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Crime Comics, The Shadow, La Muerta, Mandy, Van Helsing, Moebius, Bettie Page


CRIME COMICS CONFIDENTIAL The Best Golden Age Crime Comics
20 Complete Stories. Recommended. True life criminals Al Capone, Legs Diamond, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dutch Schultz, Lucky Luciano, and John Dillinger are featured alongside colorful pulp fiction characters with rods ablaze. These mobsters flaunted their sexy gun molls and ill-gotten gains of big cars and fancy suits, living outside the law until getting their just deserts in the end. Features masterful creators Charles Biro, Dick Briefer, John Buscema, Gene Colan, Jack Cole, Reed Crandall, Fred Guardineer, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Bernie Krigstein, Mort Meskin, Bob Powell, John Prentice, Mike Sekowsky, Leonard Starr, Marvin Stein, Alex Toth, and many others. These Senate-investigated stories are fully restored--over 20 full-comic stories in all! There are over 200 pages of action-packed comics plus an in-depth essay by editor and designer Steven Brower. Brower's comics-related books include From Shadow to Light: The Life and Art of Mort Meskin and Golden Age Western Comics. Yoe Books, 2021....More.

Item Code: CRIMCC
Soft Cover, 9x13, 208pg, Full Color,
$39.99 $34.99

Almost Gone! Recommended. By John Curran. A lavish full-color celebration of the 2000 books by more than 250 authors published by the iconic Crime Club between 1930 and 1994. From Agatha Christie to Reginald Hill, the Hooded Gunman was a guarantee of a first-class crime novel for almost 65 years, and those books are now as sought after and collectible as any book series, with many commanding high prices and almost impossible to find. Pictures the jacket art of every book published over seven decades, descriptive blurbs of every book, facts, figures and lists, and drawing on rare archival photos, correspondence and marketing materials. 350,000-word text. Collins Crime Club, 2019....More.

Item Code: HOODGH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 400pg, Text/Full Color
$50.00 $42.50

Highly Recommended. Special Art Noir issue featuring the fine mystery illustrator Sean Phillips (Crisis and Devlyn Waugh), Jordi Bernet (Torpedo) and Charles Biro (Crime Does Not Pay). Also a history of crime comics, a look at pioneer Fred Guardineer, and "Three Panel Crimes," an interesting retro Instagram sensation. Here's the inside story on these varied aspects of crime comics and illustration; Sean Phillips' work is amazing (he did this cover) and well covered with fine reproductions. Book Palace, 2020....More.

Item Code: IQS09
Magazine, 9x11, 144pg, Partial Color

MASTER OF MYSTERY The Rise of the Shadow
Highly Recommended. By Will Murray. Master of Mystery: The Rise of The Shadow, is a collection of articles and interviews pertaining to The Shadow in his radio and magazine incarnations. From his origins as a nebulous radio personality to his explosive growth into one of the most recognizable multimedia properties of all time, The Shadow is familiar to audiences worldwide. In this definitive collection, popular culture historian and novelist Will Murray presents his most compelling investigations into the Dark Avenger and the creators who developed him. Including rare interviews with Walter B. Gibson, Theodore Tinsley, John L. Nanovic, Graves Gladney and Edd Cartier. Odyssey, 2021.....More.

Item Code: MASTM
Soft Cover, 6x9, 300pg, Text/b&w
This will also be available in hardcover [MASTMH. $65]. It may have extra features but at press time we don’t yet know what (if any) these might be. Due in September. We still have quite a few Shadow pulp reprints, many on sale, and other Shadow collections. See our website.


Recommended. Raido, a young amnesiac Ronin--a masterless Samurai--roams about in a quest for his memories. His first stop is the city that talks to the sky, the ultimate stronghold against the invading ice. This universe is inspired by feudal Japanese history and traditions, full of breathtaking settings and populated by wondrous mythical beings. Humanoids, 2021....More.

Item Code: LEGSCA
Soft Cover, 192pg, Full Color
$24.99 $21.99

Collects #1-5. By Raven Gregory. Art by Allan Otero.Introducing Helsing's deadliest villain yet! Liesel Van Helsing returns in a brand new series set to turn the inventive huntress' world on fire. A mysterious being rises from Helsing's long forgotten past hell bent on revenge. A being whose secrets could very well destroy Helsing...and all she holds dear. Don't miss this exciting new series written by fan favorite Wonderland writer Raven Gregory and artist extraordinaire Allan Otero! Zenescope, 2021....More.

Item Code: VANDRA
Soft Cover, 7x10, 148pg, Full Color
$19.99 $17.99
Here are more Van Helsing comics, graphic novels, and a statue. She’s part of the Zenescope Grimm Universe.

MARVEL AUGUST 1961 Omnibus
Nineteen complete Marvel issues, all from August 1961! Recommended. In August 1961, Fantastic Four #1 hit newsstands, heralding a new take on super hero stories and the birth of the Silver Age Marvel Universe! But Marvel Comics had been around for years before that, publishing Western, romance, comedy, monster and science fiction titles--and in August 1961, Fantastic Four was just one of over a dozen very different Marvel books! Now, sixty years later, experience the excitement of being a comic book fan in that momentous month--with a complete collection of every issue that shared the shelves with Fantastic Four #1, many never before reprinted! Marvel, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: MARAUGH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 520pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00
Here are more Marvel Omnibus volumes with early Silver Age collections.


By Mike MacLean and Brian Pulido. Art by Joel Gomez. Maria Diaz is a US soldier returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan to be reunited with her family. Her brother has fallen in with The Zavalas, a death-worshipping crime cartel led by the nefarious Mama Z. When they see the family celebrating, they believe the Diazes have ripped the cartel off. Maria's family is murdered in cold blood. She wakes out of a coma to find her family dead and gone. She seeks justice from the police, but she finds none. Daring the impossible, Maria chooses to avenge her family and send the Zavalas to hell, even at the cost of her own humanity. Coffin Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: LAM01
Soft Cover, 7x10, 160pg, Full Color

By Mike MacLean and Brian Pulido. Art by Joel Gomez. Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, army veteran Maria Diaz wanted to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. Those dreams were shattered when her family was slaughtered by a death-worshipping crime cartel. Now, Maria dons the guise of the vigilante La Muerta, seeking bloody vengeance against the city's most ruthless criminals. In this volume, La Muerta faces off against the legendary La Llorona and the ruthless criminal mastermind known as Brujo, and features the return of the nefarious Mama Z. Can La Muerta overcome and prevail? Or has she finally met her match? Coffin Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: LAM02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 144pg, Full Color

Art by Eric Basaldua, Joe Benitez et al. Cover art by Sun Khamuanki. A 48 full-color pages of La Muerta pin up art by today's top artists! Created by Brian Pulido (Lady Death). Returning home from the war in Afghanistan, army veteran Maria Diaz wanted to settle into a quiet, peaceful life. Those dreams were shattered when her family was slaughtered by a death-worshiping crime cartel. Now Maria dons the guise of the vigilante LA MUERTA, seeking bloody vengeance against the city's most ruthless criminals. Additional artists include Mike DeBalfo, Elias Chatzoudis, Mike Krome, Ryan Kincaid, Brandon Peterson. Coffin Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: ARTLMH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 48pg, Full Color
Brian is best known for Lady Death—here’s what’s currently available.


Signed! A great collection of nude Mandy drawings! Mandy falls asleep in her jams and ends up recreating the role of the nude Lady Godiva parading through town on a fascinating animation-style horse--who talks, of course. There's also pigs, wolves, mice, nymphs and Peeping Tom in her voyeuristic dreams. Like Little Annie Fannie, Mandy never can keep her clothes on. And all to our viewing delight. Playboy artist Dean Yeagle also shares playful sketches, preliminary drawings and finished work. Also a six page gallery of sexy wood nymphs, all relatives of Mandy. Dean's mastery of animation style, character and humor is well demonstrated. Brandstudio Press, 2009. Mature readers....More.

Item Code: MANGHS
Hard Cover, 9x12, 48pg, Full Color

Lots of fun. A great new Mandy collection of Dean Yeagle's playful sketches, preliminary drawings, roughs and doodles. Mandy seems to appear in the nude a bit more often in this book--and she pulls it off in her great fun loving style. She finds two mischievous swimming partners at her swimming hole, in the form of a frog and a fish, and they are both determined to get rid of her bikini. Dean's mastery of animation style and humor is evident throughout. Caged Beagle Productions, 2017. Mature readers....More.

Item Code: MANHS
Hard Cover, 9x12, 48pg, Full Color

MELANGE By Dean Yeagle
Highly Recommended. By Dean Yeagle. Acclaimed Disney and Playboy artist Yeagle has collected his favorite illustrations for this beautiful collection of his work, now augmented with 32 additional pages of images. Those of you familiar with Dean's work from Scribblings # 1-3 and One Mandy Morning will know Yeagle is a master of lithe anatomy and comic timing. Laugh and enjoy with this great collection of Yeagle art and humor, now with an appreciation written by comic historian Craig Yoe. Text in French and English. Akileos, 2011. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: MELAH
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 10x12, 160pg, Partial Color
Dean Yeagle is in the process of bringing back into print all the out-of-print Mandy collections and sketchbooks. We expect more soon. Here are all of his titles now available--everyone is signed.


Over 330 reproductions. Highly Recommended. This impressive new exhibition catalog feaures an all-new look at the master of French comics and fantasy art. A large, handsome hardcover packed with reproductions from original artwork and paintings, and essays on the themes of time and archeology. Based on an exhibit at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) from July 10 to October 4, 2021. Moebius Production/Comicon Edizioni, 2021. Due: Oct. ...More.

Item Code: MOEBLH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 176pg, Partial Color
Here’s more Moebius. We have more imported French editions and several out-of-print Rare Books entries. If there are any out-of-print books you are looking for, contact We have quite a few we have not put online yet.


Collects Fantastic Four #251-257, 1961; and Annual #17, Avengers #233, 1963; and Thing #2, 1983. The Marvel Masterworks continue John Byrne's iconic Fantastic Four run! When the Fantastic Four journey on a mind-bending quest through the Negative Zone, the opportunistic Annihilus attacks the undefended Baxter Building. It's a gripping saga with two universes hanging in the balance! With Daredevil, She-Hulk and the Avengers racing to the Fantastic Fours's side, Reed and Sue must make some drastic decisions concerning their future with the team! Plus: Galactus is back, he's hungering and the Skrull homeworld is on the menu. The ramifications of this moment will be felt for generations! And speaking of Skrulls: Whatever happened to the first Skrulls to cross paths with the Fantistic Four? Find out here! Also featuring a massive trove of Fantastic Four entries from the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe! Marvel, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: MMFF23H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 344pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00

Collects Iron Man #129-144, 1968. Art by Jerry Bingham et al. The Marvel Masterworks continues the timeless David Michelinie and Bob Layton Iron Man run! Tony Stark recovers from his problems with the bottle by throwing himself into globetrotting business (and pleasure), but his enemies aren't giving him an edge: The All-Devourer awaits in Hong Kong, the Titanium Man is ready to tango in Times Square and Force makes his brutal debut in the Bahamas! Though sometimes it's your friends you need to worry about the most: Can Stark beat back a hostile takeover of his company by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.? With rich characterizations, a vibrant supporting cast and a steady stream of new armor designs, Michelinie and Layton prove they are just getting started! Marvel, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: MMIM14H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 336pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00

Collects Firefly Blue Sun Rising #0-1, and Firefly #21-24. The first-ever firefly comic book event! Sheriff Mal Reynolds has a new partner--a law enforcing robot from the Blue Sun corporation, who doesn't care about motives, about mercy, about anything other than enforcing the law--no matter the cost. The Blue Sun Corporation has helped to run the 'Verse from the shadows for years, but they're ready to step into the light and take over. If Mal wants to keep his job and protect his sector, the smart move would be to play by their rulebook. But for Mal, there's really one choice--reunite the crew of the Serenity for one last impossible job to save everyone they love. Now the 'Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected--and will lead to the beginning of an all new, all different chapter in the world of Firefly. New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak (Darth Vader), along with acclaimed artists Dan McDaid, Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss, launch Mal & the crew of Serenity into their biggest war yet. Boom!, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: FIRBSH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 300pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00

Legendary comics creator Jack Kirby's mind-boggling "Fourth World" saga continues in the newest volume in the Absolute edition series, Absolute Fourth World by Jack Kirby Volume 2. After co-creating comic book heroes such as The Fantastic Four and The Hulk, legendary writer/artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate four interlocking series known collectively as "The Fourth World." Now, DC collects Kirby's entire runs on these four series--The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggle for supremacy, and the world-conquering Darkseid adventured across Earth for the deadly Anti-Life Equation. DC Comics, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: ABFW02H
Hard Cover, 824pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00

WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN By Jason Aaron Omnibus
Collects Wolverine & The X-Men #1-35, 38-42, 2011; Wolverine & The X-Men Annual #1, 2013. Art by Chris Bachalo. Blockbuster writer Jason Aaron's incredible, hilarious and touching Wolverine & The X-Men run is collected in one oversized volume! Wolverine returns to Westchester to start over with a new school, a new student body and a lot of surprises! But can Logan - and a staff including Beast, Iceman, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Husk and Doop - really lead the Children of the Atom into the future? Only if they survive the new Hellfire Club, Krakoa, Sabretooth, an army of mischievous Bamfs, war with the Avengers, the Phoenix Five and more! As new students join the school, including the time-displaced original X-Men, new threats emerge from Frankenstein's Murder Circus, Wolverine's half-brother Dog Logan, Mystique, the Hellfire Academy...and S.H.I.E.L.D.! Welcome to the Jean Grey School, Wolverine - hope you survive the experience! Marvel, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: WOLXH
Hard Cover, 936pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00

NEW MUTANTS Omnibus Volume 2
By Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson et al. Art by Mary Wilshire, Rick Leonardi et al. The New Mutants take a road trip to Asgard--with the trickster god Loki guiding them to all the wrong places! Then, it's back to class under a new schoolmaster: Magneto! The former villain has sworn to atone for his crimes--but winning the New Mutants' trust won't be easy. As the team contends with their rivals the Hellions, they'll face death and rebirth, a mutant massacre, a twisted future timeline, a rebellion in Limbo and much more! But why have Sunspot and Warlock run away to join the Fallen Angels? Chris Claremont's foundational run concludes here! Marvel, 2021. Due: Dec. ...More.

Item Code: NEWM02H
Hard Cover, 1240pg, Full Color
$125.00 $105.00
See previous volumes of New Mutants, Absolute Fourth World, Firefly, and both Marvel Masterworks on our website.


A new Bettie Page book is here, Betty Goes Wild: Classic Fetish and Glamour Photography. It features several nudes. Here are all of our Bettie collections.

And 42nd Street Forever Peep Show #48 is the latest in this series. Click here for previous volumes, and below for more adult and mature material.

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We’ve been steadily listing new titles. Some have sold out or almost sold out before we could list them here. Check out the latest in our new Imperfect Editions section under Closeouts on the home page. We have between three and seven copies of these new additions:

The Uncompromising Life of the Artist Behind Spider-Man and the Rise of Marvel Comics. Highly Recommended. By Dave Currie. The first in-depth biography of comics legend Steve Ditko, in his own words--taken from years of correspondence with author David Currie and endorsed by the Ditko family with a foreword by son Mark S. Ditko, who writes, "I'm very happy to say that this is a really great book. David, and his correspondence with my uncle and others, uncovered and documented things that would otherwise have been left unknown or subject to complete speculation "if ever even considered." Well illustrated with a lot of original art, several rare photos, and some iconic artworks. Hermes Press, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: DITKHR
Hard Cover, 8x11, 208pg, Partial Color
$49.99 $24.99

Collects #13-18 1952-53. Recommended. Art by Lou Cameron, Mike Sekowsky, Bill Discount, Ace Baker, Charles Nicholas et al. Throw another log on the fire and secure the bar across the door, here comes another dizzying dose of devilment from mid-line publisher Ace, who flourished from the early 40s to 1955. Lou Cameron is the star here, with stories in nearly every issue. Ace Baker (the named coined for a Matt Baker look-alike), Lin Streeter, Bill Molno, Charles Nicholas, Chic Stone, Jim McLaughlin, Bill Discount, Dick Beck, and Ken Rice all contribute fun horror tales above the pre-code average. PS Artbooks, 2018. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: PCW03HR
Hard Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color
$54.99 $27.99

Collects #1-4, 1950-51. Recommended. By Richard Hughes. Art by Ogden Whitney et al. This latest title on the PS Artbooks roster, Operation Peril is a total winner, with issues 1 through 4 boasting stories by Richard Hughes (of course) and artwork by, among others, the one and only Ogden Whitney--every cover and one story each issue. Tales of adventure and science fiction, not unlike DC's Danger Trail and EC's last issues of Two-Fisted Tales, with some sci-fi too. Three continuing features in each issue: The Time Travelers, Johnny Danger and Typhoon Tyler. PS Artbooks, 2019. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: PCOP01HR
Hard Cover, 7x10, 216pg, Full Color
$51.99 $25.99

Collects #23-26 and Strange Suspense Stories #27, 1955. Recommended. By Dick Giordano, Don Heck et al. Charlton Comics often fared poorly when measured against the big guns of DC and Marvel, and that's a shame because sometimes they had lots to offer! Check out this extremely eclectic title, with offbeat stories all over the spectrum, from suspense to horror, crime to adventure, and art to match, sometimes semi-adult. Ted Galindo, Dick Giordano, George Evans, Lou Morales, Pete Morisi, Vic Martin, Marc Swayze, Don Heck, Bill Molno, Sid Check and Stan Campbell contribute the artwork. PS Artbooks, 2019. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: PCSS02HR
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$45.99 $22.99

Collects #1-5,1950-51. Recommended. By Warren Kremer, Mike Sekowsky, Ace Baker et al. Above average artwork, top-tier cover art, and babes...lots of babes. These issues have taken off with collectors recently and you can quickly see why. Publisher Ace kicked off their horror comics line with this title and a solid lineup of creators. Stories include The Frenzy of Shiela Lord, Big Top Nightmare, Cult of the Undead, Keeper of the Flames (he's a skeleton, naturally), Behind the Locked Door, The Amulet of Terror, The Shrieking Terror, The Ghost Who Stole a Body, Master of the Undead, The Reluctant Ghost, etc. PS Artbooks, 2019. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: PCTB01HR
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
$45.99 $22.99

Oversized hardcover with exquisite artwork. Our Highest Recommendation. By H.P. Lovecraft. Art by François Baranger. Following up his stunning illustrated Call of Cthulhu, Baranger is back with a matching volume in what we hope will be a continuing series! Acclaimed for his work as a concept designer for cinema and video games, he has performed the incredible task of re-imagining one of H.P. Lovecraft's most classic and horrific tales into visual art--Landscapes of frozen wastes, unspeakable creatures millions of years old found in an abnormal state of preservation, strange geometric structures at the top of black mountains. Words cannot do the visuals justice. It is a book with images to pour over. Design Studio Press, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Hard Cover, 10x14, 64pg, Full Color
$29.95 $14.95

SOLOMON KANE The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Hurt
Recommended. By Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas et al. He's a weapon of God, stalking the 16th Century! A tall, grim wanderer, roving the Earth to right all its wrongs! Let those who worship the power of evil beware, lest they face...Solomon Kane! He sprang from the mind of Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard. Kane's complete, classic Marvel adventures are collected in one huge Omnibus! Adaptations of Howard's formative tales plus new chapters by Roy Thomas, Ralph Macchio, Doug Moench, Joe Duffy, John Arcudi et al--all filled with pirates, cannibals, demons and vampires! Marvel, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: SOLKMHR
Hard Cover, 7x11, 624pg, Full Color
$100.00 $60.00

Highly Recommended. By Roy Thomas et al. Art by John Buscema et al. Roy Thomas' decade-long original run on Conan The Barbarian ranks as one of the greatest in comic book history, and it was crucial in making Conan an icon in the comics world. Here Roy and his artistic collaborator John Buscema bring the saga of BĂȘlit and her quest for the crown of Asgulun to a conclusion. It's a tale that will forever change Conan's life. The adventures that follow feature an even more savage Conan, fiercer than ever and truly unbound. Buscema pencils ALL of this work, with inks by Ernie Chan. Marvel, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: CONB04HR
Hard Cover, 7x11, 848pg, Partial Color
$125.00 $75.00

Original 3-part novel. Fact & Fiction Afterward by Ennis. Highly Recommended. By Garth Ennis. Art by P. J. Holden. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy began World War II with aircraft that could devastate enemy warships and merchantmen at will. But Britain's Royal Navy had only the Fairey Swordfish, a biplane torpedo bomber in an age of monoplanes. It was underpowered and undergunned; a museum piece, an embarrassment. Its crews fully expected to be shot from the skies. Instead, they flew this novel plane legend--against the Italian Fleet at Taranto and integral in sinking the Bismarck, to the deadly challenge of the famous Channel Dash as German ships tried to slip through the English Channel. Dead Reckoning, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Hard Cover, 7x11, 192pg, Full Color
$29.95 $14.95

HEROES REBORN The Avengers Hurt
Collects Avengers #1-12, 1996 and six more titles. By Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino et al. Art by Chap Yaep, Ian Churchill et al. In 1996, the hottest creators of the day teamed up to re-imagine and reinvigorate Marvel's greatest heroes. The Avengers and Fantastic Four were reborn with bold new looks, their origins re-envisioned. Thor, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Ant-Man, Iron Man, and more: the Avengers lineup is both new and classic. They're up against revised versions of Kang, Ultron, the Enchantress, the Masters of Evil, Loki and more. Plus: the Avengers and FF take on the Hulk and Galactus! Marvel, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: HERRER
Soft Cover, 7x10, 496pg, Full Color
$44.99 $22.49
If you can’t find any of these on the website using the exact item code, it means they are sold out. Regular unblemished copies should be available on all of these.


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