Thursday, December 8, 2016

Henry Raleigh: The Confident Illustrator, The Art of Nestor Redondo, Crumb Sketchbook: 1964-68, 75 Years of Capital Records, 40 Years of Fantagraphics, Polka Dot Pirate

It’s a wonderful week for new art books. From Auad Publishing comes the superlative Henry Raleigh: The Confident Illustrator and a second treat, The Art of Nestor Redondo. We have Taschen’s new Crumb Sketchbook: 1964-68. The massive 75 Years of Capital Records. Plus 40 years of Fantagraphics, the Polka Dot Pirate, Superman Golden Age, Weird Terror, a George Herriman biography, Donald Duck Sundays, and vintage Mucha and Frazetta books discovered.

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Art Books


HENRY PATRICK RALEIGH The Confident Illustrator
Our Highest Recommendation. By Christopher Raleigh. Henry Patrick Raleigh rose from school dropout at age 12 to esteemed Saturday Evening Post illustrator within the span of two decades. During his nearly forty-year career, Raleigh was one of the highest paid newspaper and magazine artists in the United States, the lithographer behind many of the United States' government's iconic World War I propaganda posters, and arguably the most prominent story illustrator of the Jazz Age. As a commercial artist working in the field of advertising, very few individuals published as many of their illustrations or earned as much income as Henry Patrick Raleigh. Auad, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: HENPRH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 128pg, Full Color


1000-copy first printing. Highly Recommended. Edited by Manual Auad. Nestor Redondo (1928-1995) was the Philippine's foremost comic book illustrator starting in the early 1950s, and a major U.S. comics artist in the 1970s and early '80s. He was really more of an illustrator than a cartoonist, boldly shown here with an abundance of superbly rendered illustrations. This book is a pure delight. Redondo had a smooth, capable line that will remind you of the finest inkers in comics: Mark Schultz, Frank Frazetta, Dave Stevens, Russ Manning. Yes, he is THAT good. Auad, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: ARTNR
Soft Cover, 8x11, 80pg, b&w

Recommended. By Barney Hoskyns. Foreword by Beck. From the Beatles to Beck, Sinatra to Sam Smith, a parade of era-defining artists have passed through the doors of the Capitol Records Tower, one of Hollywood's most distinctive landmarks and home to one of the world's most defining labels for the past 75 years. Taschen presents this official account of Capitol Records, from its founding year of 1942 through to today. With a foreword by Beck, essays by cultural historians and music and architecture critics, as well as hundreds of images from Capitol's extensive archives. And magnificent packaging, in a pseudo-LP die cut cover and slipcase! Packed with rare behind-the-scenes photos. Taschen, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: 75YCRH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 13x13, 492pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00


R CRUMB THE SKETCHBOOK Volume 1 1964-1968
Recommended. By Robert Crumb. When Taschen released the first limited edition of Crumb Sketchbooks 1982–2011, fans drooled over the gorgeous packaging of this six-volume boxed set, the artist's thoughtful editing, the hand-written introduction, and signed art print. But not everyone could afford the $1000 price. Demand increased when the second boxed set, 1964–1982, was released.This combines the two earliest volumes from the first limited edition, direct from the original artwork, into one fat 440-page Crumb feast, for an irresistible price. Taschen, 2016. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: RCSK01H
Hard Cover, 9x11, 440pg, Partial Color


Comic Book Archives


Signed by Hope Nicholson. Recommended. By Ross Mendes. The Polka Dot Pirate was created by Ross Mendes in 1945, strictly in Canadian comic books. Her adventures spanned across several of Bell Features' titles. Her origins are mysterious, all we know is that her real name is Lynne and she has at some point decided to don a polka dot cape and shirt in order to fight crime at the harbour! She's the Moon Girl of Canadian comics...or perhaps the Black Cat. Here are all five of her stories before she up and disappeared from comics. Plus: four cool new pin-ups. CGA, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: POLDP
Comic, 7x10, 24pg, Partial Color


Action #20-29, Superman #4-7, New York World's Fair #2, 1940. Highly Recommended. By Jerry Siegel. Art by Joe Shuster. Entirely from the year 1940, all the Superman stories in chronological order as they first appeared. This volume includes the first appearances of such classic figures as Daily Planet editor Perry White and Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor. It is also in these timeless tales that the Man of Tomorrow first takes flight, no longer just leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but soaring over them! with each new story, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were continuing to expand and enrich the world of their new creation. DC, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: SUGA02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 408pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99


Our Highest Recommendation. By Jerry Siegel. Art by Joe Shuster. New softcover edition, collecting The Man of Steel's first-ever adventures from Action Comics #1-19, Superman #1-3 and New York World's Fair Comics #1! All the first appearances of the supporting characters like Lois and Perry White, villains like Lex Luthor, and wonderfully naïve stories of Supe fighting for people's rights and justice in even the most intimate tales, like old people being abused or badly built housing or political fraud! DC, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: SUGA01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 390pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99


Collects #1-7, 1952-53. Recommended. By Don Heck, Rudy Palais, Pete Morisi et al. Hey, it's all here, culture-lovers: walking dead folks (loads of ‘em)--some of them even still sporting their heads—witches, ghosts, werewolves and enough vampires to go into the second-hand dentures business. Another oddball pre-code horror title, this time from tiny publisher Comic Media, who recognized the talent of Don Heck and used him for many of their best covers (and stories). They also published Danger, Horrific and Terrific, all titles well known for their extreme violence, over-the-top horror, pretty girls and more. PS Artbooks, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: PCWT01H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10,

See the website for sale-priced early PS Artbooks—only while supply lasts--along with all regular titles. Sheena, Rulah, many Planets, Frankenstein, Harvey Horrors and others are all $19.95, with slipcased volumes at $21.95—down from $48, $59.99 and $69.99.


Graphic Novels


Issues #1-6, 1990-91. By Jamie Delano and John Higgins. Millions of years in the future, a new world emerges — a world made of living flesh, surrounded by acidic seas. Rotten at the edges, awash in gangrene swamps, and bristling with mountains of bone, the planet's simmering core houses the stark city of Bedlam, where an all-male race suppresses every manifestation of femininity. In this magnificently illustrated dreamscape of brutality and eroticism, a mysterious female presence called Rumour arises...In a deadly war between the sexes. Dover, 2016. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: WORWE
Hard Cover, 7x10, 208pg, Full Color
$29.95 $24.95


Comic Book History


KRAZY George Herriman, A Life in Black and White
An epic and revelatory biography of Krazy Kat creator George Herriman explores the turbulent time and place from which he emerged—and the deep secret he explored through his art. The creator of the greatest comic strip in history finally gets his due—in an eye-opening biography that lays bare the truth about his art, his heritage, and his life on America's color line. Although fitfully popular with readers of the period, his work has been widely credited with elevating cartoons from daily amusements to anarchic art. Harper, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: KRABWH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 548pg, Text/b&w
$35.00 $29.95


WE TOLD YOU SO Comics As Art
An Oral History of Fanatagraphics Books. Recommended. By Michael Dean and Tom Spurgeon. In 1976, a group of young men and women coalesced around a fledgling magazine and the idea that comics could be art. In 2016, comics intended for an adult readership are reviewed favorably in the New York Times, enjoy panels devoted to them at Book Expo America, and sell in bookstores comparable to prose books. This impressive 696-page volume tells of Fantagraphics Books' key role in helping build, shape and define an art movement--comic book art. They do it here in the way insiders share stories with one another other: in anecdotal form, in the words of the people who lived it and saw it happen. Fantagraphics, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: WETYH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 696pg, Full Color
$49.99 $39.99


Pulp Reprints


Death Token and Three Stamps of Death. Recommended. By Walter Gibson. Art by Edd Cartier, Paul Orban and Bob Powell. The Master of Darkness investigates collectible crime! First, a supposedly insignificant French silver franc leads to murder and mayhem until The Shadow uncovers the sinister secret behind the "Death Token." Then, three foreign postage stamps cost the lives of three men, until Lamont Cranston infiltrates the underground collectors market to discover the  mystery of the murderous buying power of the "Three Stamps of Death." BONUS: a lost Shadow adventure from the Golden Age of Radio! Sanctum, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: SHT112
Soft Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Text/b&w

See our website for all available Shadow: back issues, also graphic novels, multi-packs and more.


Not Quite Here

Holiday shipping delays are here--again. Like Thanksgiving week, again our Wednesday morning shipment didn't make it, although these should be here by the time you read this. Full descriptions and pictures here next week.


STEVE CANYON 7 Hardcover 1959-1960







Warehouse Finds


Warehouse find, 1994. Recommended. By Frank Frazetta. Another collection of amazing fantasy sketches and artwork by the master of sword and sorcery, Frank Frazetta. One of the more difficult volumes to find, it feature his nudes and adult works. Intros by Ellie Frazetta, Kevin Eastman, and Dr. David Winiewicz. Most of these were meant by Frank as personal works, not for publication. They are entirely in color, nicely finished pieces, mostly with a humorous tone, by an artist who loved to draw women. These are slightly damaged copies that we put aside years ago. Kitchen Sink, 1994. . Note: These copies have slightly bent corners and/or other small imperfections....More.

Soft Cover, 9x11, 48pg, Full Color


Warehouse find, 1981. Recommended. By Eleanor Frazetta. A fine collection of pen & ink work. Published by Frazetta himself in 1981, but not widely destributed. Includes work from Thunda, the Canaveral Press editions of At the Earth's Core and PellucidarThe Edgar Rice Burroughs Portfolio, Lord of the Rings, Kubla Khan and Women of the Ages. Photos of Frank, special notes and previously unpublished drawings. Includes biography notes. Sun Litho, 1981. Out of Print. . Note: Covers moderately scuffed with dented corner(s)....More.

Soft Cover, 9x11, 96pg, b&w

We have only ten copies or so of each of these Frazetta books. More books, playing cards, coasters, prints and posters by Frazetta--online.


Warehouse Find, 1980. Highly Recommended. We came across a small stash of this long out-of-print art book, featuring the complete graphic works of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). This was one of the best and earliest books to collect his wide variey of published works, posters and illustrations for calendars, menus, books, periodicals and postcards. Illustrations include his famous four seasons and Sarah Bernhardt posters. Included is an essay on his life and work; an assessment of his most important books; a bibliography, periodicals and exhibition catalogues; 163 color plates. Harmony, 1980. Out of Print. . Note: Wrinkled dust jackets....More.

Item Code: ALH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 192pg, Partial Color

Closeout Price! Highly Recommended. By Rosalind Ormiston. A beautifully illustrated reference book which charts the life and works of a man who epitomized Parisian art during the Art Nouveau era. With abundant top quality color reproductions, this documents his success as an illustrator and as an avant-garde artist. From his iconic posters for Sarah Bernhardt, amazing ads for chocolates, perfume and other popular products, to his series on The Seasons, rare book illustrations, magazine covers, etc. Flame Tree, 2013. ...More.

Item Code: APHOH
Hard Cover, 12x11, 200pg, Full Color
$40.00 $19.99

This Masterworks edition is the best-priced Mucha collection yet. I sell it steadily in my local storefront. See our website for the new Le Pater and more from Mucha, including Images #13 now on sale at $9.95.


Coming in May

WONDER WOMAN Movie Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Statue
Sculpted by James Marsano and Alterton. This statue features Wonder Woman in a picturesque stance alongside Steve Trevor, her human ally and love interest. The two stand prepared for battle as Wonder Woman holds her shield and sword at the ready. Trevor is also armed with his handgun and padded coat, an outfit that clearly pales in comparison to Wonder Woman's red-and-blue ensemble. DC, 2017. Due May. ...More.

Item Code: WWST
13" tall, Full Color

WONDER WOMAN Movie Wonder Woman Training Outfit Statue
Limited, 5,000. Sculpted by James Marsano. Designed and based on the latest Wonder Woman costuming for the July 2017 film. This stunning statue depicts the princess developing her skill in her training armor. Talented artist, James Marsano, captures actress Gal Gadot's beauty and fierceness. Comes with a beautifully designed base in the shape of her iconic logo. Hand-painted and made from cold-cast porcelain, 12 inches tall. DC, 2017. Due May. ...More.

Item Code: WWTO
12" tall, Full Color

WONDER WOMAN Movie Wonder Woman on Horseback Statue
Limited, 2500. Sculpted by James Marsano. Due to the cost, we are only ordering exactly what we have pre-orders for, so you must reserve a copy to be sure to get one. It may or may not be available after release. Designed from the action-packed film, Wonder Woman, this major work has Wonder Woman on horseback at full gallop. Talented artist James Marsano captures Gal Gadot's beauty perfectly. Comes with a beautifully designed base, themed with her iconic logo. Hand-painted and made from cold-cast porcelain, 12 inches tall with a smaller-than-usual limitation. DC, 2017. Due May. ...More.

Item Code: WWHB
12" tall, Full Color


Mature Readers

Cave Paintings of Budd Root is the hot property this week. We’re already seeing orders just from our website listing as a new arrival. This is top drawer Budd Root, lots of Cavewoman and other nubile young ladies in various states of undress. Rare specialty pieces, promotion works and more. Published by and with an introduction by none other than Frank Cho, pin-up artist extraordinary!

Spank: The Art of Fernando Caret is all about young ladies that delight in some consensual playtime. We like the artwork, and it has a feel at times of the fine work of Sam Kieth, and a light to speak.

Two Warehouse Finds: Giger ARH+ is a classic with a high degree of eroticism, including a look inside Giger’s home in Switzerland. Published by Taschen.

And Body Packaging is a round-the-world and thru-the-ages look at the sexualizing of the body, with a wide variety of images and photos.

And finally we have six more SQP titles. This is the first time they’ve been listed at this low sale price. Pictures and full details will be in our February catalog.






FAIRY SONG 1 Softcover Gallery of Fairies, Spirits, & Nymphs

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News and Notes

Prince Valiant Studio Edition -- eagerly awaited, but it hit a snag at the bindery (this is Fantagraphic’s first Artist Edition) and they want to do it right, so arrival date has moved from December 2016 to May 2017. I think it will be a superlative book, the first time we’ve gotten such a look at page after page of original artwork by Hal Foster. I still worry it could sell out quickly, as many of Fantagraphic’s larger projects do, so I encourage you to reserve your copy now. You always have the option to cancel a Coming Item order before it ships. Your credit card will not be billed until shipment is made.
2017 Calendars --some titles will be gone this month, and most others will sell out soon after the new year. Get your order in now to avoid missing out on your favorites. If you see “Almost Gone” in our website listing, this means we have VERY few left.

All December orders will be mailed with our Christmas card illustrated by Kinuko Y. Kraft--while our supply lasts. Her Beauty and the Beast was on the cover of our October catalog, and is still available with a full color signed bookplate for only $17.99. Both of Kinuko’s 2017 calendars, Women of Enchantment and Beauty and the Beast, also remain available as I write this.



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