Thursday, January 7, 2021

Ditko Shrugged, Anarcho, Dictator of Death, Basil Gogos and the Hellboy Christmas Ornament!

All those goodies that didn't quite make it for Christmas are rolling in now. We have seven new PS Artbooks, plus another few from our sale offering. Ditko Shrugged is finally here. A replica edition of Anarcho, Dictator of Death. The Hellboy Christmas Ornament! Yes, in January! Plus lots of news and updates.

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The Uncompromising Life of the Artist Behind Spider-Man and the Rise of Marvel Comics. Recommended. By Dave Currie. Foreword by Mark S. Ditko. The first in depth biography of comics legend Steve Ditko, in his own words — taken from years of correspondence with author David Currie and endorsed by the Ditko family with a foreword by Mark S. Ditko, who writes "I'm very happy to say that this is a really great book. David, and his correspondence with my uncle and others, uncovered and documented things that would otherwise have been left unknown or subject to complete speculation — if ever even considered." Hermes Press, 2020....More.

Item Code: DITKH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 208pg, Partial Color
See our website for much more Ditko. Several titles are on sale.

Highly Recommended. By Barry Coker and Peter Richardson. A long overdue retrospective of John Burns' art, with contributions from friends and colleagues, as well as access to unpublished art and revealing glimpses into John's creative process, including his personal work and sketchbooks. You may know him best as the cover artist of the Modesty Blaise collections, as well as the illustrator on her strips for several years. But he's done Judge Dredd, adventure work, Daniel, The Seekers, strips for Boy's Life, personal works including several nudes to be found here, and lots more wonderful full color, painted comic pages. Nudity. Book Palace, 2020. Mature Readers. ...More.

Item Code: IQS08
Magazine, 9x11, 144pg, Partial Color
See more Illustrators Specials as well as back issues of Illustrators Quarterly and other publications from Book Palace in England.

Recommended. Santa isn't the only big red guy that loves the holidays! Now you can celebrate with Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Based on the limited-edition Holiday Hellboy game piece from Mantic Games, this is small, but highly detailed and fully painted. 3.75 x 3.25 ornament can be hung or displayed on a flat surface. The hell-iday season is here...well, decidedly late for 2020 (it came in January) but still fun for any Hellboy fan (like I am). Cool gravestones, and what can beat Hellboy in a Santa costume! Dark Horse, 2020. ...More.

Item Code: HELLHO
3.75x3.25, Full Color
See more Hellboy on our site.

Graphic Novels


LIGHTFALL BOOK 1 The Girl & The Galdurian
Highly Recommended. By Tim Probert. For fans of sweeping worlds like Star Wars, the first book of the Lightfall series introduces Bea and Cad, two unlikely friends who get swept up in an epic quest to save their world from falling into eternal darkness. A perfect Young Adult title but fun for any age (I really enjoyed it-Bud). A young girl and a very strange creature, thought to be extinct but clearly not, set out on a wonderful quest across a strange and dangerous land. Our creature is much more battle-worthy, and skilled, and lucky, than he seems, as young Bea slowly discovers. What's his secret? She's sucked into his quest when her adopted grandfather disappears. Harper Collins, 2020....More.

Item Code: LIGF01
Soft Cover, 6x8, 248pg, Full Color

Collects #1-5, 2019-20. By Stephanie Phillips. Art by Dean Kotz. Based on a true story. In 1944, as swastikas flew over Paris, one of the most notorious and prolific serial killers in history turned the occupied city into his personal hunting ground. The killer preys on those desperate to flee the Nazi occupation. Wanted by both the Nazis and the allied forces, the hunt is on for a French detective who is racing to catch the villain and stop the more than 200 killings already under his (or her) belt. Everything is complicated as the allies approach Paris and the war could allow the killer to escape capture. Minor nudity and adult situations. Dark Horse, 2020....More.

Item Code: BUTPA
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Recommended. By Salva Rubio. Art by Pedro J. Colombo. This is the grimm and incredible life of Francisco Boix, a Spanish press photographer with communist leanings, who fled the Spanish revolution to France at the beginning of World War II. There, he is handed over to the Nazis, who send him to the notorious Mauthausen concentration camp, where he will spend the war among thousands of Spaniards and other prisoners, simply trying to beat the system and stay alive. More than half would lose their lives. Boix finds himself the confidant of an SS officer who is documenting prisoner deaths at the camp... Dead Reckoning, 2020....More.

Item Code: PHOTM
Soft Cover, 8x10, 112pg, Full Color
This is the latest graphic novel from Dead Reckoning. They specialize in books about the World Wars and military history. See our website for all their titles, we keep every one in stock and recommend most of them highly

NOIR A Collection of Crime Comics
Recommended. By Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, et al. Murder, passion, and criminal enterprise are presented here at their darkest, directly from the most talented writers and artists in crime comics! In these thirteen pitch-black noir stories, you'll find deadly con men and embittered detectives converging on femme fatales and accidental murderers, all presented in sharp black and white by masters of the craft. Art by Joelle Jones, Eduardo Barreto, Sean Phillips and Fabio Moon, as well as by the writer/artists Rick Geary, Lemire, Motter, Perker and Paul Grist. Dark Horse, 2020.  ...More.

Item Code: NOIRCH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 104pg, b&w
$24.99 $21.99

Comic Book Archives


BATMAN Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
Recommended. By Neil Gaiman. Art by Any Kubert. New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) lends his unique touch to the Batman mythos that "...will stand as one of the definitive Batman tales of all time" (IGN)! Spotlighting the title story from Batman #686 and Detective Comics #853, in a story that shines a new light on the Batman mythos. Batman is dead, and his friends and deadliest enemies gather to pay their respects. Each tells a different story of the Batman they knew. Like a shadow, a dark figure watches over this macabre memorial. He knows that all these tales cannot be true... DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: BATWHH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 128pg, Partial Color
$29.99 $26.99
Just out a couple weeks ago, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow [SUPWHH. $29.99, $26.99]. Here's more recent Batman collections.

PROMETHEA The 20th Anniversary Edition Book Three
Highly Recommended. Collects #24-32, 2001-2006. By Alan Moore. Art by J. H. Williams III & Mick Gray. Alan Moore's entrancing fantasy masterpiece concludes in an all-new Deluxe Edition hardcover featuring the spectacular art of J.H. Williams III. Promethea is back from her tour of the higher realms—but how will her friend Stacia, who took her place as Promethea while she was gone, deal with her reappearance? Then the end of the world is nigh—and the Painted Doll intends to settle accounts with Promethea before it's too late. Gorgeously drawn, as usual, and epic storytelling on another plane. Plus appearances from others in the ABC universe. Nudity. DC, 2020....More.

Item Code: PROM03H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 328pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99
This concludes the 3-book series. The first two volumes are the same discounted price and just as beautifully done. It's a great series by Alan Moore.

From 2002. By Stan Lee. A new collection of the 2001 event in which Stan Lee reinvented DC's greatest heroes, back in print following the comic book legend's passing in 2018. With John Byrne creating Robin #1, Gary Frank creating Shazam! #1, Scott McDaniel creating Aquaman #1, Chris Bachalo creating Catwoman #1, Walter Simonson creating the Sandman #1, and John Cassaday creating Crisis #1. An all-new, all different take on heroes of the DC universe. Plus 2002 commentary by each artist on how it was to collaborate with Stan. Plus The Man writes a special Afterword! DC Comics, 2020....More.

Item Code: JUST02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 376pg, Full Color
$34.99 $29.99
Still available is Just Imagine Volume 1 [JUST01. $34.99, $29.99]. See our website for more on Stan Lee

Basil Gogos


Werewolf Cover:
Item Code: MONBGWV
Soft Cover, 8x11, 200pg, Partial Color
$100.00 $55.00

Closeout Price! Publisher Exclusive limited to 100 copies, with variant cover. Recommended. Produced under a partnership between FantaCo and Basil Gogos' wife, Linda. They had access to ALL of Basil's private sketches and illustrations for some of his most famous paintings, as well as many hundreds of preliminary sketches for never published projects. This shows you how Basil used his sketches to create his wonderful paintings—arranged by monster (Wolfman, The Creature, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc). His wife has written the introduction and has added commentary explaining many of the images. Fantaco Enterprises, 2019....More.

Dracula Cover:
Item Code: MONBGDV
Soft Cover, 8x11, 200pg, Partial Color
$100.00 $55.00

The softcover edition has gone out of print. We still have copies of the first hardcover edition with a variant cover [MONBGH. $100]. See our website for several other Basil Gogos appearances in other books.

New from PS Artbooks


Two new Replica Editions


Collects Comics Novel #1, 1947. Highly Recommended. By Otto Binder. Art by Al Carreno. A long, book-length story published by Fawcett as a one-shot comic. This stars Radar the "International Policeman." Radar was an undercover spy, with some extraordinary powers...the star of a long-running back-up feature in the pages of Master Comics, beginning in 1944. This is an unusual book, both for story length and subject matter, so soon after the defeat of Hitler and the Nazis. Were Fawcett and the noted author taking a stand on dictators to come? Radar travels the world battling Anarcho and his deadly minions, much like a Shadow pulp story. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: ANARM
Soft Cover, 7x10, 52pg, Full Color

PS Artbooks Presents It Rhymes with Lust
Highly Recommended. By Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller. Art by Matt Baker. This "picture novel" from 1950, producted in digest form and drawn by the premier good-girl artist of comics at the time, Matt Baker, is a milestone. It has been called comics' first graphic novel and also is the first comic book work by writer Arnold Drake, who went on to be a major contributor at DC and is best known for co-creating Deadman. Hal Weber, onetime crusading journalist, is summoned to Copper City by his old flame Rust after the death of her politically powerful and rich husband. At the same time he's drawn back to this evil femme fatale, he's falling for her beautiful stepdaughter, Audrey. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PSITR
Soft Cover, 6x8, 132pg, b&w

I really like the replica or facsimile editions from PS. Here’s two more from 2020, still available:
Eerie Tales Magazine Volume 1 [ETM01. $11.99]. —This was our #11 best-selling item in 2020!!
Weird Mysteries Magazine Volume 1 [WMM01. $11.99]. —This was bestseller #27, out of more than 3400 items!

See our website for more replica and facsimile editions, including Vampirella Magazines #1-3 and 30 [VAMP01, etc. $6.99 each].  Also Marvel and DC Silver Age issues, Dick Tracy Feature Books, Wow Comics #1 (from Canada), I Go Pogo, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture Magazine.


Planet Comics


PS Artbooks Softee Planet Comics Volume 3
Collects #7-9, 1940. Highly Recommended. By George Tuska, Bob Powell, Nick Cardy, Dick Briefer et al. More "out of this world" yarns from the heroes (and heroines!) of the spaceways that appeared from Fiction House over a thirteen-year period ending in 1953. They're all here . . . Flint Baker, Reef Ryan, The Space Rangers, Gale Allen, Star Pirate, Auro Lord of Jupiter, Buzz Crandall of the Space Patrol, Mysta of the Moon, the rare super-hero Red Comet, plus many more. This all-time-great sci-fi title was just beginning to hit its stride. PS Artbooks, 2020. ...More.

Item Code: PLC03
Soft Cover, 7x10, 288pg, Full Color
These new softee editions collect THREE 64-page issues. The hardcover editions each collected FOUR issues. Hardcover Volume 1 (#1-4) and Volume 3 (#9-12) remain on sale [PLC01H, PLC04H. $48, $29.95 each]. Volume 2 is currently out of print.

Softcover Volume 1 (#1-3) and Volume 2 (#4-6) are in stock at $24.95 each.

Volume 8 HC is also on sale at $29.95. Hardcover Volume 4-7 are $48 each, 9-14 (the final volume) are $59.99 each. Click here to see them all.


More New From PS


Collects #21-25, 1953-54. Highly Recommended. By Lin Streeter, Lou Cameron et al. Penultimate volume of Ace's excellent horror title. Sy Grudko, Dick Beck, Lou Cameron (a story in EVERY issue, and all of them outstanding!), the under-rated Jim McLaughlin (with more excellent work), Lin Streeter, Ken Rice and Louis Zansky. Ghouls and cadavers, vampires and ghosts, beautiful gals threatened by a fate worse than—or including—death! Some superb work by Cameron, who at his best was as good as Frazetta in these days.PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PCTB05H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Collects Space Adventures #27-31, 1959. Recommended. By Dick Giordano et al. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we come to the end of this series. Blast off into space 1950s style with adventures from writers and artists, including Dick Giordano (who contributes several fine covers), Steve Ditko (4 stories in #27 alone, another in #31), Bill Molno, Charles Nicholas, Matt Baker, Ernie Hart, Maurice Whitman, Rocco Mastroserio and Bill Montes. #26 and 28 feature Flying Saucer covers. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PCSPA06H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Hardcover: Item Code: PCCHH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Collects #4-8 1953. Recommended. By Hollingsworth, Palais, Morisi et al. Comic Media is a little known but nifty pre-code publisher. Today Horrific is highly collectible for the great Don Heck covers, as you see here. The publisher was convinced that faces sold comics; he insisted that every issue have werewolf faces, monster faces, terrified faces. Don Heck eagerly complied with covers AND one story. Includes shrunken heads, a guillotine cover, Jack the Ripper, and the origin & 1st "The Teller" story, an EC parody. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Softcover: Item Code: PCCHO
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color


Softee: Item Code: SAKM01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

SILVER AGE CLASSICS KONA Monarch of Monster Isle Volume 1
Collects KONA Monarch of Monster Isle #1-4, 1962 plus Reptilicus #1, 1961. By Sam Glanzman. Covers by Victor Prezio. Kona was a late entry in the world of "lost & primitive" worlds of Turok, Tor, even Tarzan. Kona saves the lives of Dr. Henry Dodd, his daughter Mary and his grandchildren Mason and Lily after this group crashes on the prehistoric Pacific island Monster Isle that Kona calls home. Scripted and drawn by the much admired Sam Glanzman, and featuring superbly painted covers by Victor Prezio. The bonus comic, Reptilicus is the first issue of two devoted to an American International monster film. It's a 20-page adaptation inspired by Godzilla. PS Artbooks, 2020. ...More.

Hardcover: Item Code: SAKM01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Here's more PS Silver Age Classics, and more Pre-Code Classics.

PS Artbooks Sale


Closeout Price! Collects #42-47, 1953. Recommended. Art by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, Warren Kremer, Manny Stallman et al. Includes the classic "Colorama" by Bob Powell, "Lynch Mob" by Howard Nostrand, a "decapitation" cover, and more classic gore. Even some cool sci-fi stories. And LOTS of great work by Powell and Nostrand, from the mature period of their run in this highly collected title. Six great issues, 24 cool stories plus all ads, text stories, contents pages and more. PS Artbooks, 2013....More.

Item Code: HHB03H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 256pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Collects #48-53, 1954. By Howard Nostrand, Lee Elias, Mort Meskin, Bob Powell, Rudy Palais and Manny Stallman. It's the A-list of Harvey artists, at their peak with over-the top stories and covers. A man's face burned away with radiation! Work later blanked out in post-code reprints. Science fiction as well as vintage and contemporary horror. This completes the pre-code issues, with more wild stories: "Les Miserables," "River of Blood," "Paranoia," "Jack of Horror," "Halloween Nightmare," "Marching Zombies," and "The Last Man on Earth." PS Artbooks, 2014. ...More.

Item Code: HHB04H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 258pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #14-19, 1952-53. By Bob Powell, Rudy Palais, Al Avison, Howard Nostrand, Lee Elias, Manny Stallman et al. Special feature is a six-page profile of Bob Powell, who in my mind is clearly the finest artist in Harvey's stable during this horror period. And Powell was perfect for horror, as shown here in reproductions of eight pages of original artwork. And stories: "It", "The Spider Man," "The Devil's Necklace," "Nightmare of Doom", "Amnesia," and "Black Passion" are just a few, plus the all-time classic "Terrorvision" by Howard Nostrand. PS Artbooks, 2012. Out of print. ...More.

Item Code: HHC03H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 256pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #20-26. 1953-54. Recommended. Foreword by Kim Newman. This is the final collection in this 4-volume set of every issue of Chamber of Chills. Six issues, 24 more stories by the masters of horror comics: Howard Nostrand, Manny Stallman, Bob Powell, Rudy Palais, Lee Elias, plus new contributors John Giunta, Mort Meskin, George Roussos and Jack Sparling. PS Artbooks, 2013. Out of print....More.

Item Code: HHC04H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 256pg, Full Color
$48.00 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #58-64, 1954-55. Highly Recommended. Art by Harry Lazarus, Kenneth Landau, Edmund Good, Bob Forgione et al. If anything, the comic code resulted in even better stories in this ACG title. Richard Hughes began doing many more science fiction stories, and often nice long tales that could run 10-12 pages in length. Meanwhile, artists Harry Lazarus and Kenneth Landau, today almost forgotten, were delivering highly detailed, well-drawn stories with much in common with early Al Williamson/Roy Krenkel work! Also includes two very wild "3-D Effect" issues, in full color and requiring no glasses. Now among the most highly prized issues. PS Artbooks, 2016....More.

Item Code: ADU11H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 272pg, Full Color
$59.99 $19.95

Closeout Price! Collects #65-71, 1955-56. Highly Recommended. By Ogden Whitney, Harry Lazarus, Kurt Schaffenberger, John Rosenberger The Comics Code in general tamped down creativity and variety in comics. Stan Lee's Atlas line was a good example of this, at least until Kirby and Ditko came back on board. But for editor and writer Richard Hughes, this brought out his absolute best. Stories explored totally new avenues, with more time travel, sci-fi and excellent charactization and complex plots, He even takes 10 or 12 pages to develop a good story, rather than the industry standard of just 6 or 8. This is outstanding comics writing and one of the series I most enjoy reading now, 50 years later. PS Artbooks, 2017....More.

Item Code: ADU12H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 272pg, Full Color
$59.99 $19.95
Here's the penultimate list, with six more titles to go. You can jump on our website and see ALL the new on-sale titles, more than 40, that've we've been listing for the past few weeks.

2020 Bestsellers


Our banner above is linked to the top 10 (or so) Bestsellers for 2020. We’re doing a special email in the next two weeks that will list the top 50 or so, with my comments. You can sign up for that here.

We rank these by units sold, NOT by sales, and yet several of our highest priced items still ended up at the top, including both $200 Taschen books, The History of EC Comics and Masterpieces of Fantasy Art.

Our #1 2020 book was The Fantastic Paintings of Frank Frazetta. The new printings of both the deluxe signed and hardcover edition (there is no softcover) JUST came in, too late to relist this week.

Bestsellers that sold out include The American Flagg Definitive Collection, one of Dan Brereton’s on-sale books, Shadow #146 and Steampunk: An Illustrated History. The Stanley Meltzoff book made the list but is out of print…we have only 12 copies left.

Bestselling Calendars were Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell at #1 for non-adult titles, and Frazetta at #2. We have 13 left of Boris [BVJB21. $14.99] and Frazetta just sold out.



Here's another batch of 25 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. Click here to see the full list of items low in stock.

Sanctum Pulp Reprints


Our year-long Closeout Sale is coming to an end. We cannot get ANY more on-sale issues to replenish our stock. We have one last shipment of the final issues of The Shadow #116-151 coming in, then they too will become unavailable. #116-151 remain at cover price and will NOT be reduced. Sanctum lowered the print runs on these last issues. [SHT116, etc] #116-147 on are $14.95 ea, #145 and #146 sold out. #148-151 are $19.95 each, final double issues].

The Shadow on sale

A great many issues are gone, but we still have a smattering between #2 and #115, formerly $12.95 and $14.95, now at $7.50 each [SHT02, etc]. We have two left of The Shadow Superpack (#10, 39, 51, 74 & 2 prints) SHTF03P. $44.95. All other Superpacks are gone.

Doc Savage:

We still have quantities of most of the Doc Savage titles, including the Bama variant covers and Superpack #1 [DCC01P. $39.95, $24.95]. All the other back issues are reduced from $12.95 or $14.95 to $6.95 each, while they last. Also still on sale is Doc Savage Superpack #1 (issues 1-4 plus 2 prints) is DCC01P. $39.95, $24.95.

Black Bat, The Avenger, The Whisperer, Nick Carter, Phantom Detective, The Spider, Cap Fury all remain on sale, while supply lasts, at $6.95 each. Click on each title to see remaining numbers.

Newsletter customers, with no Internet access, need to call to find out available issues.


Mature Readers

This week we have the third book collecting the work of Underground Comics arist Spain Rodriguez, commonly known as Spain. My Life & Times Volume 3. Volume 2 is available at the same discounted price of $29.99; and Volume 1 is actually on sale, at half price [SPAIN01. $29.99, $14.99].

2020 Adult Bestsellers were the Mystique X-Posed Calendar, our 2nd best selling calendar. It is still available, as well as Mystique Beach Nudes [MYBN21. $19.95]. Number 1 was XXXplicit Babes, which is sold out. Here are the other adult calendars still left, including Art of Olivia, our 4th bestseller.

Nude Photography  |  Erotic Art   |  Erotic Films: DVDs  |  Adult Graphic Novels  |  All Pin-Up & Adult

Click here to add yourself to our Adult's Only mailing list.


News & Notes


Overstreet is Back

The new Price Guide went back to press and we now have more copies, this is the Todd McFarlane Spawn cover, softcover [CB50S. $29.95. The hardcover is out of print, and the Big Big book is also, though we have 1 copy left as I write this [BIG50. $49.50].

Here's what's up on past editions, several that I just now reduced to half price: 49th Edition, Joker cover, [CB49B] 2 left at $14.95, 2 hardcovers [CB49BH] left at $17.50. We also have 3 left of the Firefly hardcover [CB49FH. $35, $17.50] and 1 softcover [CB49F. $29.95, $14.95]. 48th Edition, Green Lantern cover, 2 left of the softcover [CB48F. $29.95, $14.95] and one copy of the special American Flagg edition, softcover [CB48A. $29.95, $14.95]. Click here to see them all.

Free this week

We're still giving away (almost) free copies of the James Bama Sketchbook [JAMSK. $24.95, $5}. The $5 helps pay for extra shipping cost. And for absolutely free, the Jim Silke Sketchbook [JISS01F. $0.00]. You can add one copy of each to any order.

Also free is the Images Portfolio, but only if you are ordering another Portfolio, since these are larger and take extra packaging. [IMAPT. $0.00]. Again, limit of one per order, and only with the purchase of another portfolio. Here's a link to ALL of our portfolios in stock.

Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books

The New York Times just ran a feature review of this earlier this week. This is the latest book from Yoe Studios and IDW, and just might be the best yet from a long line. We loved it and give it our Highest Recommendation.

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2021 Calendars

These are running out quickly. See our website for all available titles (sold out ones are taken off the website). Our shipment of the Zodiac Calendar will arrive any day. It ran into printing problems, thus the delay. The last one in, the adult Forbidden: The Pin-Up Art of Lorenzo Spurlonga, is still available [FOR21. $19.95].

Yes, we will put the few remaining ones on sale, but not until later in February, when few titles are left!



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