Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Reginald Heade, The Art of Pan, Pulp Horror, Tarzan and more PS Artbooks!

Happy New Year to you! Now here are the long-awaited new Reginald Heade books, Cover Me: Vintage Art of Pan Books, The Illustrated History of Pulp Horror, and much more. Tarzan returns to Pellucidar in a new novel, our next-to-last batch sale-priced PS Pre-Code Archives, Ed Brubaker’s Criminal, and news of upcoming books in 2021.

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Telos Publishing Art Books


Our Highest Recommendation, By Stephen James Walker and Steve Chibnall. Reginald Heade was an incredibly prolific artist, at the height of his career taking on as many as 100 commissions per year. Ongoing research carried out since the completion of work on the expanded Art of Reginald Heade Vol. One has uncovered hundreds more previously unknown examples of his superb book cover, magazine illustration and other commercial art, and all of these are presented here. Plus: the most comprehensive biography of Heade ever, including the first photographs of the artist ever to be published; a detailed checklist of all known published work; many previously-unpublished preparatory sketches and roughs; plus dozens of superb full-page reproductions of Heade's original pulp-fiction cover paintings, showcasing choice examples of his most celebrated work in greater detail and clarity than ever seen before. Telos, 2020....More.

Item Code: ARTRH02H
Hard Cover, 9x11, 384pg, Full Color

Import from England. Our Highest Recommendation. By Stephen James Walker. This deluxe special edition of the acclaimed The Art of Reginald Heade is extensively revised and greatly expanded with almost double the page-count. It features over 400 additional, ultra-rare Heade artwork images, and presents many others in larger size than before. Reginald Heade is renowned among vintage paperback fans and collectors as the pre-eminent British pulp fiction and good girl/bad girl cover artist of the 1940s and 1950s. His beautifully-rendered, erotically-charged depictions of a parade of sexy, scantily-clad young virgins and vixens ““ the so-called "Heade Women", are near-legendary among lovers of classic pin-up art. Telos, 2020....More.

Item Code: ARTRH01H
Hard Cover, 9x11, 320pg, Full Color
We handled the first edition of this and it did very well for us. Heade (pronounced HEED) was so prolific, it's taken both of these books to cover his career.

COVER ME The Vintage Art of Pan Books 1950-1965
Highly Recommended. By Colin Larkin. An affectionate and thoroughly-researched celebration of the classic Pan Books paperbacks, beautifully illustrated with sumptuous full-color reproductions of over 300 of the original cover paintings! From Robert Heinlein classics to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Agatha Christie mysteries to pulp fiction and cheesecake, and lots of it, Pan has always commissioned their own art for their often-iconic paperback covers. Here's that art, and the story behind the company. Telos, 2020....More.

Item Code: COVMH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 264pg, Full Color
We found our costs of bringing these in, based on the British pound, to be more than we expected when we first priced these three titles. We're maintaining the original price for now, since I ran the teaser last week. And of course we always honor your advance order price. But with our next catalog, we'll most likely raise all three prices.

Art Books


THE ART OF PULP HORROR An Illustrated History
Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Stephen Jones. Foreword by Robert Silverberg. This remarkable companion to the award-winning The Art of Horror and The Art of Horror Movies, from the same creative team behind those acclaimed illustrated volumes, looks at the sexy, sleazy, and sensational subject matter in books, pulps, vintage magazines, comics & comic magazines, and movies, that has helped to shape modern horror. Profusely illustrated with more than 800 rare and unique images from around the world — including book and magazine covers, interior illustrations, movie posters, comic books, promotional items, tie-ins, and previously unpublished artwork commissioned especially for this book — this handsome volume charts the history of escapist horror and the individuals who created it. Applause, 2020....More.

Item Code: ARTPHH
Hard Cover, 10x11, 256pg, Partial Color
$40.00 $34.99
We have only two copies left of The Illustrated History of Fantasy & Horror [ASTIFH. $35, $24.99], and just four left of The Astounding Illustrated History of Science Fiction [ASTIH. $35, $24.99]. See our website for more of the art of horror.

SKETCHBOOK Takes You Inside the Minds of the World's Best Fantasy and Concept Artists and Illustrators
Highly Recommended. 60 amazing artists offer us their sketches of all manner of bizarre and unusual fantasy characters and creatures. The freewheeling excitement in sketches — where artists don't hold back, don't over-think, don't censor — is hard to beat. Sketchbook is about captured moments bursting with creativity. Whether you're a practicing fantasy artist, a student, or simply a fan of imaginative art, dive in and discover crazy creatures, cool futuristic vehicles and stunning expansive environments. Contributors include Brian Froud, Randy Bishop, Feng Zhu, Charlie Bowater, Bill Carman, Claire Wendling, Genzoman, Iain McCaig, David Palumbo, Ben Templesmith, Marshall Woodruff, the excellent Carlyn Lim, and many more. Nudity. Sona Books, 2020....More.

Item Code: SKETT
Soft Cover, 8x11, 256pg, Partial Color
$39.95 $34.95
This reminds me of the Sketching from the Imagination series, all of which are nearly gone.

Highly Recommended. Clay Mann is renowned for his work on Batman, Heroes in Crisis, Action Comics and more. 20 of his fan favorite covers are reproduced poster-size on heavy card stock paper at a big 12 by 16 inches. Easily pulled out and suitable for framing. Wonder Woman & the JLA (3 different, also with the Doom Patrol and with Superman & Batman), several of Superman, Batman and Catwoman (four different, one a wedding of sorts, plus a lone Catwoman), Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Superman & Batman, and more. Dynamic and imaginative work. DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: DCPOCM
Soft Cover, 12x16, 42pg, Full Color
$24.99 $21.99
See the other DC Port Portfolios on our website, including Stanley “Artgerm” Lau [DCPOS. $24.99, $21.99].

Marvel has two similar series: Marvel Portfolio Joe Quesada, available as new [MARPJQ. $50, $42.50] and also a discounted hurt edition [MARPJQR. $50, $24.95), with three left. Also Stanley “Artgerm” Lau [MARPSL. $50, $42.50].

Marvel's Poster Book series includes Spider-Man [SPIDPO] and Black Widow [BLAWPO], $24.99, $21.99 each.


BAD GIRLS The Art of Trom Hardcover
Recommended. By Jim Whiting. Acclaimed Brazilian artist Marcelo Trom's Bad/Good Girl art is collected in this color book for the first time! Featuring comic covers, pinups, commissions of pop characters and original behind the scene comics creations. Trom, renowned for his unique style and love of the female form. Studying the work of Disney, Tex Avery and 1940's cartoons, his art blends cartoons and cheesecake with a hip modern sensibility. Trom was a mainstay in independent comics and the underground skateboard graffiti art scene in his home of São Paulo, Brazil, where he was known by the tag Celaoxx before he suddenly passed away in 2019. Whiting Studio, 2020....More.

Item Code: BADGH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 72pg, Partial Color
The softcover version, which we previously announced is also available [BADG. $19.95].

New ERB Universe


TARZAN Battle for Pellucidar Hardcover
By Win Scott Eckert. Cover art by Chris Peuler. The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series continues. Tarzan of the Apes, Jason Gridley, and the crew of the airship O-220 return to Pellucidar, the world at the Earth's core, on a wartime mission to stop the Nazis from obtaining a powerful superweapon. The murderous adversaries partner with the Mahars — Pellucidar's routed reptilian overlords — and Tarzan's adventurous granddaughter Suzanne goes missing on a reconnaissance mission. Our Jungle Lord has his hands full. Plus an all-new 48-page novelette, Victory Harben in The Land That Time Forgot. Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., 2020....More.

Item Code: TARBPH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 286pg, Text Only
Also available in a handsome softcover edition with the same wrap-around cover [TARBP. $19.95].

Our Highest Recommendation. By Will Murray. Mysteriously teleported to Mars just as John Carter once was, Tarzan searches for the one man who could show him the path home”The Warlord of Mars! I'm a huge fan of Murray's first Tarzan novel, Return to Pal-Ul-Don. And just like reading Return, I was sorry to see this new novel come to an end. It's really fun, nice and long at 460 pages. Murray captures ERB's style and voice very well. John Carter finally comes into a major way...but not until halfway through the novel! I could elaborate, but no more spoilers. For the first half of the book, Tarzan 1) manages to stay allive, not easy, 2) explores the outer reaches of Mars, far from civilization, and 3) begins to meet the many denizens of Mars: White Apes, a Zitidar, Thoats (which he masters riding), and Green Martians. Altus, 2020....More.

Item Code: TARCON
Soft Cover, 6x9, 444pg, Text Only
This is also available as a limited edition hardcover with bonus material and a bookplate signed by Will Murray and the illustrator [TARCONH. $65].

This year has seen many new novels joining the Edgar Rice Burroughs canon. This includes the recent new novella, Tarzan Untamed Frontiers, signed and limited to 350, as well as a new Carson of Venus novel. My favorites so far remain both of Will Murray's books, the Tarzan Conqueror above and his earlier Tarzan Return to Pal-ul-don [TARRP. $24.95; Deluxe signed HC TARRPH. $65].


Comics & Graphic Novels


Limited, 700. Recommended. By Serpieri. Entirely in Italian: introduction and stories. Six superbly drawn adventures of noble, sympathetic native Americans, as well as their clashes with the U.S. cavalry. In the last story, with his astonishing drawings, Serpieri takes us to the battlefield of Little Big Horn, the most famous armed clash between a combined force of Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho against the 7th Cavalry of the US army. Also: (translated) The Crow's Nest, Defeat, Tashunka Witko as the Indians Called Him, Day of the Grasshoppers, and A Warrior I've Been. Lo Scarabeo, 2020....More.

Item Code: LITBH
Hard Cover, 12x12, 108pg, b&w
Due in January are two bilingual collections, Serpieri West and Serpieri Eros Volume 1 [SERWH. SERE01H. $44.99 each]. See our website for one Druuna, the Morbus Gravis Limited Edition, currently out of stock but on reorder, and two out of print, Rare Book titles.

Recommended. First published in France. By Jean-David Morvan and Regis Hautierel. Art by Pierre Alary and Oliver Vatine & Didier Cassegrain. For the first time, Robert E. Howard's Conan is brought to life uncensored! Discover the true Conan, unrestrained, violent, and sexual. Two complete stories, Queen of the Black Coast, and Red Nails — includes both REH's complete prose stories plus the comic book adaptions and bonus material, including a host of variant covers. Nudity, adult situations. In Queen, Conan seeks refuge on a merchant ship, pursued for killing a judge. But he faces a threat: the legendary Belit, Queen of the Black Coast! In Red Nails, he and Valeria fight side by side as mercenaries, then discover a hidden city and new danger. Ablaze, 2020....More.

Item Code: CIMM01
Hard Cover, 7x10, 144pg, Full Color
See our website for more Conan, and for more graphic novels from France.

SHAM COMICS 80 pg Giant
Highly Recommended. By Tim Fuller, with vintage comics art (and new captions and dialogue) by Kirby, Kubert, Sparling, Meskin, the Iger Shop et al. It's eighty pages of all new Golden Age "Classics" done up Sham-style; The Complete Shamnibus was a surprise hit for us, and here's the follow-up. Featuring Bozo the Robot, Lingerie Lass, Ray Gunn Jr. of the Space Force, Linda Lovegood, Impractical Nurse, Johnny Sassback, the Secret Origin of Captain Attaway, and much, much more. Take original comics and add your own dialogue, that's Tim Fuller's hilarious contribution to C.C. Beck's Capt. Marvel story from Whiz #2, Phantom Lady, Tom Corbett, Bozo from Smash Comics, etc. Source Point Press, 2020....More.

Item Code: SHAMCO
Soft Cover, 7x10, 80pg, Full Color
Also don't miss the first “Sham” collection [COMSHA. $17.99]. It's highly recommended.

By Héctor Germán Oesterheld. Art by Alberto Breccia. In the 1950s, pioneering comics writer Héctor Germán Oesterheld authored the serialized science-fiction adventure story The Eternaut, which now is collected here as a seminal Argentine graphic novel. In 1969, Oesterheld reimagined his classic narrative as a bold allegory of political resistance against the oppressive Argentine regime; Alberto Breccia's expressionistic chiaroscuro style lends a chilling dimension to this apocalyptic tale. A deadly "snow" falls; however, Juan Salvo's small household of family and friends are spared, protected inside his home — but what horror awaits them in the silent, deserted streets of Buenos Aires? Venturing out in search of supplies, our everyday heroes soon join the resistance against an enemy far more sinister than anything they could have imagined. Fantagraphics, 2020....More.

Item Code: ETERNH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 64pg, b&w
$19.99 $17.99

THE DISNEY BROS The Fabulous Story of Walt and Roy
Recommended. By Alex Nikolavitch. Art by Felix Ruix. "If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney. After the bankruptcy of his first two companies, the young Walt Disney decides to call on his older brother Roy to start a new business: the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. The combination of their opposing talents, one artistic, the other managerial, will give birth to an entertainment giant despite Walt's difficult nature. Little by little, Walt will push his brother into the shadows and sink into chronic depression and excessive consumption of alcohol... but all this will not prevent him from producing the greatest masterpieces of animation. The authors have chosen a cartoon style, worthy of Mickey Mouse comics, to tell a very serious story of creation, money and politics, and of family. NBM, 2020....More.

Item Code: DISBRO
Hard Cover, 7x11, 112pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Highly Recommended. 47 acclaimed comics creators from around the world celebrate Mickey's wildest adventure! Each one draws a one-page chapter, a "jam session" of creative competition. From Giorgio Cavazzano (Disney Masters) to Mike Peraza (Mickey's Christmas Carol) to Marco Rota, Florence Cestac, plus dozens more! While celebrating his birthday at a carnival, Mickey crosses the threshold of a fortune-teller's mystic portal and finds himself flung headlong into an amazing journey. He encounters one phantasmagorical dimension after another — a fractured fairy tale kingdom, a cubist realm, and outer space — with plenty of dragons, mummies, and giant mouse-eating plants along the way. (Not to mention alternate versions of Goofy, Peg Leg Pete, and the Phantom Blot!) Fantagrpahics, 2020....More.

Item Code: MICKAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 56pg, Full Color
See more Mickey and more Disney collections on our website.

Comics Archives


THE ETERNALS The Complete Saga Omnibus
By Jack Kirby, Peter B. Gillis et al. Art by Kirby, Sal Buscema, Mark Texeira et al. When Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in the 1970s, scores of amazing concepts would spring forth from his limitless imagination — and The Eternals was one of his best. Kirby unveiled a secret history of humanity, races known as Eternals and Deviants, and a host of towering Celestials come to bear judgment on Earth! Following Kirby came Peter B. Gillis, Sal Buscema, Walter Simonson, Roy Thomas and Mark Texeira to continue to weave stories within the epic mythology. Now, here is the complete classic saga of the Eternals! Marvel, 2020....More.

Item Code: ETERCH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1120pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00

WEST COAST AVENGERS Epic Collection Vision Quest
Collects West Coast Avengers #38-52, Annual 3 &4, 1988-89. By John Byrne and Steve Englehart. Art by Al Milgrom, Byrne et al. John Byrne transforms the West Coast Avengers! But first, the team must survive showdowns with the Defiler and the Night Shift — and Mockingbird is haunted by the terrible specter of the Phantom Rider! Then, Byrne takes charge, and the legendary writer/artist immediately leaves his mark on the Whackos with a startling transformation for the Vision! As the team grapples with what's happened to their old friend, Vision's wife the Scarlet Witch descends into darkness and learns shocking revelations about her children! Amid the chaos, the U.S.Agent muscles his way onto the roster, the bizarre Great Lakes Avengers assemble, and a Golden Age legend blazes his way back from the grave! Marvel, 2020....More.

Item Code: WESCA04
Soft Cover, 7x10, 488pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99

SUPERMAN Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
Recommended. By Alan Moore. Art by Curt Swan, Dave Gibbons, Al Williamson, Kurt Schaffenberger, George Perez et al. "How will the story of Superman finally end?" Legendary writer Alan Moore's seminal Superman tales are collected in this Deluxe Edition hardcover in which the Man of Steel faces his greatest foes and his final battle with the combined forces of Brainiac and Lex Luthor! Also featuring the classic story "For the Man Who Has Everything" from Superman Annual #11 in which Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman fight the evil warlord Mongul for the fate of The Man of Steel, as illustrated by Moore's Watchmen collaborator, artist Dave Gibbons. DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: SUPWHH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 128pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

Ed Brubaker's Criminal


CRIMINAL Deluxe Edition Volume Three
Recommended. By Ed Brubaker. Art by Sean Phillips. This oversized deluxe hardback collects several short stories and novellas from the award-winning creative team. Well-designed book full of extras — illustrations, selected articles, interviews, behind the scenes looks, painted covers... and much much more! Collects the Savage Sword of Criminal and Deadly Hands of Criminal "retro" magazines, the novellas My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies and Bad Weekend, and issues 1 and 4 of the newest run of the Criminal monthly series, two full length short stories about the Lawless family. I was so impressed with Brubaker's Pulp, I realized I should be handling this series, winner of multiple Eisner Awards, including Best Original Graphic Novel in 2019. Image Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: CRIM03H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 400pg, Partial Color
$49.99 $42.50
The first two volumes are both being reprinted and will be ready in April — see below. There's more Brubaker on our website, including this little gem, which turned ME onto his work:

PULP Hardcover
Our Highest Recommendation. By Ed Brubaker. Art by Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips. An original graphic novel from the bestselling creators—it may look like a western, but the story begins in New York City in 1939! Max Winters, an aging pulp writer, finds himself drawn into a story not unlike the tales he churns out at five cents a word—tales of a Wild West outlaw dispensing justice with a six-gun (secretly based on his own outlaw youth in the real west). But now Max is having his own issues, has been tracked down by a retired Pinkerton detective, and might be able to make one last big score. Image Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: PULPG
Hard Cover, 7x10, 72pg, Full Color

Coming in April


CRIMINAL Deluxe Edition Volume 1
By Ed Brubaker. Art by Sean Phillips. This oversized deluxe hardback edition features Criminal books 1 thru 3 - Coward, Lawless, and The Dead and The Dying. A fantastically-designed and printed book showcasing the Eisner and Harvey Award-Winning crime comics from the creators of Sleeper and Incognito. Also features many extras - including a Criminal short story and the never-before-printed five page "movie trailer in comics form" that Brubaker and Phillips created to announce the series online... illustrations, selected articles, behind the scenes looks, painted covers... and much much more! A true collector's edition spectacular from two of the hottest creators in comics, and a must-have for any fan! Image Comics, 2021. Due: Apr. ...More.

Item Code: CRIM01H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 432pg, Full Color
$49.99 $42.50

CRIMINAL Deluxe Edition Volume 2
By Ed Brubaker. Art by Sean Phillips. The second oversized hardback of the award-winning crime series from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is finally here! The first edition has gone through four printings, in sellout after sellout, and now the rest of Brubaker and Phillips' noir masterpiece is collected in the same format. Collecting Bad Night, The Sinners and The Last of the Innocent - along with short stories, behind-the-scenes pieces, art and articles, all previously uncollected. Don't miss out on this beautiful package from the best-selling team behind such hits as Incognito and Fatale. Colors by Val Staples and Dave Stewart. Image Comics, 2021. Due: Apr. ...More.

Item Code: CRIM02H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 432pg, Full Color
$49.99 $42.50

New from PS Artbooks


PS Artbooks Softee Pre-Code Classics Beware Volume 1
Recommended. Collects Beware #10-12, 1952; Phantom Witch Doctor, 1952; and Night of Mystery, 1953. Art by Everett Raymond Kinstler, A.C. Hollingsworth, Harry Harrison, Doug Wildey et al. From offbeat publisher Youthful come 3 wild pre-code issues of horror and mayhem. Then a high point from Avon, with gorgeous work by Kinstler on both the cover and "The Thing in the Mirror." Plus another Avon rare one-shot. George Harcourt (British East Africa commissioner) murders M'Basi (the witch doctor) and his daughter to acquire their ivory cache. John Mason leaves behind a diary detailing how he tried to help his friend Bob Trant who was a roaming monster, but there is no sign of Mason to be found? PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PCB01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
See our website for more SOFTEE pre-code collections.

Harvey Horrors: More PS on Sale


Closeout Price! Collects #8-14, 1952. Highly Recommended. By Elias, Palais, Powell, Stallman et al. Eerie, shocking tales of the supernatural and horror from Harvey Comics, second only to EC Comics for good stories, violent excess and some very sharp artwork. Witches Tales ran for 28 issues until the Comics Code came along and crushed it. Plus a fine 6-page profile on cover and story artist Warren Kremer, who pushed the boundaries of good taste — before becoming THE artist of Richie Rich! Includes wonderful samples of his skills from original art, some hand-colored. PS Artbooks, 2012....More.

Item Code: HHW02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 288pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #22-28, 1953-54. Highly Recommended. By Howard Nostrand, Bob Powell, Lee Elias, Rudy Palais et al. Harvey's taste knew no bounds as they pushed the envelope. Decapitation: a bell with a head as the ringer; zombies on the subway; a cave full of skeletons; being buried alive — and that's just on the covers! This is the prime period for artwork, with superb jobs by Howard Nostrand (who frequently imitated Wally Wood, including the story here, "Ivan's Woe.") Here are Bob Powell, Jack Sparling, Sid Check, Manny Stallman, Lee Elias, and Rudy Palais, who were now regulars and had artwork in almost every single issue. Top-drawer, far above average horror!! PS Artbooks, 2013....More.

Item Code: HHW04H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 288pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #7-11, 1953. Highly Recommended. By Lee Elias, Warren Kremer, Rudy Palais, Howard Nostrand, Bob Powell, Jack Sparling et al. Prime horror from the next-best horror publisher after EC. Wonderful stories by the notorious Nostrand, who was actively imitating Wood and Davis over at the competition, EC. Stories include Hive!, The Eyeless Ones, Bubble Cauldron Bubble, Big Joke, The Trial (by Manny Stallman, also influenced by Wood), Blood Money, Communist, and 14 more. Special feature on little-known artist John Giunta who was the first collaborator with Frank Frazetta, giving the young Frank his break in 1944, and who went on to be a regular at DC after this. PS Artbooks, 2013....More.

Item Code: HHT02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #8-14, 1952-53. By the Iger Shop. Walking dead folks (loads of “˜em) — some of them even still sporting their heads — witches, ghosts, werewolves and enough vampires to go into the second-hand dentures business. The publisher knew beautiful girls sold, so lots of tales feature nice young ladies being threatened with every sort of ghastly peril. And often it comes to be. Another wild title from Superior, one of the most extreme of the pre-code comics publishers (which makes them the most fun). Death in every form you can possibly imagine turns up in these strange and bizarre tales. PS Artbooks, 2016....More.

Item Code: PCJ02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 252pg, Full Color
$59.99 $19.95
See more than 40 new on-sale PS titles on our website. We'll have one more batch of six next week, with four more Harvey Horrors and two new Adventures Into the Unknown. See all the PS titles, including the latest releases, here.


Here's another batch of 25 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. Click here to see the full list of items low in stock.

Back in stock


Back in stock. New Printing. Exclusive color bookplate signed by Von Sholly! An unprecedented, profusely illustrated compendium celebrating over 100 writers and artists behind our rich legacy of fantasy, horror, and science fiction in comic books, literature, and cinema. 75 contributors give us major, original essays—contributors as distinguished as their subjects! For example, Bill Stout writes about L. Frank Baum; Will Murray on John W. Campbell; Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. on Frank Frazetta; Harlan Ellison on Frank Herbert; David Gerrold on Robert Heinlein; Roy Thomas on Robert E. Howard; etc. PS Publishing, 2019.  ...More.

Item Code: PSB01H
Hard Cover, 6x9, 392pg, Partial Color

Back in stock. New Printing. An unprecedented, profusely illustrated compendium celebrating over 100 writers and artists behind our rich legacy of fantasy, horror, and science fiction in comic books, literature, and cinema. 75 contributors give us major, original essays—contributors as distinguished as their subjects! For example, Bill Stout writes about Harvey Kurtzman; Bob Foster on Walt Kelly; Michael Gilbert on Basil Wolverton; William F. Nolan on H.G. Wells; Fred Hembeck on John Stanley; Julius Schwartz on Harlan Ellison; Sax Rohmer by Will Murray; etc. PS Publishing, 2019.  ...More.

Item Code: PSB02H
Hard Cover, 6x9, 778pg, Partial Color
These are essentially a matched set, but the publishers broke them into 2 volumes which are stand-alone. However, the signed bookplate only accompanies Volume 1.

Second Edition, Second Printing. Recommended. By David Ritter and Daniel Ritter. How did organized science fiction fandom begin? Who were the pioneering fans that created the foundation of today's massive science fiction and fantasy industry? What would it have been like to be a fan of this transformative genre in the 1930s? This massive history recounts the stories of the first active science fiction fans — pioneers who went on to lead the growth of speculative literature for the next several decades. Over 500 lavishly illustrated pages, packed with facsimile reproductions from rare fanzines. First Fandom Experience, 2020....More.

Item Code: VISHS01H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 515pg, Partial Color

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Flesk News

There will be a companion book to The Art of Frank Cho, called Frank Cho Pencil and Ink, with another 400 pieces, a new interview, sketches and drawings. Spring 2021. Covenant: The Art of Allen Williams will be listed here shortly. Again, we'll have the special signed hardcover edition ($49) but only limited to our advance order, plus the softcover ($34). Later in the Spring, Naughty and Nice will be reprinted, The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm. Also coming is a new 400 page book on the drawings of Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), which just went off to the printer. Abbey was an American muralist, illustrator and painter, who flourished at the beginning of what is known as the Golden Age of Illustration.

Wild Minds: The Artists and Rivalries that Inspired the Golden Age of Animation

This was just recently reviewed quite favorably in The New York Times and just this week, The New Yorker has a feature article on it! I haven't read it yet, but apparently it is quite the hit! [WILDMH. $28, $24.99]. It just came out a few weeks ago.

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Tarzan of the Apes Deluxe Signed Artist Edition

I forgot to mention—if you bought Princess of Mars Deluxe Signed Edition from us, the publisher will be giving us matching numbers on Tarzan of the Apes. We did NOT record those numbers on Princess, so if you want your same matching number, let us know when you order it. It's due in March [TARAPD. $249.99]. We have six copies left of A Princess of Mars [APRIND. $225].

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Prince Valiant Slipcase Set 3

This is already sold out from Fantagraphics. We located more from a secondary source but so far have just 3, all of which are slightly bumped. We don't know if we'll get any more. [PVS03P $99.99, $84.99]. Act now, it's in our next catalog but may be gone before you see that. The first two slipcased volumes remain available, as well as individual volumes 1-22.



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