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Terry & The Pirates 4th collection, Popeye art book, The Phantom Dailies, Thomas Gertin art book, Atomika, and Comic Book Creator.

International Realism is quite an impressive volume, filled with contemporary artists. Terry & The Pirates are back in a 4th collection in the beautifully reproduced new series. Comic Book Creator looks at Graham Nolan. Plus a new Popeye art book, The Phantom Dailies, Atomika regular and signed editions, and new Imperfect Editions and Warehouse Finds.

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INTERNATIONAL REALISM 16th International Arc Salon
Recommended. Edited by Kara Lysandra Ross and Frederick C. Ross. The latest installment of the International ARC Salon Competition. Over a thousand artworks from the forefront of the 21st Century Realist Art Movement. Winners and finalists in a range of categories: Figurative, Portraiture, Imaginative Realism, Landscape, Animals, Sculpture, Drawing, Still Life, Plein Air.ACC Art Books, 2023....More.

Item Code: INTRH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 512pg, Full Color
$70.00 $65.00


TERRY AND THE PIRATES The Master Collection Volume 4
1938. Dailies and Sundays. Highly Recommended. By Milton Caniff. Warlord Klang makes life rough for Terry, Connie, and Burma, but they find an unlikely ally when — for the first and only time — the Dragon Lady and Burma appear in the same story! In one of the strip’s most famous sequences the Dragon Lady changes sides, seizing Klang’s troops and turning them into a force to fight a hostile invading army. Clover Press, 2023.  ...More.

Item Code: TERP04H
Hard Cover, 11x14, 164pg, Partial Color

In stock now are Volumes 1 (with two books, 1 & 13, $120), 2 and 3 ($100 ea). Volume 5 can be pre-ordered for July shipping.

Click here for more, such as Steve Canyon and also vintage Terrys, by Caniff. Scorchy Smith and The Art of Noel Sickles (2008) is also in stock [RB4274. $195]. Sickles was a brilliant artist in his own right BEFORE he worked on Terry with Caniff for two years. Fans of Terry as well as Caniff himself acknowledged Sickles' profound influence on Terry. Alex Toth was also a great admirer of Sickle’s "cinematic" style.


DIRTY PICTURES Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix
Recommended. By Brian Doherty. Author Brian Doherty weaves together the stories of R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, and Harvey Pekar, among many others, detailing the complete narrative history of this movement that came to define "cool." Via dozens of new interviews and archival research, Doherty chronicles the scenes that sprang up around the country in the 1960s and ‘70s and the rivalries, ideological battles, and conflicts that flourished. Artists’ origins and successes, including Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize winning Maus and the feminist collective Wimmen’s Comix, and through strife, from S. Clay Wilson’s spiral into alcoholism to Disney’s war on the Air Pirates. Concluding with an examination of these creators’ legacies. Abrams, 2022....More.

Item Code: DIRP
Soft Cover, 6x9, 448pg, Text Only
The hardcover has gone out of print but we still have copies available [DIRPH. $30].

Edited by Jon B. Cooke. The artistry of Graham Nolan! A career-spanning interview with the co-creator of Batman's back-breaking nemesis, Bane, from Graham's Kubert School start to recent Compass Comics titles, including The Chenoo and Alien Alamo! There's also an art gallery of his Monster Island projects, The Phantom newspaper strip, and his Dark Knight Detective collaborations with writer Chuck Dixon! Also spotlighted is "Marvel's Great Folly of 1972," where Stan Lee and the whole blamed Bullpen put on a notorious and near-catastrophic stage production at Carnegie Hall. Then it's Part One of a look at cartoonist Frank Borth, on his Funnies, Inc. beginnings, producing Quality Comics masterpieces, and his friendship with Reed Crandall, and more. Plus a 1974 trade journal article on the DC Comics Production Department and their Famous First Edition treasury editions. And Greg Biga talks with Dan Didio, former DC Comics co-publisher, on his latest endeavor as publisher of Frank Miller's current comics line, Frank Miller Presents, and his creating the new title, Ancient Enemies. Plus the usual excellence from the CBC bullpen! TwoMorrows, 2023....More.

Item Code: CBCR31
Magazine, 8x11, 84pg, Full Color
Here are back issues of CBC including my two interview issues. Click here for back issues of Alter Ego, for more about comics history and artists.

Classic (pre-1950) Artists & Cartoonists


THOMAS GERTIN The Forgotten Painter Graphic Novel
Part historical narrative, part modern fiction, this book consists of two interlinked stories: The first focuses on the 18th-century painter Thomas Girtin and his relationship with his friend and rival J.M.W. Turner; the second tells the tale of three amateur artists in the present day, united by a shared interest in Girtin’s art. Using this dual narrative to draw parallels between two eras of rapid technological advancement and sociopolitical turbulence,Oscar Zárate’s long-awaited new graphic novel restores to modern eyes this unjustly forgotten figure, whose work has been almost entirely ignored despite his huge influence in British painting. SelfMadeHero, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: THOMFH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 352pg, Full Color

Recommended. Edited by Kerryn Greenberg. Showcasing more than 100 remarkable artworks from the past 200 years, this beautiful book reveals how the intangibility of light continues to fascinate. In every conceivable media, artists have exploited the contrasts between light and dark, opposed cool and warm colors, drawn on science, and attempted to capture the transient effects of light and its emotional associations. Beginning with the British artist John Martin's Dore-like fantasies, William Blake, and finally J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851), who captured triumphant explosions of light, influencing the French Impressionists. For them, light became the subject itself, as the likes of Claude Monet (1840-1926), Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), Alfred Sisley (1839-99), and others ventured outside to capture the momentary effects of sunlight on canvas. Tate Gallery, 2023....More.

Item Code: LIGT
Soft Cover, 8x10, 224pg, Partial Color
Click here for more artist biographies, from coffee table art books to graphic novels about artists. Here’s more on Classic Illustrators, our category of pre-1950 artists and illustrators.

This collection covers a broad range of news graphics and political and satirical cartoons. Alongside the works of renowned artists such as Jean Cocteau, Juan Gris, and Käthe Kollwitz, the most famous illustrators of the time are also well represented. Thomas Nast, Honoré Daumier, Gustave Doré, and the numerous relatively unknown press graphic artists, the so-called “special artists,” whose work is rediscovered here. Taschen, 2023....More.

Item Code: HISPGH
Hard Cover, 10x15, 604pg, Partial Color

Comic Book & Comic Strip Archives


POPEYE VARIANTS Not Your Pappy's Comics an' Art Book
Recommended. Edited by Craig Yoe. This hardcover collection celebrates the incredible art of Popeye and his pals, illustrated by scores of artists over the years, with a special focus on the Popeye's Cartoon Club by King Features Syndicate. Also included are highlights from The National Cartoonists Society's celebration of Popeye's 90th year, and a collection of rare cover illustrations by popular counter-culture artists done for Popeye comics. This is a must have collection for any Popeye aficionado! Clover Press, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: POPVH
Hard Cover, 10x10, 120pg, Full Color
Also available, the first two volumes in a new reprint series that will collect, in four volumes, the complete run of the full color Popeye Sunday pages beginning in 1931. [POPE01, 02 $24.99, $22.99 ea]. Here’s more references to Popeye in several comics histories.

ATOMIKA God is Red Omnibus Volume 1
By Andrew Dabb. Art by Sal Abbinanti et al. Cover by Alex Ross. God is Red follows Atomika across a 12-issue story arc, as he travels the Soviet Union doing battle with mythological gods of Slavic Russia. This collects the entire story in a single volume with over 350 pages. Includes over 75 pages of all-new art, including covers and pin-ups by Alex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Turner, Darwyn Cooke, Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, John Romita, Sr., and others. Mercury Comics, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: ATOM01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 358pg, Full Color
$50.00 $45.00
An edition signed by artist the artist Sal Abbinanti [ATOM01HS. $75] is scheduled for later this month or early July.

PHANTOM The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 27 1977-1978
By Lee Falk. This exciting 27th volume continues the Sy Barry years! Reprinted in all its black and white glory, journey with Hermes Press as we bring you five complete continuities drawn by Sy himself: "The Tyrant of Tarakimo," "The Phantom Wedding" (rated among the best tales of the Ghost Who Walks ever written), "The Three Bandits," "The Return to Tarakimo," and "Jungle City." Strips from this issue are taken directly from King Feature's proofs. Included in the volume is a comprehensive essay and documentary materials. Hermes, 2023....More.

Item Code: PH27H
Hard Cover, 12x9, 256pg, b&w
Click here for more of The Phantom: previous Dailies volumes, Sunday page collections, and comic book archives.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.


Discounted Hurt Books


Collects four complete graphic novels in one. Recommended. In an alternate, half-submerged version of Manhattan, Joe Golem uncovers the truth behind strange and occult happenings that threaten the city’s inhabitants. But the biggest mystery of all is his own missing memories. Much like Bruce Banner and The Hulk, Joe seems to be living two lives — one as a merciless monster who hunts other monsters. Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden bring us a heartfelt and harrowing saga that combines hard boiled detective with emotional drama and lots of magic and mystery! Featuring art by Patric Reynolds and Peter Bergting with colors by Dave Stewart and Michelle Madsen. Dark Horse, 2022. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: JOEGHR
Hard Cover, 7x10, 536pg, Full Color
$39.99 $19.99

Highly Recommended. Art by Nick Bertozzi.A riveting graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning nonfiction book Bomb — the fascinating and frightening true story of the creation of the Atom Bomb. With excellent detail, this tracks the story from the beginning. In 1938, a German chemist split a uranium atom and launched a scientific race that spanned three continents. The race was on, with the top U.S. scientists, aided by refugee scientists from conquered nations, working to figure out the bomb’s secrets first. If the Germans had been first, the allies might have easily lost the war, as bombing Japan changed everything in 1945. Roaring Book Press, 2023. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: BOMBGR
Soft Cover, 6x8, 256pg, Full Color
$17.99 $8.99

Recommended. By Artgerm, J. Scott Campbell, Lucio Parrillo, Alex Ross, Jenny Frison, Terry Dodson, Joe Jusko et al. Classic portrayals of the Daughter of Drakulon on beautiful oversized pages. Picking up where The Art of Vampirella: The Dynamite Years left off, this brand-new hardcover volume includes well over 40 covers from the hit Vampirella #1. Plus covers from the critically acclaimed 2014 run by Nancy Collins, the Linsner masterpiece Roses for the Dead, both 2019 series, Vampirella and Vengeance of Vampirella. and the Vampi/Red Sonja crossover covers. Dynamite, 2022. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: VAMPAHR
Hard Cover, 9x12, 240pg, Full Color
$39.99 $24.99

NOCTURNALS Omnibus Volume 2 Hurt
Signed. Highly Recommended. Collects FOUR complete stories: The Dark Forever, Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom, Spectres, and A Nocturnal Alphabet. Amazing low price for a 320-page hardcover, in full color!! Dan Brereton‘s Eisner-nominated lush, innovative, and action-packed stories of supernatural menace and gritty heroics are collected in this second volume omnibus edition, featuring weird tales of horror and crime. Plus TONS of bonus material, a Nocturnals "Alphabet" from A-Z, specialty paintings and far more. Dark Horse, 2022. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: NOC02HSR
Hard Cover, 8x12, 432pg, Full Color
$29.99 $19.99

Highly Recommended. Art by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Buscema, Moebius, Joe Maneely, Wally Wood et al. 70 years of stories featuring Lee & company’s beloved co-creations — including the earliest adventures of Capt. America (1940s), Black Knight (1955), pre-code horror, The Rawhide Kid, Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, the Avengers, Daredevil, She-Hulk, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, The X-Men, Thor and Nick Fury — all in his signature, senses-shattering style! These astonishing tales of suspense, horror, fantasy, romance, comedy, cowboys, super heroics and more prove beyond doubt that Stan is "The Man!" Marvel, 2022. Condition: Bumped corners. ...More.

Item Code: BESMHR
Hard Cover, 8x11, 896pg, Full Color
$100.00 $60.00

Shell Motor Oil's finest promotions. Recommended. By Scott Anthony, Oliver Green, Nicky Penny and Margaret Timmers. A beautifully designed and illustrated book, with material taken from Shell Oil's remarkable archives from its origins up to the 1960's. Shell has a well-established reputation for this artistic heritage, particularly from its 1930's heyday, but this is the first publication to present and describe it comprehensively. Examinations of the historical, political, and social contexts of Shell's art and advertising enable the authors to assess the work's broader cultural significance. Lund Humphries, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: SHELAHR
Hard Cover, 10 x11, 208pg, Full Color
$79.99 $44.99

Our Highest Recommendation. At long last, a new book in this series and it's way cool. This oversize volume presents the first full-color time-travel adventures of V.T. Hamlin’s intrepid caveman Alley Oop. Every Sunday Page from April 1939 through December 1941, meticulously restored from the original newspaper publications and never before reprinted! Acoustic Learning, 2022. Note: Smashed corners....More.

Item Code: ALLE03HR
Hard Cover, 12x16, 144pg, Full Color
$75.00 $40.00
If you find any of these hurts have disappeared from our website, it’s because they sold out. We still have as-new copies, some discounted, of several of these. Just search on the code without the “R— at the end. Here are more Imperfect Editions.

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Our new catalog is online, and you can download it here. Cover art by the underground artist Rick Griffin. The back cover highlights two of our more popular titles, The Art of Perry Peterson & DC Universe by Carmine Infantino.


Warehouse Finds


Warehouse find, 2004. Introduction by Gary Gianni. Joseph Clement Coll defined the look of adventure illustration. Epic encounters of heroes and villains locked in combat make up only a small portion of the nearly 250 illustrations in this—-the largest collection of Coll's art ever produced. This lost and forgotten art has now been collected in Flesk Publications' 208 page, Joseph Clement Coll: A Legacy in Line. Most of the 236 black & white and 15 color pieces in this second volume on Coll were reprinted for the first time in decades. Many of these illustrations have been shot from the original drawings—-including eight sketches that have never been reproduced. Here are incredible illustrations by one of the world's greatest artists at the pinnacle of his career. It is art so expressive, so powerful that it will grab you and drag you wholly into whatever world Coll's imagination, and pen, chooses to go to next. Flesk, 2004. Out of print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: JCCLLH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 208pg, Partial Color

ARTS UNKNOWN The Life & Art of Lee Brown Coye Hurt
Warehouse find, 2005. By Luis Ortiz. Lee Brown Coye created more than 50 years worth of wildly imaginative and fantastic artwork for magazines like the original Weird Tales and prized books by Ray Bradbury, H. P. Lovecraft, and many other classic fantasy and horror authors. Now readers can find out why modern day artists in film (Guillermo del Toro: Pan’s Labyrinth), horror (Stephen King: The Mist), and graphic-novels (Mike Mignola: Hellboy) are such big Coye fans. Nonstop Press, 2005. Out of Print. Condition: Bumped corners and scuffing to cover....More.

Item Code: ARTSUNH
Hard Cover, 9x9, 176pg, Partial Color

TRUE CRIME TRUE NORTH The Golden Age of Canadian Pulp Magazines
Warehouse find, 2004. By Carolyn Strange and Tina Loo. This lively book takes a loving look at the Canadian true crime pulps of the World War II era — their bold, brassy covers, spicy advertisements, and stories of murder, robbery, sex, and violence. With vivid archival images of both magazine covers and ads, True Crime, True North examines the themes that characterized the genre in Canada: the unquestioned adherence to retributive justice, the unwavering faith in lawmen, and the enduring affection for Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The authors also trace pulp writers' preoccupation with jealousy and betrayal, the deadly consequences of greed, and the growing menace of "sex fiends." Raincoast Books, 2004....More.

Item Code: TRCTRN
Soft Cover, 7x9, 112pg, Text/Partial Color

THE FICTION FACTORY or From Pulp Row to Quality Street
Warehouse find, 1955. First edition. By Quentin Reynolds. The story of 100 years of publishing at Street & Smith about Buffalo Bill, Nick Carter, Horatio Alger and others, with color and b&w illustrations. Random House, 1955....More.

Item Code: FICFACH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 284pg, Text/Partial Color

Warehouse find, 1992. By Kate F. Jennings. 112 pages of enormous (10x14) color and b&w plates and informative text. Filled with wonderful images from the Scribner Classics, such as Robin Hood, and many other fantastic and heroic works. Cover reproduces "The Giant." Judging by the quality of reproduction, most or all are newly photographed from the original paintings. Long out of print. Gramercy Books, 1992. Condition: Some slight damage to covers including scuffing. ...More.

Item Code: NCWYR
Soft Cover, 10x14, 112pg, Partial Color

FROM THE PEN OF PAUL The Fantastic Images of Frank R. Paul Deluxe
Warehouse find, 2009. Signed by Stephen D. Korshak and Jerry Weist. Numbered & limited, 500. Edited with an introduction by Stephen D. Korshak. Preface by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, with a special contribution by Jerry Weist. The first and only book on the life and art of the Grandfather of science-fiction illustration.This Deluxe edition includes a definitive 16-page Illustrated Index of all Paul’s full-color science-fiction magazine covers and black and white interior art. Shasta/Phoenix, 2009....More.

Item Code: FTPEPAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 144pg, Full Color

RAMPARTS Unseeing Eyes
Warehouse find, 1993. By Turf. Art by Joel Mouclier. Adventure in the world of huge wooden machines.Joël Mouclier designed a gloomy industrial steampunk society built on a platform in the middle of the sea. We visit factories and other locations where he needs to make the technology work, and he’s convincing with it, in scenes set in an abattoir for instance. His people, all with long and sad faces reflect the gloom of their society, which is being ravaged by disease. No-one knows its origin, let alone how to cure it, and Mouclier throws in subtle little touches such as the homemade calipers enabling one the of the leads to walk. Writer Turf repeatedly creates scenes of characters wishing for forms of a better life. The harshness of the society and the lack of discrimination applied by the disease is reinforced via the experiences of heroine Lamantine, who has odd fever induced dreams. Heavy Metal/Tundra, 1993....More.

Item Code: RAMPH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 46pg, Full Color

Warehouse find, 1998. By Lydia Lunch. Performance artist Lydia Lunch and noted illustrator Ted McKeever join together to create this graphic novel about an orphan named Onesia. The story follows her rejection by the society surrounding the Louisiana Bayou due to her bizarre affliction—all of her body's various fluids are tremendously toxic to others. DC Comics, 1998. Out of Print. ...More.

Item Code: TOXG
Soft Cover, 7x10, 48pg, Full Color

We have as few as three copies of several of these.

Here are more Warehouse Finds.

Rare & Out of Print

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News & Notes


The Art of Ron Lesser

This just arrived, and is a beautiful book. I just got back from Portland and didn’t have time to add this for this week. We’ll have a full description and multiple inside scans up in a few days. It includes photos of his models; he did the covers for popular paperback series including Carter Brown.

“Nothing ‘lesser’ about Ron – he is one of the handful of masters, right next to McGinnis and Maguire.” -Max Allan Collins.

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Noel Sickles!

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I visited Disney comics artist Bob Foster this week after we did the Rose City Book Fair in Portland. Bob loaned me a set of Sunday pages to scan…by the legendary Noel Sickles. These are from 1931, when Sickles was working exclusively for the Ohio State Sunday Journal, before he began his work on Scorchy Smith and just before he met Milton Caniff, who convinced Sickles to move to New York City.

Aren’t these amazing? I see influences of Joseph Clement Coll, John R. Neil and Winsor McCay, but all this from a young illustrator with his entire career still to come.



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