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Arthur Adams, Terry Moore, Betty Boop, Shadow Over Innsmouth, Men’s Adventure Quarterly, Batman Eternal, EC’s Shock Suspense, Satanic Shadows, Atlas Artist Edition 1 Joe Maneely

This week: Arthur Adams, Terry Moore, Betty Boop, Shadow Over Innsmouth, Men’s Adventure Quarterly, Batman Eternal, EC’s Shock Suspense, and Satanic Shadows! Coming is the Atlas Artist Edition 1: Joe Maneely. Plus new Imperfect editions. And our 10% off EVERYTHING sale is good until midnight, December 10. Details below!

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Arthur Adams

MARVEL UNIVERSE By Arthur Adams Omnibus
Longshot, X-Men, Fantastic Four 1980s-90 and much more. Highly Recommended. By Chris Claremont et al. Like all great comic book artists, Arthur Adams earned his way in through long, hard work, by hitting the pavement with his portfolio in hand. But it didn't seem that way. Arthur Adams seemed to burst out of the clear blue sky with an avalanche of unbelievable artwork. Energetic, richly detailed, full of character and just plain fun, his art merged East and West, bringing manga influences to American readers and influencing a generation of future artists. This Omnibus collects his complete Marvel work from the 1980s through the early 1990s in one volume.From Longshot to the X-Men to the New Fantastic Four, from covers galore to pinups, posters, trading cards -- not to mention a huge trove of pencils and original art-- this is your be-all, end-all Arthur Adams Omnibus! Marvel, 2023. ...More

Item Code: MUAAH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 1200pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00


Limited to 2000. Comes with a signed 8x11 b&w plate. Special Publisher Hardcover. Our Highest Recommendation. The most comprehensive retrospective ever compiled on this celebrated creator. A hand-picked selection of his art spans forty years and highlights a variety of comic-book covers and interior pages from each phase of his career. The pieces showcased here are from major and independent publishers as well as creator-owned projects. Examples cover a chronological display dating from his first samples, while trying to break into the business, to Arthur's latest cover drawings. Each image is accompanied by personal anecdotes that enhance the visuals. Flesk, 2023. Due: Dec....More

Item Code: ARTAAH
Hard Cover, 9x12, 180pg, b&w

The first 75 copies sold will include a 8x11 b&w signed plate. Our Highest Recommendation.Flesk, 2023. Due: Dec....More

Item Code: ARTAA
Soft Cover, 9x12, 180pg, b&w
A couple corrections since we first advertised The Art of Arthur Adams. See the descriptions above with details on the signed bookplate and the edition size. Publisher John Fleskes will be hand-delivering these to us the week of December 11. It’s been delayed reaching us because this may well be his most successful Kickstarter program ever. John and his crew had over 4000 copies to pack and ship. Half of our allotment of hardcovers is now spoken for. This edition has only been made available in the Kickstarter campaign, in a one-shot offering from Diamond Comics, to just a couple small retailers…and ourselves. It is now OUT OF PRINT.
Good news: we include a signed bookplate with the first 75 copies sold of the softcover edition.

New Sketchbook

Signed. Highly Recommended! A thoughtfully curated collection of sweet and sexy drawings that readers of his titles have been dreaming about for almost thirty years. This book is filled with both fan favorites and brand new black and white images of Terry's beloved characters in their most tender and raucous moments, with even a little full nudity. Lots of pin-up shots and the occasional steamy comics page. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Terry's creative process with personal commentary throughout. Starring Francine and Katchoo from Strangers In Paradise as well as the expanded cast of the Terryverse. Abstract Studios, 2023. Mature Readers....More

Item Code: TERADS
Soft Cover, 8x11, 120pg, b&w
Terry signs every sketchbook and series book that we handle and they come straight from him. See them all here. And here are all our sketchbooks.

Graphic Novels & Archives

Highly Recommended. Title page in silver ink and 12 pages in full color! A lengthy new adaptation of the only H.P. Lovecraft story published as a book during his lifetime, by modern horror master Gou Tanabe. We're very impressed with the dark tonal art (this is not typical manga pen and ink)'s wonderfully moody and rich and creepy. In the winter of 1927-28, the isolated coastal settlement of Innsmouth, Massachusetts was assaulted by U.S. government agents-- its waterfront burned and dynamited, its people taken away to internment camps.Yet that was neither the beginning nor the end of the horror uncovered by a young antiquarian who traveled to Innsmouth in search of rumors from the town's dead past, only to find them still very much alive...and find truths lying under water deeper and colder than any earthly grave! Dark Horse, 2023....More

Item Code: HPSHA
Soft Cover, 5x7, 450pg, Partial Color
$29.99 $26.99

Highly Recommended. By H. P. Lovecraft. Art by François Baranger. A new release in this acclaimed French series, with more stunning epic paintings in a large-sized hardcover, matching the previous volumes, Cthulhu and At the Mountains of Madness. In Dunwich, a remote village in Massachusetts, lost in the depths of an inhospitable countryside with dark valleys invaded by brambles, the old stories of witches are still alive and strange subterranean noises resound at times under the hills surmounted by mysterious circles of stones. Design Studio Press, 2023....More

Item Code: DUNWHH
Hard Cover, 11x14, 64pg, Full Color
This French series is outstanding and our customers have enthusiastically embraced it. See all the François Baranger titles in matching oversized editions. And see all H.P. Lovecraft books here.

Collects #13-18, 1954-55. Foreword by Brian Michael Bendis. Our Highest Recommendation. Art by Frank Frazetta, Wally Wood, Reed Crandall, Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, Berni Krigstein, George Evans et al. 24 great stories from EC's shock-ending title -- and also a showcase for cutting-edge stories of bigotry and social issues untouched in any other comic! Digitally recolored, using Marie Severin's original palette as a guide. Includes Frazetta's only solo EC story, "Squeeze Play" and "You, Murderer" by Krigstein. Some of EC's most powerful stories of bigotry and injustice, including "The Whipping," "My Brother's Keeper," "Only Skin-Deep," "The Hazing," "Cadillac Fever," and "The Assassin." Dark Horse, 2023....More

Item Code: ECS03
Soft Cover, 8x11, 216pg, Full Color
Shock Suspenstories 1 & 2 are also available at $19.95 each. Here is all the EC softcover series, so far.

New edition. Collects Batman Eternal #1-52 and more. 2014-15. New introduction from writer James Tynion IV and behind-the-scenes extras. With Scott Snyder and Tim Seeley. Art by Dustin Nguyen and Guillem March. Bringing down the organization of the ultimate human trafficker, the mysterious woman known only as Mother. At the time, Dick Grayson never quite understood the scope of that case, but now its darkest secrets are coming back to haunt him and everyone else who ever worked with Batman! With Bruce Wayne now lost to them, Dick and all his allies are out in the cold! Who can they trust? Is someone among them not who they say they are? And who is the deadly, silent young woman in black who's come to Gotham City looking for Batman? DC Comics, 2023....More

Item Code: BATEOH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1208pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

Betty Boop, Art Books & More

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BETTY BOOP The 100-Year History of an Animated Icon
Highly Recommended. By Peter Benjaminson. The first biography of a major American cartoon icon! Betty Boop's creation and incredibly active romantic and family life as revealed in her numerous comic strips, comic books, cartoons, and movies since 1930. Whether spreading joy during the Depression, thwarting Hitler, running for president, traveling to hell and bettering Satan himself, or flouting sexual mores, Betty has always been a true American original, embodying and commenting on the culture and attitudes of her time for nearly a century. Well illustrated. Applause, 2023....More

Item Code: LIFEBB
Soft Cover, 6x9, 240pg, b&w

JOURNEY The Art of Carles Dalmau
Oversized full color hardcover. Import. Highly Recommended. Carles Dalmau has become in a short time one of the most popular illustrators in the world. With his full cartoon style of details, it has conquered developers and the general public, becoming part of many projects in the world of video games. With this art book, in a bilingual edition (Spanish and English) so that all his followers can know his secrets, Carles what makes his illustrations the way they are, how his style has been formed, what his references are, and what mysteries hides the world he has created. We like his humor, his very imaginative work, his appealing female characters, even his color palette. Published in Spain, our stock may be limited. Norma Editorial, 2022....More

Item Code: JOURH
Hard Cover, 11x11, 96pg, Full Color

SATANIC SHADOWS Depictions of Hell and the Devil In Classic Cinema 1896-1936
Recommended. 100 reproductions; occasional nudity. A plethora of wild, bizarre and shocking scene of devils, nude witches, hell...none of which we've ever seen before! Featured in many early films was the singular figure of Satan, the Devil incarnate. From Goethe's Faust to Dante's Inferno, classic art and literature were the well whence sprang the first cinematic depictions of the Devil, his deeds and his dwelling-place. These feverish imaginings led to more elaborate and complex films which vividly explored the terrors of Satan's relentless war against humanity. Rare films from the U.S., France and Italy, from Georges Méliès' diabolic trick-film "Le Manoir Du Diable," shot in 1896, to such mysterious silent works as "Witchcraft Through The Ages," "Faust" and "Birth Of The Anti-Christ," and beyond to the burgeoning sound era. Deicide Press, 2023. Mature Readers....More

Item Code: SATSHA
Soft Cover, 8x11, 104pg, b&w
Here’s more of Satan and Hell in art.

PANDEMONIUM A Visual History of Demonology
Recommended. By Ed Simon. As enigmatic as their infernal leader, demons have skulked and slithered through history, appearing in scripture, literature and philosophy for millennia. Traditionally they were supposed to be fallen angels who fell in with Lucifer...and they have an impact on our understanding of what it is to be human. Author Ed Simon introduces readers to not just Asmodeus, Baal, and Moloch, but to the strange personages who've claimed secret knowledge of such beings. Lushly illustrated, diabolically fascinating, and fiendishly unsettling. Occasional nudity. Cernunnos, 2022. Mature Readers. ...More

Item Code: PANDH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 400pg, Text/Full Color

Men's Adventure Quarterly

Recommended. Edited by Robert Deis, and Bill Cunningham. Boldly illustrated stories, nine in all, of Croc Attacks, Jungle Curses, Bloodthirsty Cults, Backwoods Revenge, and even World War II Battles for Survival against Ravenous Reptiles! And half-clad gals are usually part of the mix! Also featured in this issue: Men's Adventure Down Under, Crocs and Gators in the Movies, Gal-lery: The Women of The Astounding She-Monster, a look at pulp writer Max Allan Collins, his character Nolan and their steamy covers. Includes pin-up magazine covers of the model and actresses. Entirely in full color. Subtropic Productions, 2023....More

Item Code: MENQ09
Soft Cover, 8x10, 160pg, Partial Color
All issues are still available: #1-4 are $29.95 each, #5-8 are $31.95 [MENZ01, etc].

THE ART OF RON LESSER Volume 1 Deadly Dames and Sexy Sirens Hardcover
Highly Recommended. By Robert Deis, Bill Cunningham and J. Kingston Pierce. In the late 1950s, while studying with the legendary art teacher Frank J. Reilly at the Art Students League in New York City, Ron Lesser embarked on a long career as one of America's top illustration artists. Over the next four decades, his artwork was used for thousands of paperback book covers, movie posters, magazines, and advertisements. The focus of this volume, first in a series, is on the first leg of his career -- paperback covers, movie posters, magazines, and ads between 1959 and 1979 that featured images of "dangerous dames," "sexy sirens," and other beautiful women. Subtropic Productions, 2023....More

Item Code: ARTRL01H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 146pg, Full Color
Also available in softcover, exactly the same content [ARTRL01]. $39.95

Bonus 18 pages exclusive to this edition. Recommended. George Gross is one of the best known of the pulp cover artists -- here we are introduced to his men's adventure magazine covers and art of the '50s and '60s, and paperback covers from the '40s through the '80s. He was a mentor and friend to iconic illustrator Mort Künstler. Gross's artwork helped establish a visual vocabulary for action/adventure and hard-boiled fiction. His imagery continues to inspire and influence, from action paperbacks to the Pulp Fiction movie poster. New Texture, 2022....More

Item Code: GEOGCH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 140pg, Full Color
The softcover edition lacks the bonus 18 pages [GEOGC. $24.95] but sports a variant cover. Here is more from editor Robert Deis and his various imprints, New Texture and Subtropic.

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Coming in January

THE ATLAS Artist Edition Volume 1 Joe Maneely
Our Highest Recommendation. A cornucopia, 256 pages, of Maneely's finest! Marvel (then called Atlas) classics including pre-code horror ("Haunted!," "The Raving Maniac," and the classic "Your Name Is Frankenstein"), space opera (Speed Carter), war (Combat Kelly), Mad-style parodies of Crazy and Riot, cold-war intrigue, the Fu Manchu swipe (Yellow Claw), Westerns (Kid Colt, Black Rider, Ringo Kid, Wyatt Earp, Two-Gun Kid), and Maneely's pride and joy -- his Arthurian champion, The Black Knight. Fantagraphics, 2023. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: ATLA01H
Hard Cover, 10x13, 256pg, Full Color
$75.00 $67.50
Here’s more collections from the world of Marvel & Stan Lee’s Atlas imprint, in the 1950s.

Collects Volume 1, #1-16, Volume 2 #1-25 and much more. Limited, 5,000. By Kurtis J. Wiebe and Ryan Ferrier. Art by Roc Upchurch et al. Collecting the entire journey of the Rat Queens, from their raucous and wild beginnings as mercenaries to their rise as begrudging heroes. Discover what made this award-winning high-fantasy series special. It's cultivated fans all over the world -- the comedy, camaraderie, and adventurous spirit all with a modern twist that makes the main cast of Violet, Betty, Hannah, and Dee feel like people you already knew. This is a fantasy series like no other, with ten years of adventures in one giant tome. Image Comics, 2023. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: RATQH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1224pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

Collects Eternal Warrior #1-25 and nine more titles/issues, 1992-94. Prepare for ten thousand years of war as comics legends Jim Shooter (The Avengers, Secret Wars), Barry Windsor-Smith (Monsters, Weapon X), John Dixon (Shadowman), Kevin VanHook (Bloodshot, Batman Confidential), Mark Moretti (Ninjak) and more come together for the first omnibus collection of Valiant's original immortal hero! For a thousand generations, Gilad Anni-Padda has defended the innocent and dealt out justice as the Eternal Warrior -- the undying champion of the Geomancers, the Earth's chosen Fist and Steel. An unsung veteran of every war ever waged, Gilad's hard-fought quest from the ancient world to modern day Los Angeles will force him to the forefront of the Valiant Universe -- and into a brand new kind of battle alongside the likes of Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and his own long-lost brother, the one and only Armstrong. Valiant Entertainment, 2024. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: ETERW01H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 912pg, Full Color
$124.99 $110.00

Limited, 200. Art by Joe Benitez et al. In 2003, superstar artist Michael Turner founded Aspen Comics. His legendary body of work is encapsulated like never before in this massive, over-sized collection. Including the full first volumes of his iconic Fathom and Soulfire series collected together in their entirety, along with his entire Ekos, Soulfire and a complete Fathom cover gallery! Aspen Milt, 2023. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: MICCH
Hard Cover, 8x12, 720pg, Full Color
Here’s more with Michael Turner.

Collects Strange Tales #147-168, Doctor Strange #169-179 and more. 1966-69. Highly Recommended. Stan Lee, Bill Everett, Marie Severin and Dan Adkins present the second collection of the first Doc Strange stories. Adventures will take him across the cosmos and into new dimensions as he struggles to save Earth from Kaluu, Umar and the judgment of the Living Tribunal. Then, in his own solo series, Doctor Strange gains one of his greatest creative teams of all time: Roy Thomas, Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. This trio of talents will pit the Master of the Mystic arts against Eternity and Dormammu with the lives of Clea and Victoria Bentley hanging in the balance. Marvel, 2023. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: DOCST02
Soft Cover, 7x10, 504pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99
The first Epic collection is out of print, but we have Volume 3 and 5 in stock. Also Doc Strange Omnibus collections, Masterworks and more. Click for more Doctor Strange.

INSPIRED BY NATURE Designing Botanical Characters
Recommended. Character designers take inspiration from beautiful botany and, in this project-focused title, each creates a brand-new character based on nature, with step-by-step tutorials allowing readers to follow along. From mushroom fairies to swamp-dwelling beasts, and Mother Nature herself, we have seen countless characters inspired by the delicacy and harshness of the natural world. The projects include notes on the research, design, and creation of the characters, leading to a stunning final image, plus a gallery from each artist showing more of their nature-themed works. 3dtotal Publishing, 2024. Due: Jan....More

Item Code: INSPN
Soft Cover, 8x12, 296pg, Partial Color
Here is more from this hip publisher, 3dtotal. We are impressed by all of their books, as well as the excellent Character Design Quarterly, several of which are now on sale at just $9.95. They are also going to publish Frank Frazetta: An Artist’s Tribute, below:

FRANK FRAZETTA An Artists' Tribute
Introduction by Susan Frazetta. A selection of incredible artists pay tribute to Frank Frazetta by creating new art (11 art projects) inspired by his work, accompanied by in-depth interviews with members of the Frazetta family. 3dtotal, 2024. Due: Feb....More

Item Code: FRAATH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 248pg, Partial Color

Coming in February

BILL WARD The Fantagraphics Studio Edition
Introduction burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese. Recommended. Bill Ward's glamour girls were the staples of countless men's and humor magazines, where they shared the pages with cult models like Bettie Page, Tina Louise, and Julie Newmar, and cartoons by fellow "good girl" artists such as Archie's Dan Decarlo and Playboy's Jack Cole. Imagine if you will, an innocent but stunning young woman boasting wildly exaggeratedly Barbie-like proportions poured into a wisp of lingerie or clingy cocktail dress and adorned in diamond necklaces and opera-length gloves, all perched on top of a pair of dangerously high stiletto heels, and you've got the recipe for the quintessential Bill Ward glamour girl. Fantagraphics, 2024. Due: Feb....More

Item Code: BILLWH
Hard Cover, 13x17, 180pg, Full Color
Here's more Ward, including two Rare Books: The Glamour Girls of Bill Ward [RB2052. $90] and The Fantastic Girls of Bill Ward Portfolio [RB4115. $150]. Bill is also in this Glamour Special:

Highly Recommended. Double-sized special. An entirely new look at Glamour and Pin Up art from the 1900s on, but with emphasis on the last several decades. Billy De Vorss, Rolf Armstrong, Alberto Vargas, Enoch Bolles, Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, to "modern day" names: Fritz Willis, Chris Achilleos, Sorayama, Patrick Nagel, Dave Stevens, Milo Manara, Robert McGinnis and many, many more. A gorgeous collection. Lots of nudity. Book Palace, 2021. Adult material. ...More

Item Code: IQS13
Soft Cover, 9x11, 144pg, Partial Color

This collection is the first ever publication of Johnson's work and includes: Wally's Gang, his 50-year magnum opus chronicling the humorous, cliff-hanging adventures of a group of bachelor friends; The Bowser Boys, a seamy, darkly slapstick depiction of bohemian street life that could be considered the first underground comic series; and Juke Boys, absurd, graphic experimentation. When Frank Johnson, an itinerant musician and shipping clerk, died in 1979, he left behind a startling discovery: more than 2,300 notebook pages of comics and 131 unbound drawings, among them a massive, continuous story line beginning in the earliest surviving notebook dated 1928 -- before the existence of comic books... Fantagraphics, 2023. Due: Feb....More

Item Code: FRAJ01
Soft Cover, 7x9, 634pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99

Coming in March

CONAN THE BARBARIAN COLOSSAL EDITION Barry Windsor-Smith Cover Signed by Roy Thomas
Signed & limited. Recommended. 190 pages of full-size 12 x 17 scans of the original comic art pages pulled from throughout the original classic run of Conan comics and magazines. Explore the timeless works by legendary Conan artists John Buscema, Barry Windsor-Smith, Gil Kane, and a host of others in the most vivid detail possible! Zoop, 2024. Due: Mar....More

Hard Cover, 12x17, 190pg, Partial Color

Recommended. Zoop, 2024. Due: Mar....More

Hard Cover, 12x17, 190pg, Partial Color
We previously announced editions with a John Buscema cover, signed by Roy or unsigned, and an unsigned edition with a Jim Lee cover. We just found out about the Windsor-Smith cover edition. All will be limited printings.

Imperfect Editions

Highly Recommended. By Robert M. Overstreet. David Michael Beck's powerful rendition of Blackout, a forgotten Golden Age hero, is featured on the cover of this oversized, limited edition. It features just the pricing, credits and top titles sales data from the standard editions of the book. All in larger, easy to read type with a special lay-flat binding; no awkward tricks to prop it open like the regular guide requires. Gemstone, 2023. Condition: Bumped corners. ...More

Item Code: BIG53R
Squarebound, 12x12, 800pg, Text Only
$59.95 $29.95
Here are all the Overstreet editions.

Art by Mirko Colak, Leila Leiz, Dalibor Talajic, Fran Galan, Jamal Igle, and Juan Doe. Cullen Bunn is unquestionably AfterShock's most prolific storyteller, having penned best-selling tales of horror, terror and suspense from the publisher's earliest days straight through to today. Now his best works are collected in this deluxe hardcover volume--including short stories previously only available in the Shock anthologies. It's the perfect gift for friends, family or, frankly, yourself. Collects Brothers Dracul #1-5, Dark Ark: After The Flood #1-5, Knights Temporal #1-5, Unholy Grail #1-5, Witch Hammer Ogn, "Bloodflie" from Shock Volume 1, and "Man, I Am Evil, Dude" from Shock Volume 2, 2017-20. Aftershock Comics, 2020. Condition: Bumped corners and may have cracked binding....More

Item Code: ALMLDHR
Hard Cover, 8x11, 496pg, Full Color
$79.99 $39.99
We never offered this before.

Collects #1-50, 1992-96. Recommended. A Whopping 1136 pages of Spawn! Todd McFarlane unleashed Spawn in 1992, creating the most successful independent comic book in history. Add in collaborations with industry giants Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Tony Daniel, and Grant Morrison, and SPAWN's future as a legend was sealed. Collected now in full color, McFarlane's hyper-detailed artwork comes to life like never before. Relive all the excitement of everyone's favorite anti-hero with this new collection; get ready for hours and hours of Spawn action. Image Comics, 2021. Condition: Bumped corners. ...More

Item Code: SPAW01R
Soft Cover, 7x10, 1136pg, Full Color
$59.99 $29.99

Also available at half price are hurt copies of Vol 2 and 4 [SPAW02R, SPAW04R. $29.99 ea]. Volume 3 is as-new and discounted [SPAW03. $59.99, $39.99].

Click here for more Spawn editions on sale.


Here’s a list of hurt copies that we have just 1 or 2 copies of each. If you click on one and it does not come up on our site, it means it is gone.

BATN01HR -- BATMAN NO MAN'S LAND Omnibus Volume 1 Hurt $125/$75 (2)
AVXHR -- AVENGERS VS X-MEN Omnibus Hurt $150/$90 (2)
BULL02HR -- 100 BULLETS Omnibus Volume 2 Hurt $125/$75 (2)
MARYHR -- MARVEL YEAR BY YEAR A Visual History Hurt $50/$30 (2)
SAVS06HR -- SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 6 Hurt $125/$75 (2)



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EC Fan Addict #7

#6 and all other issues are now sold out! #7 is coming soon and we’ll have another signed bookplate for it. You cannot order it yet, but we just wanted you to be aware that Roger Hill and Grant Geissman have done it again with another great issue. Cover price will again be just $16!

Meanwhile, don’t miss any of the Horror from the Crypt of Fear, another fine and fun EC-inspired ‘zine. We have four issues all available now, and we are the exclusive distributor unless you order direct from publisher and EC fan-addict, Bill Leach.


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