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2023 Calendars!

2023 Calendars!!

Here's the complete list of calendars we have in stock this year. Nothing has sold out yet but titles will start disappearing as the holiday gets closer--calendars are moving very regularly right now.

In our weekly new items email we will list the new calendars as they come in the door. Often they start to arrive in the middle of Summer when not many of us are looking toward the next year. A few best selling titles will be re-ordered, but most will not be restocked once they sell out.

We have a large variety this year of vintage, fantasy art, pin-up and three different Frazetta calendars. Enjoy!

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Illustrators & Fantasy


Recommended. Step into the mind-bending universe of digital painter Android Jones. At the forefront of the Electro-Mineralist art movement, Jones manipulates light and energy to explore the complex concepts of spirituality and altered states of consciousness. These vibrant multilayered psychedelic pieces challenge your perception of reality and push the boundaries of imagination. Amber Lotus, 2022....More.

Item Code: AJ23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. Greg Hildebrandt is clearly having fun! He’s taken the genre and created something uniquely his own. Each painting goes beyond surface level cheesecake to tell a story that is both rich and compelling, bringing in pop culture, old movies, pulp magazine covers—all with very sexy, retro and yet modern good girl (or bad girl) art! Simon & Schuster, 2022....More.

Item Code: GH23
12x12, 28pg, Full Color

Signed! Highly Recommended. This unique 13-month calendar frames the year as it should, beginning and ending with the most important month of the year—OCTOBER! Featuring significant holidays, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, all the horror-themed dates they could think of: author birthdays, classic horror movie release dates, and many more monstrous events! Includes November-December 2023 also! The Nocturnals and more monsters and creatures star in Dan’s very first calendar, signed on the cover. Nakatomi, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: DB23
12x12, 26pg, Full Color

Recommended. Very popular year after year, with wonderful images spread over his career, from 1994 to 2020. Dive into worlds of fantastic creatures and Victorian architecture with Daniel Merriam’s surrealist art. From tightrope-walking cats to hot-air balloons drifting over choppy shores, and surral fantasy castles filled with mysterious lights and curious stories...Merriam’s romantic works combine adventure and whimsy in each scene. Pomegranate, 2022....More.

Item Code: ADM23
12x13, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. Robbie the Robot gets top billing on a fun selection of action film posters, including a Flash Gordon wanna-be film with Flash himself, Rocket Ship with Buster Crabbe. Also Invasion from Planet X and then we have at least one vintage pulp cover, this one from Amazing Stories. With full page top image and full page bottom grid on premium European paper stock. Tushita, 2022....More.

Item Code: WOF23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

WOMEN OF MYTH AND MAGIC Kinuko Craft 2023 Calendar
Highly Recommended. From mythical archetypes to historical figures, women have inspired great literature, poetry, and, above all, magnificent works of art. Among contemporary artists inspired by ladies of legends, none shines brighter than Kinuko Y. Craft. In this elegant calendar she presents 12 opulent and richly detailed portraits of enchantresses, goddesses, brave warriors, and fairy-tale princesses, each weaving a spell of breathtaking feminine beauty. Amber Lotus, 2022....More.

Item Code: WOME23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

ALEX ROSS MARVEL MURAL 2023 Six Foot Calendar
Highly Recommended. Unfolding to 6 ft. wide x 2 ft. tall, this oversized wall calendar features a mural of 35 Marvel Super Heroes painted by Alex Ross! From Spider-Man and the Hulk to Doctor Strange and Wolverine, hyper-realistic interpretations from one of most respected and influential artists in comics. Commissioned for Marvel’s New York offices! As realistic as any on the silver screen, these classic heroes appear as never seen before.Abrams, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: ARM23
72x24, 2pg, Full Color

KAWASE HASUI 2023 Calendar
Highly Recommended. One of modern Japan’s most prominent artists, Kawase Hasui is known for atmospheric prints of Japanese architecture and landscape. A blaze of maple leaves announces autumn at Oirase Gorge, Towada, and gentle snowfall speaks quietly of winter at a temple in Izumo province. Hasui was also influenced by Western realistic art, particularly photography, and in concert with the opening of Japan’s cultural and political borders, his imagery reflected an increased emphasis on shading and linear perspective. Hasui created more than 600 woodblock prints, 12 of which are collected in this wall calendar. Pomegranate, 2022....More.

Item Code: KH23
12x13, 24pg, Full Color

Plus bonus fold-out poster. Highly Recommended. A stunning calendar featuring never-before-seen illustrations of the Targaryen civil war, the the first-ever illustations focused exclusively on material from the #1 New York Times bestseller Fire & Blood, the inspiration for the new HBO series House of the Dragon. The Dance of the Dragons is the most infamous period in Westerosi history, in which two legitimate claimants for the Iron Throne, along with their supporters — and their dragons — fought for the right to sit that legendary chair. Bantam, 2022....More.

Item Code: GSF23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

ALPHONSE MUCHA 2023 Calendar
Recommended. Alphonse Mucha’s iconic posters and advertising pieces remain some of the most recognizable art from the late 19th century. Producing lithographs advertising everything from champagne to theater productions, his portraiture of glamorous women draped in flowing gowns and pastel florals helped to define the Art Nouveau movement. Pomegranate, 2022....More.

Item Code: AM23
12x13, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. France has long been at the center of European art and culture. Whether advertising international exhibitions or simply tempting tourists to see the sights, well-known artists such as Jacques Nathan-Garamond and Roger de Valerio were commissioned to create imagery highlighting destinations all across France, from the picturesque castles of the Loire Valley and the breezy beaches of Nice to the spectacle that is the tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel. Grand pictures, all vintage 1910-1951. Pomegranate, 2022....More.

Item Code: FVT23
12x13, 24pg, Full Color

FRACTAL COSMOS The Mathematical Art of Alice Kelley 2023 Calendar
Highly Recommended. Organic computer-generated designs of Alice Kelley's, who says, Fractals are an intuitive glimpse into the infinite order that composes the natural world, as well as being proof that math is beautiful. Fractals are the visual depictions of mathematical equations — the same equations, in fact, that describe natural phenomena such as crystal growth, galaxy formation, plant shapes, and weather patterns. Amber Lotus, 2022....More.

Item Code: FRA23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Highly Recommended. Our favorite calendar yet this year! One small step for man, and one giant leap into the worlds of tomorrow through wonderfully imaginative interstellar travel posters. Each unique destination (Titan, Europa, Enceladus, Kepler-186f, Venus, Mars, Ceres, Trappist-1) is inspired by a different exoplanet — all designed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the series "Visions of the Future." The project reminds us that we are the architects of our own destiny, and that these far-flung, dreamy galaxies could become real vacation locales in the far future. Pomegranate, 2022....More.

Item Code: IV23
12x13, 24pg, Full Color

DINOSAURS 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! Recommended. Excellent, realistic paintings of an appealing variety of dinosaurs. Photo-realistic works, reminding us of James Gurney's work in his wonderful Dinotopia. A different, very real dinosaur for each month plus a bonus image. From Pterodactyls flying on leathery wings, to classic T-Rex and horned-backed Stegosaurus and long-necked plant-eaters, they are all here in cool setting and backgrounds. Great for all ages. Bright Day, 2022. Out of print....More.

Item Code: DINO23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

TOLKIEN 2023 Calendar
Highly Recommended. Featuring 12 outstanding full-color paintings of scenes from across the Three Ages of Middle-Earth, some of which are unique to this calendar. A new generation plus veteran top-notch painters reveal Tolkien’s creation with greater depth than ever before. Featuring the work of Emily Austin, Jenny Dolfen, Spiros Gelekas, Justin Gerard, Donato Giancola and Kip Rasmussen.Harper-Collins, 2022....More.

Item Code: TOLK23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

FANTASY ART 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! A new calendar of digital creations: fantasy women in cosplay-style fantasy costumes and otherworldly settings. Amazing closeups of witches, elves, winged fairies and one strange, indescribable woman in an amazing headdress! Designs with erotic overtones but no nudity. Detailed fantasy settings clearly not of this world, including a fire-breathing dragon, a rider on a jungle beast, a witch with a serpent around her shoulders, a unicorn, and more strange creatures. Tasteful for both male and female viewers. Gifted, 2022. Out of print....More.

Item Code: FA23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

PULP ATTACK 2023 Calendar
Recommended. Twelve steamy magazine and paperback covers and movie posters from the golden age of sleaze. Nautipuss, She Tried to be Good, Satan was a Man, Perversity, etc. Nice selection of sultry ladies. Lots of cleavage. Eco friendly paper, all major holidays. Features months and days in additional languages.Tushita, 2022....More.

Item Code: PULP23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

CINEMA NOIR 2023 Calendar
Classic collection of twelve amazing and mostly little-seen movie posters from the golden age of Hollywood crime dramas. Exploitation and girls galore. The Devil is a Woman, Laura, The Chase, Gardenia, Cult of the Cobra, Maltese Falcon, City that Never Sleeps, Scarface, even Bogart and Bacall are here, and Spellbound with Ingrid Bergman & Gregory Peck. Tushita, 2022....More.

Item Code: CN23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. Spanish artist Luis Royo is one of the most popular fantasy illustrators today. With a career spanning four decades, his sensual paintings of women in apocalyptic landscapes and fantasy worlds have captivated fans of science fiction and erotica. This calendar features a selection of artwork of bold, beautiful, and mysterious women, done with his son Romulo Royo. No full nudity. Sellers, 2022....More.

Item Code: LR23
Calendar, 12x12, 24pg, Full Color

BORIS VALLEJO & JULIE BELL Fantasy 2023 Calendar
Highly Recommended. Each month features a full-color original painting, all new each year. This year: Sisters Clairvoyant, Watchers in the Wood, She Wolf, Keepers of Time, The Great Escape, Fearsome Guardian, Cosmic Entanglement etc. We have a trio of witches, a fairy woman, a Conan like warrior — most images feature at least one beautiful and usually powerful woman. All drawn with meticulous anatomical accuracy. Work by the two premiere fantasy artists, a bestseller each year. Workman, 2022. ....More.

Item Code: BVJB23
Calendar, 12x12, 28pg, Full Color

Frazetta Calendars


FRAZETTA SEA WITCH 2023 Calendar Deluxe
We have a very limited supply! Variant Sea Witch cover. Limited to 500 copies. Note: there is a tiny corner bump on the envelope, not the calendar; we cannot get more and this will sell out soon. This deluxe variant includes a premium slipcase envelope individually numbered with a hologram sticker, foil stamping on the envelope and a bonus January 2024 page. Produced by the Frazetta Girls, Frank’s family. Here are Frazetta’s finest paintings of women, including many works not collected in calendar form before and several full nudes. Beautiful, voluptuous, and absolutely fearless women! Frank Frazetta painted women who, once encountered, are never forgotten.. Frazetta Girls Inc, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers. ...More.

Item Code: FRAZSW23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Golden Girl Cover. Highly Recommended. Enclosed in a premium slipcase envelope with The Golden Girl on the cover, a variant from the deluxe edition. Produced by the Frazetta Girls, Frank’s family, the first new production we've handle from them. It's very sharp. Here are Frazetta’s finest paintings of women, including many works not collected in calendar form before and MANY nudes! The Frazetta Girl, beautiful, independent, confident in her sexuality, and absolutely fearless in the face of danger. Frank Frazetta painted women who, once encountered, are never forgotten. 12-month. Frazetta Girls Inc, 2022. Mature Viewers. ...More.

Item Code: FRAZGG23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Recommended. This extra-tall, 10x14 inch 2023 calendar is a collection of Frazetta’s classic masterpieces. Includes two Conans, The Destroyer and The Berserker; Silver Warrior, The Mammoth, Monster out of Time (Tarzan), Egyptian Queen, King Kong, New World and more. Death Dealer cover. Sellers, 2022....More.

Item Code: FRAZ23
10x14, 32pg, Full Color

Vintage Calendars


Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. An excellent selection of offbeat but iconic 1940s-era Golden Age covers: Catman by Bob Fuji, Amazing Man by Sam Glanzman, Green Mask, Silver Streak, The Flame, Blue Beetle, Fantastic by Lou Fine, two Black Cats from 1947 and '51 by Lee Elias, one with a Christmas cover, Miss Fury, Phantom Lady by Matt Baker, and EC's Moon Girl by Shelly. Five covers are from 1940-41. Nice early, wild work. Asgard, 2022....More.

Item Code: VINGA23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. Scarce pulp covers, most never before collected. Ghost Stories (2), Mystery Tales (2), Spicy Mystery (2), Thrilling Mystery, Doctor Death, Unknown (2) and a rare early 1928 title, Tales of Mystery and Imagination. All the horror tropes: bondage, magicians, monsters, whips, decapitation, and scantily clad damsels in distress. Commentary by pop culture historian Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg. Asgard, 2022....More.

Item Code: VINPH23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

VINTAGE SCI-FI 2023 Calendar
Oversized 11 x 15, with removeable prints. Recommended. Planet Stories (4) from 1941 & '45; Captain Future (2) 1940, Startling Stories from 1939 and '42, Thrilling Wonder from 1948 and '51, Science Wonder from 1929, Air Wonder from 1930. Includes work by Virgil Finlay, Alan Anderson, Harry Parkhurst, Frank R. Paul and more well-known top pulp illustrators. Asgard, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: VINS23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Highly Recommended. Features an excellent selection of iconic pulps covers from 1932-1944. Black Book Detective (2), Phantom Detective, Super Detective, Hollywood Detective, Spicy Detective (2), Vice Squad Detective, Crime Confessions, True Detective (2) and Startling Detective. All but one feature scantily clad good girls and/or bad girls! Asgard, 2022....More.

Item Code: VINPD23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. Fresh images we haven't seen in calendars from prior years. Night of the Blood Beast, How to Make a Monster, Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, The Human Monster (Bela Lugosi), House of Frankenstein (Karloff, Chaney, Carradine), Soul of a Monster, Fiend Without a Face, Destroy All Monsters, The Mummy (Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee). Asgard, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: VINM23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

VINTAGE WAR 2023 Calendar
Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. Revisit the war effort with this collection of vintage World War I and World War II posters. I'm not sure if anyone's ever tackled this subject in a calendar before! Wonderful work by Herbert Paus, J.C. Leyendecker, James Montgomery Flagg and others. Inspiring and dramatic, we like these!Asgard, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: VINW23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color

Oversized 11 x 15, removable prints. Recommended. A fine selection of rare western pulp covers, never before collected. Lariat, Cowboy Stories, Western Novels, Range Riders, Western, Texas Rangers, Spicy Western, Rio Kid Western, Masked Rider Western... someone is doing a fine job selecting these. Asgard, 2022....More.

Item Code: VINWE23
Wirebound, 11x15, 24pg, Full Color



THE ART OF OLIVIA Featuring Bettie Page 2023 Calendar
Our Highest Recommendation. Each page features a large pin-up image plus a full second different image next to the dates! This 12 month wall calendar features three images of Bettie Page, contemporary models and Josephine Baker. Elaborate see-through outfits, tattoos and more of Olivia’s signature style, including several nudes. Amazing work from today’s premier pin-up painter. Each large-size image is like a centerfold, extending to the lower opening. Ozone, 2022. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: OLI23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

RETRO PIN-UPS 2023 Calendar (Gifted)
Almost Gone! Recommended. Our second Retro calendar for this year, but with art rather than photos. A good variety of vintage pin-up illustrators including at least two by Peter Driben, several by Elvgren, at least one Earl Moran and other vintage pin-up artists. Classic 1940s and 1950s vintage cheesecake calendar art. Revealing lingerie, girls caught in compromising poses with nylons and garters exposed, or just posing for the viewer in lingerie or bikinis. Fun, innocent images from a bygone era, upbeat with lots of teasing smiles. Gifted, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers....More.

Item Code: RPU23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

PIN-UP GIRLS by Elvgren 2023 Calendar (Carousel)
Recommended. If you're a fan of the retro pin-up look then this fantastic collection of cheeky illustrations will be just the thing for you! Twelve classic Elvgren paintings: we have girls in evening dress, in a cowgirl outfit, topless in undies, accidentally exposing lovely legs with black nylons (three like this), posing in swimsuit and nightie, and more fun and humorous sexy images. No full nudity but lots of exposure! Carousel, 2022....More.

Item Code: PING23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

RETRO PIN-UPS 2023 Calendar (Avonside)
Almost Gone! Contemporary photographs of contemporary models but recalling the old days with vintage outfits, hair styles and retro settings. No nudity, in fact it's all pretty innocent and in good fun. Lots of teasing poses in nylons and sexy outfits, legs and cleavage, classic pin-up poses. Use this tasteful wall calendar at home or at the office and start a conversation. Avonside, 2022. Out of print....More.

Item Code: RETP23
12x12, 26pg, Full Color

PIN-UP HISTORY 2023 Calendar
Vintage Pin Ups from an impressive variety of artists. Many of the most popular artists are here, if you’d like to explore 40s and 50s pin-ups beyond Elvgren. All with that wonderful innocent appeal of vintage pin-up art, girls with big smiles or a look of naive surprise. Features 4 months at a glance view. Tushita, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: PI23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Signed! A beautifully printed 12x12 glossy calendar that opens up every month to an impressive 24x12 artwork. Completely uncensored with fully nude pin-ups by this well-known illustrator; his calendar last year was very popular and his erotic art books have been too. Lorenzo Sperlonga, 2022. Mature Readers. ...More.

Item Code: LOR23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Erotic Photography


LINGERIE 2023 Calendar (Avonside)
Almost Gone! Our third lingerie calendar and a good departure from the others, with bold face and full-body photos in full color. A variety of women. Lots of eye contact with the viewer. Ladies with plenty to show off, and obviously enjoying their flimsy, naughty outfits. No full nudity. Avonside, 2022. Out of print. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: LING23
12x12, 26pg, Full Color

LINGERIE 2023 Calendar (Gifted)
Almost Gone! Recommended. Thirteen generously endowed, tall beautiful models in the latest styles of revealing lingerie, in the bedroom and in bed. These models are overflowing the limits of their Victoria's Secret-style outfits. Full color. Artful and erotic at the same time, with some full body shots, others just from the thighs or waist up. Good eye contact with the viewer in most photos. Cleavage galore, as the latest in lingerie reveals and emphasizes as well as teases. 16 months. Gifted, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers....More.

Item Code: LINGE23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Almost Gone! Recommended. 112 months of steamy close-ups of beautiful bodies in the most sexy lingerie today, with more closeups than our Lingerie [LING23] calendar. A a bit more kink, with hands over breasts, a dominatrix outfit, and booty shots. Full color. Sometimes not revealing all is far more erotic and these images prove that point. Tasteful too! amazing ladies, from strikingly svelte to full-on busty beauties. Striking! Red Robin, 2022. Out of print. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: EROTL23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

GIRLS 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! Recommended. Glamorous images of girls in sexy outfits or topless, but no full frontal nudity. In swimsuits at the pool and beach; in lingerie in bed or on the floor; two girls getting bold together, and three walking away showing virtually bare bottoms. Lots of eye contact with the viewer, and closeups of booty and torsos. Avonside, 2022. Out of print. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: GIRLS23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

ASIAN BABES 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! Twelve months of beautiful sultry Asian models, many with gorgeous natural outdoor backdrops. Modern girls, very international and contemporary. Tasteful, no explicit nudity, lots of smiles and very appealing young ladies. Bright Day, 2022. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: AB23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

POLE DANCERS 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! Recommended. It may be the cliche of sex clubs, but here you can see the absolute greatest performers and most beautiful women who have mastered the extreme poses using a pole! Strong, enchanting women who do the unthinkable in athleticism! When will this be a reality show competition?? These are erotic dancers, indeed, but in a whole different class of athletic skill. Like gymnasts, they stretch, leap, twirl, and push themselves to the extreme. Nice variety of poses and lighting, all full-body shots. Artfully photographed. No full nudity. Gifted, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers....More.

Item Code: POL23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

EROTIC TOUCH 2023 Calendar
Recommended. Black and white erotic photography featuring the female body but in this unique selection of photos, each woman is touching herself; not always in an erotic sense, but it still seems that way. It’s a unique themed series of pictures unlike any we’ve seen before on a calendar. Tasteful and erotic. Tushita, 2022. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: ET23
12x12, 24pg, b&w

Almost Gone! Thirteen very steamy and sometimes kinky b&w images of lovers, bondage, extremely sexy poses in erotic outfits or fully nude, though with no exposed nipples or genitalia. Two feature couples; two handcuffs, one a masked woman, one a pole dancer in sexy nylons and high heels, one a girl in lingerie with a whip, two with girls in orgasm... Artfully erotic images. Artfully erotic images.Gifted, 2022. Out of print. Adult Material....More.

Item Code: EP23
12x12, 24pg, b&w

THE FEMALE FORM 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! Recommended. This is fine art: black and white photography of dancers in motion, of the amazing things a nude body can do, and bodies in repose. Reminds us of Ruth Eastman’s pioneering work in capturing the beautiful of the naked female form with no outright pursuit of eroticism but of course it is still always there. Like Erotic Photography 2023, there is no full nudity (no nipples or genitalia) but plenty of full nudes and fully body poses. Tasteful. Gifted, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers....More.

Item Code: FEM23
12x12, 24pg, b&w

BOOTY 2023 Calendar
Almost Gone! A new derriere each month. Curvaceous and amazing, you've never seen bottoms as perfect as these. No full nudity but oh-so-steamy nonetheless. Always a popular seller for us. All new photographs. Amazing perfection. Girls in skimpy bikinis or lingerie that rather than hiding, emphasizes and reveals tanned and rounded bottoms. Bright Day, 2022. Out of print. Mature Viewers....More.

Item Code: BOOTY23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

Adult Calendars


HOT NAKED GIRLS 2023 Calendar
From Mystique Magazine, one of our most popular nude titles. These are striking ladies, with gorgeous faces AND voluptuous bodies; blondes, brunettes, redheads...there's nothing quite like the Mystique woman, they have an international feeling you don't get from conventional calendars. These models have been seen in Playboy and on the internet. Nothing hidden from view. Amazingly endowed beauties that would draw attention with clothes on, let alone without. Centerfold style, extending onto grid page. Sirens, 2022. Adult Material. ...More.

Item Code: HNG23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

MYSTIQUE X-POSED 2023 Calendar
One of the of most popular calendars from the famous Mystique brand. All new, gorgeous, women from over the world, in uninhibited poses with all revealed. Often pictured outside in exotic settings. Statuesque ladies with amazing bodies and nothing left to the imagination. These models have appeared in Mystique magazine, Playboy and on the internet. Sirens, 2022. Adult material....More.

Item Code: MY23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

BIG BOOB GIRLS 2023 Calendar
One picture is worth 1000 words, so they say. That and the title of this certainly spell out what to expect! Charming women with one thing in common, an abundance of amazing breasts. There's lots of blondes, as well as a good mix of international women that offers a fresh look at beauty around the world. Adult Material....More.

Item Code: BBG23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

This is all about direct eye contact with the viewer, and that teasing, "look at me" twinkle in their eyes. From Mystique Magazine. Nothing left to the imagination; lovely faces on the back cover, but open it up and, well, everything is revealed. Poses in a variety of positions, on sofas and beds. Lots of daring photos. Amazing curves, nice variety of very bold blondes and brunettes. Like a centerfold, each photo extends half way into the calendar grid. Sirens, 2022. Adult Material....More.

Item Code: XXBN23
12x12, 24pg, Full Color

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