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Complete Web of Horror, Alley Oop, Ciruelo Fairies & Dragons, Time Travel Dailies, The Sixth Gun, Buck Danny, Neil Gaiman, Lady Hel, and Shi.

Bit of a quiet week but highlighted (for me) by eagerly awaited Complete Web of Horror with Wrightson, Jones, Kaluta and crew! So I’ve included several closely related books with each new listing. Also new: Ciruelo Fairies & Dragons, a massive Alley Oop of the first Time Travel Dailies, The Sixth Gun, Buck Danny, Visual History of SF, Lady Hel, and Shi. And we’re on Whatnot! See News and Notes.

Nearly all of our Free Comic Book Day titles are left but going fast! The print version of our latest catalog should be in your hands now, or in the next few days. Ask for one if you don’t get it, or download it here.

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Collects #1-3 plus six previously unpublished stories and new essays by those who were there! Our Highest Recommendation. In 1969, a feisty new comics magazine emerged to rival Creepy and Eerie. Conceived by a plucky, independent publisher, Web of Horror showcased instant classics of horror and science fiction by rising young stars Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Bruce Jones, Ralph Reese, Frank Brunner, Roger Brand, and Wayne Howard (who became Wally Wood's assistant), as well as seasoned veterans such as Syd Shores and Norman Nodel, illustrating stories written by Otto Binder, Nicola Cuti, and others. And full color covers by Jeff Jones (2) and Wrightson (2)!! Fantagraphics, 2024....More.

Item Code: COMWHH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 260pg, b&w
$49.99 $44.99

Fantagraphics is responsible for many of the finest collections of vintage comics. I did a search just on our own website for them, and 252 items come up. I admit we do have a lot of out-of-print volumes in Rare Books right now but wow, that’s a lot of books from just one publisher. And good stuff! Here’s some of my favorite titles, all still in print:

DAUNTLESS DAMES High Heeled Heroes of the Comics
Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Trina Robbins and Peter Maresca. Presented in an extra-large Sunday page format, here are the colorful, thrilling tales of ten incredible comic strip heroines, both known and unknown to comics fans — and most are reprinted here for the first time! Includes Miss Fury, Connie, Brenda Starr, Flyin' Jenny, Invisible Scarlet O'Neill, Myra North: Special Nurse, Cairo Jones, Deathless Deer, and Torchy Brown! We learn about their creators, their runs, related merchandise, and for each one we are presented with as much as a half-year of Sunday pages, beautifully reproduced and in sequence to read the stories! From the late 1930s to the early 1950s, female stars of the newspaper comic strips were detectives, spies, soldiers of fortune, even superheroes. Accomplishing everything the male comics stars of the time achieved, except they did it in high-heels and flowing skirts. Follow the daring exploits of these smart, tough, independent AND sexy Dauntless Dames. Fantagraphics, 2023. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: DAUNH
Hard Cover, 13x16, 160pg, Full Color
$100.00 $90.00

WALT DISNEY UNCLE SCROOGE The Diamond Jubilee Collection
Oversized with superb printing. Nearly 400 pages of classic Barks! Highly Recommended. From Scrooge's deep-down discovery of "The Secret of Atlantis'' to his weather war with Magica De Spell in "For Old Dime's Sake," from the Beagle Boys' "Giant Robot Robbers" to a "North of the Yukon" showdown with Soapy Slick “ Scrooge, Donald, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie dive into one legendary quest after the next! As icing on the anniversary cake, these Barks epics are supported by covers, posters, and paintings from Don Rosa, Daan Jippes, and other beloved modern Disney comics talents. Fantagraphics, 2022....More.

Item Code: WDUDJH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 384pg, Full Color
$100.00 $90.00

HOME TO STAY The Complete Ray Bradbury EC Stories
Our Highest Recommendation. Introduction by Greg Bear. Commentary by Ted White. All the Ray Bradbury stories adapted by EC (including the unauthorized ones!) for the first time in one volume...oversized in a beautiful deluxe binding. Between 1951 and 1954, EC adapted 28 Bradbury stories, scripted by Al Feldstein and illustrated by all of EC's top artists: Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis, Will Elder, George Evans, Frank Frazetta, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, Bernard Krigstein, Joe Orlando, John Severin, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, and Wallace Wood. Fantagraphics, 2022....More.

Item Code: HOMEH
Hard Cover, 10x14, 240pg, b&w
$75.00 $65.00

THE JOHN SEVERIN WESTERNS Featuring American Eagle
Collects Prize Comics Western #85-113. 1951-55. Our Highest Recommendation. From 1951 to 1955, before and during his legendary EC work, John Severin, Mad artist Will Elder and Two-Fisted Tales writer Colin Dawkins introduced a new level of historical accuracy to the comic-book Western. While Native Americans had generally been vilified or left in the shadows of gun-slinging cowboy heroes, the American Eagle stories featured in Prize Comics Western were built around action-packed tribal intrigues and a heroic Crow warrior. And they are GREAT! Well written and superbly drawn!!! Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: JOHWH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 488pg, Full Color
$65.00 $59.00

Art Books


Highly Recommended. By Cabral Ciruelo. A beautifully painted all-ages fantasy story of prose and art. Kume is a Mapuk child who loves to spend his days drawing dragons. His sister, Yssala, loves to sing and dreams of communicating with fairies. When peace throughout the valley no longer reigns, they must venture into the mountains to help a sorceress thwart catastrophes. Dragons, fairies, wizards, Amazonian warriors, and other inhabitants of the Andekhan Mountains partake in this most daring and grueling quest. Alien Books, 2024....More.

Item Code: CIRLH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 128pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99
Alien Books also just announced a second Ciruelo book in this series: Book of the Dragon. We don’t have it listed yet; it will retail for $34.99/$31.99 and be out in July. We first met Ciruelo at the San Diego Comic-Con, and we handled all of his previous books mentioned in my description above. He’s a very fine artist. Click here for more Dragon-related volumes. We have just one copy left of The Dragon Universe [DRAGUH. $29.99, $27.99]. Here are two of the most popular:

Back in stock. Highly Recommended. By Roger Zalazny. Art by Vaughn Bodé. In a tiny, isolated kingdom long ago and far away, everyone believed that the world beyond was infested with fearsome, fire-breathing dragons and no one dared venture forth. No one, that is, except William, fourth (and wisest) advisor to the king, whose bravery would change forever the course of events in the little kingdom. Based on a short story by the award-winning fantasy & sci-fi author, profusely illustrated in full color by the iconic Bode before his untimely death. Donald M. Grant, 2016....More.

Item Code: RZHERE
Hard Cover, 9x11, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. Exclusive interviews and more than 900 pieces of artwork, photography, and advertising. An illustrated guide to Dungeons & Dragons‘ beloved fifth edition told through interviews, artwork, and visual ephemera from the designers, storytellers. When the re-imagined fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons debuted in the summer of 2014, tabletop role-playing games were on the brink of obsolescence. But within a few short years, D&D found greater success than it had ever enjoyed before, even surpassing its 1980s golden age. How did an analog game nearly a half century old become a star in a digital world? A massive oversized coffee-table volume. Ten Speed Press, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: DDLOREH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 416pg, Full Color
$50.00 $44.95

History of Science Fiction


By David Ritter and Daniel Ritter. Cover art by Mark Wheatley. Highly Recommended. Finalist for the 2023 Locus Award. The history of SF writers and fans, straight from the fanzines and publications of the day. Science fiction fandom in 1941 played out in a panoply of wisdom, foolishness, belief and incredulity. Less mired than previous years in the economic shackles of the Great Depression, fans let loose in ways both expected and surprising. The year began with a bang — the noisy implosion of the ascendant Queens Science Fiction League, torn apart by rancor among New York factions stewing since 1938. In early December, fans in America were forced to face the threat of imminent dystopia as insidious products of science and engineering rained down on sailors at Pearl Harbor. First Fandom Experience, 2024....More.

Item Code: VISHS03H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 480pg, Partial Color

Back in Stock. Highly Recommended. By David and Daniel Ritter. Cover by Mark Wheatley. Art by John Giunta, Finlay, etc. The second volume of The Visual History reveals the evolution of science fiction fandom in one of its most pivotal years. As 1940 dawned, America was recovering, poised between the Great Depression and entry into World War II. Science fiction fandom was growing up. Packed with informative text, letters and articles from original fanzines, fan and professional art from both fanzines and pulps; and a real insider look at sci fi fans in 1940. Lots of vintage photos. First Fandom Experience, 2021....More.

Item Code: VISHS02H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 484pg, Partial Color

Back in Stock. New Printing. Recommended. By David Ritter and Daniel Ritter. How did organized science fiction fandom begin? Who were the pioneering fans that created the foundation of today’s massive science fiction and fantasy industry? What would it have been like to be a fan of this transformative genre in the 1930s? This massive history recounts the stories of the first active science fiction fans — pioneers who went on to lead the growth of speculative literature for the next several decades. Over 500 lavishly illustrated pages, packed with facsimile reproductions from rare fanzines. First Fandom Experience, 2020....More.

Item Code: VISHS01H
Hard Cover, 9x12, 515pg, Partial Color
We restocked the first two volumes with the publication of this new release. Vol 1 appeared in 2020 and Vol 2 in 2022. I expect the print runs are very small. We have just two copies left of nicely related The History of Science Fiction [HISSFH. $29.99]. Here’s more science fiction (and pulp art).

Recommended. By Luigi Toiati. We take a nostalgic walk through science fiction in all its various forms, and the figurines and brands associated with it. Inspired by film, TV, comics, and books, here are the toys and figures: aliens, monsters and even a few real-life astronauts. Superb photography captures all those tiny figures from games and toys, such as Mystery Space Ship, Giant Martian Landing, Space Adventure, The Spacemen, Star Base etc., as well as the traditional Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, and of course, lots of great mechanical robots. Pen & Sword Military, 2023....More.

Item Code: HISTSFH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 528pg, Text/Partial Color

RAYGUNS AND ROCKETSHIPS Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover Art
Highly Recommended. By Rian Hughes. Forword by Steve Holland. Art by Josh Kirby, John Richards, Henry Fox, Ron Turner, Jack Goggins et al. This is one cool book. We've all seen those wonderful classic pulp covers...on U.S. pulps. But there's another universe of pulp and paperback classics all produced in England and rarely seen in the U.S. Here at last is a full collection! - Bud. Rayguns and rockets! Spacesuited heroes caught in the tentacles of evil insectoid aliens! Who could resist such wonders? Science-fiction paperbacks exploded over the 1940s and ‘50s literary landscape with the force of an alien gamma bomb. Titles such as Rodent Mutation, The Human Bat vs The Robot Gangster, Dawn of the Mutants and Mushroom Men from Mars appeared from fly-by-night publishers making the most of the end of post-war paper rationing. They were brash and seductive — for around a shilling, the future was yours. Korero Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: RAYGH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 456pg, Full Color
$39.95 $36.95

New from Neil Gaiman


MIRACLEMAN By Gaiman & Buckingham The Silver Age
Collects Miracleman The Silver Age #1-7, 2022 and material from Miracleman #1-6, 2015. Highly Recommended. All-new from superstar Neil Gaiman. Decades in the making, Gaiman (Sandman) and Mark Buckingham’s (Fables) continue the groundbreaking saga touted as the greatest super hero story of all time. Miracleman has created a utopia on Earth where gods walk among men and men have become gods. But when his long-dead friend Young Miracleman is resurrected, Miracleman finds that not everyone is ready for his brave new world. Variant covers, unused pages, character studies and more bonus material. Artwork is outstanding; insider references to the history of comic books is a bonus. Marvel, 2024....More.

Item Code: MIRSA
Soft Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color

MIRACLEMAN Artifact Edition
Back in Stock. Miracleman had a true knack for bringing out the best work from extraordinary artists. Starting with co-creator Garry Leach, followed by Alan Davis (and others) and finishing with one of the most amazing endings in comics history by the phenomenal John Totleben. Miracleman was launched 30 years ago in the now legendary British Warrior magazine, then in the U.S. from independent publisher Eclipse. It turned the concept of "super-hero" on its ear with big ideas that helped redefine an entire genre. Gallery section with original pencils, unused concepts, alternate covers never used. Selected covers & pages from Warrior #2 to #21. Nudity and mature themes. IDW, 2015. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: MIRAEH
Hard Cover, 15x20, 144pg, b&w

MIRACLEMAN The Golden Age By Gaiman & Buckingham
Collects #1-6, 2015. Highly Recommended. By Neil Gaiman. Art by Mark Buckingham. Atop Olympus, Miracleman presides over a brave new world forged from London's destruction. It is a world free of war, of famine, of poverty. A world of countless wonders. A world where pilgrims scale Olympus' peak to petition their living god, while miles below the dead return in fantastic android bodies. It is an Age of Miracles — but is humankind ready for it? Do we even want it? Is there a place for humanity in a world of gods? Plus 30 pages of bonus material. Marvel, 2022....More.

Item Code: MIRM01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 192pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99

Collects #1-3, 2021-22. Deluxe, oversized, slipcase. Highly Recommended. The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning author Neil Gaiman and Eisner award-winning comics legend P. Craig Russell breathe new life into the ancient Norse stories. We begin with the creation of the Nine Worlds and journey through the epic origin and adventures of Thor, Odin, and Loki all the way to the end of life: Ragnarök! Having previously written about deities in American Gods and The Sandman, Gaiman teams with Russell to finally bring readers the Norse gods in their own setting in this comic book adaptation of the hit novel! Dark Horse, 2023....More.

Item Code: COMNMH
Hard Cover, 8x13, 456pg, Full Color
$124.99 $110.00
Click here for more Neil Gaiman.

Archives & Graphic Novels


THE SIXTH GUN Omnibus Volume 2
Collects The Sixth Gun #18-35 & The Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead #1-5, 2012-18. Recommended. By Collen Bunn, Brian Hurt and Bill Crabtree et al. A horror/western story of epic proportion. "Fascinating and the visuals cinematic...unique and compelling." - Stan Sakai. On a night of blood and gunfire, Drake Sinclair vanished without a trace. Now, using the prophetic powers of the Sixth Gun, Becky Moncrief sets out to find him. Becky’s enemies have often seen her as the helpless damsel, but no more! Once she’s finished with them, they’ll know she is the deserving wielder of the deadliest weapon ever created. But the Sixth Gun is a temperamental ally, and it reveals only enough to serve its own desires. Oni Press, 2024....More.

Item Code: SIX02H
Soft Cover, 7x10, 584pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99

The French GN series about American fighter pilots. Recommended. By Frédéric Zumbiehl and Frédéric Marniquet. Art by Jean-Michel Arroyo. October 1961. The Soviet Union is working to create a supersonic bomber capable of launching nuclear weapons. Horrified by the warmongering of his political masters, one of the scientists working on the project decides to defect to the West with the aircraft’s blueprints — but the KGB’s reputation is well-deserved, and his attempt quickly turns into a nightmare. Soon, plans and counter-plans are put in action, and Buck and his friends find themselves thrust into the middle of a deadly game of spies... Cinebook, 2023....More.

Item Code: BUCD05
Soft Cover, 8x11, 48pg, Full Color

The French GN series about American fighter pilots. Recommended. By Frédéric Zumbiehl and Frédéric Marniquet. Art by Jean-Michel Arroyo.Buck and his friends have managed to recover the blueprints of the Soviet supersonic bomber (see Book 5), but they’re stuck on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, with the entire Stasi hunting them. To maximize the chances of someone making it out, they decide to take different routes. But while Tumb and Sonny return to East Berlin with the blueprints, Buck chooses to go and destroy the existing prototypes on their base in Russia — what amounts to a suicide mission. Cinebook, 2023....More.

Item Code: BUCD06
Soft Cover, 8x11, 48pg, Full Color
Buck Danny Books 1-4 are same format, same $12.95 price [BUC01, 02, etc]. See more in these inexpensive graphic novels from Cinebook here.

Collects issues #1-4, 2022—covers by Lucio Parrillo. By Erik Burnham. Art by Zhengis Tasbolatov. She is the very personification of death — or at least she WAS. When we last saw Lady Hel, she was paying the price for messing with the half-demon, Purgatori. Now deposed, Lady Hel must find a way to seize back her throne. There's just one problem: she no longer has the power to do much more than exist. Meanwhile, what happens to the world when death is no longer a fact of life? Includes 12 variant covers for #1, and six each for #2-4 by Ivan Nunes, Ken Haeser and others. Dynamite, 2023....More.

Item Code: LADHE
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112pg, Full Color

SHI #1 30TH ANNIVERSARY Original Art Edition
By Billy Tucci and Peter Gutierrez. Art by Billy Tucci and Barry Orkin. Multi-Eisner Award Nominee. The groundbreaking masterwork that launched the "Bad Girl" revolution returns in this premium formatted hardcover edition. Featuring the "Story of Shi," never-before-published remastered original artwork, and files from the book that started it all, 1994's Shi: Way of the Warrior #1. Over 70 additional pencil and ink, and hand-painted color pages, cover designs, and insight into the original team's work. Crusade Comics, 2024....More.

Item Code: SHIOAH
Hard Cover, 8x12, 112pg, Partial Color
$64.99 $59.99

Alley Oop


Reprints all dailies from 1939 to 1942. Highly Recommended. Foreword by Michael H. Price, apprentice to V.T. Hamlin! Never before collected: four years of rare Alley Oop Daily Strips! Alley Oop's time-traveling adventures begin! Join Alley as he fights in the Trojan War, joins Ulysses' Odyssey, visits Cleopatra's Egypt, sails the Spanish Main, plunges into World War II, and more! You've seen the Sunday pages; now enjoy the daily strips, all featuring the time-travel stories, from the very beginning. Beautifully restored from 1939-1942 in this oversize and impressively thick hardcover. Acoustic Learning, 2024. ...More.

Item Code: ALLEFTH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 424pg, Full Color

Recommended. Alley and Oola go to Virginia City in the wild west of the 1800s to pan for gold. Then Alley's brain is tampered with by mad scientist Dr. Seede and he's...changed. Oola is sent off to medieval times on her own, but the new-brained Alley is going to join her and her sword swinging, armor suited new self. But will Alley keep himself out of Dr. Seede's clutches... or will he lose his mind? Also featuring the quest for the perfect cup of prehistoric coffee in adventures back in Moo! Acoustic Learning, 2024....More.

Item Code: ALLE62
Soft Cover, 11x7, 158pg, b&w

Our Highest Recommendation. 139 never-before-reprinted pages, beautifully printed, oversized. Alley as he crashes into the War in the Pacific, becomes a screen star in Hollywood's Golden Age and tries to make a film with Oola in prehistoric times, finds lost Atlantis with Oola, and the time machine starts bringing dinosaurs into modern times! Volume 3 kickstarted this series after a several year hiatus and has been very popular, as have been all the Oop collections. It's fun stuff, as Alley and Oola cavort around the centuries dropping into one big adventure after another. Very well reproduced. Acoustic Learning, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: ALLEY04H
Hard Cover, 12x16, 144pg, Full Color
Click here for more Sunday collections, and much more by Hamlin and his assistant, Dave Graue.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.


Coming in July


Recommended. By Paul Dini, Ty Templeton and Hilary J. Bader. Art by Rick Burchett et al. The adventure continues in this follow-up to the four-time Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series! Batman and Robin must face some of Gotham’s most iconic foes in this rollercoaster adventure to save Gotham. Collects The Batman & Robin Adventures #1-25, The Batman & Robin Adventures Annual #1-2,  The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #1-5, and The Batman & Robin Adventures: Sub-Zero #1, 1995-98 and more! DC Comics, 2024. Due: July....More.

Item Code: BATRAH
Hard Cover, 904pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
Here’s more Batman & Robin, and more by Paul Dini.

Collects #1-8, 2021. Named by James Gunn as an influence for Gods and Monsters, the first chapter of the new DC Universe film and television slate! This story will be adapted as the upcoming film Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Kara Zor-El now finds her life without meaning or purpose — a young woman who saw her planet destroyed and was sent to Earth to protect a baby cousin — Superman — who ended up with no need of her. What was it all for? Wherever she goes, people only see her through the lens of Superman’s fame. DC Comics, 2024. Due: July....More.

Item Code: SUPGWH
Hard Cover, 272pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99

SUPERGIRL Woman of Tomorrow
Collects #1-8. Highly Recommended. By Tom King. Art by Bilquis Evely. A beautifully drawn adventure in a style reminding us of Gary Gianni, with fine detailed pen work. And it all takes place far from Earth — it's a fantasy adventure on other worlds, more like Dune or Foundation than the typical Supergirl story. Wherever she goes, people only see Kara through the lens of Superman’s fame and she's sick of it. But now an alien girl seeks her out for a vicious mission—her world has been destroyed, and the bad guys are still out there. She wants revenge, and if Supergirl doesn’t help her, she’ll do it herself, whatever the cost. Bonus character sketches and eight wonderful variant covers by top names. DC Comics, 2022....More.

Item Code: SGWOT
Soft Cover, 7x10, 224pg, Full Color
Here’s more Supergirl.

1942. Highly Recommended. Reproduced from Milton Caniff's personal set of color syndicate tabloid proofs. Pat Ryan's bittersweet reunion with the entire Sandhurst family, including young daughter Merrily, is cut short when they are captured and placed in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Even worse, human weasel Tony Sandhurst is revealed as an Axis conspirator! Pat revs up an escape with Normandie, Merrily, and himself, but their path to freedom intersects with the Dragon Lady. When the Sandhurst women find themselves on their own behind enemy lines, their privations finally end in the same U.S. Army camp hospital where Terry Lee is recuperating! Clover Press, 2024. Due: July....More.

Item Code: TERP08H
Hard Cover, 11x14, 164pg, Partial Color
We also have a set of five oblong volumes from IDW, 2007-2009 [RB8290. $300] with free postage, as new. Also original 1946 Terry hardcovers from 1946 at $40 and $50. See them all, plus back volumes in this new series. Volume 1 with two books is still in stock at $120, all others at $100 each.

Coming in August


Newly restored oversized edition, 3-volume set. Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the sword and sorcery adventure that changed 2000 AD. A ground-breaking and industry-altering story. Written by the character's co-creators, Pat Mills and Simon Bisley, and featuring fully-painted art the likes of which had never before been seen in the pages of 2000 AD. "The Horned God" is the definitive Sláine storyline. Its appearance...marked a creative high-point...the work inspired artists for generations with its incredible painted scenes of epic battles evoking the work of Frank Frazetta." 2000 AD, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: SLAGOH
Hard Cover, 208pg, Full Color
This will also be available in a slipcase SOFTCOVER set [SLAGO. $54.99]. We have just three copies left of Slaine: Dragontamer by Mills and artist Leonardo Manco. All new, published in 2021 [SLADH. $22.99]. Here’s more Slaine, including the 1st printing of The Horned God [RB3396. $125] by Mills and Bisley, from 1998. As new condition.

Mature Readers

This week we have a profusely illustrated book devoted to Italian softcore director Tinto Brass. It goes into detail on all 30 of his films, including the notorious Caligula and the 1970s and 1980s x-rated classics Salon Kitty (1976) and The Key (1983) with Stefania Sandrelli.

Click here to see over twenty new adult listings of Rare Books.

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Rare Books

Earlier this week we sent out a special email featuring 60+ new Rare Books now available. Some are gone, but as of today there’s still a great many titles left to choose from.

Click here to see all of the new items just posted today.


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Whatnot Vintage Comics

I’ve just begun working with a local comic book shop, Worlds of Wonder. I’ve been picking up lots of vintage comics over the years (100 boxes from a BOOK dealer just last year). I never have enough time to deal with all of them. I list the more expensive (above $40) issues on, where you will find me as a noted consigner. You can search all I have there, about 800 Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze.

But the issues that don’t make the cut with MCS are now going up on the live auction site WHATNOT, thanks to my friend John Stephenson. He’s calling it the Bud Plant Collection, and featuring Gold, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age titles, all with a $4 minimum bid. Things can go REALLY cheap, so take advantage and join in. John does about 100 comics over the span of three hours or so, every Friday at 1pm.

John and I will be doing a live show together from ECOF – the local Edgar Rice Burroughs show on May 17 at 1pm Pacific Time. I hope you’ll check it out. Anne and I will be exhibiting at the show May 17 and 18th. The Best Western Plus Orchid Hotel & Suites in Roseville, CA.

After that, our next show will be Portland Rose City Book Fair June 14 and 15.




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