Thursday, December 14, 2023

Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, Barry Windsor-Smith, Moebius, Prince Valiant slipcased, Alter Ego, Jade Warriors by Deodato, Byrne’s X-Men, Creepy and Popeye!

New Moebius! Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. Barry Windsor-Smith’s Eternal Warrior. Prince Valiant slipcased. Another great Alter Ego covers a rare Golden Age company. Batman, Wonder Man, Jade Warriors by Deodato, completed. Byrne’s X-Men Artist Edition. Popeye Vol 3. Silver Surfer. Creepy! A new December Deal for this week only, and lots of news and notes. We say goodbye to friend and publisher Roger Hill.

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Collects #1-3, 2021-22. Deluxe, oversized, slipcase. Highly Recommended. The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award-winning author Neil Gaiman and Eisner award-winning comics legend P. Craig Russell breathe new life into the ancient Norse stories. We begin with the creation of the Nine Worlds and journey through the epic origin and adventures of Thor, Odin, and Loki all the way to the end of life: Ragnarök! Having previously written about deities in American Gods and The Sandman, Gaiman teams with Russell to finally bring readers the Norse gods in their own setting in this comic book adaptation of the hit novel! Dark Horse, 2023....More.

Item Code: COMNMH
Hard Cover, 8x13, 456pg, Full Color
$124.99 $110.00

All three of the individual volumes are also still available [NOR01H, 02H, 03H. $29.99, $26.99 each]. Here’s more from Neil Gaiman and from P. Craig Russell.

Recommended. Art by Moebius. Working closely with publisher Casterman and Moebius Productions, Dark Horse brings you Numa Sadoul’s landmark interviews with Jean “Moebius” Giraud. The master reflects on his many lives as an artist and man, from his Heavy Metal breakthrough era to a year before his untimely passing. Numa Sadoul — whose exclusive 14-hour interview with Hergé was the basis of the 2003 documentary Tintin and I — is known for his book-length conversations with such major comics figures as Jacques Tardi, André Franquin (Spirou), and Albert Uderzo (co-creator of Astérix). Well illustrated in full color. Dark Horse, 2023....More.

Item Code: DOCMGH
Soft Cover, 8x11, 288pg, Text/Partial Color
$29.99 $26.99

Omnibus Editions


Collects Eternal Warrior #1-25 and nine more titles/issues, 1992-94. Prepare for ten thousand years of war as comics legends Jim Shooter (The Avengers, Secret Wars), Barry Windsor-Smith (Monsters, Weapon X), John Dixon (Shadowman) and others come together for the first omnibus collection of Valiant's immortal hero. For a thousand generations, Gilad Anni-Padda has defended the innocent and dealt out justice as the Eternal Warrior — the undying champion of the Geomancers. An unsung veteran of every war ever waged, Gilad's hard-fought quest from the ancient world to modern day Los Angeles will force him to the forefront of the Valiant Universe — and into a brand new kind of battle alongside the likes of Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and his own long-lost brother, Armstrong. Valiant Entertainment, 2024....More.

Item Code: ETERW01H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 912pg, Full Color
$124.99 $110.00
Here’s more from Barry Windsor-Smith.

WONDER MAN The Early Years Omnibus
Collects Avengers #9 and 22 more issues, dozens more titles, 1964-2007. By Stan Lee, Roy Thomas et al. Art by Don Heck, John Buscema et al. 40 years of his appearances across the Marvel Universe. Simon Williams is imbued with incredible ionic powers by Baron Zemo to become an enemy of the Avengers, but gives his life to save them...and later returns from the grave to join them and then become a founding member of the West Coast Avengers. But he’s never far from drama with his complicated family tree — which includes Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ultron — and his brother, the Grim Reaper! Marvel, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: WONEH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1064pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

Prince Valiant


PRINCE VALIANT 16-18 Slipcase Set
1967-72. Our Highest Recommendation. By Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy. The series of special slipcased gift sets of the most visually opulent comic strip in the medium's history, based on the King Arthur mythos, continues with Vols. 16 - 18. In Volume 16, Val goes to rescue Gwaine in the desert and ends up tortured. Arn is in a love triangle, there's a slave rebellion, greedy governors, and more. In Volume 17, King Arthur sends Val on an intricate new mission. In Volume 18 are Foster's final pages before he went to doing layouts and writing only. Val ends a tyrant's rein and must win back the queen of (his) heart, Aleta. Arn defends the kingdom from a coup. Plus extra features in each volume. Fantagraphics, 2023. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: PVS06P
Hard Cover, 10x14, 336pg, Full Color
$99.99 $90.99
Also available: Set 13-15 and Set 1-3, same discounted price. All other boxed sets are out of print. We are only restocking volumes from Vol 20 up now, so click here for your last chance at the remaining earlier volumes. Just in this last month is Volume 27 [PV27H. $39.99, $34.99].

Our Highest Recommendation. By Hal Foster. Edited by Rick Norwood. The first and still only way to read these magnificent pages in the full, original size. Three volumes were published by Norwood, who continues to publish Comics Revue. The first year, 1937, with 47 seminal pages of Young Val's youth in the fens of England, as a young squire and aspiring to become a knight in King Arthur's circle. A bonus section reproduces Foster's personal Christmas cards over several pages. Full color giant 17" x 22" size on 100 lb. acid-free paper. Reproduced from black and white proofs and then re-colored to match the originals. Manuscript Press, 1982. Out of Print. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge....More.

Item Code: PV01SC
Soft Cover, 17x22, 55pg, Full Color
Click here for more PV items, including these vintage Rare Books: The Prince Valiant Page by Gary Gianni (on sale at $19.95, and signed & numbered deluxe at $110 and $125), The Young Knight by Hal Foster (two copies from 1945!), The PV Story Telling Game, just in at $50, and Hal Foster: Prince of Illustrators at $55.

Comics Archives


Collected from EC Comics, 1950-55. Our Highest Recommendation. Reed Crandall was an undisputed master of fine line detail and expertly nuanced pen-and-ink, as well as historical accuracy and dark, moody tales of horror! He was a perfect fit for EC Comics, and he brilliantly illuminated sharp scripts featuring schemes, tricks, betrayal, and retribution in the company’s crime, horror, and science fiction titles. And beautiful women! 22 Crandall favorites from the pages of Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, Crime and Shock SuspenStories, Weird Science-Fantasy, Extra, and Impact. Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: BITEH
Hard Cover, 7x10, 232pg, b&w
Here are more of the Fantagraphics EC Artist series.

Collects #16-20, 1967-68. Highly Recommended. For over two decades Creepy magazine presented some of the most gripping tales of terror, mayhem, and the supernatural ever told in graphic fiction, and often from top talent including EC Comics veterans. This new collection features stellar stories by Archie Goodwin, Len Brown and Russ Jones, and artwork by Neal Adams, Johnny Craig, Jeff Jones, Gil Kane, Roy Krenkel, John Severin, Frank Frazetta, Reed Crandall, Steve Ditko, and many more. Wonderful new low-priced softcover editions. Dark Horse, 2023....More.

Item Code: CRE04
Soft Cover, 8x11, 232pg, b&w
$24.99 $21.99
Click here for previous Creepy and Eerie volumes.

MS. TREE Heroine Withdrawal
Collects Ms. Tree 18-27, 29-31, 1985-86. Recommended. From award-winning author Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) and artist Terry Beatty, the fifth collection of classic Ms. Tree stories, collected together for the first time! Join the beautiful but unforgiving and deadly detective Michael Tree. No case is too small, no violence too extreme, just as long as it gets the job done. Five full length stories: "Muerta Means Death," "Right to Die," "Prisoner Cell Block Hell," "Heroine Withdrawal," and "The Other Cheek." Watch as our heroine ends up in a cell block herself, fighting for her life. Cover Gallery, new intro by Collins. Titan, 2023....More.

Item Code: MSTRHW
Soft Cover, 6x9, 272pg, Partial Color
$34.99 $31.99
Volumes 2, 3 and 4 all remain available. Volume 3 is on sale at $21.99 [MST03]. Here’s more from Max Allan Collins.

BATMAN Gotham After Midnight The Deluxe Edition
Collects #1-12, 2008-09 and more. Recommended. By Steve NilesArt by Kelley Jones. Forwards by John Carpenter and Steve Niles. These are the bizarre and frightening case files of the Dark Knight Detective, featuring grave-robbers, men making monsters, night terrors, and the debut of an all-new moonlight monster known only as Midnight. An eye for an eye is the law in Midnight's world, instilling terror in all of Gotham. Meanwhile, Batman also finds himself drawn to an ambitious new detective. Is love finally in the cards or ? DC Comics, 2023....More.

Item Code: BATGAMH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 368pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99

JOHN BYRNE'S X-MEN Artist's Edition
Highly Recommended. The groundbreaking and bestselling X-Men issues from the late 1970s, by the stellar team of Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin. With stories like "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Days of Future Past!", the X-Men became one of the most influential and popular comics of all time. Included in this stellar Artist’s Edition are pages from Byrne’s classic run and an amazing number of covers! IDW, 2023. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge. ...More.

Item Code: JBXAEH
Hard Cover, 12x17, 160pg, b&w

By Carlos Ezquerra, Colin MacNeil, Ian Edginton et al. An omnibus edition of classic supernatural war stories from the Golden Age of 2000 AD - expanded and updated in this new definitive edition. Buried deep underground are the remains of Wehrmacht soldier, Hans Schmitt, and his diary, which journals his eerie encounter with the Romanian Captain Constanta and his platoon of blood-sucking freaks! Back in 1943, with the Russians willing to fight until their last man in order to defend Stalingrad, Panzergrenadier Richter discovers Constanta’s secret and learns than sometimes your allies can be just as dangerous as the enemy! 2000 AD, 2023....More.

Item Code: FIEN01
Soft Cover, 8x11, 144pg, Partial Color
Here’s more collections from the legendary British title, 2000 AD.

Collects Silver Surfer #1-4, FF Annual 5 and more, 1967-68. Our Highest Recommedation. By Stan Lee and John Buscema. When the world devourer Galactus arrived at the planet Zenn-La, one man stood up to sacrifice himself: Norrin Radd. In exchange for forgoing his limitless hunger, Galactus transformed Norrin into the Silver Surfer and forced him into servitude as his herald. But all that changed on the planet Earth. Free of Galactus, but trapped on our planet, the sensational Silver Surfer’s solo series boasts double-length tales of cosmic conflict. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Buscema, they are some of the most masterful Marvel sagas ever produced. You'll be awed by the Surfer’s origin, then he's torn down to the depths of hell by Mephisto and engages in a battle with Thor that shakes the heavens!! Marvel, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: MMMSS01
Soft Cover, 6x9, 192pg, Full Color

MARVEL COMICS LIBRARY Silver Surfer 1968-1970
Collects #1-18, 1968-70, in a huge XXL size. Numbered & limited, 5,000. Highly Recommended. By Stan Lee and John Buscema. Introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the fertile pages of The Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer quickly established himself as one of Marvel's most far-out characters. Enslaved by Galactus to prowl the cosmos for the demi-god's next planet-sized meal, the Surfer was as tragic a figure as any in comics — and he looked impossibly cool at the same time! In the spring of 1968, things came together for both writer and character, with Lee giving the Surfer Marvel's very first ongoing double-sized 25 cent annual-sized comic. Lee also recruited John Buscema, who had recently been lending his muscular brushwork to The Avengers, for art chores. Together, they spun off a run of legendary tales that helped define the character forevermore. Taschen, 2023. Rush Service and International shipping would require an additional charge. ...More.

Item Code: MARSSH
Hard Cover, 11x16, 798pg, Full Color
$200.00 $180.00
Here’s more Surfer, and more in the Mighty Marvel Masterworks series.

Popeye, Graphic Novels, Alter Ego & Macross


POPEYE Volume 3 The Sea Hag & Alice the Goon
1933-36. Die-cut slipcase. Recommended. Volume three centers around the epic Popeye adventure, "Plunder Island," in which our endearing cast of characters takes to the high seas in search of buried treasure — but must contend with the ruthless Sea Hag and her strange sidekick, Alice the Goon. Steeped in shadow and gothic imagery, this tale is an atmospheric and suspenseful departure from the typical Popeye aesthetic — with a little screwball comedy thrown in for good measure. Also in this volume, Popeye proves to be a one-man wrecking crew on the gridiron, Wimpy tries his unsteady hand at duck shooting (uh-oh!), and the crew ride out to the Wild West town of Slither Creek on a rip-roaring gold-hunting expedition. Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: POPE03H
Soft Cover, 9x11, 128pg, Partial Color
$24.99 $22.99
The first two volumes are available, same discounted price. Click here for other Popeye collections.

Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Roy Thomas. A first-ever, outstanding study of the 1940s Novelty Comics Group, with heroes like S&L's Blue Bolt (and the Green Sorceress), Target and the Targeteers, White Streak, and Wolverton's wonderful Spacehawk. All produced by such Golden Age super-stars as Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, Tarpe Mills, Paul Gustavson et al. Plus John Benson looks at Harvey romance comics before and after the code; Mr. Monster looks at Wally Wood's assistant, Ralph Reese; George Perez tribute; the Captain Marvel serial and more.! TwoMorrows, 2023....More.

Item Code: AE185
Magazine, 8x11, 84pg, Full Color
Click on each for previous issues of Alter Ego, Back Issue, and Comic Book Creator.

Recommended. By Agustin Graham Nakamura. Outstanding highly detailed artwork by an Argentine-Japanese creator — shades of The Thing! Two detectives, male and female from Buenos Aires, Mosca and Maia, come to a small town in Patagonia, at "the end of the world". Just above Antarctica. They meet Joel, the suspect in a bloody bank robbery, who can’t recall his own name and keeps drawing confusing symbols pointing towards "the South". Something far more intriguing is at play here. As they drive towards Antarctica, they'll uncover secrets kept hidden for hundreds of years, holding the future of human kind at stake. An alien!! Fairsquare Comics, 2023....More.

Item Code: TERRAN
Soft Cover, 8x6, 164pg, Full Color

HIDETAKA TENJINS Artistry of Macross Volume 2
Recommended. Since its small screen debut in 1982, Macross has remained one of most influential anime films of all time. Longtime franchise illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin captures the high-flying action of the series' iconic "variable fighters" like no other artist through his hyper-realistic illustrations for model kits, magazines, promotional materials, and more. This second volume collects Tenjin's illustrations from the Macross Frontier films, Macross Delta TV series & films, and Walküre launch, as well as an archive of his work on video games, novels, animation and more. Impressive technical illustration. Handsome oblong format, hardcover. Udon Entertainment, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: HIDT02H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 176pg, Full Color
Click here for anime and manga collections and more Japanese creators.

Mike Deodato


JADE WARRIORS Zettai No Premium Edition Signed
Slipcase, color bookplate numbered from 1000 and signed by Buckley, Campiti and Deodato. By David Campiti and Michael Buckley. Mike Deodato’s Jade Warriors saga began at Image Comics in the late ‘90s but was never completed. For its 25th anniversary, Deodato and Vincenzo Cucca have completed the adventure in this oversized hardcover (Absolute format) edition. In an alternate history of Japan, dragons created its islands from which they ruled the world. Warriors defeated them and claimed the islands as their own. But women prepared for the dragons’ return, invoking rituals in service to the dragons; over time, they became powerful weapons. Their efforts splintered by men, those women became an elite assassins’ guild, Jade Warriors in service of the Yakuza — enhanced assassins much feared throughout the world. Now, as the dragons return, one of the Jade Warriors escapes after discovering terrible truths and fleeing from her life’s mission. Alpha Comics/Glass House Graphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: JADWHS
Hard Cover, 9x12, 192pg, Full Color
Also available in an identical edition, without the signed bookplate [JADWH. $75].

Signed, from 2015. Recommended. There's never been a super-sized sketchbook of Marvel and DC superstar Mike Deodato, Jr.'s marvelous masterworks — until this, publisher file copies from 2015 and now signed! Combining sketches, layouts, designs, finished art, and tonal paintings at nearly original art size, this amazing art spans Deodato's 25-year comics career depicting Batman, Wonder Woman, The Avengers, Wolverine, movie poster designs, his own characters Ramthar and the Jade Warriors, and much, much more, plus an all-new interview and photos! Red Giant Entertainment, 2015....More.

Item Code: MIKDHS
Hard Cover, 10x14, 80pg, b&w

Signed! Publisher file copy from 2013, never before handled. Marvel star Mike Deodato, Jr. in a ten-year-old collection of his cartoon art that we never handled before. From the publisher files, delightful light-hearted cartoons by the veteran artist. A new side to his art, inspired by his family life, with a comics twist added in. The man who has worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and others now combines influences of Calvin & Hobbes, Will Eisner, and others — truly sensational for any Deodato fan! Red Giant Entertainment, 2013....More.

Item Code: CARMDHS
Hard Cover, 11x10, 48pg, b&w
Here’s more from Mike Deodato.
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Coming in February


Collects Iron Man #171-182, and Annual #6. By Dennis O'Neil, Peter Gillis and Bob Harras. Art by Luke McDonnell. Tony Stark has changed the world, but those successes convinced the creator of the Iron Man armor that he himself was invincible. However, no one is — and Obadiah Stane is about to exploit Stark's every weakness, pulling apart his life piece by piece until one of Marvel's greatest heroes is at rock bottom! Meanwhile, James Rhodes must protect them both from Stane, protect Tony from himself and protect everyone from a cadre of Atlanteans with Iron Man armor! It's a crash course in super-heroing for Rhodey. He rises to the occasion, but battling Thunderball is one thing — facing the Mandarin is another thing altogether! Marvel, 2024. Due: Feb....More.

Item Code: MMIM17H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 352pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
Here’s more Iron Man.

DAREDEVIL Epic Collection Volume 4 A Woman Called Widow
Collects DD #64-86 and Iron Man #35-36. And one of the greatest eras for DD begins when Daredevil and Black Widow become partners! Together, they face Spider-Man, the Sub-Mariner, the Man-Bull, the Owl, the Scorpion and more. But first, Daredevil heads out to the Left Coast in a quest to earn back the love of Karen Page — and L.A. has never been stranger! A cast of bizarre and action-packed enemies stands between DD and the woman he loves! Then, back in the Big Apple, Daredevil teams up with the Black Panther and joins forces with Iron Man and Nick Fury. Marvel, 2024. Due: Feb....More.

Item Code: DAE04
Soft Cover, 7x10, 512pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99
And here’s more Daredevil.

Coming in March


Item Code: GHOR02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color

GHOST RIDER Volume 2 Hardcover
Collects #6-10, 1951-52. Highly Recommended. Art Dick Ayers. Created by Dick Ayers and Ray Krank, #6 and 8 have drug use stories! Created by Dick Ayers and Ray Krank, Rex Fury was originally known as the Calico Kid, who together with his white horse Spectre became the Ghost Rider! Wearing a white outfit covered with phosphorus and using a cape that had phosphorescent on one side and black on the other, he could cover parts of his body to give the illusion that he was merely a floating head or pair of hands. To further the illusion, he wielded a black lariat and black bullwhip! The Ghost Rider battled many foes who, like him, were not truly supernatural at all, such as an imposter of Frankenstein's Monster and the Harpy, werewolves and vampires! PS Artbooks, 2024. Due: Mar....More.

Also due in March.
Item Code:
Soft Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color


ASTRO CITY The Opus Edition Volume 1
Collects #1-6, Vol 2 #1-22 and much more. Recommended. AAt long last, a massive, oversized hardcover omnibus of Astro City. Collecting the first nine years of Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex’s Ross’s award-festooned series, plus a foreword by Busiek, wraparound cover by Ross, and sketches, creative notes and other behind-the-scenes material. When we say, "This is the big one," we’re not kidding! Image Comics, 2024. Due: Mar....More.

Item Code: ASTC01H
Hard Cover, 8x12, 1168pg, Full Color
$149.99 $139.99
Here’s more currently available on Astro City.

JEPH LOEB & TIM SALE Hulk Gallery Edition
Collects #1-6, 2003. Recommended. The Eisner Award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue, Captain America: White) continue their insightful look into the early days of Marvel Comics’ most popular heroes, unraveling the Hulk’s origin — and uncovering a secret that will change the way we look at Bruce Banner forever! Before the world knew Bruce Banner was the Hulk. Before Bruce confessed his love to Betty Ross. Before the Hulk was green — there was Hulk: Gray. The explosion of the Gamma Bomb tore Bruce Banner’s life apart, unleashing the strongest creature on Earth! But no matter how powerful he became, his heart still could be shattered by Betty — the daughter of his greatest enemy, General "Thunderbolt" Ross. Marvel, 2024. Due: Mar....More.

Item Code: JEPHGH
Hard Cover, 168pg, Partial Color
$50.00 $44.99

Recommended. Celebrate all the fabulous artists who drew the iconic Trigan Empire comic strip that first appeared in Ranger and then Look and Learn from 1965 to 1982, a run of 854 issues in total. One of the most fondly remembered British strips was the fully painted The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire. With its pseudo retro setting in a world resembling Ancient Rome, but with the advances of science in its weapons and flying vehicles, it set the standard in comics from the 1960s. But it was mainly the absolutely stunning artwork of its initial artist, Don Lawrence, that made it such a fan-favorite.k was scanned from the originals and reproduced at their actual size to see the artwork in all its glorious detail. Book Palace, 2024. Due: Mar....More.

Item Code: IQS17
Soft Cover, 9x11, 128pg, Full Color
Here are all the IQ Specials available. The restock of #14, The Illustrated History of Warren Magazines, just came back into stock [IQS15. $45.99]. Last backorders are going out this week for the deluxe edition of this, but no more copies are available.

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News & Notes


Corben Special in Illustrators Quarterly

Just in, too late to include: Illustrators Quarterly #42 with a cover feature on Richard Corben! And equally cool, there is a long feature article on George Wilson, who painted all those fabulous covers for Dell and Gold Key comics like Magnus, Robot Fighter and Turok! Super issue [IQ42. $27.99].

Atlas Artist Edition: Joe Maneely

We only announced this last week but we now have copies in hand. At first Fantagraphics asked us to hold them for a later on-sale date. But that seems counter productive for everyone, since this is the season to get such a great new item out into customer’s hands. So I appealed and got approval to begin shipping copies and filling new orders.

This all happened too late for us to feature it this week, but we’ll do that next week. I really enjoyed the introduction by Dr. Vassalo, which I read last night. He’s been interviewing Joe’s family for years and presents a long look at this incredible artist as well as his impressive body of work. He carefully selected the very best stories to include in this oversized, deluxe edition—the first in a series on the finest Atlas artists! [ATLA01H. $75, $67.50].

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The Art of Arthur Adams

John Fleskes is hand-delivering these to us December 15, so we will be shipping copies out next week. The Publisher Edition is 60% spoken for and we can’t get more copies. As mentioned last week, we are adding a signed print to all softcover AND hardcover copies, free of charge.

Dan Brereton Christmas Card

All orders placed this month, until we run out, will be sent with our cool new Christmas card with art by Dan Brereton.

Roger Hill

Long time friend, publisher and life-long EC fan, Roger Hill passed away December 6th. Those of you who read his editorial in EC Fan Addict #5 learned he had been fighting cancer for some time. He’d missed the last two OAF-Cons, where he was a regular, always surrounded by friends at his popular table. His good friend Grant Geissman has written a biography for us, and several more friends have also contributed memorials. We’ll have these on our website next week. There will be a link in the center of the home page, like we ran for Tim Underwood and Jim Vadeboncoeur previously.

Roger was one of us, passionate about comics, about learning more about his favorite artists, and always eager to share what he learned. He leaves behind a bounty of published magazines and books about comic book creators, from his favorite Reed Crandall to the obscure Matt Fox. Roy Thomas will be running a piece on him in an upcoming Alter Ego.

Here's a portion of the Wichita obituary on his passing.

Long time collector, author and historian of comic books, Roger Allen Hill, 75 years of age, passed away on December 6th, 2023. After four years in the Navy, and serving 18 months in Viet Nam during the late 1960s, Roger returned home to friends and family. Roger was instrumental in organizing and running early comic book conventions in Wichita. As an artist, he also supplied advertising art and window display art to local comic shops such as Air Capital Comics and The Shadow's Sanctum. He was also a lifetime member of OAF (The Oklahoma Alliance of Fans) and supported comic conventions in Oklahoma, Texas and throughout the Midwest for many years.

He, along with local comic collector Jerry Weist, published SQUA TRONT, devoted to the stories and art of the EC Comics group which was always Roger's collecting interest and focus both in his research and writings. He remained affiliated with SQUA TRONT for over forty years contributing art and articles. During the early 1990s, Roger worked with Jerry Weist as comic art advisor on the Sotheby's Comic Book and Art auctions in New York City. He is survived by his wife Terry Hill and sons Kevin Hill and Joseph Rudnicki and more extended family. He leaves behind many cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and lots of friends and acquaintances on the EC Facebook page, and others from coast to coast who shared his interests.



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