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Life & Legacy of Dave Stevens, Art of the Pin-Up, Shi Omnibus, Spicy Zepplin Stories, Black Widow, Walter Simonson’s Thor and Alex Raymond coming soon.

Life & Legacy of Dave Stevens exhibit catalog. Taschen’s 500-page The Art of the Pin-Up now $30! A new Shi Omnibus, Spicy Zepplin Stories in softcover, Black Widow, Simonson’s Thor, Gail Simone’s Secret Six. Coming soon—Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon kicks off a new series from Mad Cave Studios, H.R. Giger get the Taschen XL treatment, Treehouse of Horror 3, Ghost Rider 3, & much more. Enjoy!

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THE ROCKETEER The Life and Legacy of Dave Stevens
With the full cooperation of The Rocketeer Trust, which oversees Stevens's archives and his creative legacy, and Stevens’s sister, Jennifer Stevens-Bawcum, the Cartoon Art Museum has assembled a selection of original artwork that spans the breadth of Stevens’s artistic development, from his early days in animation through his career as a storyboard artist through his groundbreaking comic books featuring his signature character, The Rocketeer. This is a selection of the work was featured at The Rocketeer: The Life and Legacy of Dave Stevens retrospective celebrating the life and artistry of the legendary creator displayed September 2023 to June 2024. A catalog featuring highlights from this exhibition and from the summer 2023 Dave Stevens Tribute Auction, including works from more than 30 artists paying homage to Stevens and The Rocketeer, will be published by the Cartoon Art Museum in the fall of 2024. Cartoon Art Museum, 2024....More.

Item Code: ROCKL
Soft Cover, 60pg, Full Color

Here is more Dave Stevens, incuding the Rocketeer Collector Coins.

ART OF PIN-UP 40th Anniversary Edition
By Sarahjane Blum and Louis Meisel. Edited by Dian Hanson. Based on the formidably sized $200 Art of Pin-up, this new edition gathers nearly 100 artists alongside in-depth showcases of the top 10 names in the game. Each chapter opens with a reproduction of an original calendar or magazine cover by that artist. The reproduction quality of the paintings, pastels, and preparatory sketches that follow — largely sourced from the original art — invites the viewer to trace the brushstrokes, while the exquisite period calendars, vintage prints, and original model photos document the artists’ creative process. Much of this ephemera was photographed on-site at the historic Brown & Bigelow Company, home to the world’s largest archive of vintage pin-up calendars. Taschen, 2024....More.

Item Code: ARTOPAH
Hard Cover, 6x8, 512pg, Full Color
Measuring a larger 10x14, the 2021 intermediate edition is still available at $10 off [ARTOPH. $80, $70]. The XL edition is long out of print. See more Pin-Up art here.

The 1995 groundbreaking series featuring 36-individual Shi stories is collected into this oversized hardcover Omnibus Edition gloriously interpreted by the world's greatest comic artists. Shi: Senryaku contains 240-pages of never-before-published penciled, inked and colored artwork! Featuring Billy Tucci, Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, Adam Hughes, Marc Silvestri, and many more! Crusade Comics, 2024. ...More.

Item Code: SHISH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 240pg, Full Color

Art by Bob Cotter and Jason C. Eckhardt. Cover by Michael Symes. For decades, this legendary pulp magazine was believed to be a myth. But it was not. Not exactly. Nor was it real. Back in the 1970s, prolific pulp writer Will Murray — who was not yet prolific — undertook the daunting task of writing the entire first issue of this nebulous non-entity of a magazine. Within these pages you will discover the exciting contents of Spicy Zeppelin Stories, Volume 1, Number 1, October, 1936, just as they would have appeared — if only this magazine ever existed. Racy stories and some nudity in the illustrations. Odyssey, 2024. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: SPIZ
Soft Cover, 6x9, 204pg, b&w
The hardcover edition, previously listed, has 44 bonus pages and a full color jacket [SPIZH. $60]. Here are more pulp novels by Will Murray.

Archives & Graphic Novels


CODA False Dawns
Collects #1-5, 2023. In the long-awaited return to the Eisner Award-nominated apocalyptic fantasy world of Coda, the disheartened bard Hum finds a slice of tranquility with his wife, Serka, in an ever-darkening, magic-less apocalypse - or so it seems. Prophecies of paradise and the return of magic? Hum is skeptical, while Serka faces her own difficult moral decisions on the road, with winter quickly approaching... For every hero’s weakness, there’s a companion with an equal degree of strength, and that’s exactly how Hum and company will get through the fateful, magical mayhem. But there are some unexpectedly unthinkable things that only Hum is capable of... New and returning fans alike shouldn’t miss this collection of the return of Coda from GLAAD Media Award-winning writer Simon Spurrier (Damn Them All, The Flash) and EW’s 2019 Artist of the Year Matías Bergara (Step By Bloody Step)! Boom!, 2024. Due: June....More.

Item Code: CODAF
Soft Cover, 7x10, 144pg, Full Color
I am really impressed with the artwork in’s just stunning. I eagerly look forward to reading it as soon as I can and I’ll add to the description thereafter!

RED SONJA Volume 1 His Master's Voice
Collects #1-6 and the prologue #0 story from the 2023 Free Comic Book Day title. By Torunn Grønbekk.. Art by Walter Geovani. The She-Devil With a Sword finds herself on the run, framed for murder, and with an unseen force tugging at the back of her mind. Hunted, haunted, and hurting, Sonja has no one to trust and faces danger and suspicion at every turn. There's something rotten in the land, and all the signs are pushing her towards the source of the disease - Vestfold and its cruel ruler, Varg! Dynamite, 2024....More.

Item Code: REDS01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
More Red Sonja here.

Collects #1-5, 2023. Vampirella and her trusty sidekick Dyna Might have become superheroes, and are assigned to save a world that looks strangely similar to 1940s Earth - rife with crime, corruption, and two-fisted superheroes who don't take kindly to meddling from inter dimensional vampire aliens! Can Vampirella survive an onslaught of conflict from villains and heroes alike, all while solving a murder mystery and keeping her precocious sidekick alive? Find out in this full-throttle throwback action adventure, courtesy of superstar writer Dan Abnett (Avengers, Warhammer) and red-hot artist Pasquale Qualano (DC Vs. Vampires)! Dynamite, 2024....More.

Item Code: VAMVES
Soft Cover, 7x10, 152pg, Full Color
Click here for more Vampirella.

Collects #1-3, 2022. The insane minds of Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff and Jeff Zapata have joined forces to bring you the Garbage Pail Kids as you've never seen them before! Together with Dynamite Entertainment, they proudly present a tale more than 30 years in the making: Garbage Pail Kids: Origins! This all-new hardcover collection not only relates the epic saga of how our GPK heroes came to be, but also reveals how Adam Bomb and his gang of good guys were instrumental in the outcome of World War II and the fate of humanity! Dynamite, 2024....More.

Item Code: GARBH
Hard Cover, 6x10, 88pg, Full Color

BLACK WIDOW By Kelly Thompson
Collects Black Widow #1-15, 2020. Art by Elena Casagrande, Carlos Gomez, et al. Cover by J. Scott Campbell. Natasha Romanoff has been a spy almost as long as she’s been alive. And she’s never stopped running, whether she was working for the good guys or the bad. But now she is...retired? And enjoying a perfect life she never dreamed she could have. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll find something very wrong lurking beneath this new world — and a woman like Nat just can’t help but scratch. As her happy existence ends in heartbreak, Nat must make a fresh start! Back in San Francisco, she finds new allies...and dangerous enemies, including the scheming Apogee and the enigmatic Twins. But worst of all is the Living Blade — the one skeleton in the Widow’s closet that she hoped would never come back out! Marvel, 2024....More.

Item Code: BLAWI
Soft Cover, 7x10, 336pg, Full Color
$34.99 $31.99

THE MIGHTY THOR By Walter Simonson
Collects Thor #337-355, 357-369, 371-382 and Balder the Brave #1-4, 1983-87. Recommended. Considered by many to be the greatest run on Thor ever, Walter Simonson's classic tales of the God of Thunder are collected here, completely remastered from the original artwork and stunningly recolored by Steve Oliff! Timeless tales: the Casket of Ancient Winters. The death of Odin. The origins of Asgard. The sacrifice of the Executioner. Thor as a frog. The Mutant Massacre. The curse of Hela. The debut of Thor's body armor. Guest-starring Beta Ray Bill, Nick Fury and the Avengers. Marvel, 2024....More.

Item Code: MIGTWH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 1192pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

SECRET SIX By Gail Simone Omnibus Volume 1
Collects Secret Six Vol 2 #1-6, 2006; Secret Six Vol 3 #1-16, 2008-10 plus 14 more issues. Art by Nicola Scott and Brad Walker. Together, they want to take a stand to stop the super-heroic community from tampering with their minds and to prove how deadly they can be! But not everyone agrees to this agenda. Six rogues are recruited by the enigmatic Mockingbird, charged with opposing the Society and given assignments to thwart their rivals and even help their enemies. Who is Mockingbird? Could it be one of the six? The status quo is rocked by the Society's formation and the revelations along the way make certain that when the Secret Six are done, nothing in the DCU will ever be the same! DC Comics, 2024. ...More.

Item Code: SECS01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 920pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

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Coming in August


FLASH GORDON CLASSIC COLLECTION The Complete Sunday Strips Volume 1 1934-1934
By Alex Raymond and Don Moore. Introduction by Alex Ross. Science fiction's most enduring icon Flash Gordon returns in a newly-restored edition, collecting his earliest adventures with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov on the mysterious planet Mongo. There they'll encounter strange landscapes, fantastic creatures, otherworldly characters, and the universe's most diabolical mastermind-Ming the Merciless. Includes additional background material. Mad Cave Studios, 2024. Due: Aug....More.

Item Code: FLAG01H
Hard Cover, 11x10, 208pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99
There’s almost no Sunday Page better drawn and more exciting than these Alex Raymond masterworks. Great to see the series coming back into print with the best modern reproduction.

Introduction by Marge Simpson. The third volume of the trilogy collecting the complete Simpsons Treehouse of Horror comics by creator Matt Groening—packaged in a deluxe, die-cut slipcase that glows in the dark. Collected for the first time, these award-winning comics place the world’s most beloved animated family in exciting horror, science fiction, and supernatural settings, making this series the perfect gift for Simpsons fans of all ages. The Treehouse of Horror started as an annual Halloween tradition on The Simpsons, beginning during the second season in 1990. In 1995, the first of 23 comics were produced, with all-new stories written and illustrated by some of the biggest names in comics and entertainment. Abrams, 2024. Due: Aug....More.

Item Code: SIMPT03H
Hard Cover, 8x12, 416pg, Full Color
Volumes 1 and 2 are both available [SIMPT01H, 02H. $39.99 each].

Coming in September


Item Code: GHOR03H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

GHOST RIDER Volume 3 Hardcover
Collects GhostRider #6-14, 1953-54; and The Calico Kid #6-10, 1949. Created by Dick Ayers and Ray Krank, Rex Fury was originally known as the Calico Kid, who together with his white horse Spectre became the Ghost Rider! Wearing a white outfit covered with phosphorus and using a cape that had phosphorescent on one side and black on the other, he could cover parts of his body to give the illusion that he was merely a floating head or pair of hands. To further the illusion, he wielded a black lariat and black bullwhip-even Spectre glowed in the dark! The Ghost Rider battled many foes who, like him, were not truly supernatural at all, such as an imposter of Frankenstein's Monster and the Harpy, werewolves and vampires! The character was the inspiration for Marvel's Phantom Rider, also co-created by Dick Ayers! PS Artbooks, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Due September
Item Code:
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Here are the first two Ghost Rider collections.

Item Code: PCSPA08H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

SPACE ADVENTURES Volume 8 Hardcover
Collects #37-41, 1960-61. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away we blasted off and feasted our eyes on the mind-blowing pages of Space Adventures with Captain Atom, Master of the Universe, aka Captain Allen Adams of the U.S. Air-Force who, after an atomic accident, finds himself with new super powers -- the iconic space-age superhero created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko! PS Artbooks, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Due September
Item Code:
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Here are previous Space Adventures volumes.

In addition to the complete Batman: The Killing Joke story from 1988, the Brian Bolland-Batman: The Killing Joke and Other Stories & Art Gallery Edition also includes an Afterword by Brian Bolland; an Introduction by Richard Starkings; "An Innocent Guy" from Batman: Black & White #4 (8 pages); "Certified Safe" from Mystery in Space #115 (7 pages); "Freeway of Fun Fear!" from The Outsiders #18 (8 pages); "The Princess & the Frog" (5 pages) and "The Princess & the Witch" (1 page) from Heart Throbs #1; story pages from Justice League of America #200 (5 pages); story pages from Batman #400 (9 pages); more than 100 pages of black & white and color cover art from Wonder Woman, Camelot 3000, Animal Man, Robin, Batman, Invisibles, Tank Girl, and much more; miscellaneous art and pin-ups including the two-page spreads of Camelot 3000 and Green Lantern Corps from DC Comics Who's Who; a gallery of assorted UK, convention, pencil roughs and preliminary artwork; and a new Digital Gallery section showcasing Bolland's work using computers, annotated by Brian. Graphitti Designs, 2024. Due: Sept. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: BBBATH
Hard Cover, 13x20, 280pg, Full Color
Brian’s auto-biography is still available and both the signed/limited and regular editions are on sale at 40% off. Here’s more that we have with Brian’s fine work.

Shenanigans in Sherwood Forest from the Fleetway Comics Archives. The very best complete Robin Hood comic strips from Knockout, Sun, Robin Hood Annual and Thriller Picture Library comics. Book Palace, 2024. Due: Sept. ...More.

Item Code: ROBHOH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 264pg, b&w

Limited, 500. Tales of adventure on the High Seas from the Fleetway Comics Archives. Piracy comic strips from Film Fun and Knockout British comics. Captain Kidd by Reg Bunn and Alberto Salinas (Film Fun); Captives of El Dorado by Cecil Doughty and Patrick Nicolle (Lion); Mysterious Island by Mike Western (Film Fun); Pirates of Blood River by Mike Western (Film Fun); The Black Pirate by Cecil Doughty (Knockout). Book Palace, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: SEAWOH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 120pg, b&w

Limited, 500. Tales of heroism on The King's Highways from the Fleetway Comics Archives. Complete Dick Turpin stories and illustrations from Sun, Comet and Thriller Picture Library comics from the 1950s. This collection comprises the cream of Dick Turpin strips published during the halcyon days of the Amalgamated Press. Within its pages the work of such masters as Derek Eyles, Hugh McNeill, Eric Parker, H. M. Brock, Jesus Blasco, Eric Bradbury and Cecil Doughty. Book Palace, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: DICTUH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 264pg, b&w
Here are more Fleetway collections in stock now.

Limited, 450. The long-awaited reprint of the complete Wrath of the Gods by Ron Embleton and John M Burns and the complete Frank Bellamy's The Ghost World in one huge volume. For the first time ever the three greatest British comics artists in one unique deluxe hardcover FULL color book. All the Embleton and Burns double-page spreads are printed as deluxe fold-outs in this monster full color volume. Featuring 60 double fold out pages. This is the first time since their first publication in Boys' World in 1958 that these incredible comic strips have been reprinted. The stories have been professionally scanned and color adjusted to create the feel of the original artwork in this deluxe collectors volume. Book Palace, 2024. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: WRATGH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 124pg, Full Color

BELA LUGOSI The Man Behind the Cape
Béla Lugosi’s commanding presence, hypnotic voice, and mesmerizing gaze made him the embodiment of Count Dracula, a role that has established him as a cultural icon and a legend of the silver screen forever. But there's so much more to this captivating individual than meets the eye. This comprehensive biography takes you behind the cape and into the life of Béla Lugosi. Discover his humble beginnings in Hungary, his journey to America, his struggle to make it in Hollywood, and the demons that haunted him along the way. You'll get a glimpse into his personal life, his love for the stage, his time on Broadway, and his experiences during the golden age of Hollywood. The story is more than just a story; it is also a storybook, profusely illustrated with over 700 photos, including many unseen documents and photos (some in color) from the Lugosi family's collection, rare film stills, Béla’s personal correspondence and poetry, and artifacts from his professional career. Cover Press, 2023. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: BELAH
Hard Cover, b&w
$175.00 $160.00

Enter a world of haunting power and dark psychedelia with this tribute to the biomechanic visions of HR Giger. This volume spans Giger’s painting, sculpture, film work, iconic album covers, and unique artist’s museum, with an essay by Andreas J. Hirsch and an extensive artist biography based on Giger’s own writings. Swiss artist HR Giger (1940-2014) is most famous for his creation of the space monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror sci-fi film Alien, which earned him an Oscar. This book was begun shortly before the artist’s untimely death and shows the complete story of Giger’s life and art, his sculptures, film work, and iconic album covers as well as the heritage he left us in his own artist’s museum and self-designed bar in the Swiss Alps. Taschen, 2024. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge. Due: Sept....More.

Item Code: HRGIGH
Hard Cover, 12x16, 506pg, Partial Color
$200.00 $180.00
Like previous Taschen XL volumes, this should be the best book ever on Giger. It will certainly be the largest and most inclusive. Meanwhile, here’s more on Giger in stock now, and click here for the other available XL books.

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Three new adult photography books are in this week: Malibu Blonde, Top Models of Metart-Anna AJ, and Sweet 18.

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