Thursday, January 14, 2021

Saul Tepper and the Frazetta reprint are here, More PS Artbooks, Spider-Man, H.P. Lovecraft by Von Sholly, and the Gamayun Tales.

Frazetta Fantastic Paintings back in print. Saul Tepper is here. New PS Artbooks part 2 and the “softee” line expands. A very cool pulpy Spider-Man Noir. Lovecraft Illustrated by Von Sholly, signed. Gamayun Tales knocks me out. Conan Omnibus, Starlin's Infinity Crusade, The Phantom Sundays 8, Vision & The Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider Masterworks 2, four Zenescope specials and more!

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Back in stock: 2020's #1 Bestseller


2020 Bestseller #1. New Printing, Limited to 1500. Signed by Spurlock and Frank Jr. 16 bonus pages, variant illustrated slipcase. Highly Recommended. By David Spurlock. Afterword by Frank Frazetta Jr. This book began by reviving the original million-selling 1970s mass market art book, Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta. Then it was expanded and revised to include twice as many images, variants of paintings, prelim sketches and color roughs, and more...It also now presents them at a much larger coffee-table book size of 10.5 x 14.5 inches. The collection is brimming with both classic and previously unpublished works of the subjects Frazetta is best remembered for, including barbarians, beasts, and buxom beauties. Vanguard, 2020....More.

Item Code: FANPFD
Hard Cover, 10x15, 128pg, Partial Color

2020 Bestseller #1. New Printing, Highly Recommended.By David Spurlock. Afterword by Frank Frazetta Jr. J. David Spurlock started crafting this book by reviving the original million-selling 1970s mass market art book, Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta. Then he expanded and revised it to include twice as many images and presents them at a much larger coffee-table book size of 10.5 x 14.5 inches! The collection is brimming with both classic and previously unpublished works of the subjects Frazetta is best remembered for, including barbarians, beasts, and buxom beauties. Vanguard, 2020....More.

Item Code: FANPFH
Hard Cover, 10x15, 112pg, Partial Color
These both sold incredibly well, so well they sold out last fall. Vanguard had to go back to press on each one. The Deluxe signed edition was done as a second printing but otherwise unchanged, with the same extra material, and the special added page signed by David Spurlock and Frank Frazetta, Jr.

See all of our Frazetta collections here, including previous Vanguard Deluxe editions, and Underwood Publisher File Copies! On our website.


Signed bookplate! Highly Recommended. A visual chronology of ALL 62 of Lovecraft's stories and novellas — over 325 color illustrations detail scenes from each of his stories. With over 200 full color, landscape-oriented pages, the illustrations are presented in the order the stories were written with copious quotes and commentary for each. Von Sholly is a writer, artist, director, and producer: his storyboard work for TV shows and movies includes Darkman, The Mask, James and the Giant Peach, Mars Attacks!, Scooby Doo, The Real Ghostbusters, The Bride of Chucky, The Mist, and dozens more. Clover Press, 2020....More.

Item Code: PETLIHS
Soft Cover, 11x8, 208pg, Full Color
Von Sholly put together the two-volume set, The PS Book of Fantastic Fictioneers. It just came back into stock in a new printing. It also comes with a signed illustrated bookplate [PSB01H, PSB02H. $69 ea].

SPIDER-MAN NOIR Twilight in Babylon
Highly Recommended. Collects #1-5, 2020. By Margaret Stohl. Art by Juan Ferreyra. Spidey reimagined as a thirties Pulp magazine hero, not unlike the original Spider that is said to have influenced Stan & Steve Ditko's creation! Mary Jane is here, too, and a beautiful museum archivist, and globe-trotting adventure. There's a lot of Indiana Jones-style adventure (and Nazi menace) here, too! Murder and mystery, Dateline, 1939: As the specter of war looms on the horizon, a very noir Spider-Man fights the good fight at home. But when a girl is killed at the Black Cat nightclub and all clues point overseas, Spidey will have no choice but to board the next flight to Europe! Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: SPINTB
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112pg, Partial Color
$15.99 $14.50

Highly Recommended. By Alexander Utkin. I really like this new cool new graphic novel! A fresh and modern adaptation of familiar Russian folktales, teamed with bold and beautiful illustrations that take inspiration from classical mid-century Disney animation. Magical quests and talking animals, golden chests that turn into palaces and encounters with terrifying (but sometimes benevolent) Water Spirits with beautiful, form-changing daughters...there's no end to the adventure here! "...mesmerising and haunting both visually and narratively." -Publishers Weekly. All Ages. Nobrow, 2020....More.

Item Code: GAMT01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 184pg, Full Color
$19.95 $17.95
I really enjoyed this book. Volume 2 is coming out in February. Check it out! And see our website for more all ages titles like this.

Comic Book & Comic Strip Archives


X-MEN GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS Extended Cut Gallery Edition
Collects #1-2, 2020. By Chris Claremont. Art by Brent Eric Anderson. In 1982, writer Chris Claremont was in the midst of his legendary run on Uncanny X-Men, by far Marvel's #1 best-selling title. He was changing the comic landscape forever and creating a new gold standard of storytelling! With a wealth of ideas, Claremont joined forces with industry giant Brent Anderson for a one-shot. stand-alone graphic novel: this book. This groundbreaking story saw the X-Men teaming up with their bitterest enemy, Magneto, against an adversary threatening all of mutant kind in the name of God. An all-new , oversized edition of one of Marvel's finest-ever tales. Marvel, 2020.  ...More.

Item Code: XMGODH
Hard Cover, 9x13, 112pg, Full Color
$34.99 $29.99
See our website for more by Chris Claremont, and more X-Men collections.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN By Kurt Busiek Omnibus
Recommended. By Kurt Busiek, Len Wein et al. Art by Cary Nord, Thomas Yeates et al. Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek reinvents the Hyborian Age with a gritty new take on Conan the Barbarian! Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek reinvents the Hyborian Age with a gritty new take on Conan the Barbarian! From his birth on a Cimmerian battlefield to his coming-of-age during the Battle of Venarium, witness Conan's legendary rise. As he wanders the ancient world in search of adventure, Conan will face the Vanir, be enslaved by an ageless evil and battle Janissa the Widowmaker! He will experience the mystery of the Frost Giant's Daughter, the horror of the God in the Bowl, and the secrets of the Tower of the Elephant! Marvel, 2020....More.

Item Code: CONKBH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1024, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00
See the website for much more Conan from Marvel and other publishers.

VISION & THE SCARLET WITCH The Saga of Wanda and Vision
By Steve Englehart and Bill Mantlo. Art by Don Heck, Rick Leonardi, Al Milgrom et al. Cover by Alex Ross. The unlikely romance between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch is one of the most famous Avengers story lines! Now, witness what happens when the two heroes finally get married and settle down in the suburbs! If you think they're going to live the quiet life, think again! Wanda embraces her sorceress heritage — but can a revelation about her family tree be believed? The Vision's past threatens their future, as Ultron and the Grim Reaper strike! And things get even stranger when Wanda's magic spells lead to the couple becoming...a family! That's right, despite all odds the Scarlet Witch is pregnant! Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: VISSW
Soft Cover, 7x10, 472pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99

Stores from more than a dozen titles, 1992 . By Jim Starlin, Ron Marz et al. Art by Ron Lim, Tom Raney et al. Jim Starlin's classic Infinity Trilogy concludes — and everyone's invited! The Goddess, Adam Warlock's unadulterated good side, has come to bring peace and love to the universe. She has stopped all crime. Captain America and Spider-Man are on her side. Thanos and Mephisto stand against her. So how can the Goddess be the bad guy? As Earth's heroes turn against one another, the Goddess' true goals become apparent and Adam Warlock must seek answers within! Prepare for a cosmic crisis...of faith! Marvel, 2020....More.

Item Code: INFCH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1200pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00
There's much more by Jim Starlin on the website. This includes a vintage fanzine Gates of Eden from 1982, and the on-sale Best of Star Studded [BESSTS. $25, $10.95, signed by Bill Shelly]where Jim had work before he went pro.

THE PHANTOM The Complete Sundays Volume 8
Almost Gone! 1963-66. Recommended. By Lee Falk and Sy Barry. The reprint of the entire run of Lee Falk's full color Phantom Sundays continues, with the much anticipated Sy Barry years and SEVEN complete stories: Old Baldy, The Giant Bird of Gandor, The Founding of the Jungle Patrol, The Great Web of Spidera, Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn, The Veiled Lady, and Rex King. "Looking at just the first two stories, it's clear that the tone of these Sundays and the strip in general had taken a definite turn in its contemporary presentation of the artwork as well as a more conscious effort to create an overall feel the stories were taking place in the mid-1960s—in tune with the times.Hermes, 2020. Out of print....More.

Item Code: PHS08H
Hard Cover, 13x9, 256pg, Full Color
See the website for available Phantom Dailies, Sunday, Avon Novels and more.

Collects Ghost Rider #6-20, 1973-75 & two more titles. By Tony Isabella, Gary Friedrich et al. Art by Jim Mooney, Frank Robbins, George Tuska et al. Adventures begin with the return of Zodiac, an organized crime gang powered by agents of hell, in a plot that can only be foiled with the help of the super-heroic Stunt-Master. Then, after fighting for his very soul against Satan himself, Ghost Rider finds himself teamed up with The Thing against the ever-angry Hulk. And The Orb, Marvel's deadliest eyeball, returns. With Karen Page having joined Ghost Rider's cast, Daredevil makes the scene in a crossover by John Byrne! Also Spider-Man, Hercules and The Thing team up AGAINST Ghost Rider in "The Salvation Run." Marvel, 2020....More.

Item Code: MMG02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 328pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
The first volume is no longer available. See our website for Ghost in Werewolf by Night, What If? Vol 2 & 3 (hurt copies available at half price), The Marvel Universe by John Byrne, Art of Mike Ploog 1 & 2, Decades/Marvel The 70s (on sale, $14.99) and more.

Zenescope Special Issues


By Dave Franchini. Art by Manuel Preitano et al. Cover art by Jay Anacleto. Have you missed her? Cinderella is back and is making a list and, uh, planning to kill everyone on it twice? This post-holiday season, don't miss the return of the Grimm Universe's most, societally different resident, as she takes on Krampus in the north pole, oh, and holiday cheer...somehow. Don't eat the red snow this Winter! Seven artists all contribute to this massive 64-page story. One even offers a Peanuts spoof with a giant, killer Snoopy, and there's some tongue-in-cheek going on elsewhere, too. But we also have serious horror adventure, as our scantily-clad heroine dices and slices. Love this Variant Cover C by Anacleto! Zenescope. 2020....More.

Item Code: CIND2020
Comic, 7x10, 64pg, Full Color

GRIMM TALES OF TERROR QUARTERLY 2020 Halloween Special Igor Vitorino Cover
By Joe Brusha et al. Art by Dario Tallerico, Oliver Borges, Novo Malgapo et al. In a new Quarterly format, with 72 pages of "pulse-pounding horror," join Keres, the goddess of death as she brings her own brand of punishment and justice to those unlucky enough to be worthy of her wrath! A modern day werewolf story, with demonic characters Amon (who looks like Satan) and Samadi. A book-length three part story, with additional "Tarot Card Chapter Breaks" drawn by Shelton Goh, with colors by Ivan Nunes. Variant cover A, art by Igor Vitorino and Ivan Nunes. Minor nudity. Zenescope. 2020....More.

Item Code: GRIMTQ20
Comic, 7x10, 72pg, Full Color

VAN HELSING 2020 ANNUAL Vitorino Cover
By Joe Brusha. Art by Daniel Maine. Variant Cover A art by Igor Vitorino & Ivan Nunes. Van Helsing has had a long life and career of doing what her family does best, vampire hunting. And during her time, mistakes have been made; lives have been lost with Liesel being the first to own all her failures among her successes. But when something from her past comes crawling from the shadows, a creature with hate and revenge aimed for the famed vampire hunter, there's no telling what is in store for Liesel and her friends and if they will even be ready for it when it strikes. "Bloodlust," the first-ever Van Helsing Annual, a 64-page issue! Zenescope, 2020....More.

Item Code: VAN2020
Comic, 7x10, 64pg, Full Color

By Joe Brusha, Dave Franchini et al. Art by Babisu Kourtis, Dario Tallarico et al. Variant cover A by Igor Vitorino & Ivan Nunes. For the first time ever, comes the Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Holiday Special—delayed by Covid until January, but we have it now! A full-length three chapter tale, both stand-alone and dovetailed. One year ago, a terrible act was committed in a remote location. The responsible party got away with it...or so they thought. A year later, a vengeful spirit has been released to right this wrong. "Nisse," "Yule Cat," and "Gryla" make up our story of well-seasoned revenge. Zenescope, 2020....More.

Item Code: GRIMM2020
Comic, 7x10, 48pg, Full Color
See more of these special issues on our website, along with the rest of our Zenescope line. These are sometimes one-chance items and we cannot get reorders. And speaking of Jay Anacleto, his latest signed sketchbook is still available [JADOS. $40]. Here's more work by Jay, 18 more titles, on our website.

PS Artbooks Softees – Five New Titles


PS ARTBOOKS SOFTEE Strange Mysteries Fantastic Tales Volume 2
Collects Strange Mysteries #15-18 & Fantastic Tales, 1958-64. Carl Burgos provides an alternate cover from the hardcover version. An eccentric mix of weird and strange tales collected from pre-code comics. These issues were reprints themselves, collecting Dark Mysteries #22 & 23, and The Dead Who Walk, an unusual 1952 horror one-shot from Avon. Joe Kubert does a rare horror story, “Heritage of Horror!”, plus art by Tex Blaisdell, Jon D'Agostino, Ed Goldfarb, and Tony Tallarico. Bonus issue Fantastic Tales features glorious horror tales from Wally Wood look-alike A.C. Hollingsworth, Norman Nodel and Harry Lazarus. PS Artbooks, 2020. ...More.

Item Code: SASM02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
Also available in hardcover [SASM02H. $46.99]. Volume 1 is also available in both SC and HC, same cover prices.

PS Artbooks Softee Amazing Ghost Stories & Monsters Volume 1
Collects #14-16, 1954-55; & Monster #1-2, 1953. Highly Recommended. By Matt Baker, Ed Goldfarb et al. This material is heartily recommended for the more discerning horror comics reader. Surely boasting some of the most magnificent artists of sixty-plus years ago; Matt Baker, Ed Goldfarb, Edd Ashe, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Ray Willner, Sol Brodsky, Frank Giacoia, Bob Powell, Carmine Infantino, George Tuska, Dan Barry, George Roussos, Marvin Stein, Maurice Whitman, Anthony D'Adamo, Jerry Grandenetti, John Belcastro, Bill Benulis, Bill Discount and Art Peddy are captured within these pages... they'll have any self-respecting comic book fan absolutely drooling! PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PCAGS01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
Also available in hardcover [PCAGS01H. $46.99].

PS Artbooks Softee Weird Tales of the Future Volume 2
Collects #5-8, 1953. Highly Recommended. By Basil Wolverton, Bernard Baily, Ross Andru et al. Bug-eyed monsters, two-timing homicidal husbands and wives, rampaging corpses and even one or two cases of severe halitosis or crossed eyes. This title has the lot... including a better-than-healthy dose of the one and only Basil Wolverton! His intricately detailed grotesques of bizarre or misshapen people earned him the title of "Producer of Preposterous Pictures of Peculiar People who Prowl this Perplexing Planet." One of the absolute strangest horror titles (and that's a big universe) filled with really wild work. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: WTF02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
This was done as a hardcover but that edition is completely sold out from us and from the publisher.

PS Artbooks Softee Forbidden Worlds Volume 13
Collects #77-82, 1959. Highly Recommended. By Richard Hughes et al. Art by Al Williamson, John Buscema, Paul Reinman, Ogden Whitney et al. Restarting the series (the first 12 volumes were published in hardcover) with a new cheaper Softee format! While over at DC Comics the folks were creating some character called The Flash, the ACG crew were still producing even more stunning stories and art from comic book legends such as Al Williamson, John Buscema, Paul Reinman and as always the impeccable Ogden Whitney. Read 'em and weep whilst you're transported millions of miles away from your bedroom in some of the finest and most offbeat fantasy, sci fi and supernatural stories of the 1950s. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: FOR13
Soft Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color

PS Artbooks Softee Adventures into the Unknown Volume 13
Collects issues #72-77, 1956. Highly Recommended. By Richard Hughes et al. Art by Ogden Whitney, Harry Lazarus, Kurt Schaffenberger et al. PS Restarting this fine title, after 12 hardcover volumes with 13 on now in the inexpensive "Softee" format. Wonderful stories that hold up well today, some of my personal favorites to read. With the fine storytelling talents one of the greatest writers in comics, Richard Hughes, and art by the above (here's Schaffenberger before his move to DC and Superman and Lois Lane), plus the fine John Rosenberger; Al Williamson is in #78, and John Buscema does the lead story in #79. Plus original letters pages and all ads. Here are unlikely heroes, spacemen, aliens, undead pirates, monsters, ghosts, wizards and witches enough to satisfy all growing ghouls and boys! PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: ADU13
Hard Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color
Note: These two titles, Forbidden Worlds and Adventures Into the Unknown, both take off from where the hardcover volumes ended; there are no hardcover editions, now or planned, collecting this material. Forbidden Worlds began three years after AITU, thus AITU here continues from 1956, and FW from 1959.

Forbidden Worlds: See our website for previous hardcover volumes—Vols 2, 3 and 8-11 are all on sale, several in slipcase, $19.99 to $23.99. Others are full price.

Adventures Into the Unknown: Vols 4, 6, 9, 11, and 12 are all still on sale, a couple in slipcase, for $19.99 to $23.99. Others are full price. And if you like Ogden Whitney, don't miss his Return to Romance: The Strange Love Stories of Ogden Whitney [RETURR. $19.95, $17.95]. It's almost gone.


New Hardcover PS Artbooks


Collects #1-5, 1962-64. By John Stanley and Carl Memling. Art by Gerald McCann. This horror/supernatural anthology comic from Dell is a real blast from the past; the covers, the artwork and the dialogue seethe with that certain something that typifies the early 1960's. Featuring "The Door," one of the top twenty scariest horror stories as voted by, you'll discover a real treasure of chills in these long forgotten pages, from Aztec idols come to life, to British soldiers that are saved from the Germans by a tank squad that had been blown to smithereens two days earlier. Just make sure you read these with all the lights on! Painted covers. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: SAGS01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. By Gene Fawcette at el. Art by Wally Wood, Joe Orlando et al. Check out this first volume in a new series, Classic Sci-Fi Comics from PS Artbooks! Here are three all-time classics from Avon: Out of This World, 1950; Rocket to the Moon, 1951; and An Earthman on Venus, 1951. Plus Fox's rare Rocket Ship X, 1951; and another rare Fiction House title, Man O' Mars, 1953, with one of the all-time great 1950s covers! All reproduced completely from cover to cover, just like the original comic. Tales of science fiction, fantasy and horror created by the pinnacle of 1950's comic book talent including Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, Murphy Anderson, John Giunta, Joe Orlando, Gene Fawcette, Jack Abel, George Tuska, Maurice Whitman, Maurice Gutwirth, and Lee Elias. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Item Code: PSSC01H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
We got so many new ones at once, we broke these up over last week and this week. That's probably it for a while. See all titles, both on sale and regular priced, on our website. WARNING: some of the latest on-sale titles have sold out already and we don't expect any more. If you are searching for a particular title and it's not to be found, most likely it is gone. Demand was more than I anticipated, so we got caught short on some titles, which are coming back in soon. You can backorder these.


Here's another batch of 36 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. Click here to see the full list of items low in stock.

Coming in February


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Omnibus Volume 2 New Printing
Collects Amazing Spider-Man #39-67, Annual #3-5 & Spectacular Spider-Man #1-2, 1966-68. Recommended. The Stan Lee/John Romita era starts here! Lee and Romita transformed the web-slinger into Marvel's top title with stories that raised your spirits, tore at your heartstrings and kept you on the edge of your seat. From the revelation of the Green Goblin's secret identity to the unforgettable entrance of Mary Jane Watson, these classics define Spidey to this day — with star-studded debuts including the Kingpin, the Rhino and Captain Stacy; Spidey's disastrous first tryout with the Avengers; the iconic "Spider-Man No More!" issue; and an epic battle against the Green Goblin! Marvel, 2021. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: AM02H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 992pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00
The first Omnibus is sold out. Spider-Man by John Byrne, Master of Suspense 1 and 2, and Amazing Fantasy Omnibus by Steve Ditko are all still in stock.

Recommended. Frank Robbins' masterpiece, one of the all-time greatest action/adventure newspaper comic strips, Johnny Hazard, returns with Volume Nine of the series! More trend-setting artwork by comics legend Frank Robbins in one of the most important adventure strips ever to grace newspapers. Includes the following stories: "Border Incident," "Inside Info," "Baseball a la Carte," "Operation Big Switch," "Meeting in the Clouds," and "In Every Port." Hermes Press, 2021. Due: Feb....More.

Item Code: JH09H
Hard Cover, 10x6, 288pg, b&w
Volumes 4-7 are all available at $50 each, and Volume 8 is on sale $50, $42.50. There's also the Sunday Full Size [JHSH. $80]. See all of them here.These are all Hermes books and may sell out without notice, we're having difficulty getting reorders from Diamond.

DC COMICS The Art of Lee Bermejo
Recommended. The boldest and most iconic work of comics legend Lee Bermejo! Known for his incredible work on Batman, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, Before Watchman: Rorshach, and The Joker graphic novel in 2008. Bermejo's list of work speaks for itself! Fans won't want to miss this beautiful and brilliant showcase. In 2015, Bermejo launched the Suiciders series for Vertigo and We Are Robin for DC. Bermejo drew the 2000s variant cover for Action Comics #1000 (June 2018). DC Comics, 2021. Due: Feb. ...More.

Hard Cover, 7x11, 336pg, Full Color
$49.99 $39.99
See our website for more work by Bermejo.

SUPERMAN By Grant Morrison Omnibus
Collects Action Comics #0-18 and Action Comics Annual #1, 2012-14. By Grant Morrison. Grant Morrison, one of the greatest storytellers of his generation, weaves the history of Clark Kent's early days in Metropolis in this Man of Steel cornerstone of the DC Universe. Collecting the entirety of Morrison's epic saga, this New 52 era Superman omnibus celebrates and explores new facets of the Superman mythos. The compelling and deliberate Superman stories in this collection showcase his quintessential character and determination in a world that doesn't know what to make of him. Packed with action, adventure, shocking secrets, parallel Earths, deadly encounters with the Anti-Superman Army, Brainiac, Metal-zero and so much more. DC Comics, 2021. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: SUPGMH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 680pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00

Mature Readers

Back in stock, in a new printing, is Sex and Horror: The Art of Alexandro Biffignandi. This series is collecting the best of the 1960s-1980s ltalian artists who contributed to magazines somewhat akin to Warren's Creepy and Eerie, but with far more sex and nudity. This is another of the fine and talented painters who turned their hand to this very strange genre. Also in stock is Sex and Horror: The Art of Fernando Carcupino [SEHOFC. $36.95, $32.95]. Another volume on Emanuele Taglietti is currently out of print.

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News & Notes


Art of Saul Tepper

This just rolled in the door as I was typing this email up. We'll have a full feature on it next week. It's the latest book from The Illustrated Press.

Mac Raboy Master of the Comics

In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, I put this fine book on sale because I simply bought too many when it first appeared. I want to shave down my stock a bit. Take advantage, it has my highest recommendation. [MACRAH. $39.95, $24.95].

Art of Reed Crandall

Good news. Twomorrows (same publisher as Mac Raboy) has announced there WILL be a new softcover edition of the long sold out (and quickly so) hardcover edition. We're working with the author, Roger Hill, on a full color signed bookplate to go with it. Stay tuned… Roger also wrote the Raboy book, and publishes EC Fan-Addict. We're expecting a new issue of that this Spring.

2020 Bestsellers

A special email with the top 60 titles for last year, with my personal comments, will be going out on Monday, January 18. Make sure you are signed up to get this and other special emails like this. Click here to see all of the titles on our website.



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