Thursday, December 1, 2016

Illustration Magazine with Frank R. Paul, Fletcher Hanks--Turn Loose Our Death Rays, Schuiten’s Theory of a Grain of Sand, Batman TV

The new Illustration Magazine get my highest recommendation—cover feature Frank R. Paul and a second outstanding article. The complete Fletcher Hanks, Turn Loose Our Death Rays...features some of the most bizarre stories of the Golden Age, 1939-41. Schuiten’s Theory of a Grain of Sand is a masterpiece, beautifully drawn. Batman TV looks like the best book EVER on the sixties series. And much more this week.

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Featuring Frank R. Paul and the Mort Kunstler Collection. Our Highest Recommendation. The spectacular early sci-fi art of Frank R. Paul. Written by David Saunders, with dozens of reproductions taken from original art, sketches, photos, and color preliminary studies, plus covers themselves of early Amazing Stories, Forecast and Superworld. The second feature is a look at the original paintings in the extensive collection of artist Mort Kunstler--an amazing array of work, from a personal favorite, Norman Price (8 works), to Flagg, Flanagan, Pitz, Gibson, Raleigh, Pennell, Abbey, Norman Rockwell (6), Wyeth, Pyle, Leyendecker, Parrish et al. Illustrated Press, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: IL54
Magazine, 8x11, 96pg, Full Color

See our website for available back issues, and Illustrated Press limited edition art books.


Comic Strip & Comic Book Archives


Recommended. Edited by Paul Karasik. Fletcher Hanks wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered all of his own stories. He completed approximately 50 stories between 1939-1941, all unified by a unique artistic vision. Whether it's the superhero Stardust doling out ice cold slabs of poetic justice, or the jungle protectress Fantomah tearing evildoers limb from ragged limb, contemporary readers--and fans today--are stunned by the surrealism and outright violent mayhem of Hanks' work. Originally featured in two paperback volumes, this deluxe hardcover collects—for the first time—all of Hanks' previously published material, including stories newly discovered for this volume, plus rare early non-comics artwork. Fantagraphics, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: TURLH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 376pg, Full Color
$49.99 $39.99

ROY CRANE'S BUZ SAWYER Volume 4 Zazarof's Revenge
Daily Strips, 1949-51. Highly Recommended. By Roy Crane. Buz is now married to the delightfully cute Christy--first she adopts a monkey and gets Buzz fired, then they both get lost in South America, separated and in danger every episode. Next Buz is back on his own, with lovely ladies vying for the attention of our newly married man, and they are either perfect femme fatales or innocent young heroines that need saving. Buz battles a sinister saboteur on the icy slopes of the Alps and far more in Roy Crane's flyboy strip. Intro by Crane himself, from a 1961 acceptance speech. Fantagraphics, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: BUZ04H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x9, 314pg, b&w
$39.99 $34.99

For more Roy Crane, including his Captain Easy series on sale, see our website.


Collects #7-12, fifteen complete adventures. Recommended. By Romano Scarpa, Mark De Jonge, Henrieke Goorhuis, et al. First published overseas and only recently collected in the comics series, here's a set of fun and new adventures of Scrooge, Donald and the kids. Whether he's battling a malevolent mummy or keeping one breast-stroke ahead of Earth-drowning floods, or off in space meeting aliens, Scrooge McDuck knows that his money comes first--and he'll do anything to keep it safe, especially with the Beagle Boys, rival tycoons, and hex-happy Magica De Spell lurking about! IDW, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: USTT02H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

Volume 1 of this and also Volume 1 of the Donald Duck Timeless Tales are both the same discounted price of $26.99 [USTT01H, DDTT01H].


Graphic Novels


Recommended. By Mike Richardson. Art by Gabriel Guzmán and Java Tartaglia. To prevent a murder, would you become a murderer? Troubled charter pilot Fred Martin is caught in a bizarre and violent storm--and awakens from a coma only to discover that he is thirty years in the past. Now he has the impossible opportunity to right the terrible wrong that may have determined his future. It's a fascinating time-travel story written by the head honcho at Dark Horse, publisher Mike Richardson. Mike has written many other works, but this may just be my favorite. It's a page-turner first to last. Dark Horse, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: ECHOE
Soft Cover, 6x10, 96pg, Full Color


ASTRID Volume 1 Cult of the Volcanic Moon
An original graphic novel. By Kim W. Andersson. She was the Galactic Coalition's top recruit until an incident on her final exam had her drummed out of the service. Now, down and out and looking for another shot at her dream, Astrid receives a special mission from her former commander. Alongside her old classmate Ulf, Astrid will have to survive giant insects, brutal sects, and ancient evil hidden on an uncharted volcanic moon. Can she prove herself worthy of another chance at becoming a Galactic Peacekeeper? Dark Horse, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: ASTR01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 144pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Recommended. By Vincenzo Cerami and Francesco Gaston. Art by Milo Manara. Pandora is a beautiful young woman living with her adoptive parents in a major European city. Out of the blue, she learns that her real father might be a terrible mob boss wanted by the international authorities. When she is kidnapped and taken to Turkey, she is forced to confront her dangerous past and investigate the motives of the people closest to her. It's all about a beautiful innocent, in high heels and very short skirt, lost on a wild and dangerous journey. Unlike most Manara books, this is not adult. But a hint of nudity and the abundant exposure of Pandora makes this at least Mature-rated. Humanoids, 2016. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: PANDOH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x13, 64pg, Full Color
$24.95 $21.95

A matching book in this series is Gullivera, which has the more typical erotic art Manara is known for. [MMGH. $24.99, your price $21.99]. See our website for all six volumes of The Manara Library.


Highly Recommended. Translated by Vanka Hahnenberger and Steve Smith. Edited by Smith and Karen Copeland The second book of award-winning The Obscure Cities series, follows The Leaning Girl (2014)but stands on its own. Brilliant artwork, superlative architectural details, and interesting characters are a highlight here. All drawn in style we've never before seen, with tinted pages and special highlights in pure white. We like it very much. Gholam Mortiza Khan comes to Brüsel to sell jewelry, but before the sale can be closed, Khan dies in an accident. Thus begin events sparking an investigation by Mary von Rathen that goes deep into the surreal. IDW, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: THRG
Soft Cover, 128pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

THE LEANING GIRL The Obscure Cities Signed
Closeout Price! Signed & numbered by both, 500. Highly Recommended. Written by Benoît Peeters. Illustrated by François Schuiten. This is the origin story of Mary von Rather--a girl who leans at a seemingly impossible angle and who lives in a surreal parallel world to ours. The tale opens with color plates depicting her dreams, as rich and delicate as a Maxfield Parrish painting. When she wakes, the color departs and the scenes change to intricately hatched black and white, as evocative as a Gustave Doré painting--taking place in a world of Victorian-age sci-fi. Includes an illustrated signed and numbered full-size plate on art paper. We've never before offered a book signed by either of these major creators. Minor nudity. Alaxis, 2014. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: LEAGD
Hard Cover, 9x12, 176pg, Partial Color
$100.00 $65.00

Only five copies left at this sale price. The regular edition of Leaning Girl is unavailable.


Art Books & Magazines


BATMAN A Celebration of the Classic TV Series
Recommended. By Robert Garcia and Joe Desris. The definitive book for all fans of the sixties television show. Presented in a lavish hardcover edition, the book features rare behind-the-scenes photographs of the stars and villains on set and off, classic images from the show itself, rare special production stills, and production art. It's very thorough, examing all aspects of the series, from characters to the classic creation of the Batmobile and Batcave. Reproduction is crystal clear. Includes a cool die-cut "untility belt" wrapped around the outside--sure to get destroyed in bookstores. Titan, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: BACEH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x11, 256pg, Full Color
$50.00 $39.95


COMIC BOOK CREATOR #13 Michael Kaluta
Highly Recommended. With Michael Kaluta, Ramona Fradon, Kelly Jones et al. Michael W. Kaluta is captured in a comprehensive interview, covering his early fan days; mastery of his signature character, The Shadow; development of Starstruck, work with fellow legends from the Studio; and as the Vertigo cover artist! Plus a remarkably personal talk with the amazing Ramona Fradon about her 65+ years in the comic book business, with AquamanMetamorphoSuper-Friends, and Spongebob Squarepants! PlusKelly Jones interview, creators of Wacky Packs, Otto Binder book review & more. TwoMorrows, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CBCR13
Soft Cover, 8x11, 80pg, Full Color

We keep all the back issues in stock. These include special issues on Swampmen, Russ Heath, Jack Kirby, Joe Staton, Denis Kitchen, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Berni Wrightson and Joe Kubert.


Recommended. By Mindell Dubansky. This is a ground-breaking study of one of America's leading designers of nineteenth-century publishers' highly decorated bookbindings.This fully illustrated volume documents the life and work of Alice C. Morse. Her work will be familiar to admirers of artist-designed publishers' bindings of the period 1890-1910. She came to prominence when a small group of exceptional American publishers began to commission artist-designers (including Sarah Wyman Whitman and Margaret Armstrong, also examined here), to create book covers. Grolier Club, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: PRODE
Soft Cover, 9x12, 108pg, Text/Full Color

BEAUTIFUL BOOKBINDINGS: A Thousand Years of Bookbinder's Art
Highly Recommended. By P.J.M. Marks. From exquisite medieval bookbindings made of precious metals and jewels to the unique and highly imaginative creations of contemporary bookbinders, this book celebrates over 100 of the most beautiful bookbindings of the last 1,000 years. As the great aesthete Oscar Wilde believed, bookbindings are beautiful and artistic in their own wonder. Books bound by some of the greatest bookbinders including Mearne, Padeloup, Payne, Simier, Cobden-Sanderson, and others are showcased, further revealing the beauty and skill of this art form. Oak Knoll, 2011. ...More.

Item Code: BEABH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 192pg, Full Color
$49.95 $44.95


New Classics Illustrated

CLASSIC COMICS #14 Westward Ho!
By Charles Kingsley. Art by Allen Simon. Another early title in the series, this one from 1943. At one time a hugely popular novel of sea-going adventure, today this is little known. But in its day it was widely read and came out in numerous illustrated editions, devoured by youngsters and adults because of its escaptist story. The story begins in 1575, as a young boy of 15 has gotten himself off to sea on a classic sailing ship to the new world. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC14
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #17 The Deer Slayer
By James Fenimore Cooper. Art by Louis Zansky.Cover art by Stephen L. Addeo. First published in 1944, and one of the three "Leatherstocking Tales" that star Natty Bumpo, also known as the Deerslayer, also the hero of Last of the Mohicans. Includes a biography of Cooper. Not the finest art in the series, but a good bit, and interesting to see another take on the famous adventures. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC17
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #21 3 Famous Mysteries
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle et al. Art by Louis Zansky, Arnold Hicks et al. From 1949, one of the most collectible of all the early classics. Not only does this feature an adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story, but also a classic from Poe and a third tale by de Maupassant, less known but in his day a master of horror. Includes short biographies of all three writers. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC21
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #22 The Pathfinder
By James Fenimore Cooper. Art by Louis Zansky. Cover art by Norman Nodel. An early classic, all the way back from 1944. This features the one and only Deerslayer as chronicled in Last of the Mohicans and The Deerslayer, part of the trilogy of novels known as the Leatherstocking Tales. Here our hero is again caught between Indian, British and French in the war of the early 1700s. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC22
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #79 Cyrano de Bergerac
By Edmond Rostand. Art by Alex A. Blum. Quintessential Golden Age classics adaptation, this one from 1951 and drawn by the artist most closely associated with the series, Alex Blum. Blum also was a regular at Fiction House, probably the best known of their talented artists. He was a regular on the Eisner-created Hawk of the Seas. Here he tackles the classic novel of humor and pathos, the hero of the long nose and the unmatched skill at swordplay. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC79
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #122 The Mutineers
Recommended. By Charles Boardman Hawes. Art by Peter Costanza. Artist Pete Costanza was a talented creator at Fawcett in the forties, and went on to be a star in the ACG titles in the 50s and 60s, alongside an artist with a similarly slick style, Kurt Schaffenberger. Here Pete portrays a heroic saga, an autobiography written by the sailor himself, who went to sea at 16 and would end up embroiled in a savage mutiny. First published in 1954, with a lovely but unattributed cover painting. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC122
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #168 In Freedom's Cause
Highly Recommended. By G.A. Henty. Art by Reed Crandall and George Evans. Two EC artists extraordinaire collaborated to make this one of the best-drawn Classics. And uniquely, it went through one and only edition, in 1969, never to be reprinted. Henty was a renowned author of novels for young men and boys, in his heyday of the late 19th and early 20th century. Here he chronicles a story of Scotland in 1293, the famous William Wallace (Braveheart) and his battle against the English for freedom in Scotland. Great work. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC168
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

CLASSIC COMICS #174 Captain Blood
By Raphael Sabatini. Art by Henry C. Keifer. First published in 1949, here's the classic novel of piracy and Peter Blood, soldier of fortune, doctor, expert arrested as a rebel himself. Errol Flynn starred in the film based on this famous novel, and it's perfect for the Classic Illustrated series. Art by Henry Kiefer, a stalwart of the Golden Age of comics who worked for practically every company, from Fiction House to Heroic Comics. Jack Lake, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: CLC174
Soft Cover, 6x9, 48pg, Full Color

See our website-- 16 titles are now on sale at 40% off, $5.99 each. Also: The War of the Worlds Hardcover edition [CI124H. $14.99, now $7.99]. The Rough Rider (Teddy Roosevelt) 100-page special [CI141. $14.99, your price $8.99].




Numbered, 5200. Recommended. Sculpted by Erick Sosa. The third entry in the DC Icons series (the others are Batman and The Joker). A well-done, full figure Amazon, with her golden lasso and her traditional outfit. This comes on a handsome sculpted base, which is hand-numbered on the bottom. Very well detailed. Comes in a handsome color illustrated box, which is also numbered. DC, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: DCIWW
10" tall, Full Color


Additional New Items

Last week was a short holiday week, so we couldn’t include the usual full description and pictures for these items that arrived on Wednesday, November 23. We only mentioned them with links to preliminary descriptions. Here is the full rundown.

Highly Recommended. By Ant Lucia. Reimagined as World War II-era pinup girls, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and their mates are among the most extraordinary and fun characters in comics today. These gorgeous statues alone have become modern-day classics, inspiring a new comics series and posters, playing cards and special projects. Go behind the scenes on the creation of all this, with lots of previously unpublished drawings, sketches and more. Includes commentary by the creative team. Very well done. DC, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: ARDCBH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 200pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99


Forward by Roy Thomas. Recommended. By Jay Anacleto, Alex Ross, Dan Brereton, Amanda Conner et al. Fiery in spirit, skilled in combat, lusty and bawdy in her revelry, the crimson-tressed heroine Red Sonja, known also as "The She-Devil with a Sword", is renowned as fantasy's most prominent female character. Created by Robert E. Howard and sometime companion to his most famous creation, Conan. Since 2005, Dynamite has been the proud home to Red Sonja, publishing hundreds of comics that have garnered critical acclaim and the devotion of a ravenous fan base. This second volume showcases more fantastic work, series by series since 2010. Dynamite, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: AORS02H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 336pg, Full Color
$34.99 $29.99


Chilling Archives of Horror Comics #12. By Ruth Roche et al. Art by Matt Baker et al. Volume 2 includes Pre-Code classics like "They Couldn't Die!," "Torture Travelogue," "Vanishing Cadavers," "Voodoo Canvas," "Good Bye World!,"  "Satan's Plaything," "Blood Revenge," and "Skulls of Doom!" IDW, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: COMV02H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 184pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99


Robots, aliens and a spunky teenaged girl. John Byrne explores a whole new way of storytelling in "Stowaway to the Stars," an adult coloring book featuring all-new art (and text facing each full page page Illustration). Here is comic legend John Byrne! This tells a story, that YOU can color as you see how our stowaway girl ends up on a distant planet, with robots for friends and a battle for survival. IDW, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: JBSCB
Soft Cover, 9x11, 48pg, b&w


By Leah Moore, John Reppion. Art by Aaron Campbell et al. Presenting three captivating mysteries of Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, in the first-ever Omnibus: "Trial of Sherlock Holmes", "Year One", and "Liverpool Demon" storylines. From young Holmes' first encounter with Dr. Watson, to his role reversal as a suspect for murder, to a rash of Liverpool killings seemingly committed by a supernatural entity. Well drawn in dark, detailed styles, well-suited to capturing the Victorian era of narrow alleys, gas-lit streets, dark jails and nasty villains. Dynamite, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: SHERO
Soft Cover, 7x10, 400pg, Full Color
$34.99 $29.99


Collects Xenia Warrior Princess Vol 2 #1-6. By Genevieve Valentine. Art by Ariel Medel. Television's Xena: Warrior Princess is back for swashbuckling new adventures! Xena and Gabrielle have been missing for twenty-five years. The power of Rome is growing; Caesar is determined to conquer by lies what he can't conquer by force. Our heroines return to stop him before they have to wage war against a man they once called a friend.  Xena will confront her past against a rogue band of women warriors, and Gabrielle, whose secret visions are becoming prophecy, will have to protect her partner at any cost. Dynamite, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: XENWP
Soft Cover, 7x10, 128pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Limited, 99! By J. Scott Campbell. Sculpted by Jason Smith. Only 99 of these beautiful black-and-white statues exist! An extremely Limited Edition Red Sonja statue based on the work of comics sensation J. Scott Campbell and sculpted by the talented Jason Smith, featuring the stark contrast of light and darkness. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain, the Red Sonja statue stands approximately 11.5 inches in height with a 5.5-inch base. This variant edition of the Women of Dynamite statue comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Dynamite, 2016. ...More.

Item Code: WODRSB
11.5" tall, b&w

We have just two of these available.

Mature Readers

Druuna Serpieri Collection 3 was mentioned in brief last week due to the short holiday week. It is in stock now. It's an amazing blend of science fiction, surreal fantasy, and highly erotic, explicit artwork. Serpieri is a master of drawing beautiful women and Druuna is as good as it gets. This series is collecting all the Druuna adventures, first published in the late 1980s. Volume 4, due in February, will complete the series with the last two chapters. Volume 0, in stock now, is an entirely new prequel, just completed by the artist. [ANIMH. $19].

Druuna Volume 1 and 2: Our source is having trouble keeping these in stock. We have just five copies of 2, then we'll be sold out until late January. We have just eight copies of Volume 1. [SER01H, SER02H. $22 each].

We have a new HD, high def, collection of Bettie's Irving Klaw 1950's 8mm films on Blu-Ray. So far it is only available in Blu-Ray. We'll add a regular DVD edition if and when it appears. See our website for more Bettie DVDs and books.

Cavewoman is back in #2 of Ankha's Revenge, with a new nude-variant cover. We still have several Cavewoman back issues on sale. See our website for all Cavewoman.

And as promised last week, here are more SQP erotic/pin-up art titles that are all now half price. These also appear in the lastest catalog, with the Charles Vess solstice cover, along with more SQP titles. All are now $7.50 each. See our website for all the sale-price SQP titles.

These appear in this email for the first time at this price:





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The signed and limited Kinstler [EVED] has been zipping out of here at just $30, down from $95 publication price! The regular hardcover, $44.95, is $15 [EVEH). [All the Images Magazines: IMA06, 07, etc. IMAA03, 04, 05, are $9.95 each.]

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