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Bud's Spring Rare Book List!

Spring Rare Books List!

Lately we've been uploading up to 50 Rare Books each week, with Dwayne now helping us out. We only picture eight in any one weekly email, so there's lots more to see when you click on the weekly link. We've picked out a fresh new selection here, and dropped prices on several, as you will see. You can also go to our Home Page and search by signed, artist name, like Corben, Frazetta and Moebius, or any other key word, and you can sort by price, latest or popularity.

Check in with us if you are looking for something special, we still have shelves and shelves filled with not-yet-catalogued titles. Email Shipping remains FREE on orders over $300 in the U.S. (you can combine Rare Books and new items, of course).

Our latest collections have come from long-time collectors who really took good care of their books--many are truly as-new, which we define as Very Fine in the book world. They bought these new, often from us. There's no beaters here, books culled from used book stores with signs of wear. Finally, we do NOT list our books on other websites like Amazon, Biblio, EBay or ABE. They are only here on our website for you, our valued customer, period.

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Signed Editions


First Edition. By Joseph Michael Linsner. Volume 1 boasts some of Linsner's very best work! It includes covers and over a dozen previously unseen and unpublished paintings. Scores of rare production sketches and color roughs are highlighted, as well as a special "how to" section in which Linsner gives a peek at the production of one of his dazzling Dawn paintings from start to finish. Image Comics, 2003. Out of Print.Condition: Very Fine. Very minor edge wear on the front cover....More.

Item Code: RB3956
Soft Cover, 9x12, 176pg, Full Color
Here is much more by Linsner.

FRANK CHO Sketches And Scribbles Book 4 Signed & Limited
First Edition. Signed & Limited to 3000. By Frank Cho. Sketches and Scribbles is full of Frank Cho's amazing work! Beautifully illustrated edition. Monkey Boy, 2007. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Light scratches on the covers....More.

Item Code: RB4410
Soft Cover, 8x11, 80pg, b&w
Click for more by Cho.

First Edition. Signed & Limited to 950. By William Stout. This book covers the last half of Obie’s career, especially focusing on Mighty Joe Young, Black Scorpion, Animal World and The Giant Behemoth. The book’s 70 pages are packed with (95% new) Stout pictures, a Willis O’Brien timeline, fascinating Obie trivia and a healthy helping of Bill’s preliminary and thumbnail sketches for both this and the last volume’s illustrations. Terra Nova, 2017. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB4344
Soft Cover, 8x11, 70pg, b&w
$75.00 $60.00

DONATO GIANCOLA Recent And Select Works Signed
By Donato Giancola. Donato Giancola describes himself and his work as a "classical-abstract-realist working with science fiction and fantasy". What you'll find in this beautiful display of of his recent and selected oil paintings, is just that. There are four examples here illustrating Donato's themes and standing in for his overall body of work: Fountains Of Youth- a homage to the Flemish realism of the 15th century, The Nameless Day- Seeing a similar level of personal withdrawal in the secondary characters, engaged in earthly tasks. Elegy For Darkness: The Lady Of Shallot and City- both present the power of abstraction design. Donato Arts, 2005. Out Of Print. Condition: Fine Plus. 1 tiny bumped corner....More.

Item Code: RB4695
Soft Cover, 11x8, 24 pgs, Full Color
$75.00 $60.00

First Edition. Signed. By Jackson Sze, Christian Alzmann and Matt Gaser. Forward by James Gurney. Volume 3 is a fantastic addition to the Battle Milk series— It continued expanding the artistic offerings with the addition of new members, Christian Alzmann, Matt Gaser, Pat Presley, and Justin Ridge, collecting new personal work from all 9 industry professionals. Battle Milk 3 lets readers in on the personal creative passions of the 9 unique artists, Justin Ridge, Kilian Plunkett, Jackson Sze, Pat Presley, Le Tang, Matt Gaser, Thang Le, David Merrer and Christian Alzmann. working in the entertainment industry today. Design Studio, 2013. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5186
Soft Cover, 11x9, 156pg, Full Color
$100.00 $80.00

Signed. By Terryl Whitlatch and David Wieger. A young hero explores a fantastic world and matures as a result and the setting is among the most original I've recently seen. Katurran is American Museum of Natural History meets Middle-Earth. All the creatures that populate it, either exist today or existed at one time in earth's history. Simon & Schuster, 2004. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB3326
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 11x10, 192pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00

SPACEHAWK Signed/Limited
First US Edition. Signed and Limited to 250. By Basil Wolverton, Monte Wolverton and Ron Goulart.This hardcover edition, signed by Basil Wolverton's son, Monte Wolverton, Ron Goulart and Robert Wiener, collects six Golden Age Spacehawk stories from Target Comics. Archival Press, 1978. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Minor bump on the lower spine edge....More.

Item Code: RB3593
Hard Cover, 9x11, 62pg, b&w
Here's more by Bill Everett.

Signed by Bernet! By Manuel Auad and Steve Morger. Loved and lusted after all over Europe, the legendary Clara finally comes to the U.S. in her own volume of hilarious nocturnal adventures, many appearing here for the first time in English. Known in her native Spain as Clara De Noche (Clara After Dark), she is a cute, carnal combination of Bettie Page and Julia Roberts. A hooker with a heart of gold, raising a small child and dealing decisively with deadbeats, creeps and low-life! Drawn by comics maestro Jordi Bernet (Torpedo), this sexy seductress with a golden heart will leave you smitten and laughing! Auad Publishing, 2006. Adult Material. Condition: Very Fine. ...More.

Item Code: RB2063
Hard Cover, 9x12, 96 pg, b&w

MYSTERIOUS WORLD The Art Of Arthur Suydam Portfolio Signed/Limited
First Edition. Signed & Limited To 2000. By Arthur Suydam. This is a limited edition portfolio from 1983 by Arthur Suydam. Two of Suydam's most well known characters, Cholly and Flytrap are among the 6 amazing pencil drawings included. Signed and numbered (1464/2000) by Arthur Suydam on the first plate (See Gallery). Schanes & Schanes, 1983. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. Is in Mint Condition!...More.

Item Code: RB5521
Porfolio Folder, 9x12, 6 plates, b&w

JOE CHIODO Artwork Shape Color And Form Signed
By Joe Chiodo. Joe Chiodo's art book showcases his sketches, drawings, and paintings of his favorite subject: girls, girls, girls! The book features pin-ups and good girls, demure or sultry. It presents Chiodo's gallery work as well as unpublished comic book work, life study paintings, finished drawings, and more. It's full of luscious ladies and will delight fans and admirers of good girl art. It also comes with Joe's signature on the front cover! Hermes, 2007. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB3611
Soft Cover, 8x11, 96pg, Partial Color

Signed. Hubert de Lartigue's first art book contains SF illustrations of super heroines and some early pin-ups. His use of airbrush to enhance the realism in his work makes us believe his fantastic visions are reality and his pictures are not digitally produced, in fact they are handmade! BOO!Press, 1996.. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Has two bumped corners and the dust jacket is slightly creased at the bottom edge. Signed by Hubert de Lartigue on the first page....More.

Item Code: RB4343
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x12, 198pg, Full Color

TIM SALE 2019 Sketchbook Signed SC
Signed. Highly Recommended. Tim Sale's 2019 Sketchbook showcases over 80 private commissions of DC and Marvel characters, including excellent "sketch covers" for Marvel and DC titles, from Iron Man to DKIII and Detective. Color Superman centerspread, lots of fun DC villains from Batman, Batwoman, Hellboy, Black Bolt, Spidey and Mary Jane. Outstanding loose work that displays Tim's ability to draw any subject and make it an attractive and fun image. Essential Sequential, 2019. Out of Print. Condition: Fine.Bend on the cover and first page of upper corner....More.

Item Code: RB4573
Soft Cover, 8x11, 54pg, Partial Color

SUPERHEROES Joe Kubert's Wonderful World Of Comics Signed/Limited
First Edition. Signed & Limited to 1500. By Joe Kubert. Here's a not-to-be-missed chance to learn from legendary writer-illustrator Joe Kubert: Secrets of foreshortening, perspective, twist and tilt, dimensionality ; super anatomy—how to exaggerate muscles; how to draw hair, hands, and feet, how to get the right proportions; The process of working from script to storyboard, illustrated with one of the original script/storyboard sequences for Ragman, a comic book character created by Joe Kubert and Robert Kanigher; Why it's crucial to develop your skills as a storyteller—and how to it; How to draw credible backgrounds and details: landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes; rooms and furniture; weapons and vehicles and costumes. Watson-Guptill, 1999. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. In Shrink Wrap....More.

Item Code: RB4474
Hard Cover, 9x12, 144pg, Partial Color

First Edition. Signed & Limited to 300. By Mike Hoffman. This detailed collection of Mike Hoffman's various works in fantasy art and comics covers his approximately ten years of dedication to craft and creativity, resulting in nearly 300 oil paintings. Mike is the original Renegade artist and one man production company featured in a comprehensive full color throughout the book chronicling his massive talent and prodigious output. Argus Peacock, 2006. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5187
Soft Cover, 11x13, 128pg, Full Color

First Edition. Signed/Limited To 1800 By Howard Chaykin. The internationally acclaimed tale by Howard Chaykin of social and political corruption and one man's fight for justice - Hard Times, the complete flashpoint story in the American Flagg! saga. First Comics, 1985. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Light edge wear on the dust jacket. Slightly bumped lower corner of the book....More

Item Code: RB4687
Soft Cover, 8x11, 96pg, Full Color

DOMINO LADY: The Complete Collection Deluxe Slipcased
By Lars Anderson. Art by Jim Steranko. Signed by Steranko & limited. From Indiana Jones to The Shadow, Jim Steranko’s visualized more classic fictional icons than any other American artist and now he's added another, in a spectacular volume which incorporates four favorite Steranko themes: pulp fiction, noir mystery, art deco, and beautiful women. A new painted cover showcasing equal parts danger, intrigue, and sex appeal. Each adventure pits the sultry femme fatale against vicious gangsters and secret societies, all of which are captured by evocative Steranko double-page title illustrations. And as a Special Bonus, he has also authored a new thriller that reveals the scintillating secrets of the Domino Lady's lethal origin for the first time ever! She's the quintessential '30s pulp vixen, a masked manhunter in a noir deco world, right out of a Warner Bros, thriller in a handsome format. Dynamic Forces, 2006. Out of print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB1926
Hard Cover, 8x11, 128pg, Partial Color

FANTASTIC FEMALES A Portfolio by Richard Corben Signed & Limited
First Edition. Signed & Limited to 2000. By Richard Corben.This is a portfolio with six stunning color plates by Richard Corben, reproduced on slick card stock. The color folder includes a one-page bio of the artist, all personally signed by Corben (see gallery).Blackthorn, 1984. Out of Print. Condition:Fine. Slight wear on the edges of the folder, small corner bumps.  ...More.

Item Code: RB4694
Porfolio Folder, 9x12, 6 plates, Full Color
$250.00 $200.00
Click here to see more available signed editions.

RICHARD CORBEN: Flights into Fantasy
By Richard Corben. This lavishly illustrated volume spans the prolific and many-faceted artistic career of Richard Corben. He is considered by many a master of fantasy illustration! Some of Corben's earliest works, as well as his most recent drawings and paintings, were published here for the first time. Many of the paintings commissioned as book jackets can be seen here unmarred by titles and text. Most of the early comics pages were only printed once, years ago, in fanzines, and have never been reproduced since. But this is not just a collection of obscure work. The selection was made in terms of quality to present the reader with a representative sampling of Corben's best and least-known work. Thumb Tack Book, 1981. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine-. Quarter inch bump to bottom corner. A few back pages have slight ink transfer on the blank page opposite an image....More.

Item Code: RB3303
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 8x11, 200pg, Partial Color
Click here for more Richard Corben.

Illustration History


By Stanislav Szukalski. Introduction by Ernst Fuchs. Stanislav Szukalski (1893 1987) was an artist, anthropologist, and member of Chicago's artistic elite during the 1920s who spent his last years in obscurity. Today he is remembered for his political and scientific views and his brilliant sculptures; he had major exhibits in Poland and his sculptures were centerpieces in many towns, but when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, many were destroyed as "decadent" art. Last Gasp, 2001. Out Of Print. Condition: Fine. Slight bumped corner on bottom front cover....More.

Item Code: RB5391
Soft Cover, 11x12, 94pg, Partial Color

First Edition. By Zdzislaw Beksinski. The beautiful and bizarre imagery of the popular Polish surrealist, Zdzislaw Beksinski,  is collected here in an elegantly designed treasury. Beksiński was a Polish painter, photographer, and sculptor, specializing in the field of dystopian surrealism. He made his paintings and drawings in what he called either a Baroque or a Gothic manner. His creations were made mainly in two periods. This book features the 1980's period which marked a transitory period for Beksiński....More.

Item Code: RB3676
Hard Cover, 10x10, 96pg, Full Color
$80.00 $60.00

By John Kemplay. John Kemplay outlines John Duncan's technical, intellectual, and spiritual development as an artist and his close association with Patrick Geddes, the botanist and socialist who was devoted to renaissance of Celtic art and who was instrumental in Duncan's commitment to the same. Duncan eventually created a unique body of work rich in Celtic legend and ornament while steeped in the tradition of the Byzantine style. Pomegranate, 1994. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB4750
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x11, 128 pgs, Partial Color
$80.00 $60.00

LOUIS ICART The Complete Etchings
By Louis Icart, William R. Holland, Clifford P. Catania, Nathan D. Isen. 1988 marked the one hundredth anniversary of Louis Icart's birth. There were no parades or large celebrations, but Louis and his wife, Fanny, would certainly have been grateful for the great resurgence of interest in his artwork. This newly expanded book now includes over 510 different etchings, painstakingly acquired and photographed. Particular attention has been given to the early years (1911-1924), when Icart was a relatively unknown artist and his edition sizes were small. Schiffer, 1990. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5013
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x12, 244pgs, Full Color
$85.00 $65.00

HOWARD PYLE: Writer, Illustrator, Founder Of The Brandywine School
First Edition. By Henry G. Pitz and Howard Pyle. First Edition. The biography of one of the great illustrators and art teachers in America, the founder of the Brandywine School. American illustration is being collected and studied not only as an art but as a powerful voice in our social history. This beautifully illustrated biography of Howard Pyle makes a lasting contribution to such study. Potter, 1975. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Tape holding the plastic cover on top and bottom. Ink name on front endpaper....More.

Item Code: RB3346
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x12, 248pg, Partial Color
$95.00 $75.00

Highly Recommended. By Michael Alexander Kahn and Richard Samuel West. A lavish coffee table book devoted to the most important political satire and cartoon magazine in American history. Published from 1877 to 1918, Puck was regularly a major political battleground and is credited with single-handedly thwarting the third-term ambitions of Ulysses Grant in 1880 and electing Grover Cleveland to the presidency in 1884. IDW, 2014. Out Of Print. Condition. Plus Fine. Book has a bumped corner. Very Fine. Dust Jacket....More.

Item Code: RB5486
Hard Cover Deluxe, 12.5" x 11.25", 328pg, Full Color
$350.00 $200.00

THE ORIENTALISTS European Painters of Eastern Scenes
First English Edition. By Philippe Jullian. Philippe Jullian whose particular field of expertise is the art of the 19th century, presents in this book the first world-wide study of Orientalism .The nineteenth century the Orient exerted a curious attraction on the middle classes. Tired of the industrial revolution and in a nostalgic mood, they sought to be taken out of themselves. This need was filled by the oriental world-in this context, the Near and Middle East. Phaidon,1977. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB4776
Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 10x11, 210pg, Partial Color

EVERETT RAYMOND KINSTLER Fifty Years An Artist's Journey Signed
First Edition. Signed. By Everett Raymond Kinstler. Everett Raymond Kinstler was an American artist, whose official portraits include Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He was also a pulp and comic book artist, whose work appeared mainly in the 1940s and 1950s. Butler Institute of American Art, 1998. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Tiny bumped corner...More.

Item Code: RB4530
Soft Cover, 10x10, 64 pgs, Partial Color

JAMES BAMA American Realist
By Brian M. Kane. Art by James Bama. The illustration art of James Bama has now been collected into this impressive 160-page full color hardbound edition, the first book to span his entire career. Examples explore his diverse brush from magazine illustrations, paperback book covers, and advertising. Flesk, 2006. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. 2 lightly bumped corners...More.

Item Code: RB4789
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x11, 160pg, Full Color

THE LURE OF PARIS Nineteenth-Century American Painters And Their French Teachers
By H. Barbara Weinberg. For American artists of the 19th century, Paris offered famous teachers, willing models, cheap lodgings, and museums filled with art. The Lure of Paris is the first book to investigate so thoroughly the experiences of these American artists. Exhaustively researched and lavishly illustrated, this groundbreaking study will be requisite for collectors, scholars and everyone curious about America's cultural history. Abbeville Press, 1991. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5373
Hard Cover, 11x13, 296pg, Partial Color
$140.00 $120.00

American Artists and the Italian Experience . By Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. Essays by William H. Gerdts, Erica E. Hirshlen, Fred S. Licht and William L. Vance. American Artists have been inspired by Italy since the 1760s, when Benjamin West, the first American painter to travel there, was drawn to the ancient Roman ruins and magnificent Renaissance architecture, statuary, and frescoes. This intriguing, superbly illustrated book is the first to explore the fascination Italy held for the American artist from West's time to the eve of World War I. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1992. Out of Print. Condition: As New. Still in original shrinkwrap....More.

Item Code: RB1437
Hard Cover, 10x12, 144pg, Partial Color
$60.00 $50.00

Comic Artists


THE COMICS JOURNAL LIBRARY Classic Comics Illustrators Vol 5
First Edition. The fifth volume in the acclaimed Classic Comics Illustrators series celebrates five of the great all-time comic book artists. Frank Frazetta, Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning, Russ Heath and Mark Schultz are truly the masters of illustration. Together, these artists bridge almost 70 years of comics and fantasy art tied to tradition, craft, and an emphasis on the human form. Every part of this book, including the end papers, is full of glorious illustrations! Fantagraphics, 2005. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine. ...More.

Item Code: RB3718
Soft Cover, 12x12, 148pg, Full Color
$100.00 $75.00

MAD'S GREATEST ARTISTS Mort Drucker Five Decades of His Finest Works
First Edition. By Mort Drucker. Contributor to MAD since its earliest years of the fabled Humor magazine, Mort Drucker is recognized throughout the art world as one of the greatest caricaturists of the twentieth century. He has won numerous awards and honors including the National Cartoonists Society, prestigious Reuben Award, the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award, and an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Boston. Running Press, 2012. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. 3 minor bumped corners, however a beautiful book....More.

Item Code: RB4717
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x12, 272pg, Partial Color
$250.00 $150.00

RUSS HEATH'S YELLOW HEAT Artist's Edition Portfolio
Eight full sized plates, hardcover slipcase. Recommended. By Bruce Jones. Russ Heath is one of the finest artists in comic book history. In a career that began more than 70 years ago, he has worked for nearly every publisher. This Artist's Edition Portfolio prints one of Heath's most beautiful and notorious stories, "Yellow Heat!" entirely from the original artwork. Originally published in Vampirella #58 in 1977, "Yellow Heat" has been called Heath's greatest work. It is reproduced here meticulously scanned from the original art, and collected in a hardcover portfolio case. IDW, 2016. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: RB5397
Hard Cover, 12x17, 8 prints, b&w
Here's more Russ Heath.

First Edition. By James Van Hise and Al Williamson. Introduction by William Stout. The Art of Al Williamson is both a collection of comics, and a selection of interviews conducted by James Van Hise. The comics include Al Williamson‘s classic work from the 50’s and 60’s in a variety of genres such as sci-fi, western, jungle adventure, and horror, all with a variety of collaborators. Blue Dolphin Enterprises, 1983. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Minimal edge wear....More.

Item Code: RB4597
Soft Cover, 8x11, 144pg, b&w
Click here for more Al Williamson.

By Alex Raymond and Don Moore. Alex Raymond Flash Gordon Volumes 1 & 2 begin with “On The Planet Mongo” from January 7, 1934, continuing with 3 chapters in Volume 2, “With Queen Of Mongo“, “The War With Mongo“, and “Undersea Kingdom Of Mongo“. Checker, 2007. Out Of Print. Condition. Fine. Both books have 2 bumped corners, one of volume 2’s is also chipped....More.

Item Code: RB5494
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 12.25" x 9.25", Full Color
Click here for more Flash Gordon.

DON LAWRENCE The Legacy Book One
First Edition. By Don Lawrence and Rob van Bavel. This collection shows pencils and unpublished work coming from Don Lawrence' legacy and is a complete new collection. The Legacy contains three volumes, which were published between 2004 and 2008. The first volume contains most of the sketch material relating to Storm, Ember and Nomad, including twelve pages of a Storm story that was never published. This volume also includes background material and a look back at Don's pencils. DLC, 2004. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB4018
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 10x13, 80pgs, Partial Color
Also see the Trigan Empire, and here's more Lawrence.

By Don Lawrence and Mike Butterworth. An indication of what an impression The Trigan Empire strip made when originally serialised from 1965 is this 1973 collection from the days when only newspaper strips were collected as a matter of course. A collection of material from a comic was almost unprecedented, and this presents the first and the third Trigan Empire stories. IPC, 1973. Out of Print. Condition: Fine plus. Rubbing on the back cover edge and corner. Slight bumping....More.

Item Code: RB4042
Hard Cover, 9x11, 70pg, Full Color
$75.00 $60.00

Comic Archives


BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume Five 1935-1936
By John Dille and Dick Calkins. The first, best, and original science-fiction newspaper strips are here! Buck Rogers in the 25th Century has it all: space ships, anti-gravity belts, space pirates, invaders from other worlds, nefarious villains, and, of course, heroes! It continues with Volume Five of Hermes Press' critically acclaimed complete reprint of this ground-breaking title. Stripes are from 1935-1936. Hermes, 2011. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. 2 bumped corners....More.

Item Code: RB4793
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 12x9, 288pgs, b&w
$100.00 $75.00

First Edition. By C C Beck, Pete Costanza. and Bill Parker. When young radio reporter Billy Batson speaks the name of an ancient wizard "SHAZAM!" he is magically transformed into the World's Mightiest Mortal - Captain Marvel! Marked by a distinct art style, Captain Marvel made his debut in 1939 in Fawcett Publishing's Whiz Comics and, for a time, even outsold his publishing rival Superman. DC Comics,1999. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. In shrink wrap....More.

Item Code: RB3812
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 7x10, 208pg, Full Color
$125.00 $100.00

THE FLASH Archives Volumes 1-6
First Edition. By Joe Kubert, John Broome, Joe Giella.Super-speedsters have been a comic-book staple since the beginning but of all the fleet-footed heroes of the four color page, none have endured as has The Flash, the fastest man alive! These hardcover epic reprints present the original 1949-1965s tales of the Flash and his colorful assortment of villains. Relive the scarlet speedster's earliest adventures and learn the origins of one of DC's classic heroes. DC Comics,1996-2012. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB4550
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 7x10, 500 pg, Full Color

First Edition. Limited to 601, 686, 707 and 730. Volumes #153, 264, 284 and 292. Collecting The Fantastic Four (1961) #204-250.By John Byrne, Stan Lee Tom Palmer, Jack Kirby, Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, el al. This beautiful new 4 book set is the Special Collector’s Edition of the Masterworks has a variant/classic format dust jacket featuring the original marble-looking style, embossed foil picture frame, and retaining the absolute chronological numbering. Out Of Print. Condition. Very Fine/As New. In Shrink Wrap....More.

Item Code: RB5507
Hard Cover Deluxe, 7.25" x 10.5", Full Color

First Edition. By Tarpe Mills. Miss Fury is a fictional super heroine from the Golden Ages Of Comics. She first appeared as The Black Fury on April 6, 1941, a Sunday comic strip distributed by the Bell Syndicate. The character's real identity is wealthy socalite Marla Drake. She has no innate superpowers, but gains increased strength and speed when she dons a special skintight catsuit when fighting crime. The panther skin was bequeathed to her by her uncle, who said that it was used by an African witch doctor in voodoo ceremonies. Archival Press, 1979. Out of Print. Condition: Very Good. Re-cased, wear edge and page yellowing....More.

Item Code: RB4682
Soft Cover, 8x11, 62 pgs, b&w
$200.00 $125.00

Superman The Dailies 1939-1942 Deluxe Slipcase
By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This stunning slipcased hardcover reprints the Superman daily newspaper strips from 1939-1942, featuring strips 1-966. This mammoth volume includes the first three years worth of daily newspaper strips by Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, with an introduction by James Vance and a new cover by Peter Poplaski. DC Comics, 1998. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. Still in shrink wrap....More.

Item Code: RB3802
Hard Cover With Slip Case, 11x9, 560pg, b&w

THE ENEMY ACE Archives Volume 1 & 2
First Edition. By Joe Kubert, Robert Kanigher, and 12 more. Volume 1 & 2 are collections are part of DC Archives Editions series, reprints of various DC Comics stories originally published during the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age publishing eras. DC Comics, 2002 & 2006. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5119
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 7x10, 222pg, Full Color

By Grant Morrison. Art by Frank Quitely and John Cassaday. All Star Superman 1 and 2 presents a new version of the story of Superman. Classic, wonderfully drawn, old-style adventures recalling the earliest days of Superman. DC Comics, 2005 & 2010. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New. In shrink wrap....More.

Item Code: RB3728
Hard Cover, 7x11, 32pgs|44pgs, Full Color

By Earl Baldwin, Peter dePaolo and Frank Frazetta. Frank Frazetta is the legendary illustrator who almost single-handedly changed the face of fantasy art with his paintings of Conan the Barbarian and the creations of Edgar Rice Burroughs. In 1952, at the height of his popularity as a comic book artist, Frazetta collaborated with Indianapolis 500 champion Peter DePaolo to create the superbly illustrated adventure series Johnny Comet. The action never ceases as Johnny Comet and his friends cross America at break-neck speeds, with trouble always close behind. Johnny is a race car driver who spends as much time fighting criminals and keeping up with beautiful women as he does on the race track! Eclipse Books, 1991. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine. Tiny bump to bottom spine....More.

Item Code: RB1905
Hard Cover, 11x8, 224pg, b&w
Click here for more Frank Frazetta.

R. Crumb


R. CRUMB SKETCHBOOK Volume 5 Late 1967 to Early '68 Hardcover
Signed & Limited! #278 of 400. By Robert Crumb. Volume 5 covers 1967 and 1968, the time when Crumb was crowned King of the Undergrounds, and includes drawings of "flower children" and strips with his famous characters such as Mr. Natural, Shuman the Human, and Eggs Ackley. (And not-so-famous characters such as Bob Dill, the Folk-Singing Pickle.) Unexpected gems and early versions of famous pieces leap out at you as you glance through the book. A case in point this time: remember the famous EVO "Mr. Natural as a vacuum-cleaner salesman" cover, which showed the sage/huckster alarming Mrs. Suburban Housewife? (Fantagraphics used the image on a t-shirt.) This characteristically Crumb-esque piece, symbol of mainstream America's confusion face-to-face with the explosion of the late '60s, appears in an early version here in Volume 5. Fantagraphics, 1995. Condition: Very good. All pages are wrinkled from dampness, water staining to covers and final pages, not affecting tipped in plate....More.

Item Code: RB1389
Hard Cover, 8x11, 176 pg., b&w
$150.00 $125.00

Signed & Numbered from 400. By R. Crumb. Introduction by Marty Pahls. These early volumes of the multiple Harvey and Eisner Award-winning Complete Crumb Comics series have been amongst the most demanded reprints the last few years. Starring Fritz the Cat includes the stories that began to build the Crumb legend: the original Fritz stories from Harvey Kurtzman's Help! magazine in 1965, plus much rare art, some of Crumb's long-lost American Greeting cards from the 60s, and more. First Edition and Signed. #43 of 400. Fantagraphics. 1989. Condition: Very Good. Page 1 of the comics has two small tear holes in it. They do not affect the story. First is in panel one by Fritz' foot. Second is in last panel in the housewife's curlers. See Product Gallery....More.

Item Code: RB8107
Hard Cover Deluxe, 8.5" x 11", 128pg, Partial Color

WAITING FOR FOOD Restaurant Placement Drawings
First Edition. By Robert Crumb. A great book having sketches from 1990-1995. It is the first of several volumes reproducing the famous French restaurant place mats on which Crumb drew while literally Waiting for Food. The cover features daughter Sophie Crumb eating spaghetti while the drawings inside often portray his wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb, self-portraits, numerous café customers and the expected Crumb fantasy elements. Kitchen Sink, 1996. Out of Print. Condition: Fine Minus. Dust jacket has a tear at the top. Book is Very Fine. ...More.

Item Code: RB3559
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 11x8, 120pg, b&w
$95.00 $75.00
Click here for more R. Crumb.

EC Archives


MAD Artist's Edition
Highly Recommended. Written and edited by Harvey Kurtzman. Before MAD Magazine was read in nearly every household, there was MAD Comics. Written and edited by the brilliant Harvey Kurtzman, and drawn by the best and most creative cartoonists of the time, including Wally Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis, and Basil Wolverton, MAD was the most innovative satirical publication ever unleashed upon the youth of America. IDW, 2013. Out of print. Condition: As New. Still in shrink wrap....More.

Item Code: MADAEH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 15x22, 176 pg., b&w
$400.00 $350.00

EC ARCHIVES Aces High, Piracy, Psychoanalysis, Extra! Set
By Jack Davis, John Benson, George Evans et al. The Complete EC Library: Piracy/Aces High/Psychoanalysis/Extra! 4 Volumes in slipcase. Russ Cochran's four volume, slipcased, "New Direction" set reprinting the complete run of each of these William Gaines' EC comic book titles. Numbers 1-7 (Piracy), no. 1-5 (Aces High), no. 1-5 (Extra!), no. 1-4 (Psychoanalysis) of each EC title comic in color hardcover. The comics are in black and white, though the covers of each issue have been reprinted in bright color. Russ Cochran, 1988. Out of print. Condition: As New. Still in shrink wrap, and has publishers shipping box....More.

Item Code: RB2067
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 800pg, b&w

EC ARCHIVES Weird Fantasy Complete Set
By Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, Harry Harrison, Gardner Fox et al. Weird Fantasy, the pinnacle of EC madness in four hardcover volumes. Where did those guys get their imagination? This otherwordly set collects issues #1-22, with extraterrestrial tales from a stellar collection of writers and artist - Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein, Harry Harrison, Gardner Fox, Jack Kamen, Harvey Kurtzman, and Wally Wood! Russ Cochran, 1980. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. There is some wear and rubbing on the spine of the books, and the slipcase, but the inside pages are in excellent shape....More.

Item Code: RB94
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x12, 800pg, b&w
Here's more EC Archives.

This portfolio includes a set of thirty full color Tales From the Crypt covers, contained in a black and white illustrated envelope. Art by Jack Davis. Colored especially for this series by the original EC color artist, Marie Severin. Russ Cochran, 1979. Out of Print. Condition: Plus Fine. Envelope has edge wear and slight sunning. Covers are in great condition....More.

Item Code: RB5467
Portfolio Envelope, 10x15, 30pg, Full Color
Here's more vintage EC cover Portfolios.

Will Eisner


Signed & Limited to 1500. By Will Eisner. This is the sequel to Will Eisner's New York The Big City. This is not a 'graphic novel' so much as a series of 32 vignettes and 'graphic essays' developed while researching New York. Kitchen Sink,1989. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine. Lightly bumped....More.

Item Code: RB4009
Hard Cover, 9x11, 90pg, b&w

FAMILY MATTER Signed/Limited
First Edition. Signed & Limited To 500. By Will Eisner. One of Will Eisner's best graphic novels and by a master storyteller! Family Matter tells the story of a day in the life of a typical family gathered for a birthday party. In the span of twenty-fours hours, the darkest family secrets are revealed. Long suppressed memories surface — betrayal, abuse, greed, incest, and worse. The strained family comes together, only to be torn apart. The first new graphic novel from Eisner since Dropsie Avenue is darker than you might expect. Kitchen Sink,1998. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Lightly scuffed, slightly bumped corner....More.

Item Code: RB4012
Hard Cover, 9x11, 68 pgs, Two Color
Here's more from Will Eisner.

Fantasy Art & Artists


First Edition. By Frank Robinson. Vividly illustrated with many images of film posters, magazines and books— many of them are shown here for the first time. Science Fiction Of The 20th Century offers an insiders view of the amazing illustrators, writers and editors who made science fiction the most popular form of entertainment in the 20th century. From dime novels to pump magazines and books to films, science fiction has chronicled both our hopes for the future and our fear of it. Collectors Press, 1999. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Book has 1 slight top bumped corner....More.

Item Code: RB4631
Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 10x13, 256pg, Text/Full Color
$80.00 $65.00

By Stephen Hickman. Introduction by Harlan Ellison. Stephen Hickman has been illustrating science fiction and fantasy for three decades. His work is inspired by the masters of fantasy and science fiction writing: H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Clark Ashton Smith. He has illustrated over 400 book covers for acclaimed SF authors. His early Lord of the Rings illustrations were so fabulous they were made into posters and widely distributed, some of the finest of the first depictions. Donning, 1989. Out of Print. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine....More.

Item Code: RB5224
Soft Cover, 9x12, 92pg, Full Color
$80.00 $65.00

EXPOSE 2: Finest Digital Art In The Known Universe
First Edition. By Mark Snoswell and Leonard Teo. Exposé 2 showcases the finest digital art of every type imaginable. Featuring the best of the world's 2D and rendered 3D work summited for the Expose 2004 awards for Architectural, Environmental, Still Life, Visual Effect, Character in Repose, Character in Action, Transport and Mechanical. Ballistic, 2004. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB3129
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 9x12, 192pg, Full Color
$90.00 $75.00
Click here to see more volumes of Expose.

First Edition. By Brian Froud. For over thirty years, artist, author and film designer, Brian Froud, has been regarded as a preeminent authority on faeries and faery lore. In "The Secret Sketchbooks" you'll see some of his earliest drawings exploring the faerie realm through art created in recent years. These pages offer an exceptionally intimate look at his process of creating his magical images. As he stated, "With all my art, images suggest a story, though I have no idea (even when they are finished) what that story is. I approach sketching in this very open way, as a journey." Chimera, 2006. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5375
Soft Cover, 8x10, 64pgs, Partial Color
$100.00 $80.00
Two more books by Froud.

MOEBIUS A Garagem Hermética 2
Spanish Edition. By Jean Giraud. Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (pen-name: Mœbius) was a French artist, cartoonist, and writer, who worked in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées tradition. Giraud garnered worldwide acclaim predominantly under the pseudonym Moebius for his fantasy/science-fiction work. Meribérica Liber, 1990. Out of Print. Condition: Very Good. Bumped corners, top bend runs through pages. Light edge wear and a scratch on front cover....More.

Item Code: RB4868
Soft Cover, 9x12, 64pgs, Full Color
Click for more Moebius.

DREAMS: The Art Of Boris Vallejo
First Edition. By Nigel Suckling, Boris S. Vallejo. This collection by best-selling fantasy artist Boris Vallejo had never before been published in book form and includes a rare selection of Vallejo's private work not previously published in any format. The lavishly illustrated book brings the artist's exotic women, sinewy men, and fantasy worlds to life in over 110 full-color paintings. Thunders Mouth, 1999. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB3445
Hard Cover with Dustjacket, 9x12, 128pg, Full Color
Click here to see more Boris & Julie.

VISIONS: The Art of Arthur Suydam
First Edition. By Arthur Suydam. Introduction by Franz Henkel. Visions is filled with hundreds of illustrations in both color and B&W, beautifully designed and arranged, and providing a career retrospective for current fans and an eye-popping introduction for newcomers. It's divided into four sections; The first showcases Suydam's paintings, presenting a selection of his most distinctive and dynamic images. The second provides a comprehensive look at his children's book illustrations, the third is a gallery of drawings, and the fourth section is an overview of his comic book work up to summer 1991. Dark Horse, 1995. Out of Print. Condition: Fine. Slight curling the corners. Indentations on back cover....More.

Item Code: RB3397
Soft Cover, 12x12, 117pg, Partial Color

J.David Spurlock. The many sides of Arthur Suydam's work contrast lushly vegetated fantasy worlds with scorched, distant science-fiction scenes, whimsical animals and the musing of both mainstream and underground comics. Influenced by Maxfield Parrish, Frank Frazetta, Arthur Rackham and Heinrich Kley, Suydam reveals new, rare and classic images featuring The Wind in the Willows, Tarzan, Fireflies, Br'er Rabbit, Predator, Giants, Aliens, Batman, and his definitive Heavy Metal character, the Mudwog. Vanguard, 2005. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New...More.

Item Code: RB3334
Soft Cover, 8x11, 128pg, Full Color

Bill Sienkiewicz Precursor
First Edition. Artist Bill Sienkiewicz is one of the most influential artists to work in comic books in the last twenty years. Sienkiewicz pioneered a style which fuses classic pen and ink with modern illustration and painting. Hermes Press, 2005. Out of Print. Condition: Near Fine. Light edge wear....More.

Item Code: RB4945
Soft Cover, 9x11, 80 pgs, Full Color

Statues and Bust


Limited #5511/7000. By Randy Bowen, Shiflett Brothers. From Bowen Designs comes this 25th anniversary limited edition Mini Bust of Wolverine. Bowen designs, 2000. Out of Print. Condition: As New....More.

Item Code: RB862
5" tall
$75.00 $55.00

Limited #2287/4000. By Claybourn Moore. This is a beautiful cold cast porcelain figure based on "A Fighting Man of Mars" painting by legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. The figurine was sculpted by Clayburn Moore. This is a limited edition collectible, number 2287 of 4000. The figurine is like new with no flaws. There are a few scratches on the bottom of the wooden base, and the box has a 2 inch sized dent in one corner. This piece captures the elegance, voluptuousness and enchantment of the female form, which are hallmarks of the Frazetta style. She is a 1/6 scale figurine that is 10 inches tall. She comes hand painted, fully assembled and ready for display. Moore Creations, 1996. Out of Print. Condition: A few scratches on the bottom of the wooden base. As New in a fine minus box....More.

Item Code: RB855
10" tall, Full Color
$350.00 $300.00

KINGDOM GOG Porcelain Statue
Limited #1962/3000. By Jerry Ordway. DC Comics Kingdom Gog Statue Hand Painted Cold Cast Porcelain With COA, Assembly Instructions & Box 2876/3000. Fully Painted. Some assembly required. Instructions included DC, 1998. Out of Print. Condition: As New....More.

Item Code: RB851
7" tall, Full Color
Click here to see other available statues.



First English Edition. By Dave Kehr. Introduction by Martin Scorsese. Beginning with the Art Nouveau-influenced designs of the silent era, this moves through the brilliant lithographs of the 1930s-40s, to the creations of the 1950s-60s. Includes work by Anselmo Ballester, Alfredo Capitani and Luigi Martinati, among others. More than 120 color reproductions, each with brief particulars of the print itself and the film it depicts. A gorgeous collection of art. MOMA, 2003. Out of Print. Condition: Very Fine/As New....More.

Item Code: RB5015
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 8x11, 152 pgs, Full Color
$75.00 $60.00

1st Edition. Edited by Don Shay. The very first book about the making of the cult movie, now a highly collectible little gem. Written by the editor of Cinefex Magazine, with the complete screenplay, shooting script, annotated by the director, producers and writers, illustrated with 200 behind-the-scenes photographs and drawings. New York Zoetrope, 1985. Out of Print. Condition: Fine Plus. Very slight edge wear....More.

Item Code: RB4783
Soft Cover, 8x11, 224pgs, b&w

By Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. Introduction by Hugh Hefner. New Improved Edition — 1st printing. Written by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder. Art by Kurtzman and Elder. Ever since bursting onto the scene (and out of her sweater) in October 1962, Little Annie Fanny has been a fan favorite of Playboy readers. This collection of some her funniest stories will leave you in stitches, as Little Annie takes your breath away! With 30 extra pages. Dark Horse, 2000. Condition: Very Fine/ As New....More.

Item Code: RB8009
Soft Cover, 8.5" x 11", 224pg, Full Color
Here is more Playboy, and a link to our Just Arrived books in Pin-up & Adult.

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