Thursday, September 7, 2023

Kay Nielsen’s 1001 Nights, Barbarella--Woman Untamed, Lovecraft Unknown Kadath, Bone: More Tall Tales, Vintage Calendars, Lady Baltimore, Red Sonja and more.

My favorites this week: Kay Nielsen’s 1001 Nights; Barbarella--Woman Untamed; Lovecraft Unknown Kadath; Bone: More Tall Tales; and all the new Asgard Vintage Calendars. Baltimore is fun too, but I’ve already read all the books collected here. Check it out if you haven’t. And here’s more new Sheena, Batman Adventures, Red Sonja and more.

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Our Highest Recommendation. This stunning edition of Kay Nielsen’s illustrations for a World Heritage classic, A Thousand and One Nights, highlights his unique, vivid imagery and features history, description, and essays on the making of this series. Nielsen illustrated only a handful of books during the Golden Age of Illustration — every one a classic and today highly prized, on a par with Arthur Rackham and Edmond Dulac's best work. This offers rarely-seen color full-page paintings as well as details, plus black and white drawings he created for this never-published masterpiece. First published by Taschen entirely from the original artwork, as a limited Collector’s Edition at $300 (now out of print). Now available in an unlimited new oversized edition. Gold embossed full color cover, gold inks and page edge foiling. An extremely handsome production. Moderate nudity. Taschen, 2023. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: KAYNH
Hard Cover, 12x12, 144pg, Full Color

Nielsen also appears in East of the Sun, West of the Moon; Black & White Images 3, Images #11, Fantasy: The Golden Age of Fantastic Illustration, and two Disney collections. Click here.

HALFTONE HORRORS The History of Horror Movie Comic Books
From the early days of the comics industry, with Dell, Gold Key, and Charlton Comics Group, to the indie boom of the 1990s (Adventure Comics, Epic, Innovation), and ending on the modern-day comic giants (Dynamite, Boom!, IDW), this full-color book tells AND ILLUSTRATES the history of officially licensed comic book adaptations of every hit, cult, and obscure horror film to receive attention within the comic book medium, with 500 titles and thousand of individual cover images. Horrorhound, 2021....More.

Item Code: HALHOH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 240pg, Full Color
Horror when I searched in on our website came up with 400+ hits. But click here for some of the best of recently published on the subject, from Pulps to Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror to the bizarre Italian reprints in the Sex and Horror series.

Comic Book Archives


Collects The Batman Adventures #1-36, four annuals & specials and more. Highly Recommended. By Kelley Puckett. Art by Michael Parobeck and Ty Templeton. The crimelord formerly known as the Penguin is now Mayor Oswald Cobblepot — elected to be Gotham's leader by promising to outlaw vigilante super heroes and villains alike. The immortal mastermind Ra's al Ghul has ordered an invasion of assassins — not to destroy the Dark Knight, but to eliminate his enemies...permanently. And a two-bit hood called the Black Mask is forming a deadly new masked mob. Outlawed. Outnumbered. On the run. Batman's greatest battle for the soul of Gotham City is about to begin! DC Comics, 2023....More.

Item Code: BATAOH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1192pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00
Here’s more Batman and more Harley Quinn.

BALTIMORE Omnibus Volume 1
Collects the first four Baltimore hardcovers. Recommended. By Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. Art by Ben Stenbeck, Dave Stewart et al. After a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with vampires. Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier determined to wipe out the monsters, fights his way through bloody battlefields, ruined plague ships, exploding zeppelins, submarine graveyards, and much more on the hunt for the creature who’s become his obsession. Collects the first four Baltimore hardcover volumes, with supplemental sketchbook material. Dark Horse, 2023....More.

Item Code: BALT01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 568pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99
Here’s Lady Baltimore, and more from the Hellboy universe.

Collects material from Tales To Astonish #75-91, 1966-67. Recommended. By Stan Lee. Art by Jack Kirby, Bill Everett, Gil Kane, John Buscema et al. When a time-travel device throws the Hulk into the distant future, he does what Hulks do — smash! Past, present or future, the Hulk will fight, but when he returns to his present, he’ll discover that, thinking he was dead, Rick Jones has revealed to the world that Bruce Banner is the Hulk. As if that wasn’t trouble enough, Hercules hits the scene, while the Secret Empire weaves nefarious plans of domination. The horror of the Humanoid run amok comes next, but it’s all prelude to the debut of the Abomination. Marvel, 2023....More.

Item Code: MMMIH03
Soft Cover, 6x9, 192pg, Full Color
Here are the first two Hulk collections and all the other Mighty Marvel Masterworks. All are still just $15.99 each for ten complete issues.

Graphic Novels


BONE More Tall Tales
Highly Recommended. With Tom Sniegoski, art by Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, Katie Cook, Matt Smith, and Scott Brown. Jeff Smith’s bestselling, award-winning Bone saga returns with this hilarious companion to Tall Tales! Smiley Bone, Fone Bone, and their Rat Creature pal, Bartleby, take a group of young scouts to a legendary landmark that the Bone cousins found when they were kids. They share stories around a campfire, spinning tales of trips to the moon, the delights of quiche, an imagined monster come to life, and an encounter with the two stupid Rat Creatures gone hilariously wrong! Graphix, 2023.  ...More.

Item Code: BONEM
Soft Cover, 6x9, 128pg, Full Color
Also available in hardcover with a color jacket [BONEMH. $26.99]. Jeff’s work is also available in an Artist’s Edition, and we we have his Bone #1 from 1995, hardcover first edition, in Very Good [RB4402. $50]. Also check out his Tuki series about life in the caveman era.

SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Dangerous Game Volume 1
Collects #1 - 5, plus every variant cover. By Stephen Mooney. Art by Jethro Morales. Cover by Lucio Parrillo. New adventures as Sheena returns to comics, now with a bold new vision by screenwriter Steven E. De Souza (Die Hard, Tomb Raider) and writer Stephen Mooney (Half-Past Danger, Black Widow). "Exciting, action-packed adventure in the spirit of classic pulp adventures. Does a bang-up job of building out the character of Sheena for new readers." - Comical Opinion. Fine variant cover work by Linsner, Suydam, Biggs, Li and cosplay photo covers for EVERY issue, plus more guest artists. Combines the classic elements of the legendary character along with a modern sensibility that will make it the perfect debut for fans new and old! Dynamite, 2022....More.

Item Code: SHED01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 136pg, Full Color
Here’s more Sheena, from PS Artbooks collections to her story in Secondary Action Heroes.

BARBARELLA Volume 1 Woman Untamed
Reprints #1-5. Recommended. The Siren of Space returns for a series of all-new adventures by a dynamic new creative team — excellent artwork, a fun story, and an amazing gallery of variant covers by top artists. Multi-award winning author Sarah Hoyt and rising star artist Madibek Musabekov are at the controls as Barbarella leaves space dock on a new mission fraught with unseen layers of danger, duplicity and lots of space sex! Camelot is home to the rich and powerful class seeking escape from an increasingly crowded and decaying galactic empire. Desperate clandestine transmissions from an enslaved underclass bring Barbarella to investigate, uncovering secrets that lead to more secrets — and the distinct possibility that someone knew she was coming. Dymamite, 2023....More.

Item Code: BARU01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 136pg, Full Color
Here’s all available with Barbarella.

Collects #1-8, plus cover gallery, bonus material, and original prose story. Recommended. An adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by Guillermo Sanna with art by Florentino Florez, unlike anything you've read before. Randolph Carter, a traveler to dreamland, tries not to wake up before reaching his goal, the elusive Kadath: the home of the gods, a place of fantasy and overflowing imagination. Carter walks through a world full of threats and abominable monsters, but also of palaces, exuberant cities, and geographies that remind man of his insignificant role on the gigantic cosmic chessboard. This includes a wonderful nod to Little Nemo and his own trips to fantasyland, as each chapter is introduced with a Nemo-ish new page. Ablaze, 2023.  ...More.

Item Code: LOV01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 200pg, Full Color
Here’s more Lovecraft.

Collects The Invicible Red Sonja #1-10. Recommended. Written by the award-winning fan favorites Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Red Sonja finds herself on a spectacular journey filled with pirates, mermaids, princesses, and political intrigue. The fate of two kingdoms hangs in the balance. All this, plus the spectacular art of Moritat and a cover by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts makes this a series not to be missed! With so many challenges, Sonja will need to be invincible to overcome these odds! Dynamite, 2023....More.

Item Code: INVRSH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 360pg, Full Color
$34.99 $29.99

Asgard Oversized Poster Calendars


Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. By L.B. Cole, Matt Baker, Reed Crandall et al. Pre-Code crime comics before the implementation of the Comics Code Authority in 1955. These covers pushed the boundaries of storytelling and good taste, with their gritty and often controversial content. Accompanied by in-depth commentary each month from pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg in the form of a 12-part essay on Pre-Code comics! A fine selection of wild covers from Thrilling Crime, Underworld Crime, Crimes by Women, All-Famous Police, Ken Shannon, Sam Hill, Fight Against Crime, etc. Asgard, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: VINCC24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Highly Recommended. A fine selection of unusual and offbeat 1940s covers: Amazing-Man by Bill Everett, The Blue Beetle, Black Cat by Lee Elias, Phantom Lady, Miss Fury by Tarpe Mills, Boy Comics' Crimebuster by Charles Biro, the best-ever robot cover, Fantastic #3 by Lou Fine, Silver Streak, Green Mask, Moon Girl by Shelly, and Catman by Bob Fuji!! Excellent, dynamic covers that have not been reprinted to death elsewhere. A great selection! Accompanied by in-depth commentary by pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg detailing the contents of each issue. Asgard, 2023....More.

Item Code: VINGA24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Highly Recommended. PA powerful, well-selected montage of some of the very finest horror covers of the pre-code era. The famous exploding head cover, rare L.B. Cole work, a decaying dead body floating, even a wonderful rare Frazetta Beware cover with skeletons and a voluptuous girl. Monsters, beasts, killers, it's all here, from Baffling, Weird Horrors, Witches Tales, Tomb of Terror, Startling Terror, The Unseen, The Thing, Suspense, Black Cat Mystery etc. Accompanied by in-depth commentary each month from pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg in the form of a 12-part essay on Pre-Code comics. Asgard, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: VINHC24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. Movie posters from the 1940s-1960s. Godzilla, Teenage Zombies, Rodan, Them, Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, The Mummy's Ghost, The Gorgon, Mole People, Beach Girls and the Monster, Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters! These movies became cultural icons, showcasing groundbreaking special effects and exploring societal fears and anxieties in an entertaining and thrilling way. Expanded commentary by pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg detailing the story behind each film. Asgard, 2022....More.

Item Code: VINM24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Highly Recommended. By Matt Baker (3 covers), John Prentice, Warren Kremer et al. Matt Baker! Steamy covers! Silly stories! Suggestive story titles! Romance comics are the new frontier in comic collecting. Neglected for decades, they are finally being discovered for their artwork, their steamy and suggestive story titles and covers. With their melodramatic narratives, lush artwork, and dreamy depictions of love won and lost, romance comic books became one of the top comics genres and boomed from 1948 to 1955. Each month includes commentary that explores their history and impact. Bonus comic panel artwork appears on each grid page. Asgard, 2023....More.

Item Code: VINRC24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

VINTAGE SCI-FI 2024 Calendar
Oversized 11 x 15, with removeable prints. Highly Recommended. By Alan Anderson, Kelly Freas, Earl Bergey, Frank R. Paul et al. Wild and steamy pulp covers from 1931 to 1954: Planet Stories, Captain Future, Startling Stories, Thrilling Wonder, Uncanny Tales. These showcase the works of iconic authors like Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury, behind covers of aliens, space babes, robots, and wild futuristic technology. With their vibrant cover art and thought-provoking narratives, these pulps ignited the imaginations of readers and launched the genre of science fiction into the mass media. Each month includes captioning with details about each issue. Asgard, 2023....More.

Item Code: VINS24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Highly Recommended. The Wild West is just a wagon ride away each month with this 16-month calendar of faithfully reproduced vintage pulp western fiction magazine covers from the 1930s-1950s. And the capable ladies are here; knife-wielding, rifle-toting, pistol-packing...only one is helplessly bound-up by a baddie. Nicely chosen classic pulp covers from Spicy Western, Masked Rider Western, Action Stories, Thrilling Western, Cowboy Stories, Best Western et al. And of course, plenty of noble sheriffs and cowhands facing down the elements with guns blazing. Asgard, 2023....More.

Item Code: VINPW24
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color
I’m very impressed with the images they selected for all of these. I’m having a hard time figuring out which one is going on my wall. Sci-Fi is always popular; Western has been surprisingly popular in previous years; I like Golden Age, Crime, and Horror quite a bit. And Romance is a fun conversation maker, with great work by Matt Baker. Check them out, and here are all our 2024 calendars in stock now.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.


Coming in September


Cover by Joe DeVito. 10 stories, one of which is a novella original to this book. The novella, "The Adventure of the Second Coming," along with a previously published short story, "The Problem of the Weedy Wanderer," comprise a narrative that’s a sequel to H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Two other stories bring Sherlock Holmes into contact with Frank L Packard’s Jimmie Dale, alias the Grey Seal and HP Lovecraft's Dr. Herbert West, Reanimator. Includes an illustrated afterword and a back cover illustration, exclusive to this hardcover edition. Odyssey Publishing, 2023. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: WILSHE03H
Hard Cover, 6x9, Text Only
Here's the first two Wild Adventures of Sherlock, and more novels by Will Murray.

Coming in October


By Elliot S. Maggin et al. A treasury edition of 144 glossy-printed pages of absolutely spectacular artwork from innovative masters of comics. Legendary artist Neal Adams created an entire pantheon of brilliant characters for his own company, Continuity. Presented here are the origin issues of some of the fan-favorites, drawn by Neal himself along with Tom Grindberg, Larry Stroman and others, printed in black and white from the originals. Armor (one of the deadliest warriors in the universe), Megalith (The Ultimate Man), The Hybrids (teenage human and alien mutations), Valeria (The She-Bat), and Knighthawk (the Cloned Hero). Continuity Graphics, 2023. Due: Oct....More.

Item Code: NEAV01
Soft Cover, 8x13, 144pg, b&w
Here is everything currently in stock on Neal Adams.

MISTY 45 Years of Fear
In 1978 British comics were changed forever with the release of Misty, the classic cult horror comic for girls. Masterminded by Pat Mills, the original editor of 2000 AD, this weekly comic featured the best comics talent working on haunting, terrifying tales. From high 70s glamour to chilling stories that have haunted readers, this Essential Collection curates the creepiest, campiest Misty serials and short stories alongside critical essays, in a volume perfect for readers old and new. Rebellion, 2023. Due: Oct....More.

Item Code: MISTYH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 272pg, Full Color

By David Quinn. Art by Tim Vigil. A man seduced by power plunges into an underground urban hell dominated by madness and the mystical. Haunted by tortured love, he rages through primal hallucinations in a blood-drenched nightmare of attraction and repulsion, sex and death, revenge and reclamation. Rebel Studios, in partnership with Black Mask Studios, collects the complete "outlaw comics" in one outrageous oversize hardcover. Dare to go beyond good and evil, in this 500-page adult horror odyssey, including the rarest "grail" issues, Acts 14 and 15, plus color cover galleries and behind the scenes content. Oversize (8x12) deluxe edition. Black Mask Studios, 2023. Due: Oct....More.

Item Code: FAUSH
Hard Cover, 8x12, 500pg, Partial Color
$89.95 $79.95

DAREDEVIL EPIC COLLECTION Volume 2 Mike Murdock Must Die!
New Printing. Collects Daredevil #22-40, Annual #1 and more, 1966-68. Highly Recommended. Stan Lee and Gene Colan unleash an identity crisis as Matt Murdock juggles his triple identity as Daredevil — and his own "twin brother," Mike Murdock! And as if that weren't complex enough, Daredevil experiences a body swap with Doctor Doom! Other highlights include guest appearances by Spider-Man, Thor and Ka-Zar; the introduction of fan-favorite villain Leap-Frog; and the debut of the Emissaries of Evil! Marvel, 2023. Due: Oct....More.

Item Code: DAE02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 520pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99
Epic Collection Vol 1 is in stock, collecting DD #1-21, 1964-66. [DAE01. $44.99, $39.99].

50th anniversary of the She-Devil With a Sword. Her greatest tales in an all-new hardcover collection over five skull-smashing, tavern-wrecking decades! From her earliest appearances in Marvel Feature and the very first Red Sonja series, created by such defining talents as Roy Thomas and Frank Thorne, to her contemporary epics crafted by Michael Avon Oeming, Gail Simone, and Luke Lieberman and artists Walter Geovanni, Mel Rubi, and Liam Sharp. Dynamite, 2023. Due: Oct....More.

Item Code: BESTRSH
Hard Cover, 368pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99
Just last week we listed a new Red Sonja Omnibus edition which is doing well [ADVREDH. $99.99, $89.99]. As I write this we have just one copy left, but more are on the way. Here’s more of the Red Devil.

Mature Readers

Here are three more Skylight titles. Pussy Lounge is back in stock, first published in 2012.

Carisha is new, entirely devoted to this special model. Carisha also appears in Stefan Soell’s My Favorite Top Models [MYFAVH. $50, $44.95].

Toys and Pussy Girls is also a new Skylight titles. For more from Skylight, click here.

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News & Notes


EC Fan Addict #5 $15 signed

Roger Hill and Grant Geissman have both signed a special limited edition bookplate for this upcoming new issue, coming in November from Fantagraphics. The artwork is an unused Al Williamson panel, in his original pencils, intended for Weird Science #21—a spaceman battling a giant reptile! It’s just $15 so we are not soliciting orders for it yet, but I wanted to let you know about it. It’s exclusive to us. Grant says they are also already working on another issue! Issue #2 is still available from us—the others are all out of print [ECF02. $20].

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Also just arrived here—The new EC Checklist from Bill Leach, which is also Horror From the Crypt of Fear #17. It’s not yet up on our site as I write this, but watch for it within a day or two [HFTC17. $15]. We’re essentially the exclusive source for this, unless you’re buddies with the publisher! He has two more issues nearing completion also. Corben’s Tales from the Plague was his first new release, which is also an issue of Horror From the Crypt of Fear [RCTALE. $9.99]. Plague is limited to 500 copies.

The last limited edition EC bookplate we did was for Squa Tront #14, now out of print. In stock are back issues #3 and #5-9, publisher file copies all signed by Bill Pearson.

Grant’s signed bookplate with artwork by Angelo Torres remains available with his History of EC Comics from Taschen [HISECH. $200].



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