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Illustration Magazine with Al Dorne, Prince Valiant slipcased sets, Jose Gonzalez, Batman Black & White, Trigan Empire, Ghost Rider and more!

We're sending this a day early because of the holiday. We are off Thursday and Friday, so orders this week will ship on Monday.

We have a wonderful new Illustration Magazine with Al Dorne, two new Prince Valiant slipcased sets, Jose Gonzalez back in print, Batman Black & White Boxed Set, Trigan Empire, Conan, new Imperfect Editions on sale and more.

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Back in print. Highly Recommended. Introduction by Joe Jusko. For nearly two decades, José "Pepe" Gonzalez was hailed as the premier Vampirella artist, drawing the fiery vixen for Warren Publishing in the Seventies and Eighties. Renowned for bringing to life the most beautiful women the art world has ever seen, Gonzalez's career spans from drawing British romance comics to movie stars, book covers to commercial advertising, and, of course, personal commissions for loved ones and devotees. For the first time ever, author David Roach covers Jose's entire career, transcending his vast body of Vampirella work to explore the full breadth his creativity. Dynamite, 2022. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: ARTJGH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 246pg, Partial Color
$39.99 $36.99

Here’s more by Gonzalez: his Vampirella Art Edition, Vampi Archives and Tarot Deck, Vampi: The Warren Years Covers and 6ft Door Poster. And click here for more from the Spanish illustrators, including full monograph art books on Sanjulian (just in), Enric, Luis Garcia and Luis Royo.

Highly Recommended. By Dan Zimmer. This special issue is entirely devoted to the life and art of the legendary Al Dorne, one of the most successful commercial illustrators of his day. As the founder of the Famous Artists School, alongside luminaries such as Norman Rockwell, Al Parker, Austin Briggs, and more, his correspondence courses taught generations of artists the craft of illustration. Dorne's work has been beloved by comic artists for decades — he drew many of the best comic-strip style ads for the slick magazines, advertising high end product like Wurlitzer jukeboxes, Westinghouse Radios, Imperial Whisky, Frigidaire Refrigerators, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and Sanka Coffee. Illustrated Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: IL78
Magazine, 9x11, 80pg, Partial Color
Here’s available back issues, and here are art books from The Illustrated Press. The Art of Haddon Sundblom is on our Cyber Sale as a Flash Sale item—discounted only until Monday midnight December 5 [ARTHSH. $44.95, $29.95]. Click here for the complete Cyber Sale, which we sent out by email November 20th.

Recommended. By Will Murray. Art by Jason C. Eckhardt. Cover by Eric Lofgren. This hardcover edition contains these bonuses: illustrated 12-page afterword where Murray reveals the origins of each story and how he was expanding HPL's universe, along with illustrations of each story's original appearance; extra interior artwork; and an entirely different back cover illustration from the softcover without text. Handsome cloth binding. From one of our favorite writers of new adventures of Tarzan, King Kong and Doc Savage, come ten stories based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos tales, with field agents of the Cryptic Events Evaluation Section of the formally secret National Reconnaissance Office! Odyssey Publications, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: WILADCH
Hard Cover, 6x9, 218pg, Text/b&w
The softcover edition came in a week or two ago [WILADC. $19.95]. Here are more books on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. And here’s more fiction by Will Murray.

Comics Archives


PRINCE VALIANT 10-12 Slipcase Set
1955-60. Our Highest Recommendation. Hal Foster's Prince Valiant is the most illustrious heroic saga ever written and drawn for the Sunday newspapers. In full, glorious, restored color, this is the finest reproduction of this enthralling, romantic adventure serial ever published. In Volume 10, Aleta is kidnapped, and Val fights famine, introduction by Timothy Truman and a gallery of Hal Foster's incredible Mountie paintings. In Volume 11 is Arvak the Red Stallion's first appearance and Foster's rare and never-before-reprinted advertising art from the 1920s. In Volume 12: a quest for the Holy Grail and Val fights to bust Sir Gawain out of jail. Six years of amazing Sunday Pages. Fantagraphics, 2022. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: PVS04P
Hard Cover, 11x14, 336pg, Full Color
$99.99 $90.99

PRINCE VALIANT 13-15 Slipcase Set
Three hardcover volumes in a handsome slipcase. Availability is ALWAYS limited. 1961-66. Highly Recommended. By Hal Foster. In Volume 13, from the Middle East to the road to Rome, danger follows the noble Prince of Thule. In Volume 14, Valiant fights battles large and small, and Prince Arn comes to the rescue. In Volume 15, Arn lands on the New World, and Aleta is mistaken for a mermaid. Fantagraphics, 2022. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: PVS05P
Hard Cover, 11x14, 336pg, Full Color
$99.99 $90.99
Sets with Volumes 1-3 and 4-6, are still available in limited numbers. Same discounted price of $90.99. Vols 7-10 is out of print as a slipcase set, but individual volumes of this and all other numbers are also available. Click here.

Almost Gone! Our Highest Recommendation. By Gary Gianni. Foreword by Mike Mignola. Modern illustration master Gianni opens the vaults to his work on the legendary Prince Valiant Sunday Page, written by Mark Schultz. Gianni assumed the helm of the strip after John Cullen Murphy but far too few fans have seen his several years of pages, let alone the amazing work behind the published pages...until now. Every aspect of the new era of the strip is covered here, with a particular focus on Gianni's preliminary sketches and production methods. Flesk, 2008. Out of print....More.

Item Code: PVPH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 112pg, Text/Partial Color
This is now out of print. An excellent book by former Prince Valiant artist Gary Gianni, this was an early Flesk book from 2008. We also have two copies of the signed/limited edition: RB3894. $65 (Fine/minor wear) and RB1992. $90 (as new).

Collects Batman Black & White #1-5 and Gotham Knights. Five softcovers in slipcase. Highly Recommended. Presented in stark black-and-white tones that all too easily represent Batman's worldview comes this collection of the Dark Knight Detective's hardboiled adventures: Batman: Black and White and Gotham Knights series. Box set with all five volumes of the Batman: Black and White collection! Contains work by some of comics' top talent! DC Comics, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: BATBLW
Soft Cover, 7x10, 1280pg, b&w
$105.00 $95.00

Collects #36-50, 1979-80. America’s favorite demon-biker is back! The first half of Michael Fleisher and Don Perlin’s iconic run is collected here: a death-worshiping biker cult, a crazed nuclear scientist ready for meltdown, and the soul-stealing Crimson Mage, Flagg Fargo and a double-sized #50 where Blaze meets the original 1950s Ghost Rider! Marvel, 2022....More.

Item Code: MMG04H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 304pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
Volume 3 is still available, same discounted price. See more Ghost Rider here.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 9
Collects Conan the Barbarian #214-240, 1989-91. As the Conan saga closed out the 1980s, it became a time of transition with storytelling innovations coming from veteran creators and new talent alike. In Val Semeiks’ climactic run on the title, Conan discovers a magical desert city, wrests the Blade of Zed from a mad cleric, and runs a gauntlet of fantastic beasts. Larry Hama delivers "Drumsong" while Don Perlin writes and draws the Western-styled "Mask of Vengeance." Gerry Conway makes Conan a cat’s paw to a cult of cat people, after which Michael Higgins turns back the clock for an eight-issue "Young Conan" story line exploring Conan’s formative years in Cimmeria. Marvel, 2022. ...More.

Item Code: CONB09H
Hard Cover, 7x11, 704pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00
See available previous volumes here, and more Conan here.

Bud's Cyber Sale

Our latest sale list just went out November 21st. See dozens of newly discounted books here, plus short-time Flash Sale titles, and newly reduced Omnibus editions. This is very own Cyber Monday Sale…early for your holiday perusing convenience!


Graphic Novels


1973-76. Highly Recommended. By Mike Butterworth. Art by Don Lawrence et al. Don Lawrence's painted art continues to be a highlight of the series, and as he takes a sabbatical from the strip, Miguel Quesada and Philip Corke match his impressive work with their own style. The Trigan Empire remains resilient against enemies on all fronts, from treacherous politicians to murderous Zith assassins and alien invaders; Trigo and Janno protect the citizens of Elekton. Wonderful science fiction comics from the best-ever British series. Rebellion, 2022....More.

Item Code: RIS04
Soft Cover, 8x11, 240pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99
Volumes 1-3 are all in stock at $24.99 cover price. Also by Don Lawrence is Karl the Viking:

KARL THE VIKING Volume 1 The Sword of Eingar
Recommended. By Ted Cowan. Art by Don Lawrence. Originally serialized in Lion, Karl the Viking is a sweeping historical fantasy story of an orphaned Saxon boy, adopted and raised by the Viking Eingar after his raid on Britain. Upon coming of age Karl succeeds Eingar and leads his tribe into battle in Britain against wild tribes of Picts, and re-connects with his old Saxon family, gaining an ally in his cousin Godwulf, and making an enemy of the Earl of Eastumbria. Fast-paced stories beautifully drawn by Don Lawrence shortly before he revolutionized painted comic art with The Trigan Empire. 2000 AD, 2022.  ...More.

Item Code: KAR01
Soft Cover, 8x11, 240pg, Full Color

ISSUNBOSHI A Graphic Novel
From a renowned character development animator. Recommended. By Ryan Lang. An epic graphic novel retelling of the Japanese folktale about the tiny samurai Issunboshi, illustrated in a very attractive animation style with black, white and gray tones. In a feudal Japan where creatures of myth and folklore are real, a demon sets out to reforge an ancient weapon to take over the world. The only person who can stop him is a six-inch-tall would-be samurai, who also happens to be the final and most important piece of the weapon. Oni Press, 2022....More.

Item Code: ISSUNH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 200pg, b&w
$34.99 $31.99

Taschen Art Books


JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINTS 40th Anniversary Edition
Bargain-priced. Recommended. By Andreas Marks. "A dream-like stroll through the most beautiful landscapes of this fantasied Japan" - Vogue. The Japanese woodblock print showcased breathtaking architecture, gardens, mountains, seas, blush-inducing erotica, ghosts and demons, and made sumo wrestlers and kabuki actors into rock stars. This condensed edition reveals the most exceptional prints from 1680-1938, drawing from the finest impressions of museums and private collections worldwide. Taschen, 2022....More.

Item Code: JAPAWBH
Hard Cover, 8x6, 512pg, Full Color
Here’s more on Japanese woodblocks: Japan Awakens, Yoshtoshi: One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, Thirty Six View of Mount Fuji, and the 2023 Kawase Hasui Calendar.

TAROT The Library of Esoterica
Gold-embossed, massive 520-pages. Author Jessica Hundley traces this fascinating history of Tarot, the debut volume in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica series. The book explores the symbolic meaning behind more than 500 cards and works of original art, two thirds of which have never been published outside of the decks themselves. It's the first ever visual compendium of its kind, spanning from medieval to modern, and artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana. Taschen, 2020....More.

Item Code: TARLEH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 520pg, Full Color
Here are complete Tarot sets: Red Sonja, Cthulhu, Vampirella, Book of Azathoth, and the erotic sets by Milo Manara, and Serpieri. Click here for more of the latest collections from Taschen.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.


Imperfect Editions


Limited, 1000. By Kevin Conran. The 2004 film featured groundbreaking special effects and techniques that would change the way movies were made. And it's now attaining cult status. The real story behind the film began many years earlier and here are behind-the-scenes stories marking the movie's unique journey to the screen. It embraced the look and feel of the old serials even as it pushed the boundaries of modern film making technology. Deluxe edition with leather grain cover, gold foil logo, slipcase, mini-poster, letter w/ envelope, membership card, 8x10 art print and embroidered patch! Dynamite, 2022. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: SKYCHR
Hard Cover, 9x12, 272pg, Full Color
$99.99 $49.99
We have just six copies at this price. Still in stock is the as-new edition [SKYCH. $99.99, $91.99].

Our Highest Recommendation. By Thomas Negovan. By 1899, Alphonse Mucha was the most recognizable artist of Art Nouveau graphics and the most celebrated illustrator in Paris. So Mucha insisted upon creating a deeply personal work, a magnificent, oversized deluxe limited edition, Le Pater. For the remainder of his life he considered this his masterpiece. This Symbolist story features a female deity protecting humankind, sophisticated occult themes and mystical illustrations. And this edition from Century Guild is one of the most beautifully produced books I've seen: oversized, quarter leather, gilt embossed cover and gilt page edges...and packed with amazing work, from never-before-seen studies and paintings, each magnificent page of Le Pater itself. Century Guild, 2019. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: ALPMHR
Hard Cover, 12x16, 224pg, Partial Color
$179.00 $99.00
We have only three at this price. We still handle the regular edition [ALPMH. $179].

Closeout Price! Two books in a slipcase. Highly Recommended. Los Angeles is Sylvain Despretz's art book. 400 pages, 250 color and black & white illustrations and 100 pages of storyboards. This deluxe package comes in a slipcase with a second book, Midnight Show, an 88-page softcover with illustrations, some of a more adult theme, that would not fit into the main book. French artist Sylvain Despretz has lived in LA for 20 years, working behind the scenes and next to the mightiest of the mighty, bringing to life the visions of Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Andrei Konchalovsky, Mike Newell, Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick with storyboards, concept art, paintings and illustration. Editions Caurette, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners....More.

Item Code: LOSADR
Hardcover & Softcover, 9x11, 488pg, Partial Color
$120.00 $60.00

Highly Recommended. Peppered with anecdotes, observations and musings on the past two decades, this book is a unique must-have for all those who are interested in cinema and art in general. You see influences of French artist Sylvain Despretz's mentor Mobius here, and lots of amazing fantasy and sci-fi characters and worlds. Sylvain has lived in LA for 20 years bringing to life the visions of Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Andrei Konchalovsky, Mike Newell, Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick with storyboards, concept art, paintings and illustration. Editions Caurette, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners, some with severe slipcase damage....More.

Item Code: LOSAHR
Hard Cover, 9x11, 400pg, Partial Color
$65.00 $32.99
We also have unhurt copies available at full price. This is an import from France. See all of our Imperfect Editions here. They are discounted mostly at 50% off (larger, heavier Omnibus are mostly 40% off), based on minor bumps and dings preventing us from selling them as new, unblemished books. Supply on each title is ALWAYS very limited, usually just two or three copies.

Coming in January


2017-19. By Scott Snyder. Art by Greg Capullo. This epic omnibus contains the entire Dark Nights Metal saga. Batman has uncovered one of the lost mysteries of the that could destroy the very fabric of the DC Universe! He’ll wage war against diabolical Dark Knights across the multiverse and come face-to-face with The Batman Who Laughs. These are the dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! The Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger — and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe! Can Batman and his allies save the Multiverse from total darkness? DC Comics, 2023. Due: Jan. ...More.

Item Code: DARNMH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 760pg, Full Color
$150.00 $130.00

ROBOTS 1:2 R.F. Collection
This compact volume explores the 172 space-themed toys in the R.F. Robot Collection held by the Vitra Design Museum. Largely produced in Japan between 1937 and 1973, this shows the toys and their original packaging on a scale of 1:2, with the largest robot determining the size of the book. QR codes for some of the robots link to a page with short videos showing them in action. Vitra Design Museum, 2023. Due: Jan. ...More.

Item Code: ROBRF
Soft Cover, 7x10, 352pg, Full Color

Coming in February


CONFABULATION An Anecdotal Autobiography By Dave Gibbons
Recommended. This comprehensive, in-depth, and personal journey through the eyes of one of the world’s most famous comics creators, Dave Gibbons, spans his earliest years copying Superman and Batman comics as a kid, to co-creating the bestselling graphic novel of all-time, Watchmen, and beyond. Presented alphabetically, with informally written anecdotes that can be read from cover-to-cover or simply dipped into, Gibbons reveals unseen comics’ pitches, life as the first Comics Laureate, and going from being a fanzine artist to infiltrating DC Comics in the 1970s. Dark Horse, 2023. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: CONFABH
Hard Cover, 256pg, Partial Color
$49.99 $44.99
Click here for Watchmen and Before Watchmen and more by Alan Moore.

PRISM The Art Journey of Cosmic Spectrum
By Yana Bogatch aka Cosmic Spectrum. She has self-published a graphic novel and two art books. Now, The art of Cosmic Spectrum showcases the artist’s entire story and demonstrates the development of her style and career, as well as brand new art and tutorial content. With character art and comics being her specialty, the book features an array of tips and techniques for drawing anatomy, gesture, and character details. 3dtotal Publishing, 2023. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: ARTCSH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 152pg, Full Color

Collects #89-97, 1971-72. By Roy Thomas. Art by Sal Buscema, John Buscema et al. The greatest Avengers saga of all gets the oversized Gallery Edition treatment, befitting the revolutionary artwork of the legendary Neal Adams! The galaxy is rocked by a conflict of star-spanning proportions, with Earth caught in the crossfire! The eternal intergalactic enemies, the merciless Kree and the shape-changing Skrulls, have gone to war, and our planet is situated on the front lines! Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes bring about an end to the fighting before humanity becomes a casualty of war? Marvel, 2023. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: AVEKGH
Hard Cover, 240pg, Full Color
$44.99 $39.99
Also in the Gallery Edition series: Warlock by Jim Starlin, Wolverine Weapon X, Spider-Man the Wedding Album, and Giant Size X-Men.

Collects Iron Man #158-170; Iron Man Annual #5 & more, 1982-83. Art by Carmine Infantino, Luke McDonnell et al. Tony Stark is living proof that even good looks, lots of money and world-class technical genius can’t guarantee that life’s a breeze! With new writer Dennis O’Neil at the helm, Iron Man faces a gauntlet of villains including Diablo, the Serpent Squad “ and a battle against AIM that requires the help of Moon Knight! Still struggling with alcoholism, Stark transfers the mantle of Iron Man “ to Jim Rhodes! Marvel, 2023. Due: Feb. ...More.

Item Code: MMIM16H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 360pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
Volumes 11 (on sale, [MMIM13H. $75, $45), and 13, 14 and 15 [$75, $65 ea] remain available in the Iron Man series.

Mature Readers


By photographer Adam Koons. Into the clothes and then out of the clothes again. Pretty girls get rid of their hot underwear. Shameless, hot, pretty and unconstrained. "The art of snapshot photography, unabashed and honest." 300 color photos. Koons' previous collection was All Natural Beauties (2020). Goliath Books, 2023. Adult Material. Due: Jan. ...More.

Item Code: FRENGH
Hard Cover, 5x8, 256pg, Full Color
$69.99 $64.99
All Natural Beauties is still available. Here are all of our latest nude photography collections.

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The Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta

See the banner ad at the top of this for more details. The total edition of this is 6,000 copies. However, early orders will be filled from the publisher with "Famous First Edition" copies which will be numbered. Taschen also did this with the XXL edition of Marvel Library Spider-Man but the printer neglected to identify the variant, so some people got it, some didn't. We could not identify them without opening every copy, which were shrink-wrapped! We're assured on the Frazetta that this issue is fixed and our large initial order is all Famous First Edition/numbered copies. We should be filling orders the first week in February.

Alley Oop The Complete Sundays 3 1939-1941

We had some damage on our first shipment and the good copies are already sent out leaving us none until the replacements come in. I love this damn book, it’s so good, but we had to pull it from our lead feature this week since we had no copies to fulfil orders. We should have more by the week of December 5th so it’ll make the email. Meanwhile you are welcome to backorder it. It has my highest recommendation [ALLE03H. $75]. Volumes 1 and 2 came out in 2014 and are currently out of print. Click here for both the Hamlin and Graue series of Daily Strip reprints. New ones are coming out each month.

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