, 688pg, b&w
$59.99 $39.99
Here are seven more Complete Peanuts collections.

Dailies Jan 1951-July '52 & Sundays May 1951-Dec 52. Recommended. By Dick Huemer & Paul Murry. This is a spoof of the then-current craze for westerns and cowboy heroes. It is satisfyingly thick (300 pages!) with lots of detail about both creators and how the strip came to be. Here is the full story of a wonderful 1950s comic strip, very much a Disney animated feature cleverly disguised as a daily and Sunday comic strip, with these two creators' incredible talents evident from the first page. Classic Comics Press, 2012....More.

Item Code: BUCKO
Soft Cover, 11x9, 302pg, b&w
$29.95 $9.95

Pin-Up & Erotica


Recommended. By Melissa J. Hayes. Art by Colin Slater. Stills of Hollywood’s leading ladies reverently rendered into color. They evoke a treasured past of beauty and glamour, chosen not only for their sensuality, but also for how the discreet addition of color to older portraits elevates a former black and white still to a kind of artistic grace. Julie Andrews, Anna Mae Wong, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Carole Lombard, Carroll Baker, Joan Crawford, Angie Dickinson, Eva Marie Saint, Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo and many others. Lyons Press, 2019. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: PORHH
Hard Cover, 10x10, 160pg, Full Color
$29.95 $19.95
Here are more Hollywood & Glamour collections.

42ND STREET FOREVER Peep Show Collection #44 DVD
Starring Linda Shaw, Annette Haven et al. This collection features fifteen classic "loops" with titles like "Lesbian Passion", "Condo Fever", "Staircase Orgy", and more. Watch for adult film stars Linda Shaw, Annette Haven, Mark Stevens and a slew of unknowns in these raunchy rarities! Impulse Pictures, 2020. Adult Material....More.

Item Code: PSC44
Full Color
$24.95 $14.95
Here's more 42nd Street at regular $24.95 price.

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