Thursday, November 11, 2021

Yoshitaka Amano, Prince Valiant, Hellboy Omnibus Set, Blood ‘n’ Thunder, Carl Barks, Alice in Wonderland and Dune.

This week: Yoshitaka Amano’s new collection, Prince Valiant Volume 24, Dune Graphic Novel Deluxe, Hellboy Boxed Omnibus Set, Blood ‘n’ Thunder returns, Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser, Incredible Hulk #1-6, Tin Can Sailors: Last Stand, Justice League Dark New 52 Omnibus, Cloak & Dagger Omnibus 2, Barks’ Ducks, Alice in Wonderland and other new calendars.

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ELEGANT SPIRITS Amano's Tale of Genji and Fairies
New combined edition, 80 full color paintings & two 8-page foldouts. Highly Recommended. Yoshitaka Amano has visualized other worlds of wonder as the artist of the Final Fantasy game series. Now, with Elegant Spirits, our own world's ancient treasures of literature and legend are richly evoked. First we have The Tale of Genji, an exploration of courtly love written a thousand years ago by Lady Murasaki — considered to be the earliest novel ever written. Next we have Amano's Fairies, of English and Celtic lore. From brownies and the Seelie Court, to Merlin and Nimue, to Shakespeare's Puck and Titania. All images are accompanied by excerpts of text, poetry, and the stories. Dark Horse Manga, 2021....More.

Item Code: ELESH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 168pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99
Here is more by Amano: The Illustrated Biography: Beyond the Fantasy Deluxe Signed [YOSHILD. $149.99] and the regular edition (special order) [YOSHILH. $49.99].

1983-84. Recommended. By Hal Foster, John Cullen Murphy and Cullen Murphy. Val plays a game of life-or-death using live people as chess pieces. Arn's job as Arthur's Keeper of Parks involves defending against invading Saxons. Merlin gives Val a magic ring and a dire message. Val joins a hunt for a cattle-killing man-beast. Mordred launches an attack on Arthur's kingdom. Fantagraphics, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: PV24H
Hard Cover, 11x14, 112pg, Full Color
$34.99 $27.99
Almost all back volumes are still in print at the same discounted price. We still have boxed sets of Volume 1-3 and Vol 4-6 [PVS01P, PVS02P. $99.99, $84.99 ea]. Each is a wonderful Christmas gift for a reader of any age. Just listed this week: one copy online of the full Sunday page sized American Epic Volume 1: 1937 available, published in 1982 [PV01SC. $300], as well as one Vol 2 [PV02SC. $200]. Also just listed, we have a complete set, Vols 1-7, of the 1950s Hastings House series [RB1907. $450].

Graphic Novels


FRANK HEBERT'S DUNE: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL Book 1 Deluxe Collector's Edition
Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson’s adaptation retains the integrity of the original novel, and Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín’s illustrations, with cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz, bring the book to life. A national bestseller, Dune: The Graphic Novel, is now available in this deluxe collector's edition with an increased trim size of 7-1/2 x 11-1/4, printed on high-quality matte art paper in a faux-cloth slipcase with gold foil stamping and onlaid cover plate. Abrams ComicArts, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: DUNE01H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 176pg, Full Color
$50.00 $44.95
Here are more Dune collections.

Recommended. By James D. Hornfischer. Adapted by Doug Murray. Art by Steven Sanders. "One of the greatest last stands in naval history." Adapted from the naval history classic and New York Times bestseller. A riveting story of heroism against daunting odds, duty, and sacrifice in a way never seen before. In October 1944, Japan's Yamato, the largest battleship ever made, leads their forces on an allied landing, with just a handful of allied ships with little firepower and even less armor. This is their story. Dead Reckoning, 2021....More.

Item Code: LASTSH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 208pg, Full Color
See more military history graphic novels, many dealing with World War II, on our website.

Recommended. A global collaboration for planetary change, bringing together 300 leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, and musicians. 120 stories to save the world. Whether it’s inspirational tales from celebrity names such as Cara Delevingne and Andy Serkis, hilarious webcomics from War and Peas and Ricky Gervais, artworks by leading illustrators David Mack and Tula Lotay, calls to action from activists George Monbiot and Jane Goodall, or powerful stories by Brian Azzarello and Amy Chu, each of the comics in this anthology supports projects and organizations fighting to save the planet. DK, 2021....More.

Item Code: MOSCB
Soft Cover, 7x9, 352pg, Full Color

Now in softcover. Highly Recommended. Mike Mignola, Hellboy, and a roster of great creators and characters explore the dark corners of the horror genre in thirty-five stories of witchcraft, ghosts, and the risen dead. Originally published in four award-winning anthologies, these stories featured the debut of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's Beasts of Burden series, and artwork by Kelley Jones, P. Craig Russell, Gary Gianni. Dark Horse, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: DARHO
Soft Cover, 7x10, 304pg, Partial Color
$24.99 $21.99

Pulps & Fantasy Fiction


Recommended. After a two-year absence Blood 'n' Thunder returns as a book-length Annual, its 264 pages crammed with articles, illustrations, and fiction reprints about pulp magazines, vintage Hollywood movies, and Old Time Radio. Black Mask feature, Flash Gordon's short-lived pulp, A. Merritt's Satan, early Lone Ranger broadcasts, Weird Tales on the air, Will Murray on aviation pulp writer George Bruce and much, much more. Murania Press, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: BLOT21
Soft Cover, 7x10, 264pg, Text/b&w
See more recent releases, such as Master of Mystery: The Rise of the Shadow by Will Murray and the annual The Pulpster, in our Pulp section.

Book Five. Highly Recommended. By Fritz Leiber, illustrated by Tyler Jacobson, introduction by Michael Swanwick. The Swords of Lankhmar finds the city characteristically plagued by rats. Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser are in the employ of Glipkerio, the overlord, to guard a grain ship on its journey. Along the way, the rats onboard stage a rebellion and threaten to take the ship until a two-headed sea monster saves the day. If only there were two-headed sea monsters everywhere, Lankhmar would be safe, too.Centipede Press, 2021....More.

Item Code: SWOLH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 376pg, Text/Partial Color

Highly Recommended. By Fritz Leiber. Cover by Richard Hescox. The year 1966 saw the release of one of the most unique Tarzan films ever made: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Starring former NFL linebacker Mike Henry in his debut as the cinematic ape-man, the film portrayed a cultured and refined Tarzan who seemed more James Bond than the unsophisticated ape-man of past films. The depiction surprised and puzzled some moviegoers, but we fans rejoiced at finally seeing ERB's Tarzan. Enter critically acclaimed fantasy author Fritz Leiber, whose novelization of the film became the first authorized Tarzan novel to be written by an author other than Burroughs. Far from retelling of the movie, it was a faithful installment in the literary saga of the ape-man, with frequent callouts to Burroughs’ original Tarzan canon and myriad creative elements added to the storyline! ERB, 2019....More.

Item Code: TARVGH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 322pg, Text/b&w

Comic Book Archives


HELLBOY Omnibus Boxed Set
Collects complete set of Hellboy Omnibuses #1-4. Highly Recommended. Hellboy’s major story, available in a special box set featuring new slipcase art by Mike Mignola. Previously available only as individual volumes, all four Hellboy omnibuses (Seed of Destruction; Strange Places; The Wild Hunt; and Hellboy in Hell) are available together with an exclusive new box. Wild and wonderful storylines, each one complete in itself. Featuring story and art by Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, Richard Corben, Dave Stewart, and others! Dark Horse, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: HELBOM
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1600pg, Full Color
$99.96 $85.00
See our website for the just released Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land [YOUHH. $24.99, $21.99]. Also, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D 1952-54, Art of the Motion Picture (on sale, one left), and Mignola’s Quarantine Sketchbook [MIKQH. $39.99, $34.99].

Collects #1-6, 1962-63. Our Highest Recommendation. By Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. The stories that built the Marvel Universe, the origin and earliest adventures from The Hulk's short-lived six-issue series that paralleled the earliest issues of Fantastic Four. Caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion, victim of gamma radiation gone wild, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner now finds himself transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury! Is the brutish Hulk man or monster—or is he both?! Marvel, 2021....More.

Item Code: MMMIH01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 160pg, Full Color
Here are the other titles in this bargain-priced Mighty Marvel series.

CLOAK AND DAGGER Omnibus Volume 2
Dozens of C&D issues & related titles, 1987-92. By Bill Mantlo, Peter B Gillis, Terry Austin, Steve Gerber et al. Art by Larry Stroman, Terry Shoemaker et al. As Cloak discovers the hideous secret of his hunger for light, Nightmare seeks to use him to destroy Doctor Strange. Mr. Jip unleashes his minions, Day and Night. The Punisher and Mayhem and X-Factor. Dagger deals with the loss of her sight. The villainous Ecstasy wears Cloak's cloak! Ty's death? Plus: Doctor Doom! Acts of Vengeance! Inferno! And Spider-Man and Ghost Rider join Cloak and Dagger for a final fight against Mephisto! Marvel, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: CLD02H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 800pg, Full Color
$100.00 $85.00
Volume 1 has gone out of print, we have only one left [CLD01H. $100].

By Peter Milligan, J.M. Dematteis et al. Art by Mikel Janin, Andres Guinaldo et al. With the Justice League defeated by The Enchantress, this new misfit band of magical heroes is the earth’s new defense. John Constantine, Deadman, Shade, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat, and Detective Chimp line up their magic against enemies they’ve never before imagined! The entire epic in one massive volume. DC Comics, 2021....More.

Item Code: JUSLDH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1648pg, Full Color
$150.00 $125.00

Book 25 in the Complete Carl Barks Disney Library. 18 Stories. Highly Recommended. Stories of the Junior Woodchucks starring Huey, Dewey, and Louie — written and penciled by Barks with finishes by internationally acclaimed Duck artist Daan Jippes — debut in this volume! Other stories include: When Gyro Gearloose invents a ten-story-tall Donald Duck balloon, bigger than anything ever seen at the Macy's Parade, Donald decides to take a ride. But Gyro's "new balloon gas" is stronger than he thought it was, and Donald finds himself out of control, sailing higher and higher, until—. Then, Huey, Dewey, and Louie try to help a "fraidy falcon" overcome his fear of flying by getting Donald to help, but Donald has his own ideas. Fantagraphics, 2021....More.

Item Code: WD25H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 208pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99
See the website for previous releases in the Complete Carl Barks Disney Library series. This is Book 25.

DONALD DUCK AND UNCLE SCROOGE World of the Dragonlords
Recommended. Donald, Uncle Scrooge, and their nephews are locked in a Duckburg family feud when an interdimensional doorway appears — and takes them to Morgworld, a medieval realm where trolls rule, humans are serfs, and dragons beasts of burden! Can our squabbling Ducks bring justice to this land of swords and sorcery? Drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano, among Italy's most celebrated comics artists. Outrageous energy, emotive characters, and wild "techno" style on a feature-length 21st-century Disney fantasy tale! Fantagraphics, 2021....More.

Item Code: DDUSWH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 192pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99
More non-Barks Disney Ducks are in the Disney Masters series.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.

More New 2022 Calendars!

When we did the banner at the top, we thought the Boris & Julie calendar had arrived, but it has not. It is due to arrive next week. Click here if you would like to reserve one.

Highly Recommended. Virgil Finlay (1914-1971) was an American pulp fantasy, science fiction and horror illustrator. While he worked in a range of media from gouache to oils, he specialized in detailed pen-and-ink drawings accomplished with abundant stippling, cross-hatching, and scratchboard techniques that no artist has ever duplicated. 12 such intricate and atmospheric line pen and ink drawings are here, from both traditional pulp magazines and several rare astrological works. Near nudity. Flame Tree, 2021. Corners slightly bumped. ...More.

Item Code: SVF22
12x12, 24pg, b&w

Highly Recommended. Wonderful rare images we've never seen on a calendar before. Faithfully restored pulp detective magazine covers from the 1930s-1950s, with sexy ladies and brawny heroes and nefarious bad guys. Includes in-depth commentary about each issue. Detective Weekly, Black Book Detective, Dime Detective, Detective Novel, Spicy Detective, Hollywood Detective, Variety Detective, Snappy Detective Mysteries, Crime Detective, and Detective Annual. Asgard, 2021....More.

Item Code: VINPD22
Wirebound, 9x13, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. Last year this surprised us with its popularity. It's back with completely new images from classic westerns of the 50s and 60s...Poster-sized and removable to frame. Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum in 5 Card Stud, Barbara Stanwyck and Ronald Reagan in Cattle Queen of Montana, Clint Eastwood in For a Few Dollars More, John Wayne in Paradise Canyon, Eli Wallach in Ace High, The Cisco Kid, Red River and more! Asgard, 2021....More.

Item Code: VINWE22
Wirebound, 9x13, 24pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. This is very fun. Rare images, nothing from DC or Marvel, just cool offbeat stuff like Harvey's Black Cat and Steel Sterling, Centaur's Amazing-Man, Fox's Blue Beetle and The Flame and Phantom Lady, Catman and the very cool Miss Fury! Full-color comic book covers from the 1940’s. Includes in-depth commentary each month from pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg. Asgard, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: VINGA22
Wirebound, 9x13, 24pg, Full Color

JESSIE M. KING 2022 Calendar
Highly Recommended. Jessie M. King was one of the most successful designers of the Glasgow and Arts & Crafts styles, circa 1900-1940. Featuring 12 beautiful artworks by this versatile Scottish illustrator, distinctive designs (and sometimes hand-lettered text) for bookplates, greeting cards, illustrated books, wall panels and folding screens. Intricate and drawing on a range of themes. Angels and beautiful women in long, flowing dresses is a frequent theme, along with complex borders of flowers and exotic plants. Flame Tree, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: JK22
Calendar, 12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. By Kay Nielsen (10 images) and Virginia Sterrett (2 images). Twelve sumptuous and stunning art deco depictions of fairy tale scenes from the Golden Age of illustration. These glorious drawings depict moments from The Arabian Nights, The Sultan and His Vow, Twelve Dancing Princesses, East of the Sun, West of the Moon and other fairy tales. Each plate includes notes describing the scene and story it's from. Flame Tree, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: ADF22
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

THE MAXX 2022 Calendar
Highly Recommended. If you like Sam Kieth's wonderful, innovative art on The Maxx, you can't miss this. A deluxe, oversized, spiral-bound edition from Clover Press with elegant, dynamic images for every month. Iconic images, unpublished covers, and all-new art! Published by Image, The Maxx ran for 35 issues from 1993 to 1998. Clover Press, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: MAXX22
Wirebound, 11x17, 24pg, Full Color

Almost Gone! Recommended. Excellent, realistic paintings of a sharp variety of dinosaurs. Photo-realistic works, reminding us of James Gurney's work in his wonderful Dinotopia. A different, very real dinosaur for each month plus a bonus image. They range from the size of a chicken to the size of a four-story building. 200 million years old but timeless.Bright Day, 2021. Out of print....More.

Item Code: DINO22
Calendar, 24pg, Full Color
For more Dinosaurs, see Love the Dinosaur, Kona and more here.

Highly Recommended. A fine art, extremely limited (less than 100) calendar from our favorite art historian-turned-publisher. This collects twelve elegant zoo inhabitants in an elegant 1920s-era style, each in two colors with accompanying text. First published by Harper & Brothers in 1929. Spiral bound. Very heavy cardstock throughout, gorgeous bright colors, 2nd pictures of even more animals on every grid page. Calligraphics, 2021....More.

Item Code: ZOO22
Wirebound, 9x12, 24pg, Full Color
We’ll have four more fine-art titles from this same specialty publisher, hopefully next week or for sure by Thanksgiving. They feature the vintage artwork of C.B. Falls, William Nicholson, Mac Harshberger and Oliver Herford. These are not on the website yet. See all available (and still a few coming) calendars here.

Alice in Wonderland


Recommended. This calendar features the breathtaking magic lantern slides of Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice in Wonderland. Wonderfully complex scenes in full color and very rarely seen until this all-new collection, part of a traveling museum exhibition. Art by Sir John Tenniel from the 1870s, colorized for the lantern slides, and paintings in full color by W. R. Hill from 1876. Nice rich colors, unusual scenes. Flame Tree, 2021. ...More.

Item Code: AL22
Calendar, 12x12, 24pg, Full Color

ALICE IN WONDERLAND By David Delamare Deluxe Signed
Signed by Wendy Ice. Limited, 2000. With bookplate (for a previous book) drawn & signed by David. Highly Recommended. David Delamare on Illustrating Alice: This deluxe volume is very similar to the storybooks that were read by Victorian children”with a cloth cover, embossed foil titles, sewn binding, and a full color overlay on the front. It comes in a slipcase with a sewn-in ribbon bookmark. "In 2008, after painting an image for an invitational Alice in Wonderland exhibition, I found myself haunted by the characters from the book." Beautifully—and hauntingly—illustrated in color and b&w on nearly every page. Wendy Ice, 2016....More.

Item Code: ALICWHS
Hard Cover - No Dustjacket, 9x11, 134pg, Text/Full Color

Almost Gone! Hand-Numbered from 126 copies, printed on specialty Italian paper. Highly Recommended. By Lewis Carroll. Reprints, in slightly larger size, the scarce 1929 edition. Artist Willy Pogany had a long and fruitful career, illustrating children's and adventure books, working in Hollywood, and teaching art. This wonderful new edition collects one of his scarcest and most desirable books. Nearly every page is illustrated, and the entire book is printed in two colors. Pogany's visualization of Alice is delightful, as you can see just from the cover. His creatures are wonderful, and one or two images from this have often been collected in Alice histories. Inky Parrot Press, 2020. Out of print....More.

Item Code: ALICADH
Soft Cover, 6x10, 188pg, Text/b&w
Also available is a companion volume, The Hunting of the Snark illustrated by Angel Dominguez, also limited to just 126 copies [HUNTSN. $100]. We have two copies left of the discounted Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser [ALICCHR. $50, $30] and just three of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Harry Rountree [ALIADH. $40, $32]. Here’s more Alice on our website.

Rare & Out of Print



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SECOND SLICE The Art of Olivia - $70

PRINCE VALIANT Hastings House Seven Book Set - $450

H.R. GIGER N.Y. CITY - $80





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The John Severin bookplate

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We did our first two-sided, full color bookplate for John Severin: Two Fisted Comic Artist. It’s also large, 7x10. That is the good news.  The bad is that the first printing had an issue with the cover and it had to go back to press for another run…so the November due date is now updated to the end of December, which most likely means we’ll send out copies in January. But it’ll be worth the wait, believe me. Click here to reserve your copy.


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