Thursday, March 23, 2017

Don Maitz-Illustration Magazine, Infected by Art IV, Alice in Wonderland by David Delamere, Kaluta's Star Struck Artist’s Edition, Complete Dell Comics Pogo, Hogarth's Tarzan Vol 4, Three new Phantom collections, Superman Vol 1 Golden Age Dailies

Heavy hitters this week! Don Maitz is the cover feature of the new Illustration Magazine. The art annual Infected by Art IV is impressive. The long-anticipated Alice in Wonderland by David Delemare is here at last. Kaluta gets his own Artist’s Edition for StarStruck. The Complete Dell Comics Pogo and Tarzan by Hogarth both hit Volume 4. Three new Phantom collections. And see a wartime Superman fighting Nazis in Volume 1 of his Golden Age Dailies.

Our latest catalog with Omar Rayyan's Illustration from Goblin Market on the cover, is now available for download (4mb).

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Featuring Don Maitz. Our Highest Recommendation. The work of book cover artist extraordinaire Don Maitz, illustrated profusely with examples of his original cover paintings and with a brand-new interview by Gary Lovisi. Accompanied by dozens of gorgeous reproductions from original paintings as well as classic book covers. Then we have pen & ink artist Dan Beard, and his collaboration, c.1889, with Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Finally, the packaging illustrations of Charles Clarence Dawson, created for the line of Val-Mor products in the 40s and 50s for an exclusively black customer base. Illustrated Press, 2017...More.

Item Code: IL55
Magazine, 8x11, 96pg, Full Color

All available volumes are listed on the website. See News and Notes about out-of-print back issues now available.

Highly Recommended. Edited by Todd Spoor and Bill Cox. This ground-breaking collector's edition features over 300 pieces of art from the world's best fantasy, science fiction, and horror artists in a range of various media. If you like the Spectrum Annual and can't get's more, with some of the same but many new and different talents from around the world. Grand Prize winners include Donato Giancola, Linda Adair, Jeff Easley, Matthew Mrowka and sculptor Thomas Kyebler. This year's judges: Allen Williams, Erica Berkowitz, Lauren Panepinto, and Patrick Jones. Hermes, 2016...More.

Item Code: INA04H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 304pg, Full Color
$49.99 $42.50

See our website for previous Volumes 1-3. Also a deluxe hardcover of Volume 1, signed by Arthur Suydam.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND By David Delamare Deluxe Signed
Signed by Wendy Ice. Limited, 2000. With bookplate (for a previous book) drawn & signed by David. Highly Recommended. DAVID DELAMARE ON ILLUSTRATING ALICE: "In 2008, after painting an image for an invitational Alice in Wonderland exhibition, I found myself haunted by the characters from the book. I was working on [a] piece...when the entire cast of Wonderland characters began to shift in my mind.  Specifically, they began taking on animal masks, or perhaps, removing their human ones. The Mad Hatter, for instance appeared as a baboon and the Queen of Hearts as a warthog. Seeing those strange flashes, I was compelled to document them and the book project was born." David passed away in 2016--this is signed by his collaborator, model and wife, Wendy Ice. David drew and signed a bookplate for us for another project in 1998. This is included at no charge.


Wendy Ice, 2016...More.

Item Code: ALICWHS
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 134pg, Text/Full Color

We actually have ten more Alice in Wonderland items, from graphic novels to art books and another illustrated version by Harry Rountree. See the website.

Highly Recommended. By Michael Kaluta. Michael Kaluta is one of the most revered and versatile artists in comics and illustration. He is frequently recognized as the definitive artist of The Shadow, has been praised for his Lord of the Rings paintings, and illustrated the Metropolis novel. He was also part of the legendary artists' collective (along with Jeff Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Berni Wrightson) known simply as THE STUDIO. IDW, 2017...More.

Item Code: MKSAEH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 12x17, 144pg, b&w

With exclusive signed & illustrated bookplate. Highly Recommended. This collection presents all five Kaluta sketchbooks in a handsome oversized hardcover. All selected by the artist from his personal archives--a cornucopia of delightful delineations and lovely line drawings. We still had a wonderful illustrated bookplate he created for us for his Metropolis in 1995, so we asked him to sign these to accompany this new volume. This is packed with unpublished work; for John Carter and Dejah Thoris, for Carson of Venus, Conan, Fables, Sandman, Wonder Woman and much more. IDW, 2016...More.

Item Code: MKKSHS
Hard Cover, 9x12, 256pg, Partial Color


Graphic Novels & Archives

By Giovanni Gualdoni and Gabriele Clima. Art by Matteo Piana and Davide Turotti. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Manga all blend into this Steampunk saga about interconnected worlds at the mercy of an invasion. Seven planets link to one another by the multidimensional gates of a giant ring. But the passage to one world, Nemo, has remained sealed for three centuries, in order to confine its people after they savagely attacked the rest of the Empire. When the infamous gate reopens and unleashes the ancient enemy, Timo and Luce, two star-crossed teenagers, are caught up in a war they were not prepared to fight. Humanoids, 2016...More.

Item Code: RINSW
Soft Cover, 8x10, 244pg, Full Color
$24.95 $21.95

Highly Recommended. By Juan Gimenez. A powerful cocktail of science fiction, humor, and social criticism written and drawn by the artist of The MetabaronsJuan Gimenez! Creating worlds like Moebius, with a style as detailed and superb as Serpieri, this is a tour-de-force epic collecting four complete graphic novels. The odyssey of Exether Mega, a beautiful young military pilot caught up in an interplanetary conflict between humans — under the banner of the Planetary United States — and the Krommiums. Moderate nudity. Humanoids, 2017. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: FOUPH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x13, 256pg, Full Color
$39.95 $35.95

WALT KELLY'S POGO The Complete Dell Comics 4
Collects #7-11, 1952 Highly Recommended. Following on the heels of Hermes Press' critically acclaimed Eisner nominated reprint of Walt Kelly's Pogo stories from Animal Comics, Four Color Comics, and Pogo Possum in Walt Kelly's Pogo the Complete Dell Comics Volumes One and Two -- with Volume Three having been released late last year -- comes Volume Four of this popular strip. Hermes, 2016...More.

Item Code: WKP04H
Hard Cover, 8x10, 208pg, Full Color
$60.00 $49.95

Volumes 1-3 all remain available. See our website for more by Kelly.

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS TARZAN Volume 4 Tarzan and the Lost Tribes
The Complete Burne Hogarth Library, 1947-49. Highly Recommended. Illustrated by Burne Hogarth. Third of four exclusive volumes, authorized by the ERB estate, collecting the entire run by one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Hogarth's anatomy, foliage, detail, and story-telling raised the level of the Tarzan mythology to a new level. Here Tarzan is a demi-god, fearless, powerful, fast-thinking, a hero armed only with a knife and bow and arrow. Three long episodes: Tarzan and N'Ani, Tarzan on the Island of Mua-Ao, and Tarzan and the Ononoes. New intro by noted Tarzan artist Joe Jusko, with original artwork from two Sunday pages. Titan, 2017...More.

Item Code: BHT04H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x13, 108pg, Full Color
$49.95 $44.95

The three previous volumes are all available.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY by Brian Michael Bendis Volume 1 Omnibus
Blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis takes on Marvel's misfit movie stars! Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot assemble alongside the Avengers to thwart Thanos' latest scheme -- and they'll take Iron Man back out to space with them! They'll face the wrath of the Badoon, Peter Quill's father and -- once again -- the infinite threat of the Mad Titan! But can anything prepare them for Angela? Marvel, 2016...More.

Item Code: GUOM01H
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 6x8, 1168pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00

11 complete wartime episodes!! Highly Recommended. By Jerry Siegel and Whitney Ellsworth. Art by Joe Shuster and Wayne Boring. This premiere volume includes all the strips from the very beginning between February 16, 1942 through October 28, 1944. Superman fights the Nazis in great wartime sequences and I think we see some superb Jack Burnley artwork. First appearance of the mischievous Mr. Mxyzptlk, the menace of The Monocle, the nefarious No Name, Miss Dreamface, "King" Jimmy Olsen, and the kidnapping of Santa Claus! More than 800 daily strips from the Golden Age of the Man of Steel. IDW, 2017...More.

Item Code: SUGAD01
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x9, 288pg, b&w
$49.99 $39.99


The Phantom

THE PHANTOM Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 10
1950-1951. Recommended. By Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy. The daily version of The Phantom ran separately from the Sundays until the "Fathers and Sons" story line. Starting with that story, which began on February 21, 1949 and ending with "The Ape Idol of the Durugu" concluding on May 6, 1950, the continuities ran together. Volume Nine of this series offered the first three daily/Sunday continuities and Volume Ten offers the final chapter of the combined continuities together with five more complete daily continuities as the Sundays returned to their normal, separate story lines. Hermes, 2016...More.

Item Code: PH10H
Hard Cover, 12x9, 272pg, b&w
$60.00 $49.99

THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 1 The Ghost Who Walks
Recommended. By Lee Falk. Cover by George Wilson. A new oversized edition of the first of fifteen 1970s novels written by the man who created The Phantom and first published by Avon. "Why is he also known as The Ghost Who Walks - and The Man Who Cannot Die? Is he really 400 years old? It is whispered that he who looks upon the Phantom's unmasked face will die instantly -- in agony. Who is the Phantom? This masked hero is the nemesis of evil doers everywhere who know and fear his dreaded Sign of the Skull!" Hermes, 2016...More.

Item Code: PHA01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 160pg, Text Only

THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 2 The Slave of Mucar
Recommended. By Lee Falk. Cover by George Wilson. A new oversized edition of the second of fifteen 1970s novels written by the man who created The Phantom, first published by Avon. Does the ancient abomination of slavery still exist in this age of electronics? How are slaves found for this mysterious hidden market and where do they go? What is the true and amazing identity of the sinister slave dealer? Famed artist George Wilson painted all of the covers used for the Avon series, and they are reproduced beautifully to keep all of the details from the original books intact. Hermes, 2016...More.

Item Code: PHA02
Soft Cover, 6x9, 160pg, Text Only

See our website for all the available Phantom collections: Dailies, Sundays, Full-Size Sundays, and comic book archives.


Coming in April through July

Our Highest Recommendation. By Stephen James Walker. Reginald Heade is renowned amongst vintage paperback fans and collectors as the pre-eminent British pulp fiction cover artist of the 1940s and 1950s. His beautifully-rendered, erotically-charged depictions of a parade of sexy, scantily-clad young virgins and vixens – the so-called ‘Heade women', for some of whom he is rumoured to have used local ladies-of-the-night as models – are near-legendary amongst lovers of classic pin-up art; and the original books on which they appeared are now highly-sought-after rarities – in some cases, only a handful of copies are known still to survive. Telos, 2017. Due Apr. ...More.

Item Code: ARRHH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 168pg, Full Color

TITILLATION The Vintage Pulp Magazine Pin-Up Art of Peter Driben
Recommended. Peter Driben was one of the most prolific cover artists to work on the risqué "girlie pulp" magazines that flourished in the USA between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s. This meticulously-researched, lavishly-illustrated book is a glorious celebration of his work, and an absolutely essential addition to the bookshelves of anyone with a taste for classic pin-up and magazine cover artwork. Import from England. The only other book on Driben is one of Taschen's "Tiny" books. This is his first major art book. Telos, 2017. Due Apr. ...More.

Item Code: TITIL
Soft Cover, 9x11, 190pg, Full Color

DOOM PATROL Silver Age Omnibus
Recommended. By Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. Gathering all of the original, offbeat adventures from the 1960s in one massive omnibus collection! This was DC's version of the X-Men--a rag-tag group as heroes. This fast-paced volume introduces The Doom Patrol, led by their wheelchair-bound chief, Niles Calder, three outcasts of society—Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Robotman—take the qualities that make them freaks and become heroes. The trio would take on bizarre menaces including General Immortus, the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and the Brotherhood of Evil! DC, 2017. Due June. ...More.

Item Code: DOOMPH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 7x10, 1080pg, Full Color
$99.99 $85.00

Recommended. In this millennium, every page Hernandez draws is die-cut flawless and ready for reproduction; but it wasn't always that way. Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Jaime Hernandez collects almost 200 pages of the raw, un-retouched original art, via select stories — masterpieces, all — from the first fifty issues of the Love and Rockets comic book. These include such classic and beloved stories as “The Death of Speedy,” “Chester Square,” and “Wigwam Bam.” Fantagraphics, 2017. Due June. ...More.

Item Code: JHSTH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 11x14, 192pg, Full Color

ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ The Secrets Of Life And Death Signed
Closeout Price! Illustrated & signed bookplate, 100! Recommended. By Todd Hignite. Intro by Alison Bechdel. His moving stories chronicle the lives of some of the most memorable and fully formed characters the comics form has ever seen. His female protagonists, masterfully delineated with humor, candor, and breathtaking realism, come to life. Here we go behind the scenes with highlights of his entire career, from early fanzine-style work to today. Includes a specially illustrated bookplate Jaime did for us when this was first published--limited to just 100. Abrams, 2010...More.

Item Code: ARJHS
Hard Cover, 9x12, 224pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $15.95

WONDER WOMAN The Golden Age Omnibus Volume 2
Collects Comic Cavalcade #5-12, Sensation Comics #5-28 and Wonder Woman #8-15. Highly Recommended. By William Moulton Marston. Wonder Woman, the best-known female superhero in the world and star of her own monthly comics, faced the evil of the Axis powers in these World War II-era tales. In these stories, Wonder Woman protects Man's World, using her bracelets and lasso of truth to stop injustice. These tales include Wonder Woman's battle to keep innocents from being drawn into a land of nightmares and sees her sending a gangster to Paradise Island to be reformed, attending a costume party to prevent a murder and much more! DC, 2017. Due July. ...More.

Item Code: WWGA02H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 768pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00

Volume 1 is available now.


Mature Readers

Two Warehouse Finds this week, books we handled quite a few years ago. There’s Necron Volume 3, an erotic romp by European artist Magnus and published by Catalan Communications, a very busy publisher back in the nineties. Second we have an even older book from the 1980s, Amanda. This reprints a highly erotic British comic strip with abundant nudity and wild situations, from another legendary publisher, Ken Pierce Books. Like its sister publication Axa, from the same publisher, this has never again been collected and is quite the expensive book on the internet.

And coming in May, we have a revised and enlarged X-rated Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s. It’s the seminal book on posters from the explosion of popular adult films in those bygone days of hippies and free love, Screw and Hustler magazines, and anything-goes Underground Comics. The movies had it all and then some.

Nude Photography  |  Erotic Art   |  Erotic Films: DVDs  |  Adult Graphic Novels  |  All Pin-Up & Adult


News and Notes

I’m sorry to report that Berni Wrightson passed away on Saturday, March 24th. He’d been fighting cancer for some time and was still doing convention appearances just a year ago, when I last saw him at a local Sacramento show. I’m so glad that I had one last chance to catch up, since we’ve casually known one another since we first met at the New York Comic Art Convention (SeulingCon) in 1970. Along with Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta and Bruce Jones, he’d rented a room in the hotel for their own art show as up and coming new professional artists, just graduated from doing fan magazines.

Over the years I handled everything Berni did, from comics in my distribution days, to posters, portfolios, and art books. He was an artist we all loved, for his superb early years doing DC comics horror stories, then Swamp Thing, then so many projects. He was once considered the artistic successor to Frazetta, with his wonderfully detailed pen and ink style and penchant for the macabre and fantastic. And certainly to Ghastly Graham Ingels—they both loved that mad horror stuff! I just saw that his graphic novel with Stephen King, Creepshow, will be reprinted shortly. We will handle it, as we will always handle Berni’s fine work. He was one of the greats.

I just found Seven to Eternity, the graphic novel we listed a few weeks ago, was Diamond’s #1 best-selling graphic album for February. I thought it was pretty darned good, but that’s saying something—out of all the titles released. You might give it a second look. Hey, it’s only ten bucks! [SEVE01. $9.99]

Bill Schelly’s book on John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu, will be oversized, I just learned--all the reproductions here will be satisfyingly larger. Bill is signing a special bookplate with a Stanley drawing, available exclusively from us. This is the very first book on the brilliant writer of Little Lulu and other cult comics. June. [JSGIVHS. $39.99]

If you are looking for out of print back issues of Illustration Magazine which we no longer list, call my partner Anne Hutchison and check in (530-273-9762). We just bought a small run of some scarce issues. I think I priced them all at $30 each.

Anne also has several of Berni’s Wrightson’s fine books, including A Look Back in softcover ($150), a signed edition or two, and the Monsters Color the Creature Book ($80 or thereabouts). On our website you’ll find Berni’s in-print work, plus his vintage Masterworks Series #3: The Macabre (the original comic book from 1983). [BWMA. $5]. It’s another warehouse find I stashed away years ago. It was published by DC Comics as a special Direct Market only title for distributor Phil Seuling. Phil also published the Monsters Color the Creature Book.



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