Thursday, December 12, 2019

A new Infected by Art, Neil Gaiman, The Story of The Phantom, Witchfinder, Lady Death and Absolute Batman!

The latest Infected by Art is quite good and I highly recommend it. We also have new Neil Gaiman, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Story of The Phantom, Witchfinder Omnibus, Lady Death Rules, and an amazing Absolute Batman. Coming up is Hannes Bok Fantastic Fiction, and Nancy Collins' run on Swamp Thing. We have two new Sanctum Pulp Reprint series, Rare Books and a new feature offering you last chance on titles dropping off our website: 3...2...1...Gone.

Christmas Deadlines: Place your order this week, or else you should seriously consider Rush Service. We figure the 12th as last chance for ground shipment for the East Coast, the 16th for the West, and the 19th for Rush Service.

We've chosen this year to not do a special mailing of our Christmas Card (with a color shot of the staff, and Mary Marvel)—instead it is going in with every order placed this month.

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INFECTED BY ART Volume 7 Deluxe Signed
Signed by eleven contributors & numbered from just 50 copies! Highly Recommended. Edited by Todd Spoor and Bill Cox. This special edition was put together for the October, 2019 IX Arts show. This may be a variant cover (we haven't seen the trade edition yet) by Tran Nguyen (Ambedo) and back cover is by Spectrum Grand Master Donato Giancola. A laid-in bookplate is signed by the IBA 7 Jury, the editors, and Award winners present at IX 2019, Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire, Jon Schindehette, and Bill Cox. Infected By Art, 2019. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: INA07D
Hard Cover, 9x11, 328pg, Full Color

Although we expect to see the regular hardcover [INA07H. $34.99] edition of this any moment, right now the first to come in is this special edition. Note the new lower retail price! They don't produce a softcover edition.

Also in stock are these previous editions; you might just enjoy scrolling through these, we always do lots of scans for each one, with our favorite artworks:

Volume 6 [INA06H. $39.99]; Deluxe signed by TEN contributors & limited to 100 [INA06D. $60].

Volume 5 [INA05H. $49.99, $42.50]. Includes a second, variant dust jacket from the limited edition, now sold out. Note that ALL the bindings on these are defective and may fall apart--this is sold as-is.

Volume 4 [INA04H. $49.99, $42.50

Volume 1 [INA01. $30]

We currently have art books on several of the artists featured in Infected by Art this year, on the cover, or among the award winners. Stephanie Law, Tran Nyugen, Patrick J. Jones, Don Maitz, David Wenzel, Joe Jusko, Donato Giancola, Justin Gerard, and Annie Stegg Gerard are several. And you can find several of these artists in the recent Spectrum Annuals, including this year's.

Recommended. By Don Iwerks and Leonard Maltin. Gorgeous never-before-published photographs, many of technical equipment and sets, and fascinating personal memories celebrate the half-a-century career of Disney Legend Ub Iwerks, a self-taught animator who became the first to animate Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Steamboat Willie. But he went on to become an exceptional draftsman, prolific innovator, and all-around technical genius. He directly collaborated with Walt to create some of the most loved moments throughout film and theme parks, using animatronics and specialty 360 degree cameras! Disney Editions, 2019...More.

Item Code: WDULTH
Hard Cover, 9x13, 224pg, Partial Color
$60.00 $49.99

Limted. Gary Panter, punk cartoonist from Slash magazine and Pee-Wee's Playhouse, unleashes 174 pages of sketchbook mayhem from the past 45 years. Wildest Dream's intense purple and neon color scheme references beatnik mimeo zines, New Wave style, and No Wave attitude. Published by Brooklyn comic store Desert Island, this reminds us of Crumb sketchbooks--one page comics, gag illustrations, a few goofy nudes, experiments inking, weird aliens, cosmic stuff, early fanboy illos. Floating World Comics, 2019...More.

Item Code: WILDRH
Hard Cover, 5x7, 176pg, Full Color


Graphic Novels

DJINN Volume 3
Translated from the French. Winner of the Prix Haxtur award. Highly Recommended. By Jean Dufaux. Art by Ana Miralles. Deep in the heart of Africa, history is doomed to repeat itself as two women find themselves entangled in a powerful legend that could be key to one of the most coveted treasures on earth. With Jade having successfully stolen the lost treasure of the last Sultan, she, Lord and Lady Nelson continue their passionate affair on a journey into Africa. But when a group of tribesmen savagely attacks them on their boat along the way, the complexities of this powerful yet cryptic culture begin to reveal themselves. Insight Comics, 2019. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: DJIN03
Soft Cover, 8x10, 104pg, Full Color

Volumes 1 and 2 start and continue the story in #3. It's quite adult, but still I think deserves to be with the other graphic novels. It has more in common with the French graphic novels—it was done first in France—than just some adult graphic novel.

New Edition of the 1988-89 series. Recommended. By Neil Gaiman. Art by Dave McKean. Before introducing the modern version of The SandmanNeil Gaiman wrote this dark tale that reinvented a strange DC Comics super hero in the Vertigo mold. Featuring spectacular art by Gaiman's frequent collaborator, Dave McKean. After being viciously murdered, Susan Linden is reborn as the Black Orchid, a ghostly, ethereal hybrid of plant and human. She shall avenge her own death while she tries to reconcile human memory and these new botanical origins, untangling the webs of deception and secrets that led to her death. Insight Comics, 2019. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: BLAOR
Soft Cover, 7x10, 176pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Collects #1-5 of the ongoing series, with bonus Archie and Sabrina issue. Recommended. By Kelly Thompson. Art by Veronica Fish, Andy Fish. "An effervescent update with gorgeous artwork." -The AV Club. And I agree; rather than just another Archie spin-off, the art and story here really grab me just from spinning through the pages. I'm looking forward to reading this and may very well raise my recommendation. Sabrina is a teen witch who's struggling with balancing the double life of high school and her burgeoning powers. Newly relocated to Greendale with her aunts Hilda and Zelda (also witches), Sabrina is trying to make the best of being the new girl in town. Archie Comics, 2019...More.

Item Code: SAB01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 144pg, Full Color

BETTY & VERONICA By Adam Hughes Volume 1
Recommended. By Adam Hughes. Betty and Veronica are America's sweethearts - until they turn on each other! Pops' is being taken over by a huge coffee company and the girls go head-to-head over the issue. Friendships will shatter. Cities will burn. Nails will be broken. And the two girls lead off in the ring boxing! Wonderful art by good-girl master artist, Adam Hughes. A fun, slightly more serious take, especially from the art standpoint, on these two beautiful young ladies. Jughead's here, but Archie's essentially not around. Plus 37 regular and variant covers, plus a previously unreleased Sabrina cover, also by Hughes. Archie Comics, 2017...More.

Item Code: BETV01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 104pg, Full Color

See our website for The Best of Betty and Veronica, Archie's Madhouse (the comic where Sabrina got her start), The Swinging Sixties newspaper strips, Archie 1941, and more.


Comics Archives

TIMELY'S GREATEST The Golden Age Human Torch by Carl Burgos Omnibus
The Torch stories & covers from Marvel Mystery #1-34, Human Torch #2-7, All Winners #1-4, LOTS more. 1939-54. Highly Recommended. By Carl Burgos, with Bill Everett. Marvel's first super hero, the burning-hot hit known as the Human Torch, seared his way into readers' minds in 1939, setting the path for all Marvel icons to come. Carl Burgos' fiery hero wasn't a typical do-gooder; he was a creation of cutting-edge science in a world that was terrified by his burning visage. In this first-time-ever collection of every Human Torch tale from the character's debut through Carl Burgos' April 1942 induction into the war effort--plus his rare post-war and 1950s "superhero revival" stories. Marvel, 2019...More.

Hard Cover, 7x11, 1032pg, Partial Color
$150.00 $125.00

Also available in Timely's Greatest: The Golden Age Simon & Kirby [TIMGASKH] and The Sub-Mariner by Bill Everett [TIMGASH], both $150, $125 ea. All Highly Recommended.

ABSOLUTE BATMAN The Dark Knight The Master Race
Collects the series #1-9, all variant covers and tons of bonus material. Recommended. By Frank Miller. Art by Andy Kubert. In 1986, Frank Miller introduced his iconic take on Batman and changed the face of comics forever. Now, three decades after Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Miller himself has returned with a third chapter to his groundbreaking saga. It's three years since anyone has seen Gotham City's guardian. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman...all of the Dark Knight's allies have retreated from the front lines of the war against injustice.  But now an army of unimaginable power, led by Superman's own daughter, is preparing to claim Earth as their new world. DC Comics, 2019...More.

Item Code: ABSMH
Hard Cover, 9x13, 624pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00

RED SONJA The Complete Gail Simone Omnibus
Collects #0-18 of Volume 2, 2013-15. Recommended. By Gail Simone. Art by Walter Geovani and Jack Jadson. Collects all of Gail Simone's amazing work on Red Sonja in one beautiful oversized volume. Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey) gives the iconic fantasy heroine a fresh new attitude! Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, in three long, epic tales. Queen of the Plagues, The Art of Blood and Fire, and The Forgiving Monsters. "This is the perfect team for Sonja's exploits...Sonja continues to dazzle and terrify with this creative team." -SciFiPulse. Dynamite, 2019...More.

Item Code: REDGSH
Hard Cover, 8x12, 528pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99

Also due any day is the signed edition of this, signed by Simone [REDGSHS. $75].

WITCHFINDER Omnibus Volume 1
Collects Volumes 1-3, six novellas in all, 2009-2115. Highly Recommended. By Mike Mignola, John Arcudi et al. Art by Ben Stenbeck, John Severin, Tyler Crook and Patric Reynolds. I'm so pleased to see this. I've become a fan of this Hellboy spin-off series, but I missed the early tales collected here. One is a long, superbly drawn story by John Severin, who passed away in 2012. When the man called the Witchfinder becomes an agent of the Queen, he is led from the sparkling echelons of Victorian London to its dark underbelly, through the American West, and to explore the mysteries of Unland! Throughout his adventures, he'll face occult conspiracies, rampaging monsters, and London's most infamous secret society: the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra! Bonus: 42 pages of prelim drawings, characters studies and much more. Dark Horse, 2019...More.

Item Code: WITF01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 440pg, Partial Color
$34.99 $31.99

See more Mike Mignola and more Hellboy on our website.

LADY DEATH RULES Volume 2 Hardcover Signed
Signed by Pulido & limited, 250! By Brian Pulido, Mike Maclean. Art by Dheeraj Verma. Lady Death awakes from a 20-year, spell-induced slumber and finds herself in the fiery pits of Hell! From there, things get complicated! In this second volume of the “Sworn Favorite” series, experience Lady Death fully realized! Featuring the alluring (often nude) and cruel diva of death. Sex, violence, and very, very bad behavior. "Heavy metal inspired stories that kick your ass." Collects Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss #1Merciless Onslaught #1Lady Death: Unholy Ruin #1 and Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss #1. Coffin Comics, 2019. Mature Readers...More.

Item Code: LADR02HS
Hard Cover, 7x10, 192pg, Full Color

There will also be a softcover [LADR02. $19.99] and hardcover [LADR02H. $34.99]. Both are expected some time this month. See our website for Lady Death Naughtier regular ($40) and signed ($60), La Muerta Statue ($249.99), and PVC Diorama ($55).

Now with Hogarth's Drago, in color. Highly Recommended. By Mac Raboy, Burne Hogarth, Warren Tufts, Gil Kane et al. Complete stories in this issue: Flash Gordon by Dan Barry and Fred Kida, 1971Rick O'Shay by Stan Lynde, 1976: Hipshot stops Smoking! and Sir Bagby from 1962. New addition Garth continues, by Peter O'Donnell (Modesty Blaise); Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane, 1968; Flash Gordon by Harry Harrison and Mac Raboy; Gasoline Alley by Dick Moores; Alley Oop by V. T. HamlinTarzan by Gil Kane and Archie Goodwin, 1979; Steve Canyon by Milton Caniff, and Casey Ruggles by Warren Tufts, & much more. Manuscript Press, 2019...More.

Item Code: CR1219
Soft Cover, 8x10, 128pg, Partial Color

A good number of back issues, same format, are still available. You can start with the oldest and enjoy each strip each month.


The Story of The Phantom

THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 11 The Swamp Rats
First published in 1974. Recommended. By Lee Falk. Painted cover by George Wilson. All fifteen Avon editions of The Phantom, first done in the 1970s featuring original new stories by author Lee Falk, are back in print! Famed artist George Wilson (Dr. Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter, The Phantom) painted each and every cover. Who would dare to venture into the deadly reaches of the Great Swamp? Few who had entered into its mists had emerged to tell of their experiences.So it is that a pack of ruthless escaped convicts set up their headquarters in the Great Swamp, leaving them free to plunder the surrounding areas. Hermes Press, 2019...More.

Item Code: PHA11
Soft Cover, 6x9, 144pg, Text Only

THE STORY OF THE PHANTOM Volume 12 The Vampires and the Witch
Recommended. By Lee Falk. Painted cover by George Wilson. A plague of human vampires – a 300-year-old witch who, legends says, can only be freed from her chains and returned to youth and beauty by a Phantom kiss. Incredible in the twentieth century? Yet a tiny nation is terrorized by these ghastly beings who inhabit a medieval torture chamber beneath an ancient castle ruin. Twelfth in the series of highly collectible Avon paperbacks from the 1970s, now collected in larger trade edition size. All feature NEW stories by the Phantom's creator and author of the comic strips, Lee Falk. Hermes Press, 2019...More.

Item Code: PHA12
Soft Cover, 6x9, 160pg, Text Only

Still in stock are volumes 2-10, $14.95. The first book is currently out of print. See all of the Phantom Dailies and Sundays collections on our website. Also Don Newton's Complete Phantom, Jim Aparo's Complete Phantom, and The Phantom Unmasked: America's First Superhero [PHAUN. $25].


Sanctum Sale Update


This week we have two short-run series ready and on sale: Black Bat #1-9 [BLB01, BLB02, etc], and The Avenger #2-12, (#1 is out of print) [AV02, AV03, etc]. All are $14.95, $6.95 each. More short-run sets will be on the site soon.

Shadow #1-115 and Doc Savage #1-87 and Bama cover variants are all online now, $5.95 each while they last. Also multi-packs for both titles, all half price.




We ran the first 50 items for this new section in the special email on Tuesday. These are items that we have just one, two, or at the most, 3 copies left and we either cannot or do not plan to restock them. It's too few to put in a catalog or sale email, so sometimes they just quietly sit on the website until you happen across them.

I'd prefer to move them out to make room for new I've reduced the prices on many of these just for this listing. We earmarked 50 for the Tuesday email, and here's another group of 50. We'll do this each week, offering you another batch of 50, until we've listed them all.


Rare & Out of Print


We listed a new Pogo facsimile last week and mentioned a collection we brought in. We've listed the first few of these here. Inquire if you are looking for anything specific.

Also listed are two fine books by Stephen E. Fabian, published by Gerry de la Ree, and three books with the awesome science fiction art of Frank Kelly Freas.


Coming in January

Limited, 399. By J. Scott Campbell. Sculpted by Steve Kiwis. Inspired by the legendary artwork of superstar artist J. Scott Campbell, Sheena comes to life in 3-D with her very first limited-edition statue developed by Dynamite Entertainment and sculpted by Steve Kiwus. This 1/6 scale statue (meaning it will be quite large) features a beautifully detailed jungle environment and Campbell's unique interpretation of Sheena. The "Arctic" variant design features a snow leopard outfit and snow detailing. Dynamite, 2019. Due Jan. ...More.

Item Code: WODSQV
10" tall, Full Color

More Sheena collections, from the Golden Age, to the pulps, to new graphic novels, are on the website.

Recommended. By Hannes Bok and Jim Pitts. The Sorcerer's Ship, Beyond the Golden Stair and Starstone World. These aren't your conventional fantasies, although all the trappings are there. They have a sly humor with plots full of twists and turns, stories which take the reader on strange metaphysical paths, and glorious descriptions that could only come from someone with a painter's eye. Never-before-published Hannes Bok painting on the cover. All three of these books have been out-of-print for at least 48 years. American Fantasy Press, 2020. Due Jan. ...More.

Item Code: FANHBH
Hard Cover, 448pg, Full Color

This will be available in a deluxe edition that should be ready a month after the regular edition, in February.

In Rare Books, we have the Hannes Bok Showcase (Underwood/Miller) $100, the Hannes Bok Treasury ($90, $69). He's one of several artists covered in Infinite Worlds by Vincent di Fate, 1997 [INFWLD. $85].


Coming in April

SWAMP THING By Nancy A. Collins Omnibus
Collects Swamp Thing #110-139 and Annual #6-7. From critically acclaimed Southern Gothic horror novelist Nancy Collins.  A mad priest called Father Tocsin has come to Houma to test his followers with a fatal poison. But when Tocsin indoctrinates one of his friends, Swamp Thing must stop the killings before they spread too far. Then, it's a grassroots political campaign as Swamp Thing finds himself a surprise candidate for governor of Louisiana. And Swamp Thing must get help to save Abigail Arcane and their young daughter, TefĂ©, from the murderous dream-pirates of Dark Conrad. Who's he gonna call? John Constantine! And Anton Arcane returns from the darkest pits of hell to seek revenge on Swamp Thing and all those he holds dear! DC Comics, 2019. Due Apr. ...More.

Item Code: SWAMOH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 896pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00

See the website for more Swamp Thing collections, by Moore, Wrightson and others.


Mature Readers

Three new 42nd Street Forever Peep Show DVDs are here, #35-37. See previous releases on our website, as well as other adult DVDs. We usually only list these once in a catalog, then only keep them on the website.

Nude Photography  |  Erotic Art   |  Erotic Films: DVDs  |  Adult Graphic Novels  |  All Pin-Up & Adult

Click here to add yourself to our Adult's Only mailing list.


News and Notes


We did a special mailing on Tuesday with a few new sale items, a reminder to catch Calendars while you can, White Sale links and more. You can see that here, on our blog.


The Roy Krenkel book has been VERY popular and due to some damage to our first shipment, we ran out for a short time. We have more now, and have another reorder on the way before Christmas.
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The Art of Mac Raboy was our catalog cover feature and has done very well. We've brought in extra copies in case TwoMorrows found it unexpectedly sold out, like they did on Roger Hill's other title, The Art of Reed Crandall. You can order copies now.

The Art of Allen Anderson has also done extraordinarily well, and we hope to reorder some soon. Watch it, in case this ends up another sold out title from The Illustrated Press.

The Modesty Blaise Companion that we put on special, for this month only, has done very well. We have less than 30 copies left, and will not keep them on sale past January 1. This was limited to 500, and we bought about 25% of the run. Okay, I got just a bit aggressive, but we've always done very well with Modesty items, I just went slightly overboard on it. Take advantage and pick up one now.

Jack Kirby's Sky Masters – we are down to 5 of the as-new, signed copies ($125). After they are gone, we'll have very slightly hurt copies at $100—which you can order now if you'd like to save $25. We have nine of those left, not sure if we can get more. I don't think so. The Hermes Press Dailies also remains available.

Little Books

I mentioned these as stocking stuffers in this week's special email, but forgot about two: Star Wars: The Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie [SWCAH. $11.99] and Star Wars: The Complete Marvel Comics Covers [SWCC01H. $11.99]. Here's the other Little Book of...series that has books I recommended for all ages, and a few adult titles, too.


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