Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mickey and Donald do Hemingway, Basil Gogos is back, Night Terror art, Warren’s men’s magazine, Jae Lee draws Seven Sons and The Art of Metal.

I like the Hemingway/Donald/Mickey/Scrooge spoof, it’s fun. Silly Symphonies collects classic 1930s-era Disney. The Freak Brothers get their third new collection. Basil Gogos Famous Monster Art is back in print. Night Terror is an unusual art book worth looking at. Warren’s rare men’s magazine, After Hours, in facsimile. Jae Lee draws Seven Sons. The Art of Metal explores the genre music and art. New PS Artbooks and more.

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Walt Disney


WALT DISNEY'S MICKEY AND DONALD From Whom the Doorbell Tolls and Other Tales Inspired by Hemingway
Recommended. The year: 1999. The place: Italy. Fan-favorite Venetian Disney cartoonist Giorgio Cavazzano dared a creative team to take its cues from Ernest Hemingway for a striking, cinematic, and occasionally silly new series of Duckburg tales! In this original Disney collection, we have eight fascinating stories: Hemingway’s “The Battler” and “The Killers” inspire new Mickey and Peg Leg Pete parodies. Our title adventure has Mickey meeting “Ernest” in person! Donald Duck makes a bid for knighthood as “The Duck Who Would Be King”; Peg Leg Pete’s invasion of a diner in “Bad Boys”; Uncle Scrooge is shark-wrangling in “The Older Man and the Sea!” Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: WDFORH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 180pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

WALT DISNEY'S SILLY SYMPHONIES 1932-1935 Starring Bucky Bug and Donald Duck
Highly Recommended. In 1932 Disney kicked off their second-ever original comic strip, the full-color weekly Silly Symphonies, and with it came the debut of Bucky Bug, a daring, rhyming, mischievous squirt whose escapades took him from brutal birds of prey to the terrifying trenches of the Great Flyburg War! Also here: Donald Duck’s debut in The Wise Little Hen and The Robber Kitten, Cookieland (a spoof on Alice in Wonderland), Penguin Isle, and Mickey Mouse movies, plus a bonus feature each week with a pinwheel adventure with the early Mickey. Beautiful reproduction, nice bright colors. Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: WDSIL01H
Hard Cover, 12x9, 192pg, Full Color
$39.99 $34.99
Here’s our entire Disney selection.

Comics Archives & Reference


Cool die-cut cover, 3rd volume in new series. Highly Recommended. By Gilbert Shelton. Art by Dave Sheridan and Paul Mavrides. The boys score some sinsemilla from a country cousin, start a softball league to score free drinks, adopt a possessed parakeet that outwits the D.E.A., and inadvertently take in a couple of undercover cops as housemates! The title story collects an epic that ran for over six months in newspapers, in which the Brothers, evicted from their apartment, move to the country to get back to nature — only to discover that nature doesn’t want them! Fantagraphics, 2023. Mature Readers....More.

Item Code: FABGH
Hard Cover, 8x10, 160pg, Full Color
$22.99 $20.99
The first two collections are In the 21st Century [FABICH] and Idiots Abroad [FABIH], each is the same discounted price $22.99, $20.99.

THOR EPIC COLLECTION Volume 8 War of the Gods
Collects Thor #242-259; Annual #5 and Marvel Spotlight #3, 1975-77. Art by John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. Cover by Jack Kirby. Writer Len Wein rallies the armies of Asgard, with superb artwork by the master Buscema. When the Time-Twisters seek to destroy Earth, Thor embarks on an adventure with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. It's a battle through time (with dinosaurs)! Then, Thor fights the Firelord in the jungles of Latin America, and only Jane Foster can save him! The Warriors Three ramble off on a solo adventure, while Thor returns to Asgard to face the one and only Mangog! Marvel, 2023....More.

Item Code: THE08
Soft Cover, 7x10, 448pg, Full Color

Collects Marvel Comics Presents #72-84; Uncanny X-Men #205 material from Wolverine #166; 1986, '91, '93 & 2001. Recommended. Here is the character-defining origin of Logan. Written, illustrated and colored by auteur creator and master storyteller Barry Windsor-Smith, it is one of the greatest Wolverine stories ever. After being taken hostage by an experimental Canadian military science outfit, Logan is transformed into Weapon X, an unstoppable killing machine. But he cannot be contained by his captors — and trapped in their lab with the monster they have made, they face his feral wrath! A psychedelic horror story in the mold of Frankenstein! Bonus 44 pages of covers, original art and unpublished material. Marvel, 2023....More.

Item Code: WOLVW
Soft Cover, 7x10, 200pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

Collects Nova #1-25 & 17 more appearances in various titles, 1976 on. By Marv Wolfman, Len Wein et al. Art by John Buscema, Sal Buscema et al. Richard Rider is Nova, the original 1970s Human Rocket. Struck by energy sent by a dying alien, Rich has inherited the mantle of an intergalactic Nova Centurion. Now, the newly-minted hero must somehow balance schoolwork, a social life and a constant string of villains including Condor, Powerhouse, Diamondhead, Blackout—and the dreaded Sphinx! Plus, Nova and Spider-Man unravel a murder mystery, Rich’s father is ensnared in an underworld scheme, and Nova joins—the Defenders? Marvel, 2023....More.

Item Code: NOVRH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 880pg, Full Color
$100.00 $90.00

ARTFUL BREAKDOWNS The Comics of Art Spiegelman
Edited by Georgiana Banita and Lee Konstantinou. Carefully curated, wide-ranging essays trace Art Spiegelman’s exceptional trajectory from underground rebel to mainstream success. This reveals his key role in the rise of comics as an art form and of the cartoonist as artist. The collection grapples with Spiegelman’s astonishing versatility, from his irreverent underground strips, influential avant-garde magazine RAW, the expressionist style of the Pulitzer-Prize winning Maus, his illustrations to the Jazz Age poem "The Wild Party," and his response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, to his iconic New Yorker covers, his children’s books, and cross-media collaborations. University of Mississippi Press, 2023....More.

Item Code: ARTFB
Soft Cover, 6x9, 322pg, b&w

Here’s more with Art Spiegelman, including Maus First Edition in very good condition[RB4203. $35], Dirty Pictures: Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix [DIRPH . $30] and below:

MAVERIX AND LUNATIX Icons of Underground Comix
Highly Recommended. Perverted, Insane, Degenerate, Brilliant. Artist Drew Friedman pays tribute to the great underground comix creators from Z (Zap) to A (Arcade) with 101 wild, highly detailed portraits. Featuring R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, S. Clay Wilson, Melinda Gebbie, Art Spiegelman, Vaughn Bode, Trina Robbins, Bill Griffith, Jay Lynch, Sharon Rudahl, Larry Gonick, Rick Veitch, Joyce Farmer, Justin Green, "Grass" Green, George DiCaprio, Diane Noomin, Harvey Pekar, Robert Williams, Howard Cruse, Dan O'Neill, Spain Rodriguez, Shary Flenniken, Richard Corben, and so many others— all of whom helped to reinvent an entire artistic medium and became icons of underground comix. Fantagraphics, 2022....More.

Item Code: MAVLH
Hard Cover, 9x11, 216pg, b&w
$34.99 $31.99


Art Books


Recommended by Neil Gaiman. Oversized. When the sun goes down, our minds invent all manner of horrors that may lurk in the darkness. Danish cult illustrator John Kenn Mortensen draws inspiration from this shadowy realm, and his pen skillfully conjures these eerie visions on paper. Witches, wraiths, goblins, giant spiders, wild boars, evil clowns — and countless other unspeakable creatures that haunt the young and innocent. Hairy, hooded, or horned, they peer at you ominously through dead eyes, their fangs bared. Fantagraphics, 2023....More.

Item Code: NIGTH
Hard Cover, 10x13, 104pg, Full Color
$29.99 $26.99

ART OF METAL Five Decades of Heavy Metal Album Covers, Posters, T-Shirts, and More
Introduction by Malcolm Dome. A host of writers each tackle an era and different aspects of the artwork that became part of the Heavy Metal rock band movement. Origins, British New Wave, Hair Metal, Doom and Stoner, Nu Metal, Black Metal, Thrash and Death Metal, right up to Metal now. Profusely illustrated, of course. From the colorful, outlandish, yet sophisticated use of visuals for album artwork and posters, to the immediately recognizable logos of such bands as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Metallica, Slayer, and a host of others across many subgenres, there’s a close-knit relationship between the music and the images that have come to represent the songs, anthems, and sheer nature of the beast. Here is that history, profusely illustrated. Schiffer, 2023. ...More.

Item Code: ARTMETH
Hard Cover, 10x11, 240pg, Full Color

Recommended. By Kerry Gammill and J. David Spurlock. Introduction by Rob Zombie. Basil Gogos, the greatest monster artist ever, his art book back with a new printing. To fans of classic horror, Gogos is as familiar as Karloff, Lugosi and Vincent Price. Actors, directors and rockstars collect Gogos' originals. This grand retrospective features many of the most famous paintings (many as Famous Monsters of Filmland covers) as well as many previously unpublished works and more covers, rock CDs, and movie posters. In-depth interviews with the artist and commentary from Rob Zombie and film professionals. Vanguard, 2023....More.

Item Code: FAMBGH
Hard Cover, 8x11, 160pg, Full Color

Recommended. By Kerry Gammill and J. David Spurlock. Introduction by Rob Zombie. Basil Gogos, the greatest monster artist ever, his art book back with a new printing. To fans of classic horror, Gogos is as familiar as Karloff, Lugosi and Vincent Price. Actors, directors and rockstars collect Gogos' originals. This grand retrospective features many of the most famous paintings (many as Famous Monsters of Filmland covers) as well as many previously unpublished works and more covers, rock CDs, and movie posters. In-depth interviews with the artist and commentary from Rob Zombie and film professionals. Vanguard, 2023....More.

Item Code: FAMBG
Soft Cover, 8x11, 160pg, Full Color
Also: The Monster Art of Basil Gogos [MONBGH2. $100] is an entirely separate book; this edition has a variant dust jacket, the others are out of print. Click here for more by Gogos.


Here's another batch of 30 items that are going away soon, down to just one, two or three copies left. You can now see the latest 3…2…1 items in a new section on our website, called ALMOST GONE, at the top of the home page, right next to CLOSEOUTS. We are continuously adding to our Imperfect Editions sections as well.


Graphic Novels


Collects #1-7, 2022. By Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao. Eisner Award-winning artist Jae Lee returns to creator-owned comics with his first new title since 1994, a seven-issue limited series, collected here in its entirety. Set in an alternate timeline, on July 7, 1977, seven identical sons would be born to virgin mothers. Now, on their 21st birthday, one of these Seven Sons will be revealed as the new son of God and lead humanity into a golden age of morality, peace, and prosperity.Really? It's The Fugitive meets The Book of Revelation, as Delph breaks free from his sheltered life to uncover the truth behind the Church and find his place in the world before Judgment Day arrives. Image Comics, 2023....More.

Item Code: SEVSO
Soft Cover, 7x10, 232pgs, Full Color
Here’s more by Jae Lee, including a DC Poster Portfolio [DCPOJL. $24.99, $21.99] which is almost sold out, just four left.

First published in France. By Gihef, Christian Lachenal and Jul Maroh. Art by Ablerto Zanon, and Giulio Macaione et al. It’s the Swinging Sixties in the UK, and fairies have revealed themselves to the world! As the fairies integrate into society, is humanity ready? This brand new anthology series touches on themes of love, racism and xenophobia, and societal change through a supernatural lens. In two complete stories we first meet Annan, a young faerie drawn by the lights of Swinging London, who leaves the forest to pursue her dreams of stardom! She encounters the beautiful Stella and immediately falls in love. But her happiness is cut short when her lover disappears, revealing the truth beneath the glamour. Next Ailith comes to London to investigate a strange rite that's linked to people going missing — but she accepts help from a childhood friend who is now a police officer with some serious hate for faeries. Humanoids, 2023.  ...More.

Item Code: PIXSI
Soft Cover, 8x10, 112pg, Full Color

Collects the entire Prestige Format series #1-4. Recommended. Writer Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, Dreaming Eagles) and artist PJ Holden (The Stringbags, World of Tanks, Judge Dredd) present a tale of hellish jungle warfare in 1944 — as apparently civilized human beings descend into an apocalyptic heart of darkness. Imperial Japan still commands most of Asia. Determined to regain their hold on Burma, the British send a special forces unit — the Chindits — deep behind Japanese lines. Their mission is to attack the enemy wherever they find him. What awaits them is a nightmare equal to anything the Second World War can deliver. Aftershock Comics, 2022....More.

Item Code: LIONEA
Soft Cover, 7x10, 136pg, Full Color
Here is more historical fiction by Garth Ennis. I recommend all of his work.

Coming in June & July


Collects Coda #1-12. Eisner-nominated series. By Simon Spurrier. Art by Matias Bergara (John Constantine, Hellblazer). After an apocalypse which wiped out nearly all magic from a once-wondrous fantasy world, an antisocial former bard named Hum seeks a way to save the soul of his wife with nothing but a foul-tempered mutant unicorn and his wits to protect him. But in the process, he is unwillingly drawn into a brutal power struggle which will decide forever who rules the weird wasteland... Boom! Studios, 2023. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: CODAH
Hard Cover, 320pg, Full Color
$49.99 $44.99

STEP BY BLOODY STEP A Wordless Fantasy
A color wordless graphic novel from Eisner-Award nominees Matias Bergara and Si Spurrier. Our Highest Recommendation. Beautifully drawn, richly colored. There is a girl. She has no memory and no name. Nothing but a guardian. An armored giant who protects her from predators and pitfalls. Together they walk across an extraordinary fantasy world. If they leave the path the air itself comes alive, forcing them onwards. Why? The girl doesn't know, but there's worse than beasts and bandits ahead. Civilization, with its temptations and treacheries, will test their bond beyond its limits. Image Comcis, 2022....More.

Item Code: STEPBB
Soft Cover, 7x10, 192pg, Full Color
This is by the same artist as Coda. As you can see, I gave it my highest recommendation.

This collection covers a broad range of news graphics and political and satirical cartoons. Alongside the works of renowned artists such asJean Cocteau, Juan Gris, and Käthe Kollwitz, the most famous illustrators of the time are also well represented. Thomas Nast, Honoré Daumier, Gustave Doré, and the numerous relatively unknown press graphic artists, the so-called “special artists,” whose work is rediscovered here. Taschen, 2023. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: HISPGH
Hard Cover, 10x15, 604pg, Partial Color

Collect #51-62, 1980-81. By Michael Fleisher. Art by Don Perlin, Jack Sparling, Mike Esposito et al. The supernatural side of the Marvel Universe is coming out of the dark: The spirit of big rig trucker Clem Barstow does not share the road. Meanwhile, the first appearance of Asmodeus might mean the last appearance for Ghost Rider! The Tatterdemalion mixes it up with Werewolf by Night, and then Moondark casts a spell that brings in the cavalry with the Night Rider. And The Orb is back... Marvel, 2023. Due: July. ...More.

Item Code: MMG05H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 296pg, Full Color
$75.00 $65.00
Volume 4 remains available, same discounted price. Click here for more Ghost Rider: Epic Collection 1 and more.

THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN The Original Comics Omnibus Volume 1
Highly Recommended. In lushly illustrated novel-length adventures with all the drama, violence and allure the comic book medium can offer, writer Roy Thomas and greatest artists of the era craft a host of Conan classics like Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Red Nails” and John Buscema’s “Black Colossus” and “A Witch Shall Be Born” featuring the infamous Tree of Death. Titan, 2023. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: SAVOC01H
Hard Cover, 8x11, 968pg, Full Color
$150.00 $130.00
Marvel previously collected eight omnibus volumes of Savage Sword. Here is what we still have available. Titan is also republishing the Conan the Barbarian series from Marvel, starting with the first issue. Here’s what we still have in stock on those.

Science fiction in the reprint title Strange Planets #1 (I.W./Super, 1964) with artwork by Wally Wood, Bernie Krigstein, Joe Orlando and Jack Davis. #15 and #16 (both 1964) are absolutely crammed with the cream of 1950's comic book talent, including Mike Esposito, Hy Rosen, Russ Heath, Gene Colan, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Norman Nodel and Sid Check. And from Fago Magazines, Atom-Age Combat (#2-3, 1959), starring the artistic talents of Dick Ayers. PS Artbooks, 2023. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: PSSC06H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
There will also be a softcover of this, available in July [PSSC06. $32.99].

KONGA Volume 2 Hardcover
Collects #6-10, 1962-63. By Joe Gill. More colossal Konga action pencilled by the late, great comic book giant himself, Mr. Steve Ditko. Including "Konga Meets the Creatures From Beyond Space," after escaping England, Konga ends up on an island fighting flying saucers and aliens from another world! Only then, in "The Land of the Frozen Giants," to battle pre-historic dinosaurs in a lost Antarctica world. Until finally facing his mightiest challenge with "Konga and The Mole Men!" All reproduced completely from cover to cover, just like the original comics! PS Artbooks, 2023. Due: Jul....More.

Item Code: KONG02H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
There will also be a softcover edition [KONG02. $32.99].

Collects #48-52, 1960-61. Recommended. Three issues with Steve Ditko cover and stories, a 4th with one story, including "The Human Powerhouse." Matt Baker gets an attribution with Vince Colletta inks on one of his last stories before he passed away. Also lots of work by Bill Molno and Rocco Mastroserio. Ditko's moody, individualistic touch came to dominate Charlton's supernatural titles. PS Artbooks, 2023. Due: Jun....More.

Item Code: PCSS07H
Hard Cover, 7x10, 184pg, Full Color
Also coming in softcover, in August: [PCSS07. $32.99].

Coming in August


Collects The Phantom Stranger #1-6, 1952; #1-41, 1969; stories from The Saga of the Swamp Thing #1-13 and much more. Highly Recommended. By John Broome, Mike Friedrich et al. Art by Carmine Infantino, Bill Draut et al. First introduced in 1952, the Phantom Stranger is one of DC's most enigmatic characters, a supernatural hero whose origins have remained shrouded in mystery. This omnibus collects the Phantom Stranger's earliest adventures in the 1950s, his late-1960s revival, and early 1980s stories in the pages of The Saga of the Swamp Thing. Through it all, the Phantom Stranger has remained one of DC's most unique characters, navigating the weird, scary side of the DC Universe! DC Comics, 2022. Due: Aug. ...More.

Item Code: PHASH
Hard Cover, 7x11, 1200pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00

Collects Captain America #1-30, 2018 & more. Art by Leinil Yu et al. Cover by Alex Ross. In the aftermath of Hydra’s brief takeover of the nation, Cap is a figure of controversy — and a new enemy is rising. Steve Rogers takes on the manipulative Power Elite. Does Cap still have some allies in his corner? Framed for a crime he did not commit, Steve is forced underground — but will come out fighting. And can Cap marshal his forces in time to face the reborn Red Skull? Marvel, 2023. Due: Aug....More.

Item Code: CAPTCH
Hard Cover, 696pg, Full Color
$100.00 $90.00
Here’s more of Cap’s collections.

New Printing. Collects Amazing Spider-Man #105-142 & more, 1972-75. Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Gerry Conway, Gil Kane and Ross Andru bring us a saga unlike any Marvel comic before. The Green Goblin is back! Gwen Stacy is missing! And it all leads to a confrontation atop the George Washington Bridge that will leave Peter Parker forever changed! It’s the story that cemented the Green Goblin as the definition of evil — and lest you think that’s the only milestone in these pages, this Omnibus also features the debut of the Punisher, the wedding of Aunt May and Doc Ock, Harry Osborn’s descent into madness and a new role for Mary Jane Watson! Marvel, 2023. Due: Aug....More.

Item Code: AM04H
Hard Cover, 976pg, Full Color
$125.00 $110.00
Click here for previous Omnibus collections and more Spidey.

Mature Readers

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Four new items this week. First up is James Warren’s very first magazine—before Famous Monsters, before Creepy and Eerie, he tried his hand at a Playboy-style magazine. The result was the short lived After Hours, which we can now see in a facsimile edition for only $14.99.

Next up is a thick, impressive collection of the underground comic by women, for women: Tits & Clits 1972-1987. It’s a hoot, the girls get their chance to have their day and boy, did they have fun with it.

Next up is an impressive third collection from the Japanese masters of the erotic. It’s Dominatrix Heaven by Sorayama, Rockin' Jelly Bean, and Katsuya Terada.

Finally, here’s the latest 42nd Street Forever Peep Show collection. Click here for all available collections in this series.

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First Edition, 1974


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First Edition, 1991

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News & Notes



Sac-Con was held March 19 in Sacramento. I haven’t been setting up at the show, but I went down and walked the floor. Sacramento is about an hour from Grass Valley. Here’s a picture we got of John Fleskes, Steve Morger (Big Wow, publisher), Frank Cho and myself.

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Sacramento Book Fair

We exhibited at the local Sacramento Book Fair just last weekend and it was our best show ever there. Here’s before and after pictures: Our booth all tuned up and ready for the public, with Anne sitting with her ipad. The second photo is our booth with customers and Anne at work. The next fair there is September 9th.


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